The Algorean Heresies: Our US Conference of Catholic Bishops welcomes a special Guest

CCC – 2089 .”…Heresy is the obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith, or it is likewise an obstinate doubt concerning the same.”

So, what’s your preference: The Gospel of God or the gospel of gore?

The final Sunday was here; the annual meetings of the Church’s beloved leadership in Christ Cathedral 1the US had proceeded very well this year, held for the first time in the newly remodeled Christ Cathedral hosted by the excellent Bishop Kevin Vann.

One surprise guest approached the dais to address this noble body of faith-filled disciples of the first century Founder.

Bishop Tim, one of the newer members of the body,  drew the short straw to introduce.

Bishop Tim:  “Welcome, sir; what might we call you?  And please tell us a little about yourself.”

Guest: “Call me the Guest.  Well, I have arranged stars in special places…”

Bishop Tim:  “So, you are a Hollywood agent working the Oscars?”

Guest: “Not quite.  But I do enjoy being creative, a being who enjoys making things”

Bishop Tim “ok, what do you need to convey to us?  We are all ears…”

Guest: “Thank you for giving me an hour; that’s all I ask today.  Thank you, Bishop Freyer; you will do great things for Me and My Church…I hope you have enjoyed this 50th day since we celebrated Easter.”

The Guest waved his arm and a highly advanced 4 dimensional projection system came to life out of nowhere,  something which none of the members had ever used for a Powerpoint Triple T, time, treasure and talent, fundraiser.

“Devout prelates, many today in the world have come to doubt my abilities for odd reasons and frankly, I need your help.  I need you to be my feet, my hands, my voice, to spread some really good news which seems to be drowned out today.  And please, interrupt me with your questions!”

The Bishops, the current apostles on earth, mumbled amongst themselves and looked at each other, wondering who this crackpot might be and how he got in to their meetings.

Meanwhile, the lights dimmed in the giant glass house of the Lord and as if they were at Griffith Park or Chicago’s finest, the observatory experience commenced.

“I said I am an arranger of stars.  I should mention, at one time, I created them for your use.  Since truth and facts sometimes coincide, my friends, as you can see, there are a lot more than 1000 as your predecessors, and the world,  believed up to the 16th century.

I created 100 billion of what you see as tiny night lights just in your home galaxy, the Milky Way.  I carefully placed them in arrangements spanning about 600 quintillion of your miles.  Those arrangements you call “constellations”.

Since I believe no man should be alone, nor should a galaxy, there are 39 other galaxies nearby to yours, which your astro-scientists call the “Local Group.”  And in turn, these 40 are part of a super grouping known as the Virgo Cluster, numbering about 2000 of My galaxies, an appropriate constellation name used for My purposes based on a great lady. That’s a boatload of ….”

Archbishop Gomez interrupted: “Then you claim to be an  astronomer or scientist?”

Guest: “Archbishop Gomez, you are entirely right in your assessment.  In a real way, I am the First Scientist in the discipline known as “Science”, which you on earth call the study of nature’s phenomena among other definitions.  And as you know, science has many impostors.”

The bishops were in awe as the high glass ceiling of the cathedral seemed to be filled with images from similar to Star Trek or  the Guardians of the Galaxy, with the local solar system’s sun brightly filling the 10,660 paned building for the moment.

Then, yielding to perceived space travel like the cap’n was calling out Warp factor 7, dark and light, more stars of the Milky Way and then galaxies of the Virgo cluster.  The cathedral floor seemed to become a time travel spaceship moving through outer space across the universe.  One bishop began to mouth “Who do you claim to be?” but obviously overwhelmed by what he was seeing.

The Guest: “I will leave my identity for you to decide. First my credentials; my earliest science book spoke in a few sentences about what you are seeing but you didn’t grapple with its magnificent scale until a few centuries ago; consider this a commentary in 3D over time I believe you need to view at this time in history…my apostles today seem to show a touch of scientific ignorance, easily swayed by the Algoreans, your latest heretics.

A much more dynamic view of space~time than an eight sided wonder you have at the center of the world, still today centered well, even as you Google earth.

Frankly, my beloved leaders,  I need you to view before more error creeps in; fascinating how mankind believes they have more control than I.

Your sun is 93 million miles away and light that left it 510 seconds ago is just now hitting your home planet.  Watch as we circle, moving past Mercury and notice the incredible brilliance, being this close to your planet’s main energy source.  Fear not, for I am with you. You will NOT burn up, even IF the Algoreans believe such foolishness on earth.

Since i started the solar furnace, I convert a mere 700 million tons of hydrogen per second, a primary element in your atmosphere, and convert it to 695 million tons of helium.  Every second.   This heat and light is disbursed to us on earth with my sun being a smaller example of the 100 billion stars i have arranged for your viewing pleasure.

And though it is one of the smaller stars, believe it or not, it is one million times as large as the earth.  And since weight is something you work to lose, your earth weighs a mere six sextillion tons.”

Another voice from the conferees: “How can you claim to be a scientist?  This is a trick, a light show. Prove it!  And we are men of faith and religion, why address us?”

The Guest: “Let me demonstrate.  Any of you fine men of faith have one of your bibles?” Immediately, though at 9pm on Pentecost, the Cathedral of Christ was filled with sun level light.

Bishop Chaput happened to have his.  “What do you want me to find?”

The Guest: “Where I tell you I created billions of stars.  If I prove I revealed this scientific fact millennia ago but man only recently verified, will you listen to me a bit harder as a scientist and not just your Creator?”

Bishop Chaput thought blasphemy but with others, started looking through their copies of the original texts, many on their iPads, and asked for a hint.  Some mumbled we are religious fishers of men not scientists and the bible is NOT a book of science.

The Guest: “You’ve heard of Google?  ‘Google’ USCCB stands for the US Conference…”

This conclave of ordained men chuckled and joined in unison “…of Catholic bishops.”

The Guest: “Let me set the stage.  I had just tested my servant Abram about sacrificing his second son, the one born by the doubting Sarah, and he came through with flying colors; it was to be more than a test but a testament and a prophetic sign to an event long into the future regarding My own Son.

Unlike his successor later, Moses, Abram did not disobey me but he had a difficult time believing my words.  He doubted his wife Sarah could produce a child and she suggested he take her servant and impregnate her; and the rest, as they say, is History.  His Story .

After that, I made a promise to a chosen people through him, but did not abandon the first born son of Abraham and his wife’s handmaiden.

Bishop Tim, would you read from verse 17 and 18.”

Bishop Tim, balancing his iPad:  “(verse 17) I will bless you and make your descendants as countless as the stars of the sky and the sands of the seashore; your descendants will take possession of the gates of their enemies,(g18) and in your descendants all the nations of the earth will find blessing, because you obeyed my command.”

The Guest:  “Using logic and your calculators, what conclusions do you come to regarding the universe’s stars?  Many of you are visiting my newest cathedral for the first time…have you been to Newport Beach for a LifeTeen Mass yet? How much sand can you grab, maybe a 1000 kernels, bishops, in the Southern Gulf coasts or on the eastern state beaches?”

Bishop Naumann spoke up: “Come on, Guest.  10,000 would fit in my Pyx with room to spare; more like untold millions, certainly billions.”

The Guest:  “Spoken well, Bishop Naumann.  Were the stars just as “countless” in the 1st or 17th centuries?  I just took you on a virtual tour of my universe, at least a tiny portion of the Virgo cluster, 40 galaxies set together, and yet apart, as the #40 has starred throughout salvation history as a time of probation, testing, growth.  You saw quite a few stars, millions and though your priest predecessors WERE the scientists, making important discoveries thru time, about 400 years ago, you seemed to miss this tiny scientific hypothesis I left for you so long ago in the first book.

Bishop Barron interrupted:  “I wrote an article on the inventiveness of clerics in science down through the ages, and..”

The Guest: “You have written a lot of articles, Robert and keep up the good work, but this you missed.   Google the scientific method, men.  First rule and objective is to observe.

Tycho Brahe, a contemporary of a familiar and recently pardoned Catholic astronomer, Galileo, claimed between 965 and 1004 stars in my firmament.  In Anno Domini (some of you may remember A.D. celestially via Lingua Latinam) 1603, two years after his death, Brahe’s 777 was an important enumeration blended in 45 constellations.  But a bit off the mark.”

The bishops, a little tired this late into the night, listened intently, catching their second wind.

The Guest continued: “Ptolemy 1400 years previous, in his Algamest, posited 1020 stars arranged in my constellations.

ptolemy almagest stars

Ptolemy’s Almagest: listing of stars & their constellations AD150

Yet, what is the problem with both of these learned men’s guesses?”

Bishop Barron: “They missed the mark by about, say, billions and we missed your, err the Author Creator’s scientific statement in the ancient writings from millennia before.


Abraham’s descendants were as countless as BOTH the sands of the seashore, which anyone could see where millions and more and the stars in the sky, which the smartest minds on earth only could count around 1000…”

The Guest: “Well said, Robert.  Until whom?  What changed the dynamic?”

Bishop Barron:  “Galileo came along and with the improved telescope, a device some leaders at the time thought was an unholy object because it violated our pre-conceived biases, what was considered scientific law melded to our theological understanding.

Some refused to look through, but Galileo did discover a lot more than 1000 stars by many many orders of magnitude…”

The Guest: “Because I chose to make the sun the center, not man’s home planet, my Church came to seriously wrong conclusions.  Even today, my Church think’s man’s abilities go beyond their limitations.  As you seem to misunderstand, the Algoreans are terribly wrong in so many ways.  Let so many sheep are misled to follow them, in your pulpits, schools, businesses, academia”

Bishop Tim asked: “In what ways, sir?”

The Guest: “Galileo and Copernicus put flight to the idea that man’s home planet was the center of the universe and man the all powerful, legend in his own mind.

