The Freeloaders start a gusher of a Tax Revolt in the tarnished Golden State

The California guvnor Nanny McFee, whose Demo team never met a tax or spend they didn’t lust for,  is a trans dressing Emperor in not so New Clothes: spend wildly, tax heavily, waste wantonly while ruining the endangered species: the Strapped Taxpaying Califamily.

How much more abuse must we endure from the thug Democrat party of slavery?

Hillary called people who disagreed with her “Deplorable” and
“Irredeemable”.  Now, our lame duck Gov Brown calls us hardworking car
driving taxpayers “Freeloaders” after his party for decades has
squandered our gas taxes on his pet $100 billion bullet choo-choo, other projects and his
payola for his crony leftist socialists. He and his friends hate cars and gas, the
engine of growth, more than conservatives.  Meanwhile they buy the Algorean heresy fraud, that CO2 is evil and a great excuse to screw us Califamilies even more.


Don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of this fallen away Catholic. Not all Californians ride around in Hollywood leftist limos with darkened windows blocking out the price at the pump; some of us work for a living.

What an arrogant ass he was as he uttered the last Regressive Leftist straw reported Saturday:  Hardworking, BUDGET funds-starved Califamilies are FREELOADERS!!!

When Son of Pat Governor Brown,  stated “The Freeloaders-I’ve had enough of them”, he wasn’t talking about the multi-cross desert divas who drive the Border Patrol  and Arizonan-American property owners nuts.

Like the DUI multi-returnee alien who put a 6 year old San Diegan in the hospital.  Or the other criminal aliens like Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez who murdered 31 year old Citizen Kate (Steinle) in broad San Francisco Lopez pier daylight while her dad watched in horror.  You know, the non-citizen criminals who do the crime American criminals won’t touch.

Nor was Son of Pat talking about the regressive leftist professors who obliterate everything American, chill free speech and independent thought and learning, thug away, OlgaOCC style, about “Trump the Terrorist” and brainwash-waste our next gen’s minds.  Nor the endless and mindless environmental cases who push paper for lucrative grants to call one of God’s genius designs, carbon dioxide, “pollution”.  And Moonbeam is taking aim at small businesses for more CO2 fraud taxes, as it is.

Not even the pension gobbling Lowbeam Legi$layer$, who suck us dry, especially the 83 who can vote every crazy tax, spend and waste program they want in the New Man majority in blessed Sacramento…without a common sense sane response by Response-able people: Republicans and Independents.

$155 billion in new tax grab SO FAR in this legi$layer session; just getting warmed up.

Is it welfare cheats and enterprising EBN money launderers?  Nope, not them.  The state department of irrelevant, unwarranted misdirected overkill regulations?  Not even them.

The freeloaders, according to Emperor Moonbeam, are you and I.

Historically, the Democrats lie and cheat to get their way.  Much better than Republicans ever could.  But, come on, Taxifornians, isn’t it time?

Al Franken needed three convenient Demo-controlled recounts before he became the deciding vote for the insane Hussein tax Obamascam.  To voting early, often and dead to win, they added vote laundering through Democrat recounters.  It worked for the front half of the next presidential race, joined by Jill Stein,  of the 2020 presidential ticket:  “Franken~Stein for 2020: what the Dr. ordered”

Similary, our new state Demo sen Josh Newman of Fullerton needed 3000 votes, so HE could be the deciding vote for the latest tax and grab scheme of Gov. Brown, best called Moonbeamacartax.  or Bankrupt strapped Califamilies further.   Your choice.

The title track of “Moonbeam and the Lowbeam Legi$layers” latest album, because the ABCNNBCBS, environmental cases and Demo politicians hate gas almost as much as they despise conservatives.  They despise a free people moving freely about the cabin of California life without their Nanny McFee heavy handed control via socialist engineering.

And the governor of profligate Taxifornian spending (NewsA10) calls us “freeloaders” for objecting to the latest confiscation.

Freeloaders? It ever there was an easy one to one link between a critical Calif. commodity and its tax, gasoline to road fill is it.  Not road kill, which is what siphoning the gas of tax into ridiculous programs like helping other countries’ criminal class get free representation while in this one.

