Brian! ALL human supremacy is wrong

Brian: ALL human supremacy is wrong when it comes to violence and murder.

Those that believe one race is “superior” due to breeding or existence, than the rest of humanity, are terribly wrong: supremacists of the human kind come in all shapes and sizes.

White Neo-Nazi supremacists, anti-Trump supremacists like AntiFascists, black supremacists who hate cops and whites; and of course total human Neo-Sangerian supremacists that follow Margaret Sanger’s sick philosophy (“useless eaters”) and influenced Hitler and the national socialist party in Germany.  The AntiBa people.

Margaret Sanger, playgirl before her time, thought sex was for fun and today, her descendants believe it’s main purpose is fun AND profit.  Hooking up for zygotes, and profit, when they sell the finished product to YaleMed, TexMed Galveston Branch and other fine institutions of higher churning of humanity~sold by the piece.

In case you have never read this constitutional covenant republic’s founding documents, God was an equal opportunity Creator:  we were all created equal, 75 trillion cells each, give or take a trillion.  Look at the death toll over the Robert E Lee statue-tory weekend: 1 on the ground, 2 cops in a helicopter for Charlottesville.

But supremacist killings happened across the country and have for decades.  In the longstanding AntiBa movement.  The Anti Baby pro Abortion human supremacists.

The neo-Sangers, unfortunately, are protected from the light of day by the likes of Gov. Anne Richard’s daughter, Cecile, Sen Kamala ‘Skank’ Harris, Xavier (of the Zombie Abortalypse) Becerra, Judge Orrick and other mainly Democrat eugenicists, including ABCNNBCBS, their media arm.

There is a rainbow of perps.  “Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon” are the words of some  that black lives matter than others, known as BLM or Black Lives Matter.

The Baltimore chapter done well for Freddy Grey; the Ferguson chapter, for gentle giant Michael Brown (dead) and his agent provocateur, Deroy Johnson, who invented the phrase “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”.  Maybe the psychopathic silver Challenger driver can defend himself with the ‘accelerator stuck’ as he mowed and killed his way into infamy.

The Tight Neo-Sanger supremacists specialize in isolating and destroying ALL races, religions, genders (including future LGBTqxyzers) and locales via their AAAbortionists.

Ask Sen Skank: she got $82,000 from the Neo-Sanger orgs like planned parenthood and NAF.  In return, Skank and the DemocraParty protect their KKKByrds by hunting down investigative journalists like Sandra Merrill and David Daleiden.

Numbers don’t lie unless they are lied about: 3000 human kids die daily, the most happen to be black (1/3) by percentage, through the human supremacist Neo-Sangers who follow Queen of human trafficking cop Senator Skank and Moonbeam Brown’s lead:

They prefer extracting black babes from Mother Wombs over extracting fracked black gold from Mother Earth.  

kamala extracting babes not oil

Both are profitable; just one is morally reprehensible straight from hell.

Hating cars and one third of the world’s kids enough to destroy them is California’s mantra, shepherded by the Gang of 84 in blessed Sacrademento.

There is no moral equivalency here. 1.89 billion unique as fingerprints kids have died at the hands of Abort Inc. SO FAR; its roots go back to M Sanger and her “useless eaters” elimination ideas that morphed into the Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935 when she spoke in Germany before the national socialists in the early 30s.  The 30s ‘Jews as property’; today’s blacks and whites harvested in place as human parts suppliers to YaleMed and TexasMed or killed because they can’t defend themselves in vulnerable wombs, both are evil and must end.

This dad of 11 has dealt with ‘2Manykids’ eugenicist fools bias since having 3 small ones in the same supermarket 30 years ago on the way to an almost dozen.   Since then, some of the most oppressed women in the world are mothers of closely aged small children.

Usually it is three under 6 that gets the Prius nasal loftiness mixed with “Don’t you know

“…We are equal in the eyes of our Creator” are words from President Trump regarding Ms Heyer and the Charlottsville, VA tragedy.