It was a type of Babel Tower replay.  Just like today, many of you are making the same mistake, thinking you know more than God.  Even as technology stampedes forward, you embrace Algorean heresies as if they are My Gospel.  Trust me, they are not.

Look up and see the same sky, my friends…and many of you know from history how we treated the assumed heretic Galileo…yet, all he did was observe a little better with a more sophisticated technology, much like those of you reading my words on a thin piece of components laden glass invented by that adopted Steve Jobs using molecules I designed and created.

It’s not Galileo’s fault I put the sun in the middle of your home star system.  Not your home world.

Though I am the First Scientist, my follow on scientists CAN error at times and be resistant to the truth…but that IS the scientific method, to observe, hypothesize, theorize, reject and retheorize, before becoming scientific law.  Though, as you know,  my miracles, especially the Eucharistic type, tend to defy such at times.”

Bishop Luong, though retired, repeated:  “I will bless you and make your descendants as countless as the stars of the sky and the sands of the seashore.  Oh my, it’s in plain sight for everyone to see…”

The Guest: “Precisely servant Dom.  For millennia, it was written for man to simply understand.

How many descendants does Abraham have today?  A lot more than one thousand, certainly over a billion just on earth today, through his wife Sarah, my chosen people and those through his wife’s handmaiden, Hagar.  You just were treated to a sight few on earth have seen. The enormity of my outer universe.  The immensity of my work.”

Bishop Tim spoke up “What do you ask of us?”

The Guest:  “First, stop being led by your nose like there’s a ring installed between nostrils.  Stop believing these crises du jour put forward by my detractors; continuously the Algoreans and their friends lead you by your nose ring and lead you astray.

My beloved bishops, how often must an atmospheric theologian be wrong before you label him a false prophet?  A lay apologist you support, Algore, the leader of the Algorean heretic cabal, predicted an imminent 20 foot sea rise in 2005.   Interesting claim for one of My creatures to toss out there as if I don’t exist.”

Bishop Tom, confessor of all things enviro: “But, guest, he was relying on facts he had been told…”

The Guest:  “Bishop Tom, think clearly, my friend.  His actions betrayed his lack of faith in “The Melt”.  Proving how concerned he was, this false prophet went and bought a $9 million beach front home in Montecito north of where you sit at this moment.  As my servant, Rush, calls it, a rising tide lifts all scam artists.  20 feet rise would have covered most of the second floor, although not as much as that sad man who recently led your country double minded and tri-forked tongue, believing Denali would be covered soon.

Help those that doubt my existence and abilities by not joining the cliff jumpers following the false gods of pseudoscience.  The largest of these false finders are the just mentioned Algoreans, a recent cult heresy that eclipses many others…it can have as much of an impact on man’s spiritual pursuits since the Augsburg door events highlighted the selling of My eternal pardons for My people.

Many of you believe I am incapable of taking care of my created world, though I appreciate the good stewardship many are focused on.  But, recycling and stewardship of my abundant resources is not the same as climactic lies.  Some of you bishops doubt me…”

The bishops conversed among themselves “Who does this character think he is?  When have we doubted you?  Is it I that doubts him?”

The Guest: “If I said I am Whom I am, you would call me blasphemous.  But, a little more backgrounder.  Progressing from simpler to more complex, beyond the galaxies, I created trillions of insects, plants, animals and the aforementioned and viewed stars, put in motions the smaller light and greater heat and light lamp, first created a stable spherical tropical atmosphere and ushered in today’s altered climate in the time of my servant Noah.  Noah’s time was not a mere sprinkling or flood but a ReCreation or ReNewal of the earth from its very core.

Yet, you believe you have the power to change My work on a planetary level by releasing more beneficial gas that mixed with water feeds the world.  What absolute fools.

The MOST important co-creative opportunities I left to humanity: I created a slightly simpler human, you know as the gender male and then proceeded to my crown jewel, my last act of general creation and most complex creation in the known universe, whom I called “Eve”.  Woman.”

Many of the Bishops raised their hands but the Guest continued

“Through these two unique human people, the nine billion on earth came into being with My help of course.  Anthropologist Dr. Leakey called the first couple Mesopotamians;

I, just as parents do today, have naming rights and called them Adam and Eve.  Some of you believe they are fictional characters.   I may have created billions of stars over parsecs and quintillion miles of space instantaneously but my most important, beginning the human race, I created but two and with My help, proceeded to multiply over the whole world.

The Algoreans misunderstand that I created the cosmos, your environment, for man not mankind or the animals for the cosmos.  And throughout time, I knew you would make discoveries and face heretical obstacles.  Like today.

I planted clues in many places, to be discovered as you advanced to higher levels of awareness and capability.  Note, I did not say consciousness, but as you advanced, more could be discovered.

Here’s one dating back to a special time, the 16th century, when you discovered a lot more about the stars that only recently your astro-scientists discovered matched perfectly a sky chart above Tenochtitlan to the south of your country.  The Aztecs did not have Macs or iPads.

Many of you have congregants in your ordinaries who have deep reverence to the patroness of the Americas.  Look closely as I show you just how celestial that image is in it’s proper High Definition setting.”

our-lady-of-guadalupe-star-chart-210x300 (1) (1)

The star chart of Dec 12, 1531 over Mexico City emblazoned on Mary’s tilma

The Bishops seemed glued to their cushioned seats not knowing what to make of this.  Before their eyes, Our Lady of Guadalupe’s tilma took on a brilliance and superimposed on her body where many constellations.  What they were seeing is that the tilma viewed by their fellow Bishop Zumarraga was in fact all the stars chronicling the night sky in Mexico City on December 12, 1531.  Of note, the MOST brilliant of the constellations, at least to their eyes, was Virgo, not the galactic cluster but the constellation, located over Mary’s heart.  Below this, shimmered Leo, with all its declinations, over the womb of the Queen Mother.  The beginning and ending of the Zodiac, the Virgo Mary and Leo, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, we know scientifically as Jesus.  God’s Son.

The Guest: “I just told you 40 galaxies associated with Virgo…now, another buried treasure for you to discover!  Which you didn’t discover until the computer age dawned; yet I put it in plain sight hundreds of years ago.  The Aztecs knew how special Mary’s cloth was.  This is why 9 million came to follow My Son and the Church.”

Bishop Barron:  “Special Guest, maybe we humans couldn’t count stars accurately up until 400 years ago, but 9 billion is a bit much on the current population?!”

The Guest: “Robert, good observation, the first step of good science.  The living number is closer to 7 billion; but I count the almost 2 billion artificially lost to terribly unscientific abortion doctors of death direct from hell over the last 44 years, who arrogantly destroy what I create.

Any of your parishioner’s 6 year old offspring can see the child in the ultrasound is human, their baby brother or sister.  Not the raw material for enslaving and harvesting MY creations!  and these demon doctors misuse the ultrasonic gift device for evil, to position the child, not to discern size, age or sex, but for the optimum kill.

But, as you know, technology can be used for good AND evil.  Imagine, as my servant David, not of Israel but America, Mr. Daleiden exposed by recording the death doctors you somehow tolerate that the early Apostles would have tossed out on the street; they use the scientific gift of sound waves to look inside the mother’s womb to better position one of my precious children for the kill and harvest.  How many of the death doctors and their prostitician supporters have you excommunicated for their, and the Church’s, good? How can they be redeemed if they believe they are in good standing in heaven and on earth, in your churches and before My altars?   These demon oppressed millstone necklace candidates are legion in their evil with one foot in the hell fires reserved for their servant among the fallen angels.

Bishop Gomez: “But, sir, we try hard to rid the culture of evil…”

The Guest:  “Here is my sadness:  While you tarry over nonsense about my planet’s weather, which you are impotent to alter, children are sacrificed to the god Moloch even in this supposedly advanced country and world.  The evil one thanks you; I certainly do not.

It’s time for all you good men of God to see the devastation as I do.  Maybe you will redouble your efforts…heaven’s best meets hell’s worst dished up EVERY time a child is aborted, today about 3000 times in your home country, whom you have been chartered to lead. As my servant Robert, your colleague noted, here ARE those two billion.

The ‘projector’ turned itself on and the images of two billion mangled children, some in petry dishes, others in jars like pickled herring, still others being drawn and quartered for resale, were too grotesque as so many Christians have expressed a distaste to see but not help with.  Helen Kowalska’s images of hell could be no more disturbing.

The current movement to make it illegal to show aborted children alongside fetal development on sidewalks, of course benefits hell much more completely than heaven. The imagery included many mothers in distress, not from childbirth’s pain but childlessness from poor decisions imposed by weak or criminal men.    Horrible imagery, little different than the 1945’s images of mass graves of Poles, Jews and gypsies.

Many bishops turned away…others took the photographic evidence in.  Then, as quickly as the horror reality show had happened, the projector shut down and the sun again shown inside the transparent cathedral.  The bishops looked at each other inquisitively.

The Guest:  “And you find disgusting when ISIS, who follow the same god of hate and death, put young children in bread machines to be crushed; yet, tolerate the evil in each of your main cities your ordinaries are centered around.

ArchBishop Wester, you have doctors in Albuquerque who lethally inject my children’s hearts moments before birth, send them next door to the Plaza Inn to be born alive or dead in two days; do you find this less outrageous than heads sliced off by misguided evil Islamist jihadists who follow a different god?”

The Archbishop had nothing to say.

“Along the way, in case you haven’t discovered this, I created millions of biochemical processes to make the wonderful world work, one of which is being used to impugn my creative work and Word today.  Here is where I need you to help me.  And yourselves.

And sadly, too many of you are going along for the ride with the secularists’ thinly disguised attack on My omnipotence, instead of defending me and spreading some really great news. These interfaith environmental groups and your own offices of life and justice have adopted climate more than baby human sacrifice as the cause celebre.

