Chief Little Cow vs. Little Colette. Harri$ II abuses his power over David’s honest whistleblowing of domestic terrorists

Little Cow vs Little Colette.

Mr. Becerra, which of your three daughters do you love the least? Which would you give up?  After all, only two thirds of today’s girls survive into infancy.

Big bad pirate raider Kamala’s replacement is so tough.  He thinks its totally manly to beat up littlekamala song the raiders of the lost parts girls and help his PP pimps get clean kills for shipment.  What a manly man this new AG is.  Five year old Kaetlyn is suspended for a day for playing cowboys and indians with a stick; domestic terrorists get the AG Little Cow daily pass.

David Daleiden outs the most pernicious not-so-secret evil like Allen Funt did wonders on Candid Camera or the TMZ team does all the time at restaurants.  People speaking the truth; not something the Democrats want out there. Fake news is their shtick.

As usual with the party of slavery, they play the bully thugs they are, and protect the human butchers, persecuting the innocent while protecting baby killers from prosecution for high crimes and misdemeanors.

From the LA Times:

xavier becerra II“Prosecutors filed 14 felony counts of unlawfully recording people without their permission — one count for each person — as well as one count of conspiracy to invade privacy.

Becerra, a veteran congressman who became attorney general in January, said his office “will not tolerate the criminal recording of confidential conversations.  The right to privacy is a cornerstone of California’s Constitution, and a right that is foundational in a free democratic society,” Becerra said.  ( Tell that to the kids your fans kill domestically.  And internationally.  Approaching two billion, about 1.89 billion or 1,890,000,000 so far worldwide.)

After the charges were filed Tuesday, Daleiden released a statement through his organization, the Irvine-based Center for Medical Progress, that blasted prosecutors.


More truth to come.  Well $enator Kamala Harra$$ continues to give and give.  Her replacement AG “Little Cow” showed how easily he pays his pimps, helping his donors from planned parenthood and the national abortion federation get their money’s worth.  What a cheap date and prostitician par excellence!

In April, 2015, as an answer to Watergate, shortimer Harris gave us PirateGate by raiding a peaceful whistleblower with 11 armed goons, invading David Daleiden’s 700 sf apartment with excessive police state terror.   By confiscating police state tactic style his video work that deserves a Pulitzer more than felonies, the one party state of corruption shows its true colors.  Talk about a private citizen’s right to privacy being violated under abuse of authority and naked use of police power.  What about David?

Recall Becerra: “The right to privacy is a cornerstone of California’s Constitution, and a right that is foundational in a free democratic society,”   X. “Little Cow” Becerra, these recordings outed the most egregious barbaric human trafficking practice in human history, butchering babies for their salable parts.  The evidence is overwhelming and was obtained legitimately befitting the crime, not like Trump’s family was surveilled, ie spied on,  by the ExprezzObama Admin on their way out.  This went viral today, originally said by the assistant defense secretary Evelyn Farcus back on March 3rd.

The slavers, mainly female,  from PP and NAF spoke freely in lunch and convention settings.  So, instead of indicting them on felonious human trafficking, baby enslavement, illegal ‘donor organs’ selling and more, the peaceful truth exposure goes to jail.

So call Doctors Nucola, Gatters and more, they weren’t waterboarded to extract information about Dyer’s StemExpress or Hillary’s Ecuadorian buddies, the Isaiah brothers who own DaVinci Bio in Yorba Linda.  They were recorded in a public setting.

The California Constitution: All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights.  Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.  California Constitution, Article 1, Section 1

The top law enforcement officer of California, “Little Cow” needs to reread this part of the state constitution, requiring protection for the little people: “…obtaining safety, happiness and privacy”.  Little people are humans, too!    Did Little Cow miss the first part: ALL people are by nature free and independent with inalienable rights. They may not be legal persons, but they certainly are legal human people.

 Let’s simulate a Q&A with Little Cow, the LASlimes with a guest appearance by Little Colettelittle cow little colette planned parenthood daleiden davidLASlimes:  “Congrats Little Cow.  You got your man and you’ve been in office just a few months.

Little Cow:  Thank you, Mr. Ace Leftist Reporter; the best scalp is often the first scalp.  Daleiden  had it coming.  That spineless perp had the audacity to interfere in the free exchange of sliced up human babies slated for resale; everyone knows, a black kid chopped up by the professionals fetches more money than black slaves got in the 19th century South. And everyone knows, what with $15 an hour min wages and gang banging, most black kids won’t make it to adulthood.  It helps those mothers feel they are doing a good thing, you know, advancing science when their kid is chopped up.  Think of it like donating organs for “the good of the children”

LASlimes:”That David Daleiden character is bad for us real opinion journalists.  Funny, how the people still think we are reporting news.  They still don’t realize that ABCNNBCBS is owned by the state and national Democrat parties.  But, hey, freedom of the press is awesome!  Why did you level the 15 felony counts on Daleiden?”