Where have all the gas tax dollars gone since Henry Ford and the Model A? Certainly not into the Southern California roads for decades.  High gas taxes is nothing new in the tarnished Golden State; now they quadruple down and STILL not direct to road filled paradise.

Freeloaders?  I don’t take public pension welfare, one current destination of gas taxes, since we taxpayers are always on the table for the tax blood loss.  My meager 401K doesn’t get a funds infusion every odd year because it doesn’t meet the “work til 50 and spike the last three” test.
Personally, but for one year at Anaheim’s Edison elementary in 1959, this freeloading dad of 11 kids’ property taxes paid for OTHER people’s kids’ education.  My 10 sibs the same, sans four years at Anaheim High when Paul failed the entry exam on purpose; all boys Catholic high wasn’t his cup of tea.

My 11 kids, all were in private domicilic pedagogy schooling, so again none of the 40% budget money Emperor Moonbeam claims is his to divvy on elementary education or collegiate indoctrination, i touched. No brag, just fact.  Happy to help when it is responsible and reasonable.

Further, no Border Patrol expenses.  I am NOT a criminal alien costing lives of 31 year old women and Border patrol multi-entry dollars, just a hardworking single dad amazed at just how much waste 84 people out of 35 million can cause and pissed away $$ amass.

And this freeloader’s tax dollar carbon footprint is incredibly small for such a large family.  While paying tons of those tax dollars to the Sacramento castle over 50 years.  I am just sick and tired about the Democrat BS, and the last thing they know is Biologic Science.  BS for Bureaucratic Squandering of hard earned dollar$$$
Truth be told: Our state government hides both the sales tax rate AND the distribution/destination of the purloined bucks, something I have researched for years.
They spend worse than Imelda Marcos in a shoe store armed a black Amex card.  On steroids.  AFTER gouging us unceremoniously, taxation without representation in the Capitol building.  The Democrats do NOT represent me, nor my family.
Buy a gallon of auto coolant for $2.64, your total out the door is $2.87, with 23 cents tacked on for typical California sales tax.  Line item: cost of product.  Line#2: tax  Line#3: the total damage.
 But, when you pump gasoline into the tank and not the radiator, that hated commodity of all regressive leftists, the tax is HIDDEN in plain sight.

 Proof?  This week, when the pump price dipped to $2.64 per gallon, you and I paid a 39.42%  gasoline sales tax rate. 39%!!gas sales tax rate may 7 17 39.46  But, the more cost efficient and benefit of high supply oil gets, the worst the BS damage from Sacramento.  Case in point:

When gas dipped to $2 a gallon briefly one January, we paid an incredible 63.5% gas sales tax RATE, but apparently the Associated D Press and my hometown pape, the

gas tax bill truth in pumping bill 1776

Suggested “Truth in Gouging” as part of the 2017 Tax Revolt

OCSCNG Register, can’t do simple numbers or investigate.  That’s 4 tax dimes out of each production dollar for the general fund, a tax $$ black hole larger than any undug water reservoir.

Is it too much to ask for well endowed guvmint to do the basics, like preserve our precious resources: water and car suspensions?

Take a dollar bill and cut it just to the Left (of course) of George; then burn that portion.

East of George is what the producers get for all their work; and the spenders?  For doing worst than nothing, the burned 40%.  And 53 billion dollar bills, when cut and burned, will cause a forest fire unless we sensible deadbeat freeloaders don’t mount an unprecedented tax revolt against the Moonbeam Empire and his band of Lowbeam renown.The biggest secret is just how much is the hidden carbon tax: I use only 11 cents, but it possibly is somewhere between 12 and 20 cents CURRENTLY, pushing my 39% into the 40’s…  John Moorlach could do wonders to help us freeloaders know the actual carbon fraud tax, since its buried in the distribution levels; it could be 20 cents or more.

Freeloaders?  Come November, if Trump’s (whom the Beam calls a liar) energy policies drag crude prices lower and the 12 cent plus carbon tax plus God knows what Moonbeam bump happens, we could be spending over half for the black hole of supermajority turkey tax gobblers.

That’s above a 50% tax rate on a consumer commodity that ripples and rips through the economy like a wraith lord in heat on Lord of the Rings.  Gas transports more than my kids and your groceries; it fuels an economic engine, even in a state that is so far left it touches Hawaii.  Blessed by incredible natural resources, the Democraps squander and waste sooooo much for their capitalist socialist cronies and baby killers, it is beyond sick.