The Algoreans are steering so many indoctrinated souls, and you down the wrong path and you are in the bandwagon giving credibility to a serious heresy.  You have seen the trillions of entities in the macro world, not even the quintillion discoveries in the micro world, and you follow the heretics about my ability to control the weather.”

Many of the bishops murmured yet again to each other, but…

“Gentlemen, think about it.  You just floated through billions of stars in the 40 galaxy Virgo cluster, a small portion of my universe I created for you.  And you doubt I cannot keep my beloved earth from melting?  Do you realize there was a time when the WHOLE earth was a blessed greenhouse, before I was forced by sinful man to reCreate it, remake it save for eight human beings who floated to freedom amid the turmoil of renewal…

If I want it to disappear, I can use fire as I did water previously.  I don’t need your help. And if I want a new island NOT made in China to appear, I can, to show that the seas are

shelley island north carolina appears april 2017

Shelley Island was born April 2017 off the North Carolina coast

not rising to flood Denali as one of your presidents have stated.   Shelley Island just appeared off the North Carolina coast, because I wanted to show man he is NOT the all powerful.

Some of you, in your first year of theology, may remember reading through the monotony of the family trees in My first book.  Many also thought those where allegorical names, representing groups of people and gaps of family members.

Bishop Barron: “Certainly, men did not live that long?!  How could that be?” The bishop turned to Genesis and computed Adam’s life span.  “Let’s see: Seth was born when Adam was 130 and he lived another 800 years, so Adam’s lived 930 years.  No man could live that long?!”

The Guest: “My able servant Robert, this is why your concept of eternity and time are sooo limited.  Your early ancestors recorded their birthdays and lifetimes, just as you do today.  Adam lived 930 years.  His son, Seth lived 912. Enos lived 905 years.  The longest lifespan on earth was Methuselah at 969 years.  Robert, do these sound like approximations?”

Bishop Barron: “No, not really?  What of Enoch, who lived only 365 years?”

The Guest: “How long did Abel live before his brother took his life?  Enoch pleased me such I took him home for my prophetic purposes.  365 of any import?  Also, notice Noah lived 950 years but only 350 of them AFTER the ‘do over’ you call the flood.  Shem lived 600, the longest of someone born AFTER the flood. Arpachshad, he lived 438 years. Think like a scientist not a theologian.”

Bishop Barron, with his calculator on his phone: “Well, Shelah lived 433, Eber, 464; hmm, after the flood, life spans declined dramatically.  Before the flood, they were 700s, 800s, 900s in duration.  After, 400s down to the 100s.  Something changed due to the flood.”

The Guest: “No, the flood was just a minor visual of what was taking place: a total regeneration of the planet earth.  Of course My revealed Word is not always easy to understand.  But, My beloved servant Robert, could it be water vapor was a GOOD thing to keep mankind alive longer, protected from the cellular degeneration that comes with excessive radiation exposure?  I invented sunscreen before Bullfrog and Coppertone.

You have heard of Wholly Mammoths discovered with undigested ferns in their stomachs in the northernmost regions of Siberia?  How could that be with out an instantaneous quick freeze.

And the first rainbow was seen AFTER the major overhaul of My world?  Some of your theoreticians believe the whole earth was covered with dense water vapor, allowing in filtered sunlight but not destructive radiation.  This disappeared when waters came from below and above.  Those 40 days of inclement weather was more than a spring sprinkle.”

Bishop Barron: “So, the atmosphere changed because of God, not man, though man’s sinfulness led to eight people remaining and the rest becoming, let me guess, fossils.  Organic matter became oil which we discovered in the latter centuries to be useful for flying and driving machines…”

The Guest:  “Still believe those life spans were just approximations?  True Science is about observations, analyzing data and drawing reasonable conclusions.  Realize I use hydrogen on the sun to create heat that must travel 93 million miles; on earth, I combine it with oxygen, essential not for your breathing but your very cells resiliency, for your survival.  Any guess how much of your bodies is water?

Bishop Hydropolis spoke up: “The amount of water in the human body ranges from 50-75%. The average adult human body is 50-65% water, averaging around 57-60%. The percentage of water in infants is much higher, typically around 75-78% water, dropping to 65% by one year of age.”  He had googled for the information.

The Guest:  “If I can control the water inside you, why not the carbon dioxide and climate around you?  Water in the environment, as you love to call it, then is combined with one of my most critical processes, without which, all of you die.  Have none of you ever heard of photosynthesis?”

Fr. Pio Vianney, known for his love of the box of repentant life: “I confess, I never photosynthesis and aerobic respirationthought of this integration of science, faith, life and religion this way…so you believe we are headed in the wrong direction?”

The Guest:  “You tell me, Pio Vianney.

Assembled here are some of my most learned apostle successors, sitting in the world’s largest greenhouse now that the venting windows have been sealed and you doubt Me.  I created everything, from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest galaxies all that you survey and you doubt my abilities to keep you alive?  Can the ant outdo its Creator, as industrious as he is in his colonies.  Can the bee, a marvelous creature that fed my Son’s cousin on earth, John.

I did not destroy everything when my anger was high, but kept my promise to Noah and his family, leaving four couples to repopulate the earth, and I left an incredible clue in Noah and Shem…the two who survived the flood.  Look at Arpachshad, born AFTER the flood: he only lived 438 years.  This should tell you something.”

You allow the Algorean ignorants to demonize my special gift, carbon dioxide, which combined with water becomes food to sustain you, second only to My Son’s Eucharistic gift.  Hell laughs as you demonize the Trinity molecule of two oxygen and one carbon.

How foolish are you?  You trust the same anti-God secularist pseudo-scientists who can’t recognize a fully integrated human being, my greatest handiwork, in the womb despite years of medical training, to believe they understand My great gift of three atoms, one of carbon and two of oxygen in the biochemical arena.”

The lights seem to go on in the heads of many gathered.

“Suppose I purposely created an incredible but trace molecule, when it is combined with my most abundant gift on earth, water, that with My sunlight yields something to keep you alive:  food.  Without carbon dioxide, as you call it, you die malnourished.  There is no photosynthetic production of food.  And the earth dies.   Maybe you need more pictures…”

Bishop Thomas “…but our scientists agree the poles are melting, the seas are rising, the earth is overheating…”

The Guest:  “Do they really?  All of them deceived?  Bishop Thomas, is Truth a popularity contest or consensus exercise?  Did I ask for the truth or consensus to win out at the council of Nice in 325?  Do I need a human committee to tell Me, Whom has ALWAYS existed, why light must have three primary ingredients, each able and fully sustainable and pure, by themselves?  Would not this mere fact, three in one, Light from Light, tweek your scientific imaginations just a little?

Do I demand faith and morals to be a ‘consensus’ decision or that of Peter’s successor and his fellow bishops and cardinals? Sometimes consensus is just an excuse for poor scholarship and scientific research; isn’t that right Bishop Barron?”

The newer bishop of the City of the Angels nodded his assent.

“Even though the evidence refutes the hyperbole you just mentioned, Bishop Thomas.

You have an older guy in your Diocese, Bishop 2500marbles pic on desk w donna bgroundKevin and Tim, who for years has asked questions you need to ask.”

As the Guest began waving his hand, the projector kicked in.

 Suspended in mid air appeared a tall rectangular vase filled with little blue marbles.  All of a sudden, it appeared to start to tip….

“This vase is filled with a random sample of the air in this beautiful cathedral, modeled by 2500 blue marbles.

Gentlemen, just as I tested Abraham with his son, without using your iPads, tell me how many of the 2500 are CO2?”

The Bishops consulted each other; Fr Pio Vianney was the first to guess.

Younger Fr. Pio Vianney: “Well, throughout my schooling, all i heard was how dangerous CO2 is.  That it is pollution and carries heat to other air particles and will melt the earth.  Hmm, my guess is 500 CO2 out of that 2500 air molecules.”

Bishop Thomas, a disciple of Algorean theory:  “My guess is more like 1000; after all, we now have climate change ambassadors in the Church trying to stop us from producing stuff to save us from killing the planet.  Sacrifice of family wealth is a good that is necessary.”

The Guest:  “Let me do the saving, Thomas, with my Son.  And the planet remains in good hands, Mine. Any other guesses…”

Bishop Kevin the scientist: “Instinctively, those numbers are too high.  Closer to just 5, maybe as little as 1, by my calculations”

The other bishops chuckled; how could he be so far off, but then Bishop Kevin knows chemistry. If Bishop Kevin is right, then our whole theological climate model is wrong…our leader in Rome also is trained in this scientific discipline.

The suspended glass vase image continued to “tip over” and one solitary blue marble came out.  It floated down to where the Guest stood speaking to this august body of men of faith. And it landed in his flat, opened right hand.

Bishop Tim took a shot:  “Is it one molecule?”   More laughter among the apostles of today.  He might be tall, but Tim doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

The Guest, obviously reading their minds:  “Over one molecule, you call one of my greatest miracle gifts ‘pollution’; you allow your own Catholic educators to preach a false gospel of despair, accept the world’s crises du jour, day in and day out, as gospel and buy into the Algoreans, one of the most prolific and diabolic heretical cults of the modern era.

Instead of counting the blessings of a beautiful world, you propagate not good news but misery that doesn’t exist.  I have read your thoughts, bishops and  yes, Bishop Tim, it is one CO2 per 2500 molecules.”

The bishops looked at each other.  That is impossible; the Church is spending millions to propagate the gospel of climate turmoil and earth’s ending as man’s doing.  Without CO2, there is NO link between man and the atmosphere.  This could set back social justice publications decades.  Or correct it…

The Guest: “In fact, your false Algorean scientists preach that 3% of my created molecule, carbon dioxide, is made by man.   Hell laughs loudly at your ignorance.”