The idea, that every kid is a NEEDED kid, is not bought into by the Skanks, the Berkshire Hathaway Buffets, post birth Max owning Zuckerbergs, anti-toddler Turner and other “humans” who believe the handicapped, fill in the blank race or country, sex selection etc. child are ok to be killed to “purify” the rest of the race.  Total foolishness.  And evil.

Technically, we are ALL related.  Historically and biologically.

Sorry atheistic evolutionists, there is only one human stream.  Trillions of insects, plants, planets, stars and animals were created but only one man and one woman.  This is believed by people of all faiths as well as agnostic anthropologists like Dr Louis Leakey.

We ALL have the same father and mother; but troubles happen when half-siblings hate each other (today’s Middle East involving the descendants of Isaac with the descendants of Ishmael).

Or gangs band together (like the black, Hispanic MS13 and white skinheadgangs) to hate the others.

Countries’ populace (like the Hutu and Tutsis, Armenian and Turks, KKK vs. sane Americans, slave owners vs. the enslaved, etc.) against their own countrymen.

As evil as this is, still the most prolific killers are people who believe that CERTAIN defenseless humans deserve death (not life) for various reasons (including women’s choice, not the right sex, not wanted, not fully human, Down indicated etc.) like Sen Kamala Skank and the rest of the Sangerians.

Blame a Robert E Lee statue if you want.  But until EVERY child, preborn or newly born, and grown, is valued and allowed the God given right to live, infinitely, price tags like planned parenthood abortionists put on ultrasound rifle scoped thumb sucking womb kickers, will continue to destroy America and the world.

Former Latino Catholic Xavier of the Zombie Abortalypse can pretend to love his three daughters while criminalizing the very journalist who is looking out for the daughters’ protection from the human Neo-Sanger supremacists who paid him with campaign bucks.  And scientifically ignorant Kamala, even when CSI level facial recognition software compares her and another woman and shows them BOTH to be human, she contends exposing her female abortionist buddies by recording their words and movements is racist, sexist, homophobic and every other DemocraParty catch phrase.

Minor problem: both Baby Rose and Senator Skank have/had 75 trillion cells at birth.  It’s just Baby Rose was harvested and human traffic cop Kamala harvests for profit vulnerable, defenseless smaller women called ‘babies’.   Technically, she’s not a white supremacist but an all color all culture all race neo-Sanger supremacist as the junior senator from our fair state of CaliFamilies.

kamala harris facial recog continuing ed planned baby rose

Her quid pro quo payback to planned parenthood’s $82,000 donation is classic, arming her 11 thug goons with AR15s to butt bounce in a tiny apartment to finger a thumb drive and raid his home.  Mr. David Daleiden, after the raid and double indictments by Skank and Xavier, was targeted by a $140K contempt charge by judge shopped judge Orrick.

Of course, Orrick is held in contempt: he protects the killers not the killed, the victimizers not the vulnerable victims.  Just like his DemocraParty of slavery affiliation purchases his well-oiled coverage.

Supremacy yields one dead vibrant child at a time.  As well as one “hit like a gun” Heather Heyer killed by a Dodge Challenger.

Both killed by an idea born in hell.  That, we are created unequal and subject to being harvested by YaleMed ($715 for a black head in good condition) or TexasMed ($150 for a baby heart). Or a psychotic white supremacist never taught, like the Parisian and other city Islamist drivers, that cars are for transport not murder.

Once there is just one human category considered property or destroy-able, like the Jews declared such in Nuremberg, Germany in 1935,  there is no turning back.   At its height, 6 million jews were killed for the sin of being born a Jew.  So far, 1.89 billion worldwide and 59 million stateside, have been killed for the sin of trying to be born human.

So, my moral equivalency friends, where do you rank the crackpots from hell?  The violent AntiFa and white and black supremacists movements, or the AntiBa, the colorless Neo-Sanger suprmacists who kill just because you exist.

Brian, no need to strain the gnat to compare: ALL humans are created equal and deserve a shot at life.  Not to be harvested for resale to medical “schools” attached to places like Yale and UofTexas.

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