We need Truth (something Moonbeam wouldn’t understand if he had the Bible opened in front of him) in Gouging disclosures, much like Michelle O ingredients on every school lunch, in gas sales tax RATE terms, like the ones posted below.  Regulate soft drinks, cereal and others, but not gasoline taxes? Gas gas two dollar 65 3% tall signstation workers used to use those suction cups on long pool cleaning poles to change out the prices; with digital, they could be updated daily even hourly as the Sacramento Scavengers continue to destroy Califamilies’ lives.  Look at the various examples in this post; Arco has the room below the numbers to show the rate, like I meme’d in January which seems decades ago, two years ago.

Gotta use bright yellow alphanumerics to emphasize: it ain’t the fault of the oil companies OR especially their hapless workers taking the abuse at the pay counter.  Smart gas retailers will begin posting the evil truth:  it’s the Demoncraps who take the most for doing the absolute least, no work for most of the pay.  Oil producers explore, drill, dry, drill again, find the black silver (not gold in Calif.), pump, refine, transport, then into our tanks.

California Lowbeam Legi$layer$, under the spell of Emperor Moonbeam, push paper to take 77 cents to the Oil Co’s 7 cent profit, per gallon.  Eleven (11) times as much for zero work.  Put simply, our 84 rulers are welfare cheats on the Sacramento dole, who rob the Califamilies blind for stupid.

Few of us realize, as bad as the vehicle fee gouge is, we have been paying a ton more in state gas taxes (and Fed to a lesser degree) for years and the money goes to pet projects and wasteful spending.  Where’s Melissa Melendez, Moorlach, McClintock and Fred Whitaker when we need them?

Maybe, right where they need to be, to turn back the tidal wave drowning us freeloading producers in the Land of Take and Tax.  It’s bad enough we have taxation without representation by 84 democrat warlords on the Blessed Sacramento River.  Talk about the minority ruling the unrepresented majority: 84 divided by 35,000,000 is, wow: that’s .0024%….deciding to gouge us for 40% or 63.5% of our hard earned tax dollars for underwater basket weaving and other critical funded projects.

But, adding insult to injury, our lame duck future climate change ambassador calls us “freeloaders” while gouging us for God’s miracle gas, carbon dioxide, without which we die of starvation.
 Meanwhile, Brown unleases the (S)Xavier of Necromancer doctors “Little Cow” Becerra to indict investigative journalists, without a peep from SCNG, the Associated Press and others who still claim to have journalists on staff.   All David Daleiden did was expose the truth about killing kids, like minority Republicans are exposing the incredible waste of Son of Pat’s party of destruction who are killing Califamilies one tax at a time.

Is there ANYTHING he does that is responsible and common sense?  