The bishops grew restless

“Men can make a lot of things and waste a lot of time, like excessive video games and hot air, but one thing man cannot do is create from scratch, carbon dioxide.  Gentlemen, google now:  How much heat transferring CO2 is responsible, in your supposed consensual 97% scientists’ ignorant minds?”

The bishops iPaddled away.

The Guest:  “Would you believe it is the same number as my Son chose two millennia ago, 12 out of every one million air molecules:  12/1,000,000 =  400PPM x 3%.

You allow my innocent children to be indoctrinated that 12 “apostles of temperature” CO2 molecules can transfer heat to the other 999,988 molecules.  Are you scientists or Algoreans or my trusted leaders?”

The Bishops spoke up:  “We aren’t scientists…”

The Guest:  “Obviously.”

The murmuring among the gathered bishops began to rise…

“Then why by omission and commission you act like Pharisaic Scientists and allow this heresy to propagate?  You know a scientific lie can travel the world before the implicit truth can put its pants on.

Carbon dioxide is some of my best work, a good thing and even better in quantity; why else are greenhouses considered “good” except to the Algoreans and its brainwashed disciples.  And by default, you and those you lead who are misled by poor scientific understandings.  Have any of you wonder why I covered the earth with a greenhouse before the flood?  Undigested fern required instantaneous quick freeze to suspend time inside the Mammoth’s stomach: this happened WORLD WIDE, my friends.”

The bishops conversed wondering that maybe this makes sense.

The Guest: “The Algoreans keep changing their heresy to fit their thug and smug ideas of man’s supremacy, and My inferiority, similar to pre-Galileo days.  First it is androgenic CO2, morphed to andropo-genic global warming as if I don’t exist.  Now it is man made climate change; at least, they exempt Eve’s kind by not claiming it is woman made molecules.”

Fr. Pio Vianney: “I confess this is troubling…they get away with lie after lie.”

The Guest:  “”Because you fail to passionately challenge their ignorance.  And what do my current disciples do? The good news is it can be repaired.  My people are in free fall with all the heretical theories out there in a world that believes the lies so much more easily than basic truths.

This one hurts particularly because My handiwork and design IS complete, but man’s choices force my eternal hand, as in the time of Noah.   You, as the Church reach out and help the poor; but so much resources for the poor are being diverted away from helping them, spent on scientists pushing paper and back slapping over the frivolous.  Grant guzzlers and tax takers.

Instead of good water and food resource technologies becoming universal and exported, improved living conditions directly helping my 3rd world poor, your Algoreans are taking billion$ to waste time, push paper, babble at conferences and go to conclaves and all unnecessary.

And your new leader abandoned the universal idea, at Paris, that man creates so much CO2 the earth will burn up.  Meanwhile, instead of applauding him for speaking the truth as you should speak it, you join the cacophony of ignorant Malthusian Algoreans.

Meanwhile your charitable outreach, USAid ships condoms not confidence nor real help to the needy countries.”

“You might recall something my beloved Peter’s current successor wrote in “Praise to me” or you know as Laudato, Si! :  “Technoscience, when well directed, can produce important means of improving the quality of human life, from useful domestic appliances to great transportation systems, bridges, buildings and public spaces. It can also produce art and enable men and women immersed in the material world to “leap” into the world of beauty. Who can deny the beauty of an aircraft or a skyscraper?”

Francis was not so keen on air conditioning, and does make some mistakes.  But how can you deny an 80 year old grandma on a Rome August day or a NYC heatwave a chance to stay alive?  My servant bishop in Rome does have ideas that need some fine tuning, but he loves My Church.  No different than the 12 my Son chose on the Galilee seashore and surrounding areas.  Even Peter made mistakes, leading from behind Me.”

The bishops watched as more imagery was forming

“But technology-science is a gift from Me: use it wisely and start correcting, even condemning the Algorean heretics: the time is now, as so much falsehoods are coming to light.”

adam to noah lifespansSpeaking of air conditioning, this beautiful building IS the world’s largest greenhouse, now air conditioned,  but my designed earth is not surrounded by glass but by outer space.

The water vapor canopy is gone, but My ability to regulate temperature has not gone forever.

Heat is NOT retained by non-existent glass in the troposphere like here at Chapman & Lewis in Garden Grove.

My ‘air conditioning’ was designed in, in the beginning, to keep the world’s temperature within a range conducive to my beloved human life staying alive before eternity.  With the whole earth spherical vapor canopy; and AFTER it’s removal.

And CO2 molecules are not magic heat vaults able to hold supersized amounts of molecular motion or heat.”

Bishop Thomas: “but the world is falling apart, droughts and hurricanes, floods and…”

The Guest:  “… and none of this happened before you drove cars or fly like the angels from airport to distant country? Your opinion of your ability to destroy My work are highly overrated, Bishop Thomas.  I knew, just as your namesake doubted My Son until proven in the flesh, you must hear it from Me.

The world’s falling apart is more due to people believing a lie, and systems of governance which enslave people.  Did not Hosea record in the sixth verse, chapter four:

‘My people are ruined for lack of knowledge! Since you have rejected knowledge…’

Today, of all days, the eternal gift of Knowledge and Wisdom are offered. Men of the cloth, let’s review: Before the flood, there was no rain but earth was surrounded by universal worldwide tropics via a water vapor canopy, what you call the major “greenhouse gas”.

Though the Algoreans leave vapor, though it is the highest gas in the atmosphere, barely mentioned and alone since they can’t regulate man’s industry and productivity with air moisture.  Think I am wrong? Recall the mammoth.  Ice always at the poles?  You tell me.

Yes, people DID live 700-900 years in a beneficient ‘greenhouse’ environment.  Some of you learned men still teach these are estimates of time and not simple recordings of the lifetimes of my chosen people’s predecessors… What is arbitrary about 902 years, or 777 year lifetimes?  What, can only Zuckerberg, who sadly supports killing My children with a billion dollar donation to my evil nemesis’ favorite child killing and processing entity, record anniversaries and birthdays?”

A little insight here: I had planned, even after moving the first family out of My garden, which in a sense was worldwide, this for man’s health.  But, man, almost Algoreanesque, built their Tower of Arrogance at Babel and grew exceedingly corrupt.

In reality, prior to Noah’s 120 year boat building project, humanity had no room for Algorean heresies because a warm tropical world is all they knew.  They had SPF 10,000 long before sunscreen was invented.  But, my anger was tempered only by eight of my servants.  Their faithfulness, these four couples, are the reason you exist today.

Are you so arrogant to believe your ancestors could not count each others’ birth years to death spans accurately?”

Many of the bishops started to journey through Genesis NAB to confirm the Guest’s comments.  Many of them seemed to see that just maybe Genesis wasn’t just an early Hollywood movie but a historical recording of family.

“I created your atmosphere to be radiative, transfering heat out when necessary, to keep you alive and in a narrow range, to vent the excess heat into space and maintain a reasonable level of heat for my Creation, for humans, plants AND animals…

700 million tons of hydrogen per second is a large heat generator and without this complete design, My design,  you would burn up in a nanosecond.

It is foolish to believe heat is magically “kept” on earth, trapped by a solid or closely knitted covering of equidistant trace molecules that the highest law court in your land demeans as “pollution”.  What arrogant foolishness, these judges of yours; my bishops should know better.  How many of your astronauts have crashed into the troposphere greenhouse glass after launch?  Also, exactly how many of you did I consult?”

The bishops muttered among themselves

“And worse, blaming 12 thermal Apostle molecules for transferring enough heat to melt My world out of one million mainly oxygen and nitrogen is frankly, in theo and scientific parlance: stupid.

When my Son’s Cathedral had the vents unlocked it was a better model.  Suppose you did NOT cool the insides, what would happen?  In fact, when Bishop Brown took over the building that fateful November day, there was NO air conditioning, since cooling was provided via air flow through the basement.  The design of my servant Schuller.”

Bishop Soto piped up:  “To answer your question, the heat would continue to rise inside here and carbon dioxide would increase, the natural purpose of a greenhouse, so plants flourish…a roomful of cooked bishops!”

The beloved bishop of Blessed Sacramento brought on a light laugh from the assembled; he always had that effect, when in Rome with two million youth at his first diocese of his earlier life, that now was home to an incredible worship space and faith center.

The Guest:  “Thank you Jaime.  Apparently, only Algorean humans detest more CO2 in My atmosphere, which is on loan from Me to them, and lie about its effect on my creation, what you call “ecosystem”.

A little insight: My plants AND humans tend to enjoy more CO2 and a little more heat!

Have you even thought I might prefer my earth a little warmer to keep more humans alive and extend your crop lines well away from My equator?

Do i have your prelates’ permission to do as I want? But, as your honest scientists, those not purchased for a grant bribe, note, there has been no average increase for two decades.

Frankly, my friends, to humor the Algorean heretics, you’d have to blast out all 10,660 windows and take an envelope size amount of CO2, “stretch” the molecules like a hair net around the superstructure, and hope they keep enough heat in to prove their bizarre theories.  Or do you believe each CO2 molecule can hold 83,333 degrees each to warm the lazy 99%ers up one degree for a year?  Does Oxygen and Nitrogen sit idly by?”

Bishop Lanciano  “Why is this important?  We have more critical issues to discuss…”

The Guest: “But, this one underpins them all.  If you undermine my eternal role as omnipotent, omniscient and Creator Love by allowing heretics free rein with my people, no one wins.  (Bishop Lanciano sat back down.)

