God did not ask our opinion at Creation: Terri~Charlie~Stephanie syndrome

It’s not easy being an Infinite Being, who has ALWAYS existed.  No matter what kind of sentient, independently thinking free will entities You make, they will always question your reasons and motivation.  Angels or humans, robots or automatons.  Too often ungrateful as the day is long.  It IS a great day to be alive and a great day to NOT let the demons on our high courts decide WHICH innocent life to kill.  Which to let live.

ann leger life charlie gard precious II planned parenthoodLindsey Bever, a typical clueless Washington Post journalist who apparently doesn’t think for herself, claims Terri Schindler

Schiavo was in a PVS or “persistent vegetable state”.  She was not in 2005 nor is Charlie Gard as i write this.

Britannia’s modern gods of Mt. OhPompus, home to excellent dental care and single payer medical fiascos, want Charlie dead; Trump weighs in, per Bever’s article, on the side of life.  According to their imbecilic thinking, trying to help Charlie stay alive will do more harm to the child.  What, than aborting him?

The planned parenthoodlums keep changing their lies.  It used to be “every child a wanted child” as the excuse to kill a kid because they claimed non-existence and death were better than living a life of adventure; PP is from the pit of hell or at least it’s medical division.

I have met and discussed their daughter Terri with mom and pop Schindler, loving parents who still communicated with Terri up until their daughter succumbed to dehydration after 13 days forced to be in the Florida version of the Sahara.  No water, no food.  She was a thinking, breathing, communicating Catholic sister.

In English, she was slowly dehydrated to death.  Her cells, painfully dried up and it was an excruciating death.  Even that word “ex Cruci” mirrors Jesus’ death on the the cross: a diabolic way to play God.  Google for the details of what happens as water is slowly extracted from the body, let alone hunger pains.  These evil assholes lust for death.

Chris and Connie Gard want their son to live. They have the money for the trip to the US so that Charlie has a chance at medical procedures and life.  But, the DemocraParty, the Propaganda Press ABCNNBCBS, the European “Human” Rights ‘gods’ and the left are the campaigners of misery and destruction.

The Pope asks for mercy, and the man post 11-9 who stands for life is the much maligned president Trump.  Apologies to planned parenthood, Trump doesn’t want Charlie to be their 1.89 Billion AND ONE victim of their substandard medical malpractice by neglect.

Just as Terri Schindler Schiavo was legislated and adjudicated death by star chamber death merchants, so is Charlie.  Where’s Pelosi, Obama or even Senator Kamala Skank speaking out for the defenseless?  I know Terri’s parents, and they offered hubby Michael the million dollar settlement for him to stop trying to kill their daughter, who was sentient and communicative at the time.

NOT dying.   He, the good husband that he was, said absolutely not.  Gotta book to write.

However if you want a human to die, stop feed and hydrating.  It took 13 days to slowly and painfully kill Terri.  In simple terms, demons and hell rejoiced.  Not reasonable humans heaven bound.

Charlie is not a puppy nor a cat.  How in hell is it Charlie’s best interest to die?  No better timing than now, as we battle over Obamascam and health “insurance” since the country with the best health “care” is our own.  The last person you want to hear in the ER waiting room is “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.  (hat tip Reagan)

The DemocraParty, Moonbeam Central, want to protect a five time border breaker and murderer Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez with a sanctuary built around his sick soul but giving a baby Charlie a chance to live.  It’s INSANE.  They HAVE the money but can’t cross state lines to get medical treatment in another country because it might embarrass the demonic single payer rationed “care”.

If you apply the same philosophy to food as Obamacare and British Health, we will have to ration food for some people are just not worthy of eating.  Oh, like say, Terri Schiavo (which means “slave” by the way)

Terri did not need to die but for the necromancers who worship Algorean heresies about overpopulation myths and life is for sale, like a recently aborted kid’s heart and liver.

I paid $2000 a month up until recently for my Kaiser Kard.  Now, i only pay $1500 for my empty nest down to seven.   Our Gang of 84 not only wants to destroy families by taxing their means of transportation (44% gas sales tax RATE TODAY before Nov 1), they want to charge $10,600 PER PERSON PER YEAR for health insurance.  If that had gone through, the last people with wealth and income would join the rest in AZ or TX.  Texas NOT Taxes.  And I’m a native born California, living here for six decades and watching as this great Golden State is corrupted by the DemocraParty of slavery, a wholly owned subsidieary of the DNCorruption based in the swamplands off the Potomac.