Pouring fuel into the fire, this arrogant emperor-esque monopoly party leader has the unmitigated gall to call us “freeloaders”, while he leaves potholes UNfilled and reservoir water holes UNdug.  King George lost America for 3 cents tea tax; Emperor Brown and the Democrapians will lose for 40% or more.   Moonbeam just ignited a tax revolt while siphoning 4 dimes per dollar (today at $2.64) out of our strapped Califamily budgets for his bull caca train to no where. Bring on the recall and more.  Derail the idiotic choo-choo to no one cares where.
In public statements, Brown plays Dirty Harry and says “Make my Day” to Allen’s tax repeal effort promising gravel roads; what, is Moonbeam still in the 70s dating Ronstadt and romancing Hollywood?  Governance and repeating lines on film are two distinct roles.
  Sorry, son of Pat, we already have graveled roads, ruined suspensions due to potholes unfilled, excessive loss of water due to water holes undug and trillions dumped for bait fish, and the carbon dioxide climate change fraud.  Topped off, like a gas tank, with usury tax levels NOT going to fix either road or water issues, while spitting on your insults with the Low Speed Debacle, the HSR $100 billion boondoggle to nowhere.  What possesses you, GuvMore, about an ancient mode of fixed travel outdated by tires and variable routing?  The only ones who NEED the HSR are Mr. Feinstein’s bank account, what with $1 billion gouged from taxpayers so Dianne can enjoy crony capital in retirement.  PLLLEEEEEZE, Dianne, retire so our tires won’t go further bare.
As to the locomotive larceny, down here in Anaheim, we have had trouble getting naming rights bought for the bizarre Armadillo NightLight HSR terminus terminal because it doesn’t make business sense.
 Since government taxation is more inevitable than death, let’s rename the ArCtic the “Moonbeam Cathedral” and block letter the names of the 84 supermajors who are destroying us with bill upon unanswered bill.  Mayor Tait would happily lease the opaque bubble wrap surface for your institutional ads for maybe $2 million a year.  That’s the deficit we Anaheimers pay for your Delusional Bullet Dream, since the train station was just fine 800 feet away near the Angels.  Every night, as we drive by, all 83 democrat legislators and the Emperor’s names will be emblazoned for all to see, why King George III lost his colonies for 3 cents tea tax.  You are doing it for 39% gas tax rate.
 Please Fix your house, governor, before you futher destroy ours. We need a state budget preTax audit, top to bottom, of the wasted tax $$ and insane budget.  
Need volunteers for this?  How about:
 John Moorlach, post Citron and OC bankruptcy, is available M-F 8am to 8pm and on weekends while you are cavorting through CO2 graced poppy fields in your state mansion of denial.  Melissa Melendez on second base, more names as necessary.
 God forbid, the freeloader name caller would listen to Republicans’ call for adult fiscal responsibility and budget cuts for road repair ideas; too much freeloaded pension deficits for this lifelong 4 term guv welfare pensioner  for his bias toward public employees to protect.

Real people have to live on real budgets; they can’t flip off the president and throw toddler tantrums about criminal alien protection rights and other lawlessness.  At least, Brown, you don’t have to pay for Steinle’s funeral or the rehab for a 6 year old San Diego kid: real people, Califamilies do.

Freeloaders?  Calling us hard working single dads and California families NOT on welfare, freeloaders, like the legislators are, IS the last straw.
 Yes, Pat’s son is safe, because a recall is useless on lame lame ducks like him.  But, the other 83 not so much.  RECALL 83.   Starting with New Man vote breaker Josh of Fullerton.
Truth is, we’ve long had enough of him and his elitist social engineers behind our blood-filled moat around the Sacramento Capitol castle.
The massive, giant waste of our tax and family dollars needs an audit BEFORE any new taxes as well as a relook at the current.  The list is long, including:
1) 15 million$ to defend criminal aliens while SWATting private citizen journalists like David Daleiden who show the truth about tax cheats planned parenthoodlums who launder tax dollars to feed the ravenous abortionistas.
2) Hidden air (CO2) tax and new small business taxes coming on the atmosphere warming fraud.  The Algorean heresy scam is the most expensive of the last century.
3) $100 billion for HSR that needs to go long before Son of Pat dons his transparently naked climate change ambassador robes on the way to NYC or DC.  Anywhere BUT California is fine.
4) $2 million annual Anaheimer taxpayer deficit for that nightlight bus bench/train stop called Artic. The “bait and switch ” bribe/inducement to the OCTA to move a perfectly fine whistle stop train station for the $194 million bubble nightlight Armadillo lookalike.
5) to 100)   the list continues
Statesman Travis Allen must prevail on the Tax Revolt and Repeal…
…and, NO JOSHIN’!, the Fullerton New Man must go before the Old Man moves on to DC or NYC wearing his Emperor’s new climate change ambassador clothes.
His cross dressing from a wasteful four time four term governor, to ambassador wiht translucent togas as he joins ExprezzObama, his hero, in his third and final not so hidden term as POTUShadow
Question is:  Will there be ANY  California drivers still NOT on their way to Texas?
Ironically, this may be Moonbeam, Planned Parenthood & Sierra Clubbers’ ultimate Democrapian (Democrat Utopian) goal, empty the state of workers and others not sucking the 10 million teet capitol breast, just like single payer was for ExprezzObama, currently in his third term in the other DC Jarrett white house:
The Democrat Utopian (DemocraPIAN) Platform:
1) Kill California kids BEFORE birth.
2) Drive Califamilies out AFTER birth.
Signs of the times coming to a street corner near you and the
Tax Revolt Califamily platform:
RECALL the 83.   REPEAL SB 1.   NEW MAN the FIRST MAN gone.
In any and all order.

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