Science is not divorced from reality and faith, as long as it tells the truth AND stays silent when it can’t understand.  There is, as you know, much that is super…natural, above nature to grasp.  Mary visits to earth.  Or like how My Son kept Terri Schiavo Schindler alive for 13 days, a specific number in time AND a very specific Eucharistic miracle.  No one can live 13 days without water, let alone food.  Terri survived, torment & deprivation, with only…Pope St. John Paul the Great & Terri part 1… My Eucharistic Son touching her tongue three times.  Toward the end of all humans living in happiness forever, I designed the cosmos, from inner to outer space, to help my people see Whom I am. Yes, your sister Terri, who is in paradise today, is a modern Eucharistic miracle.  How many of you, other than Father Pavone, preached this very reality to the world and your ordinaries?”

Bishop Lanciano asked “Do you have other examples?”

The Guest: “Well when you are not on the Algorean bandwagon, you might look at basic light as an example: I have many ways to teach the world about whom I am and my plans for them. Like in the middle ages, not everyone is literate and the Cathedrals’ stained glass told salvation history that paper and alphabet would not.

So, recall, in your early schooling, the light wheels.  You were taught there are primary colors:  How many?

Fr. Pio Vianney spoke:  “3, yellow, blue and red or today’s cyan, yellow and magenta.  3.

The Guest: “Think about your fellow bishop Patrick and the shamrock.  What happens when you combine all three colors?  As he did with three leaves on a stem of green?

Bishop Tim: “it becomes white light, which has the infinite colors of the rainbow and spectrum.  Like 3 in 1…like a model of the Tri…”

The Guest: “The Trinity.  If only you had the eyes to see.  Often you repeat “Light from Light, True God from True God”, do you not?  If blue, from above, represents me and red My Holy Spirit, what does yellow represent?  Could it be My Beloved Son?

The shamrock was available and adequate, but suppose, without Algorean permission, I designed actual light to reflect Whom I am? That I designed the universe to both keep you alive and teach Whom the Godhead is?  That so much of creation has simple clues hidden in plain sight, if only you have the eyes to see and ears to hear…but you are too distracted with the folly theories of men.”

The murmurs rose yet again among the assembled.

The Guest:  “The Rainbow was my promise, remember, first introduced after I recreated the whole planet, rejuvenated and refreshed after my anger since the time of Noah.”

Bishop Kevin: “My goodness, how simple yet extraordinary. I just mentioned Holy Spirit is represented by red at a confirmation at St Norberts..”

The Guest: “Yes, you did, Bishop Kevin.  All of you have up to five senses, with sight and hearing often predominant, but all senses matter.

Suppose I designed light as a constant reminder and reflection of that scene on the Jordan River with my Son being baptized by his cousin John; the Holy Spirit above Him and speaking words from the heavens, outer space: “This is my beloved Son on whom My favor rests”   Bishop Kevin, you play a mighty grand piano in your residence, do you not?”

Bishop Kevin: “I do! and enjoy it…”

The Guest: “How many whole notes before you repeat the scale?”

Bishop Kevin thought a moment:  “Seven”

The Guest:  “Not 13 or 4?  You are right: the scale is completed with the 7th, the number of completeness.  8 people in Noah’s navy, the ark.

The eighth note is a rebirth, like Noah’s family of eight rebirthed the human race on earth after resting on Mt. Ararat in Turkey.  The 8th note is a reflection or harmonic of the first, just like the eighth day was the day of covenant rebirth via circumcision, my Son rose on the first and eight day.  If your death doctors weren’t so pre-occupied with spilling blood, they would realize the science of blood clotting, vitamin K and fibrinogen applies as well.  A VERY convenient fact for baby circumcision according to the Mosaic law so they would survive to day nine.

Noah and his family, the “Resurrection of mankind”,  numbered 8 in the largest animal ferry in history, as My Son;  and My Son’s name transliterated is 888.  In fact, 888 is a repdigit and strombogrammatic number; it is the number of my Son the Redeemer.  yes, my Chinese creations believe it is triple fortune, but it is the Man by whom all are saved’s number.

Could Francis Xavier have used this in the Far East?  Did I do this by accident or teleologically, with purpose of forethought?

Also, what you call vitamin K or fribrinogen reaches it’s highest level in the male about the 8th day.  Would I not know this for eternity,  when i commanded my servant Abraham to perform circumcision on children. ..”

Bishop John found this Scripture:  Throughout the ages, every male among you, when he is eight days old”

the Guest:  “Since this was major surgery at that time, wouldn’t it be prudent for Me to maximize the clotting factor in blood on day 8?

Bishop Kevin, I designed your ears to hear sound this way, again to reach those mathematically and scientifically inclined, if only they opened their eyes and ears with an open heart to My Truth.  But if they DO NOT hear the truth, how can they know Me forever?  If you give equal time to the Algorean Malthusians and their rot…?

Eight renews the musical, sound scale.  It IS the number of rebirth, renewal and resurrection, repeated in my Word, My writings, even in the pillar altar I located at the exact center of the world millennia ago.  It is still there.  My friends, you can look that up in Isiah 19:19-20.  And when you Google Map that building, it is still aligned to the compass points even today millennia years later, eight sided, though appearing as four missing a cornerstone on top. Actually, designed without a cornerstone on purpose .”

Some of the bishops iPadded away.  Wow, the pyramid of Giza did in fact meet the prescription.  They read on about the Christ angle and other phenomena associated with the last wonder of the ancient world.

Bishop Johnson interrupted:  “So Adam and Noah were real?  Eve is not just an allegory?”

The Guest:  “Did not My Son, and your predecessor leaders in the early centuries, not mention Adam or Eve?  or the time of Noah?  If Noah was science  fiction, my Son would not have referred to him by name.  Or are you so sophisticated today you don’t take my Son at His Word.

Through Noah’s good heart, you are present in this magnificent cathedral of My stars and not a foregone possibility.

I abated my anger at man’s incredible sinfulness and evil. Eight people gave humanity a second chance, though it took Noah 120 years to build his boat.  The side benefit for you, planted so long ago, was, what you call a “flood” was actually a major transformative upheaval of water, rock, pressure and more. A RE-creation of sorts.  A whole new world.

I engineered, from the destruction, sources of energy the world did not know: what your Algoreans call distastefully “fossil fuels”.  I did this so they could be discovered later in history for the good of man.  Am I not the One who can decide to make mankind’s world less of a drudge, with gifts that go beyond the spiritual?

Remember, 1000 stars.  Even when I reveal something in plain sight is no guarantee the mind of man will see the truth.  Though i banished mankind from the garden and to the “sweat of the brow”, is in not my privilege to ease some of that toil once man could discover and innovate and thereby, help the needy…as well as their own families.”

Bishop Tom, the rabid radical environmentalist, spoke up:  “But fossil fuels are killing us!”

The Guest:  “If you believe this, Doubting Thomases, don’t drive, fly in a jet, eat prepared foods, have an iced tea.  I pulverized organic matter as Noah drifted on the waters formerly above, now below and from the deep recesses of My world, My Creation, so you would have more efficient use of time and help for each other these last centuries.  More time to study about Me and your future eternities.

Innovation, coupled with my gifts of natural gas and oil, coal and more, improve the standards of living and save lives on my planet.  Should you focus on this and not complain there is too much good air that is used for photosynthesis.  Bishops, just think  and mull on that: you are insulting GOOD AIR, My air, not pollution which has been

china smog paris accord climate change global warming

A good day in Bejing


abated well in your country.  Why not help the Far East over time, instead of a useless treaty about curbing family survival in foreign lands at the Eiffel?

Yes, there were times I could not clearly see inside this glass building you occupy tonight, from above in the 1970s but man has improved and reduced actual pollution in the US.  No more smog knives in Garden Grove but in China, it’s a different but reparative story.  Progress can be made.”

photosynthesis and aerobic respirationA chemical formulation appeared above the men of the cloth.

“But, please, no longer my friends, do not insult me and call my photosynthesis process “pollution”, a terrible insult.

Look at the equation floating above you.  To feed the billions, I integrate a tiny chemical barely numbering 1 in ever 2500 air molecules, mixed in with portions of what your scientists believe totals 326 quintillion gallons: water.  They are close but not exact on the amount.  Do you recall what comes into being with chlorophyll and light energy, My energy?  Food and oxygen, the two essentials for life.  My Son brought you Living Water; your ignorance now misunderstands My power and designs for you.

I created energy so the called could spread My Good News to the many at this time in history, not be the slaves of false leaders who occupy the river city named for my Blessed Sacrament.  Sadly led by one of my followers who has fallen away from his Catholic faith, into the hands of the Algoreans, the one you call Moonbeam the Apostate.

Certainly, my beloved bishops, you must use science for good, but don’t demonize the good just to ‘look good’ among peers and seem friendly to the Algoreans…they do not believe in Me nor love you.

They will never agree with you unless shown the complete Truth which may not happen until each individually see my Son in glory.  They prefer power and control at the expense of freedom for their states, and the world’s inhabitants, corrupt my science and deceive many.

You my friends need to set the record straight. Carbon dioxide is your friend; it does not change the climate.  I do, via the processes I set up before man came to be.  Climate is ever changing, thanks to My design and no thanks to man’s efforts.  The first law of climate science is Mine: Climate changes.  2nd law is similar: climate changes without man’s help.

Bishop Tom doesn’t give up: “Guest, the earth is going to burn up in the year 2075 if we do nothing.”

The Guest: “Tom, your false scientists always make incredible claims longer than their lifetimes and each gets more dramatically terrifying than the last.

Ever read about Chicken Little when you were a child?  The Algoreans have mastered the ancient evil art of the snake, oiled well by prophets of doom.  I came that you might have Life, abundantly. Not get suckered by crises du jour, day in day out false complaints and nonexistent problems.

Don’t be such fools: solve real problems, help your families see the light and not be enslaved by agents of the dark.”

The Bishops mulled these out loud but maintained decorum.  Bishop Tom began to rise, than thought better of it, and sat down.

