Elisha was the first fertility awareness specialist in 2nd Kings

Today’s reading, appropriately on the 13th Ordinary Sunday:

Elisha was the first fertility awareness specialist. He told the old woman of Shunem, for Collette Marieher kindness in being his hotel with room service, she would have a baby 12 months later.  He knew and his servant confirmed, she ached for her first born.  Another foreshadowing of Jesus.

Now, I went to Servite so I don’t completely understand women, but that means the Shunemite must have had sex with her aging husband within 3 months (this time next year means one year).

Sarah, aptly named, Rooney helps, like Elisha, couples be aware of the God created natural conception cycle that has gotten us to 9 billion (less the 2 billion the devil has skimmed off the top of women’s birth canals).  It’s OK to be pro gestation!

Funny how we buy the world’s bankrupt ideals and values. 
God saves the world combining carbon dioxide with water to feed it; without this “pollution”, we die. So we shake our puny, feeble fists at the Creator. But, we limit, using steroids, pills, tools, devices etc organic beings joining the human race on earth.

Same with reproductive freedom.

The Shunem woman ached to have a son; God granted that hope but she had to enjoy marital love to yield her first born. Without sex, the first virgin birth would not have been the Immaculate Conception, Mary, Queen of heaven. It would be Mr and Mrs Shunem’s.

Millions of couples are infertile and would love to adopt the millions hell’s hospital of death on earth, planned parethood/NAF, kill each year.

People like Elisha and Sarah are the vessels who work tirelessly to help keep the world populated, since many countries are one generation away from extinction.  Heard that on ABCNNBCBS?  No, just the BS of pretend fake journalists who goad presidents, hold up severed heads and lie lower than a rug.

ISIS terrorizes and kills, but planned parenthood, the fave of Senator Kamala Skank, Xavier of the Zombies Becerra and other women hating child killing demons, is the #1 domestic terrorist who destroys America from within the wombs of its future. the mothers.

Think seriously, about that.  Saddam and SyriAssad are lambasted for killing hundreds with poisonous gas.  Our domestic terrorist substandard abortionists kill millions with lethal chemicals like Digoxin off label used to inject into little babies tender hearts.  To make them healthy?  No, to stop them so Soylent Green Division of the DemocraParty can sell them for donor dollars.  There are reasons the DemocraParty leaders are getting old and dying off: no one believes their pap anymore about choice, woman’s protector etc.

Believe it or not, some of the 1.89 billion killed kids since 1973 were female, women.  A billion or so.

Many women ache for that child to be conceived; many other mothers are groomed into killing their conceived babies. The solid winner? the devil and its demonic doctors of death.

God is in control: my challenge to my Church is mine to me: understand why Mary is more than an egg carton. Like all moms, she is the nurturer before AND AFTER birth. Mothers are not mere in vivo test tubes but part of salvation history. His Story.

In 1854, an inspired pope, despite what my Protestant friends and many Catholics believe, said Mary was conceived in Ann and Joachim’s womb without sin. Four years later, appropriately on March 25th, 1858, Mary TOLD the world thru Bernadette that she in fact was blessed because she was conceived, fully human without sin BEFORE birth. gpg Christ angle overlaid in middle EastMarch 25, the day approximate to the spring equinox, that tradition tells us Jesus was conceived AND died: the Man God born to die.   The Isaiah Icon, called a pillar AND altar in the midst and at the border, points to this revelation with a vector arrow over Bethlehem at the spring equinox.  God leaves NOTHING to chance.   The Giza Pyramid, before it was copied as pharoah mausolems, stood brilliant with 144,000 mirror cover stones and an altar on top.

“Pyramid” means “fire in the middle” and it stands in the middle of Egypt and approximate to March 25th it, with zero shadow on the spring day of rebirth, used to shine, like a pillar of fire, with the brightest light on earth (except the local Arabian contractors removed all but a few of these for their buildings).  Probably without a permit.  God the Builder made nothing by accident.

This Mary stuff is important? After all, Jesus didn’t need Mary to get here?! Yes, even more than legend in his own mind defrocked FIB director Comey’s stories. Why?

Even today, God creates miracles inside mothers throughout the world, not to be Soylent Green organ slices of USDA meat but as sentient, fully human alive beings to carry on the commission.

And what do we do? We shake our fist in God’s face, the Master of All Creation, and say we can change the climate, alter the weather, buy into the Algorean heresies, the gospel of gore.

We can do this, no more than we can destroy His miracle children waiting to see daylight and put their mangled dismembered parts back together, whether by the ISISian sword or the demonic planned parenthood sharp spoon shaped knives.

Salvation His Story points, my Protestant and falling Catholic friends, to Mary in the our-lady-of-guadalupe-star-chart-210x300 (1) (1)stars, as the Virgin Virgo constellation and her Son, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah constellation.  The angels did in the appearance of Gabriel to tell this future unwed mother she’d conceive and bear a son, much like Elisha told the aged Shunemite woman.  Much like Abram’s wife, Sarai/Sarah was told, though he doubted and created the Middle East disharmony by sowing his seed elsewhere in Hagar; both had sons.  Much like the Shunemite wife in Elisha’s time, the innkeeper who proceeded the inn keeper of Bethlehem.

Throughout recorded history, woman has had children.  Even though God created trillions of animals and insects, He only built two humans fully grown: Adam y Eve.

From Adam and Eve came the billions.  From Noah, who is our father as well, since only four conceiving couple remained after the Recreative Flood to birth the whole new world.  From our parents.

Tell the DemocraParty of death to go to hell; i know, redundant.  Their conception of life is it is dismal, dreary, evil.  No, my friends, as God has sustained our ecosystem from day one, the world is a wondrous place; America a wondrous covenant nation and its people a generous sort who still love God’s people in the Middle East including God’s most recent sanctuary country, Israel.  Let’s pray the half-brothers can reconcile though the odds remain in God’s favor.

In this post 11-9, day after the renaissance election of november 8th, world, realize children are a good, not to be harvested but the result of fertile and aware mothers.

To be given half a chance to do great and wonderful things.

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