Little Cow: “Payback for that witch Blackburn’s 15 indictments of my friends in the baby killing biz.  An eye for an eye.  Simply, Daleiden insulted my buddies at Jill&Bill’s kill mill.  Planned Parenthood invested thousands in getting me to the top, as your AG.  As my pimps, they expected payback immediately.  Which i supplied.  Ace, have you read the indictments.  He videoed black Doctor Deshayne Taylor talking about lifting weights to be strong enough to shove a Digoxin Foxglove needle in a defenseless kid’s heart or brain: indictment.  Dr Gatter, like every female abortionista, wants a hot and fast car like her Lamborghini; doing preg tests won’t get you squat.  But, 300,000 abortions: CASH FLOW!  Another indictment.  On and on.

When Kamala sent her armed thugs, all 11 butt bumped and squished into his tiny apartment to ferret out the videos; that should have scared him, knowing we DemoThugs never back down.  Never.  She needed only 24 months to please the demon gods of parenthoodlum fame, and now she is in the $enate.  Before you know it, she puts her million$campaign nestegg in her Governor 2026 carpetbag account.

I was sooo pissed: his intrusion got 15 indictments of my friends by that piece of excrement woman Blackburn at the fed level.  And, Ace, you know how we hate Trump here in California, especially in the blessed Sacramento feifdom.  All these poor lady black widow abortionistas just want to earn a healthy living to buy their next Lamborghini.  Seling blackheads to Yale for $715 a slice is just one way.

Women are people, too and he violated the right for female abortionist privacy while they kill kids for shipment”

LASlimes:  “We got a caller on the line from someone named Little Colette.  Do you mind answering some of her questions?”

Little Cow:  “Not at all; obviously, she’s one of my constituents who survived my friend’s curved knives at the minority inner city corner clinic.”

Little Colette:  -Mr. Becerra, with all due respect, do you realize you sanction the killing of 1/3 of my generation to pay back your donors?  That sounds like prostitution, trading dollars for favors, not honorable execution of your power.  Do you realize baby girls have dreams as well, to be born, grow up, make a difference?”

Little Cow: “Little Colette, I didn’t realize you could talk.  After all, you are so small.”

Little Colette: “Mr. Becerra, actually all my contemporaries can talk, grow, eat, love if given half a chance.  Mr. Daleiden just caught a bunch of your friends killing kids, with their hands in the cookie baby organ jar, selling souls to the highest bidder as if we are pieces of baby cows or pigs.  Doesn’t your name mean “Little Cow”?

Little Cow: “Uh umm, yes it does.”

Little Colette:  “If you caught someone killing cows and slicing them up for the supermarket, would you arrest them?”

Little Cow:  “Of course not, I love steak”

Little Colette:  “So, you think killing kids and slicing them up for the baby parts aftermarket is ok as well?   Do you like baby steaks like you do hamburgers and london broil?”

Little Cow:  silence.

LASLimes:  “Little Cow.  It’s ok.  You got your scalp, Daleiden’s going down, your PP Pimps are happy, you can live with yourself as you look in the mirror tonight and kiss your three daughters good night.  Don’t worry about other dads; you got yours.”

Little Colette:  “Mr. Becerra, did you know one use for butchered kids actually is scalping.  Hair follicles fetch a plantation owner’s best price; when an aborted baby’s scalp is sliced off, like you brag about doing to Mr. Daleiden, it is resold to old guys so they can chase hotties with a head of hair.”

Little Cow:  “I didn’t know that.”

Little Colette:  “Mr. Becerra, look at this picture of your awesome kids.  Which of your three daughters would you sacrifice?  Jesus had some unkind words for men like you, who abuse little kids, helping human parts traffickers.  He xavier becerra peace love happiness familypassionately said it would be better a heavy millstone is attached to his neck and thrown in the sea than face His Father at the Judgement.

Your planned parenthood donors won’t be there to defend you for your evil deeds; they will have enough troubles of their own, unless they turn from their evil, repent and follow Christ.  Peace  Love Happiness.  Recall the words on your Christ Child Birthday cards you sent out.  Do you realize Jesus was the Son of an unwed mother who could have been stoned for her pregnancy, but for an honorable foster father, He survived for the cross and resurrection.