The Guest continued “Let me worry about the world and I will set the date for its end. Didn’t I send My Beloved Son to save it?  Don’t you think, the Being that created billions of stars over 28.5 gigaparsecs or 93 billion light-years of space, as your astronomers call them, can keep a tiny planet near a very small star out of danger from puny man?

You believe the Algoreans more than you listen to My Words.  I created you with 75 trillion, yes trillion, cells each. Each cell is incredibly complex.  Just a small sample of inner space’s infinite complexities.

Woman, I created with 75-100 trillion cells, with the ability to nurture in 280 days one single cell into another 75 trillion celled being you call “baby”.  Learn that I still control the astronomically large as well as the intricate, infinitesimally submicro small.

I had dispersed one group of humans trying to become Me during the Babelian Tower days.  Must I do dramatic today because My Church is siding with the Algorean heretics of modernism?  Demeaning My Creative abilities?  Insulting My work?

I use math and science to focus your attention on My world and to better understand why I created you in the last place.  But, not all of you are science or math minded but use other parts of your 100 quadrillion interconnects brain to seek Me.

Look how man has abused science.  You men of the faith try, but must work harder to correct this diabolic reality.

Your so-called learned doctors are so evil and corrupt they kill my children before they are born, slice them up like Abraham sacrificed the Ram, sell the good parts and burn the rest.

Recall, I spared Isaac and used the episode to show even God is willing to sacrifice His Very Best for His Love of mankind.  The ONLY child sacrifice I followed through on was My Son; Isaac became the father of billions, as Ishmael to another huge number, as descendants of my covenant to Abram.  I DEMAND you redouble your efforts to end this evil scourge wherever it occurs, by the tools I bequeathed to you via My Son and Spirit.  My servant David exposed the evil, like my prophets of old, Elijah, Jonah and so many others.  Why do you not in numbers and force come to Mr. Daleiden’s rescue.  He speaks the truth with clarity even among the many fallen away Catholics like Xavier of the Undead, who no longer is Catholic but lives an apostate life.

Today, the Middle Eastern step-brothers still battle each other; even Hitler failed to kill My Chosen off completely in the great war mentioned by Queen Mother Mary in 1917. But I have chosen babies in the womb to live and only I may take them home early: not you, not your governor, nor your evil leaders.

Imagine another of my servants, Stephanie, has struggled for years with terminal disease and your leaders want her to pay a 1/10 piece of silver, $1.20 for suicide pills to end it all.  Her response is to HELP you bishops get the courage up, this mother of five who suffers so, to fight hell’s legions on the blessed Sacramento and in the eastern district of columbia.

But, do you realize how much I regret and are angry over what the abortionistas do?

Men of faith!  Wake UP! They are My children, not yours.  My flesh and blood.  And Hell’s doctors of death have killed 2 billion just in the last four decades.  Why do I tarry, you might ask?  

Hoping you get serious about what human lives are, and how precious EACH is. Not this distracting drivel about My work in the skies. I will take care of the climate and carbon dioxide.  You take care of defeating the forces of hell at planned parenthood.

Bishop Kevin: “Guest, what must we do?

The Guest: “Do you realize my Word is eternal and unchanging?  Moses ruined a good story and prophecy; he did not enter but could only see the Promised Land because he struck the Rock twice. Over 600 prophecies point to one Savior.  Not Xavier Becerra, a very sad man.  Nor Emanuel of Chicago, also a double-minded leader.

Jesus IS the ‘way, the Truth and the Life’.  Why not act as if My Word is important?

My Son needed to die just once, remember, and by Moses’ disobedience, though understandable because the Israelites were throwing tantrums,  my servant Moses destroyed an important image or outward sign of future events.  Today, the indoctrinated children throw tantrums when an evil woman loses an election.

So no man could miss the truth, over 600 prophecies laser focused on My Son’s coming, death and resurrection.  All of creation focuses on History, His Story and when my servant Moses in anger blew one of my prophecies about My Son, I had to discipline him.

My beloved apostles on earth:  You risk the same.  You buy into the Algorean heresies lock, stock and barrel.  What must I do to convince you, you are leading My sheep into error by not opposing these false doctrines of ignorance.

I have planted, because I love you, eternal clues and symbolism both in the world and in your hearts. “Let he who has eyes, see.  Let he who has ears, hear!”

I speak many languages, the greatest being Love.  Math is one: 7 whole notes, 7 days of the week, 7 years of plenty, realize seven, the number, stands for perfection, completeness.  3 for the Trinity.

144,000, you have read about, once was symbolized in a visible object on earth.  144,000 mirror bright capstones covered this object that spanned 13.4 acres of earth at the exact center of the world. It is still there today.  And today, since the local Arabian people discovered after a 6th century earthquake, those 144,000 stones make great material for mosques and other buildings, most were removed.

Today, the Giza pillar of fire is much darker on the day it has zero shadow at high noon as winter becomes spring at the equinox.”

Bishop Barron thought this might be a great subject for a Word on Fire episode….

The Guest:  reading his mind…”Yes, Robert it WOULD be a great episode; contact that old man with these odd ideas.  Note, My Son was in the desert for 40 days, a time of testing, tribulation and fasting.  You celebrate 40 days of fasting and reflection before the Triduum through Lent.  I miraculously left a cloth that shows Holy Thursday through the Resurrection.

My first chosen people wandered 40 years in the desert. The number 40 often is used to show My abilities and design.  Yet, in the western American Church, you teach My Son’s 40 days from glory to heading home on Ascension is now 43 days.  How many of your parishioners’ children love to celebrate their birthday or feast days 3 days late. Why?

Bishop Veritas: “Because, Guest, people cannot get to Mass on Thursdays.  They already give God a whole hour on sundays…”

The Guest: “Like the hour you are giving Me tonight?  Sometimes; those who don’t make it to My day on the weekend most likely won’t make it to celebrate My Son’s heading home above on a Thursday…  Do you understand, like Moses who struck the rock twice instead of once and losing his right to enter the promised land, there was purpose in My Son taking 40 days of preparation for the Spirit’s arrival,  after Rising from the dead, and before He came home and the Spirit came to earth. ”

The bishops looked at each other.  Hmm, maybe we SHOULD celebrate Ascension Thursday on Ascension Thursday not Ascension Sunday

The Guest:  “Look at 7: there are seven visible colors in the rainbow, the seven churches, seven angels to the seven churches, seven seals, seven trumpet plagues, seven thunders and the seven last plagues in the Apocalypse or you know as the Book of Revelations. The first resurrection of the dead takes place at the 7th trumpet.  I created the universe in 6 days, resting on the last, the 7th.  The sacraments, which are the outward signs of My Love and willingness to bestow grace, total the number 7.

My servant Isaac Newton, using my cornerstone-less altar in the desert of Egypt, devised many scientific truths, such as gravity.  He enumerated the 7 colors of the rainbow and the spectrum of visible and invisible wave-energy.  spectrum of light rainbow

What is color, you might ask. It is actually a section of the electromagnetic spectrum (a grouping of charged particles (energy) that move through space at a particular wavelength and frequency) referred to as visible light.  This definition is what man’s mind can grasp.  But light is so much more.

Remember my words: I created the universe and its properties to lead Man to Me. Not for Algoreans to destroy families by siphoning their wealth for foolish lies.

I did not create light as an afterthought, but as a reflection of My Essence. As My followers, if you are going to make grand scientific pronouncements about My and your, as mankind’s faith leaders, abilities to control my weather and take credit for abilities you do NOT have, you had better know what you are talking.  and writing about.

Bishops, your average eyes can perceive wavelengths that are from about 390 nanometers long (the color violet) to about 700 nanometers (the color red). A nanometer is one billionth of a meter.  That desert monolith that aligns with the Hunter/ Orion, as does my beloved Mary’s image from Portugal, matches the earth’s curvature.  An accident?  Try moving 70 ton stones by accident and align them within a hair’s breath of each other.

My design work is intricate, complex and yet, done out of Love.  You must know I designed your eyes to receive light, you ears to hear words, sounds and music…and everything IN my universe to bring you to see Whom I am.

After I created the fuels you insult as evil fossils, I marked the sky with the first rainbow.  Is there ANY gift you are contented with?  Much like the Jews in Moses time, you complain about even the gift of food that springs from CO2 mixed with water.  You ungrateful waifs.  But you ARE my servants, and my Son’s Bridge need you desperately to LEAD them.  Not deceive them.

My prophet Ezekiel saw the rainbow over my Throne, a sign of my power and wisdom.  My beloved disciple John saw rainbows twice.

They are reflections of my infinite power and love, and My promise to never destroy the earth by water ever again.  My water is used to bring you life when combined with carbon dioxide, not to pollute your very selves.  What fools to believe this life giving gas is pollution.

Yet, you allow Algorean falsehoods to enslave those loaned to you to bring to Me. And you allow and play into the Algoreans, by corrupting my rainbow as a symbol of what was destroyed in the time of Lot: the corruption of my Creative Design.”

Some of the bishops looked incredibly uncomfortable, knowing where the Guest was going.

Did I design Adam and Steve?  The ignorant and confused gendered ones, need your wisdom and help, not your passivity and toleration of the lie.  Love the sinner not their sin; teach them truths.”

Many of the bishops squirmed uncomfortably in their cushioned seats.

“The human body, which my great servant John Paul wrote over 120 Angelus homilies about, is amazing and my greatest work.

Yet, you follow the sheep, instead of leading them, by allowing the Algoreans to make theological  pronouncements without challenge; do you fear human ridicule more than Truth?  The lost will remain lost unless you confront them with My Word and Truth.

To speak and teach their error to a whole generation.  To take from widows and poor families for wasteful frivolous false scientist claims.  A small example, they are charging the poor 11 cents for each gallon of My created energy for something I created, not them, in the state you now listen to me in.  The atmosphere, specifically My incredibly diverse and beneficial gift to the ages: CO2.”