There are plenty of resources to feed and medical the country; unfortunately, too many Bernie “Socialism is King” types who don’t realize socialism is great…until you run out of other people’s money.
When you do, you get calls like my friend Stephanie Packer who just wanted medically indicated treatment so her kids could still have their mom alive.
“Mrs. Packer, for $1.20 co-pay, we will dispense you these handy dandy Terri Schiavo CharlieMoney Gard death pills.”  How noble is that, folks!  We have enormous wealth in this country but it is squandered in the hands of people who hate life, families and yes people ON the earth.
The Regressive Leftist Liberal hacks prefer people IN the earth.  Just a certain kind of person: someone different than the Berkshire Hathaway Buffets, the Ted Classics Turners, ZuckerMax, Mark and Priscilla.  They put their money into the death merchants to keep Facebook accounts to a minimum?  God only knows why they are so insane.  Their ObamaCare is handled through planned parenthood, who prefer harvesting kids, like their fave DemocraParty of slave masters…instead of nurturing kids into life, they’ve sent 1.89 BILLION kids into oblivion.  Black heads fetch $715 (per Freedom of Information Requests NOT intercepted by that Senator Kamala Skank or her lapdog Latino Catholic Little Cow, the “Xavier of the Zombies”).  $150 for a baby heart, other prices for scalps, calvaria, kidneys.  The organs donated by babies because their moms are lied to, to “do it for the children!”  Do what for the children?  Like the aliens on Independence Day the movie, the abortionists answer the president’s question what do you want us to do?  Die.  Die.  Die.  The difference?  You don’t need to go to outer space on our July 4th to find your murdering demons: they are right here on earth donating to ExprezzObama (in his third term), Skank Harris, Xavier d’ Zombies and the rest of the human hating Gang of 84 stateside.  Planned parenthoodlums: the most evil anti-human anti-woman anti-life miscreants on earth.
The Stephanie, the Charlie, the Terri I know, are worth more than 120 Lincoln heads in two and a half coin tubes.
…and the Demonic Regressive Left, already eliminating 1.89 BILLION innocent kids at or just before birth have blood dripping from their fangs, dribbling down their chin as they look for more human flesh to seek and devour.  Or is that just their manager from Hell Central, the devil and his health careless about life workers?
Life IS precious and only God, the Author, Designer and Finisher of Life has the RIGHT and privilege to begin and end one.
Certainly not the arrogant, self important, self aggrandizing gods of gore and mayhem.
Truth be told, by the actions of the necromangers and anarchists, the plantations of the party of slavery have just gone urban and away from the fields.
planned parenthood invoice closeup on 150 bucks eaInstead of black kids harvesting cotton, tobacco, corn and other crops, they ARE the crops.  Their slave masters today, like Susan and Warren Buffet or Mark and Priscilla Zuckerberg, harvest heads, scalps, hair follicles, livers and other human parts for resale on the Gestapo version of trafficking in undonated human organs.
Charlie Gard.
Terri Schiavo Schindler.
Stephanie Packer.
These are the beacons of life and death, showing just how bloodthirsty the baby killers and mother destroyers truly are.

If you don’t believe me, believe the purchase order to the left.  Consents probably mean Consuela, Connies, Charlies, Terris and other human names.

PP and the medical lab fought against the truth coming out.  And even Xavier Becerra, the most pitiful example of a Latino and Catholic out there, doubled down and put more Hispanic mothers and black babies in harm’s path.  After Senator Skank invaded a private citizen’s home and stole his private journalist work, using 11 AR-15 armed goons, her successor, Little Cow Xavier of the Undead Zombies, indicted.  Who?
NOT the evil killers at planned parenthood, but the messenger, David Daleiden.  And as Xavier (which stands in for Saviour Jesus the Christ) my Catholic brother wants to know the truth, his issue is NOT with me OR David.  It is with the God Man he was named for:
Jesus’ words to our attorney general in the blessed Sacramento valley:  when asked about interfering and hurting the little children, He responded:
“”It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble.”
Senator Skank hasn’t a clue since she began her career at age 29 getting a rise out of a 60 year old Slick Willie Brown; but Becerra should know his Catholic Faith centers on the words of the Xavier.
The final question: if Becerra and his slave master demons are ok with another man’s daughter being raped by abortionists shoving Digoxin filled syringes up their vaginas, using ultrasound like a rifle scope, to bulleye his grandkid’s skull or heart, then why doesn’t Xavier Becerra march his three daughters to the nearest planned parenthood hell hole to do a practice run.
 Or is it just other Hispanic grandkids are his favored target or the black heads his friends at NAF or PP like to slice off without a dermatologist license.  Indicting the investigative messager is a cowardly act of a tiny little man.
This debate over Terri, now dead, Charlie and Stephanie still alive, is similar to Thatcherkamala harris willie brown baby rose II about Socialism: “it works great until you run out of other people’s money.”
Cecile, the Lyin’Hearted president of PP, Senator Skank and AG Becerra need to realize:
 “Killing kids works great until you run out of other people’s children”.  
That is the bankruptcy of the DemocraParty Gang of 84 that own California’s 37 million people: their hearts are stone cold, their brains compromised and the consciences dead.
 And if Senator Skank looks really, really close above, she will notice both she and Baby Rose of Houston were both 29 when their fates were sealed.  Remarkable similarities in the eyes, chin, nose, ears and other features.  But, both are missing their hearts.
Her political life began when she the harlot adulterer screwed the Slick Willie of the West Coast at age 29.  I don’t think Blanche was thrilled she dropped her dress for her 60 year old husband.  And the women the skank’s friends kill, Baby Rose’s life, was ended at the same age, in August of 1987.  The difference is we know where Baby Rose’s heart and soul are.  As to the honorable junior senator from the most populous state, God only knows IF her soul AND heart can be redeemed for new ones.





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