Harris and now Little Cow not only traffic, they harvest, human beings.  Trafficking in little humans for parts is just as evil as Hitler’s Dr Mengele killing twins for

hitler the last jew in vinnitsu

The last Jew in Vinnitsu is shot dead

“science” or believing, as of 1935 Nuremberg’s Racial Laws that Jews, like today’s children, are property not people.

Difference is, Little Cow, you have been blessed with modern science imagery proving via ultrasound we babies are alive.

Like the last Jew at Vinnitsu, your friends at planned parenthood use advanced ultrasound, not to convince mom to keep her child alive, but to move the baby into position for the optimum clean kill.  When bullets were short, crematoria solved the human detritus problem in WWII.

You want to get the best USDA choice meat and organ parts.  Speaking of ultrasound, Little Cow, which of your amazing daughters that you saw on the Acuson screen, moving, sucking her thumb, when still in your lovely wife’s womb, did you think were NOT alive?

Which of your three lovely daughters would you allow planned parenthood to have aborted so PP’s Dr Mary Gatter could sell little Ms. Becerra hacked into parts to buy a hot Lamborghini off the lot?”

Little Cow:  “There no f@$%@@%^#$ing way i’d let any of my three girls darken the door of planned parenthoodlums LLC.  What do you think I am? A dead beat dad?”

Little Colette (with a smile)  “Of course, ‘do as i say not as i do’ is a plank in your party of human slavery’s platform.

So, I ask yet again, your oldest, your middle or your youngest: which of your girls would you give to your donors to hack up and sell?  Your friends never give an informed choice to the mothers as they kill their child; at least, I am giving you one.

Little Cow:  “Like i said, Little Colette, no F@#^&%@#&ing way will Gatter, or Nucola, or Taylor even look at my girls…”

Little Colette: “My point.  Hypocrisy is best served cold.  The only difference between the girls you allow to be killed and your three daughters, is Time.  Location.  Age.  Ask your wife: which one do you want to give up to please your demons donors?  I am young, but I have a name.  Colette.  A human name and deserve, like all little girls, like YOUR girls, a chance at a long and productive life.”

Little Cow:   silence.  lots of silence.

LASlimes:  “I think this interview is over.”

What a web Little Cow is weaving:

Kamala harri$$ pays back $81,000 of laundered pp money with a raid of David’s apartment.  The investigative journalist does not cower nor back down.

Little Cow continues the naked single party Democrat abuse of power by sanctioning kid killing for parts, as payback for the thousands the Dr. Mengele arm of the Democrat party has given him in campaign cash.

Meanwhile, female abortionistas play the devil as part of the worldwide 2 billion kid kill project, approaching this ignominious milestone in 182 countries within the next couple years.

Isn’t it interesting, Susan Rice and the ExpreZzObama can spy on the family of the next president’s family with impunity.  But when a true Pulitzer deserving undercover journalist get’s Moonbeam’s steamrolling hired guns who think a dead little black kid is a good use for inner city offspring.  The only video Democrats love made by a whistleblower come from Mercy to Animals and NBN, the Ben Ghazi videographer.

Sad reality, the party that shouts “racist” at every turn, believes removing black-heads and getting $715 from YaleMed for each, without a dermatologist license, is OK.

Little Cow needs to grow up.  First, he must recuse himself due to a serious conflict of interest if he continues to pursue payback for his arrogant handlers in the killing profession.

\Second, he needs to look hard in the mirror and realize just how sick the people he “owes” his soul to, are.  Selling one’s soul to the devil is never a good bargain.  The Little Colette’s of the world and their mothers, deserve to be seen as women who want to live.  Not become chopped liveR as payback for evil by a feckless father of three called Little Cow.

obama at pp

OB,AMA spokes model in front of his fave kid kill wall

Kings to Little Colette.  Shame on Little Cow, another petty little man who encourages his donors to kill and hack defenseless, vulnerable little people and abuse their mothers. Exactly how many black kids did ExprezzObama save by demonizing the cops and championing, as Richards’ pet spokesmodel, the killing of inner city black babies?

Daughter #1, #2 or #3.  Little Cow, it’s your choice.  After all, your PP friends love to tout a woman’s choice…to kill other mothers babies for resale.

Lila Rose, the president and founder of the pro-life group Live Action, which has also rose petals are not litterreleased undercover footage of Planned Parenthood employees, said (it best) in a statement that “using state power to attack citizen journalists who expose crimes against the defenseless is a severe miscarriage of justice”.   Big Man, Little Cow.

Meanwhile, California drifts left, already touching Hawaii’s eastern shores.


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