One of the bishops began to raise his hand, but stopped short…

“God cannot control His climate and man is able to alter it, both heretical concepts.  I have changed climate since Creation, and man has about as much impact as a gnat hitting an 18 wheel tanker’s windshield at 70 mph effects gas mileage.

You are wise prelates: you know the reason the Algoreans rebel is power and money.  Speak truth to these false doctrines and Algorean heretics while you have the opportunity.  Fear not, I am with you and will support you.

Shed blinding light you will not serve false gods of the environment, the golden calves of the lawless and faithless.

You granted me one hour; my time is soon up.  Do you have any other questions?”

There were murmurs among the bishops at the conference.  One asked: “You talked of signs and wonders….”

Guest:  “Bishop Thomas, man always seek signs and wonders.  I have and control all time but you have limited mine.  Grant me your open minds.  Blind faith is best reserved for one who reads with Braille raised letters.  There are so many supernatural outward signs and clues, beyond the sacraments you bestow, that surround you, in plain sight.  Grant me but a few more minutes.

Think back to your visits and education in theology and see the objects that focus my Good News on a corrupt and needy world.  Here are a few:

In the millennia preceding My Son’s appearance on earth, I created the prophecy stone no one could miss, because of its size and the fact it sits on the exact center of the world.  It sits perfectly oriented, north south east west. It helps, even today, to focus on salvation history, much as your predecessors did in European cathedrals with stained glass and sculpted stone before the universal ability to read and write spanned to the common man and woman.

Each spring anew, at high noon on the spring equinox, the day of renewal and resurrection, an amazing effect occurs.  Though the world’s largest object, it throws no shadow with its faces having a 51 degree 51 minute orientation.  Bishops, if you stand on its flat top, you can see the sun rise over the House of Bread, where My Son was born,  on the morning of the Spring Equinox. Before the descendants of Ishmael removed most of the 144,000 mirror stones, at that moment in time each year, it heralded as a pillar of fire and light My promises in Isaiah.  It was so brilliant, it could be seen from My moon, which was set in the heavens to face you the same each day.  My chosen and their half-brothers use the moon, even today, to calendar their lives.  Look up Isaiah 19:19-20

The bishops looked it up: On that day there shall be an altar to the LORD at the center of Egypt, and a sacred pillar to the LORD near its boundary.20This will be a sign and witness to the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt, so that when they cry out to the LORD because of their oppressors, he will send them a savior to defend and deliver them.

The Guest continued: “You may not know, it is eight sided (as was recently discovered), again My Son’s special number; it’s surface mirrors giza center of the world pyramidwith its concavity the earth’s surface which you only discovered recently as well.  How long did it take to discover the astronomical truth built into My promise to Abraham using stars and sand?  The truth was buried in plain sight in the first book of the Torah.

The immense original pyramid was NOT a grave for the pharoahs, but the template they imitated.

It is a mathematical treasure trove, a square circle with its base measuring out to 36524 inches, the days in a year you know as 365.24.  It is a depictor of Pi and many other math entities.  One factor, many see the angle of the entry passage as important.

26 degrees 18 minutes 9.7 seconds; it is the angle of Christ the Redeemer when you unlock the clues. 

Some of you Bishops think this odd, that I caused this; do you not sing of the Star of David, of Bethlehem each Advent in your churches and cathedrals?  Do you not still have the remains of the Magi, wise astrological astronomers in your cathedral in Cologne?

Ok, here it is. The angle made between the base and the entrance passage 17 steps up, when laid down, draws a line that crosses the entrance to the Exodus of pyramid graphic of the birth of the KingMy people and the entrance of My Son into the world of man: Bethlehem, the House of Bread.  

Gentleman, look up and look it up.  It is the ONLY ancient wonder that remains today.  Will it play some role in the future?

The leaves are tender, the season is waning, observe and teach. But, if you are looking for the Cornerstone the builder’s rejected, all of the Giza pyramid’s cornerstones are in place except the one NOT designed into the structure: the top.  In fact, it WAS DESIGNED this way on purpose.  Does it not resemble an altar?”

Bishop Barnes looked closely at the image that the Guest flashed in the mid air of the Christ Cathedral…

pyramid altar

The altar of Paul the Apostle in the diocese of San Bernardino and Bishop Barnes

Bishop Barnes:  “That’s not the Giza Plateau pyramid; I’ve seen it up close and personal when our diocese traveled to the Holy Land and Egypt.  But, I recognize that object! I’ve celebrated Mass on that object, that inverted pyramid altar.”

The Guest:  “Yes, Bishop Barnes, you recognize it from one of your diocese’s churches.  It is at the center of the building that honors my 13th disciple, Paul the Apostle in Chino Hills.   Like you bishops, it will take time, maybe even this visit for this Council.  Yes, this IS a Council, because like Paul, you needed a little lightning to show you My world is NOT in shambles.

It has its difficulties since man is imperfect, but it is not falling apart, as the Algoreans preach from their blessed Sacramento pulpits above the cesspool nor the swamp, as your political leader calls it today in the East.

In Matthew’s Gospel, recall “wars, rumors of war and the rest.”  If you were Jews in My Son’s time on earth, before the cell phone and TV, all I would need to say is the first few words and you’d know the entire passage.  But alas you have instant access to the Torah and all the books of My Scriptures.”  Many of the Bishops were on the interweb chasing Scriptures.

Bishop Barnes exclaimed as the wooden pyramid altar slowly inverted before their eyes: “He’s right, fellow Ordinaries, it IS the altar at St. Paul’s…”

After it inverted, it transfigured into the Giza pyramid as the Guest continued:

great pyramid giza with sunlight at the top

Great pyramid of Giza

“Giza’s flat top, minus the cornerstone, would make a suitable spot to revisit at the end of time with My Son.  After all, the stone the builder’s rejected, or the one I did not make because it was NEVER made from ALL eternity, but begotten as you call Him, could return in glory.  Your model Bishop Barnes, like the Giza, lacks the 144,000 ancient limestone mirror stones, the concavity that matches the curvature of My planet Earth, the 8 sides but it does have a flat top at its tip.

But, Bishop Barnes, it is oriented, like the Giza pillar altar mentioned by My servant Isaiah, to the four cardinal compass points.”

Before their eyes, though no photograph on earth exists, it transformed into the way the virgo leo tilma guadalupe gizapyramid looked before the 6th century.  Absolutely, eye blinding brilliant, as if on the day of rebirth at high noon Spring equinox.  Mary’s tilma approximated the winter solstice and the Man born to Die, was conceived and died per tradition on the same day, March 25th.  Or as the Jews would remember, Friday the 13th of the month of Nissan.

The Guest: “Remember, I designed the world, and even the seasons focus on My Son.

Christ Cathedral 1Don’t you think this altar topped eight sided object, the largest in your world,  would be a perfect spot for a Victorious God to return to near Jerusalem.  As it stands, should you use science to evaluate it, it is a keystone that defies human understanding and abilities.  Pull out a dollar bill to see imagery you have in your pockets every day.  If you really believe “In God we trust”, then act that way.

You trust your Algoreans and doubt my abilities to protect my created world from hellfire temps while some of you still doubt this gift of My Son’s burial cloth.”

As the Guest spoke, the absolutely brilliant white image, a pillar of fire of sorts, of the Giza Plateau’s main attraction subsided and the pyramid faded away.

 Next appeared that of the Shroud of Turin floating in mid air, draped over the Joseph of Arimathea passover table known each Holy Thursday as the First Christian Passover and the Last Supper.  Appropriate, since the full size paper duplication occupied the empty shell from Holy Saturday 2016 through well into 2017 of the building these men of God sat in on this Pentecost.

 The Shroud Center continues its work at the blessed Santiago retreat center in east Orange. The gift of the His Story cloth lives on.

The Guest:  “I have left the Cloth of Jerusalem, Edessa and Turin for the generations as an inspiration and physical evidence for a disbelieving world.  The cloth of the temple was torn in two but the supernatural image of My Son survives many attempts at destruction.

It remains on cloth to this day, essentially the first photograph.  Late in 2016, your ENEA shroud of turinscientists conclude the electromagnetic energy necessary to produce My Son’s image on the kosher cloth of the Triduum is beyond human capability today.

As it was in the day of Herod and Pilate.

Truth is in what they say: 34 trillion watts of power, is their estimate.  The light energy to create the image was not of earth but God-made as my Son burned through the cloth in His Resurrected Living Body.  The Shroud is better thought of as an UltraLight High Energy imagery, similar to a nuclear explosion in which trillions of joules of energy radicated out as my Son burst forth in New Life.  As the billions of Abrahamic descendants, it took until Secundo Pio in 1898 for it to be seen as a photograph.

And you doubt I could keep my earth’s temps in balance while giving credence to baseless Algorean heresies.  What, my prelates, will you say when the earth cools in the 2020s, if My Son does not return first, due to the sun’s reduced solar activity which your solar scientists call the Maunder Minimum?  Will Algoreans still have your minds in their hands?

As I mentioned already, I gave you the first maternal “Ultrasound” via my Son’s Mother’s appearance in Mexico City on cactus cloth: as many of you know today, much as Galileo discovered a few more stars, your astronomers and computer analysis have discovered the stars of the Queen Mary’s tilma reveal, like a star map’s key, on that first winter night sky in 1531.

My Son was in the womb as the star arrangement Leo of the Tribe of Judah, as well as Mary’s  heart featured the star arrangement Virgo the Virgin.  Do you believe this was just an accident?  Is 40 neighboring galaxies, or 2000 Virgo cluster star systems an accident?   Gentlemen:  I do nothing by accident but all with eternal purpose.”

Bishop Jaime from the Blessed Sacramento diocese with the Blessed Sacramento housed behind the Blessed Sacrament table in the Blessed Sacramento cathedral, still hummed “the stone the builders rejected, became the cornerstone of a whole new world…”

The Guest: “Bishop Soto, as long as I have known you, you just can’t keep from singing!”

The other bishops chuckled… The Guest offered:

“My Franciscan servants worked so hard, walking barefoot from Vera Cruz to Tenoctitlan; but 9 million Aztecs came to the faith from the image of Mary on Juan Diego’s cloak, whereas in the 2nd chapter of Acts, Peter brought 3000 souls with his Holy Spirit inspired words.  I am calling each of you to refine and perfect your messages to your people who are My people.

Whatever path leads My people to eternity in happiness, is a good thing.  Good news, something I wish you to preach.  Not more of this crises du jour drivel.  Yes, the poor will always be with you and you CAN help them.  And man will pollute, but as you have seen in this covenant land, you can overcome real pollution without bankrupting each domestic church, each family in your care.  But such senseless waste believing man should tax air, something he does NOT own, is abject foolishness of heretics who care little for Me and less for you.  Recall, I own it all.

Also, reecall, I left visible proof of the bloodless sacrifice you celebrate every hour of every day somewhere in My world, in the birth city of the soldier who pierced My Son’s side: Lanciano, Italy.

In fact, when you have gone to Rome for your “ad limina” visits, note in St Peter’s, one of the four saints supporting the beautiful Michaelangelo dome is St. Longinus.

One of many down through the ages, the Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano, the 8th century doubting Thomas priest continues to be a testament to my Love for you.

Bishop Tom, you might listen.  If I can control the Queen of heaven’s frequent flyer visits in time and space, could I not control the sun’s heat on the earth I chose to create?  Must you insult Me more?  It’s one thing to limit actual pollution; it is another to label my precious miracle gas as evil. Not to mention the gift of what you denigrate as “fossil fuels.” Do you not realize I foresaw from my recreation in Noah’s time to these latter centuries and the chance for man to live longer again as discovery after discovery commenced?

Learned bishops, why did I send Mary to earth six times at Fatima on the 13th of each month in 1917?  If, as some of your experts believe, My Son died on Friday the 13th of the Hebrew month Nissan?  Could it be why my nemesis has made Friday the 13th a day of suspicion and danger?  The only danger was to My Son, Who quoted the 22nd Psalm on His way to saving a dying world.

How many more signs of My infinite Power must you see before you counter the Algorean heresies with concise and reasoned sound truth?  Speak the truth, in love.  But men of the Church, SPEAK!

Bishop Pio Vianney:  “Guest, I confess.  I have so many questions…”

The Guest:  “hold them, my son.  You do incredible work, often 12 to 16 hours a day hearing confessions of the sinners, sharing My Divine Mercy with all comers.

My Spirit has gifted you with incredible insight and discernment.  I wish all my priests pleaded for the gifts you have received.  Only two things on earth my ordained priests can do beyond other mortals: celebrate Mass and help save souls through reconciliation.  If I had a choice, Bishop Gomez, those beautiful wooden doors off the main Queen of the Angels sanctuary would always remain unlocked and filled with at least one priest.  As well as the outside doors, to welcome the needy.

Men of the Good News!  One last image: the sign of My power, promise and majesty, the rainbow. Recall “Light from Light” you say at every mass?

Suddenly, the bishops were treated to the most brilliant and deep colored rainbow from the south entrance of the remodeled Christ Cathedral, which arced through the ceiling glass into the night: they were treated to a “moonbow” rarely seen outside of Hawaii.

The Guest:  “Simon in the first century tried to buy what you had as apostles; today the Algoreans are trying to co-op the Church for similar reasons.  They want to buy souls and minds, indoctrinating the faithful with bizarre assumptions and mindless theories.

Section of a rainbow

Scripture mentions only three people seeing a rainbow, none before Noah, because none existed.  I still protected my people outside the Garden until the Recreation 120 years into Noah’s ship building project.
I used a rainbow after the great flood, which Noah saw, as a sign he would never again destroy all mankind by using floodwaters (Genesis 9:13). The Old Testament prophet Ezekiel, in a vision, saw a rainbow above the very throne of God (Ezekiel 1:27 – 28). This bow represented the glory of the Eternal. The apostle John saw two different rainbows. The first was the same one Ezekiel viewed over the throne of God (Revelation 4:3). The second encompassed the head of a mighty angel who carried a little book containing events to occur in the end time (Revelation 10:1).

Bishops, you are modern in your learning. Rainbows occur when sunlight refracts and reflects through air containing water droplets, which usually occurs during or right after rain. These bows of color appear in the part of the sky that is opposite the sun.

While it is true that rainbows contain the seven primary colors delineated by Newton, they also display a whole continuum of infinite colors and  light from red to violet and even beyond what our eyes can detect.  But, a rainbow is My symbol, not that of those who seek to corrupt my creation.

One of Isaac Newton’s famous experiments, using a prism, proved that white is a composition of all the lights generated by a rainbow. My servant Patrick, slave to My Gospel in the land of Eire, did not have a prism.  Just the shamrock.

As the sum, white symbolizes the complete and perfect nature of God’s righteousness and mercy.


My current replacement for Peter said this:  “(205) Yet all is not lost. Human beings, while capable of the worst, are also capable of rising above themselves, choosing again what is good, and making a new start, despite their mental and social conditioning.

Also (218) “In calling to mind the figure of Saint Francis of Assisi, we come to realize that a healthy relationship with creation is one dimension of overall personal conversion, which entails the recognition of our errors, sins, faults and failures, and leads to heartfelt repentance and desire to change. The Australian bishops spoke of the importance of such conversion for achieving reconciliation with creation: “To achieve such reconciliation, we must examine our lives and acknowledge the ways in which we have harmed God’s creation through our actions and our failure to act. We need to experience a conversion, or change of heart”.(153)

The Bishops became restless as the hour was getting late.

The Guest:  “Men of the Church.  Let me leave this with you.  An astonishing discovery has been made during repair work to the Edicule — the ancient chamber housing My Son Jesus’ tomb in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Scientists have reported extraordinary phemonena that may support the authenticity of the Holy Shroud of Turin.  On October 26, 27 and 28, 2016 a group of scientists and religious authorities oversaw the removal of the marble slab that covers the tomb of Christ.

Marie-Armelle Beaulieu, editor-in-chief of Terre Sainte Magazine, reported that some of the measuring instruments used by scientists were altered by electromagnetic disturbances when they were placed directly on the stone in which Christ’s body rested. The scientists reports that their measuring devices either malfunctioned or ceased to work at all.

People of the Church, gathered under the glass, I entreat you to realize there are many more discoveries, clues, planted for your inquisitive minds to find.

Please, do NOT abide the Algoreans further.  They are selfish, wannabe gods, who seek to take not give.  Destroy not build up.  Steal souls not just bodies and family wealth…As i left it to Peter and the first Apostles, I leave the repair work in good hands.  I WILL be watching and hoping you come to your senses, and research, not as part of the hapless crowd who seek a golden calf and not the living God of the Universe.  My universe, which i have left to you to be good stewards of.”

With that the brilliance of the sun inside the renewed Christ Cathedral subsided and disappeared, just as the Guest floated up through the glass ceiling and toward the heavens.  Apparently, the world’s largest greenhouse could not restrain the Guest from His appointed rounds.  As He disappear into the night sky and the rainbow subsided, little pieces of parchment floated down and matched what appeared on the Ipads and laptops:

“Men of the Church, like My Son does, I call you My friends.  Please spread the good news, the gospel of truth, not the persistent pessimistic Algorean lies that My children have been indoctrinated with for far too long.

I can travel 93 billion light-years in a nanosecond, which is a lot less than six days.  I have created Woman, the most intricate and beautiful beings in the universe who need My protection through your efforts.

My angels battle constantly for your souls.  I created the freedom of the will in EACH of you.  If I can do that, do I have your permission to sustain My world, My planet?

Is it ok if I created a trace air molecule two parts oxygen, one part carbon, mix it with water, and light-synthesize food to feed the generations, the Manna of the whole new world?  Waste time no longer, for time IS limited.  My Son now knows the date and time of His return but I cannot reveal that to you.  You must seize EACH day as if it is your last, teach all nations the eternal truths, not be distracted and sidelined wasting time on vain doctrines as one of your own warned you millennia ago.  And continue to baptize in the name of the Members of the Holy Trinity.”

The bishops, gazing in awe, began to speak among themselves of the wonders they had just experienced.  All the excess papers were gathered up, like in the days of Moses and the miracle of the loaves, for God IS sufficient for our planetary needs, just as Manna was sufficient for the day except before the Sabbath.

 Nothing should go to waste for time is limited.

Maybe it was 2nd Ascension Sunday, a week following Pentecost?  The First Council on the Algorean heresies disbanded from the incredible Christ Cathedral and the revered members of the USCCB went, two by two, to all points of the covenant land we call America.  Refocused on the Gospel of God or of Gore?

Now the question is: Will our great leaders begin to reign in the heretical teachings on God’s gifts or just continue to let the people perish, for lack of knowledge.  The Algoreans vs the Truth of My Divine Mercy.  The Good New of the Gospel of God?

OR The always bitter fake news of the gospel of gore, the Algorean Heresies.

al gore


abortion jesus forgives and heals

Len Beckman
Father of 11
Feeds his brood as a real estate broker; was a DRE/Youth & Young Adult Minister/DFF from 1981 through 2008 sequentially at St Callistus nee Christ Cathedral, St Anthony Claret and Holy Family Cathedral until the mandatory retirement age of 60 for non-clerical lay ministers.
Long time prolife leader who “married up” with Donna whom art in heaven 6 years.
Managing director of the Donna Beckman Memorial Environmental Research Lab
 “Dedicated to scientific truth and its parallel with the God of the Universe”

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