Houston sun shines and Baby Rose’s 30th birthday

One of my children in Houston

50 inches of rain is not 14,000 feet of water as in Noah’s day, but Houston has seen a deluge unlike many others this month. This August, we also celebrate the 30th birthday of one of the most famous pictures since the sailor kissing the hottie as WWII ended.  Baby Rose is synonymous with opportunity lost, life ended too early.  It’s a sad tale that must be told as so many dodged a proverbial Texan bullet in this Cat4 for a moment hurricane.

I landed in Houston three days before the deluge came to shore, the relief driver for three of my 11 at the end of a road trip.  My amazing oldest daughter, Amanda and equally amazing son in law Brian emigrated from California with three kids a year ago and just closed on their first home in Houston’s Missouri City this July.  $155,000 buys a lot of home outside California, part of the reason Brian took the job offered by Houston-Galveston Diocese’s excellent Cardinal DiNardo.

As most know, this idiocy about man engineered climate change is a lot of Texas bovine road apple sauce; it DID change as it has since God created man’s better half Eve and started the atmospheric engines.  It used to be called weather patterns before you could make millions as an Algorean heretic selling snake air oil to the indoctrinated.  Meanwhile the ABCNNBCBS and antiTrumpers posted “empathy” as the word of the day today as they colluge to slander Trump while he is being presidential.   Like journalistic lemmings, they say he was “empathetic” enuf.  Ask the starving mom interviewed by CNN reporter about empathy.

Note to Bishops Kevin, Tim, the Baron, archbishop Gomez and Pope Francis of Argentina: the Algorean heresy is more dangerous than Waldensianism, Catharism and the usual alphabet soup suspects like Adoptionism, Apollinarism, Arabici, Arianism etc:

Algoreans take a tiny substance that mixed with water and sunlight they call ‘pollution’.  Informed Catholics see the same substance mixed with water and sunlight FEEDING THE WORLD.

Instead of pollution, we call it photosynthesis, since CO2 is only 1:2500 (one molecule in 2500) and applying the Algorean Allegory (3% or 400PPM concentration) means they want to screw the world, tax us to death over 12 “apostle” molecules per 1,000,000 (12:1,000,000).  And trust me, those apostle 12 will not lead to eternal life but further primitive anti-scientific indoctrination of our young.  Church, STOP getting suckered as part of the endless environmental interfaithers, who though less violent than AntiFA, InterFA environmental nuts can’t spel science knot thate eye m pointeing a finger.  Algorean heresy is like a ravenous leech attached between the eyes. We are all imperfect creatures; but the Church, not the unsaved massed Algoreans, is chartered with seeing God as creating miracles that sustain the earth.  And pointing them out USING science.  Yeah, I know God told us millennia ago there were billions of stars in Genesis and it took until 1620 to clear the air of the actuals via Galileo.  But, God has always been the Infinite Creator and Chief Scientist.

Back to Houston.  With food and water in their back packs, a CNN reporter shoved her mic in the face of a mom and her two kids, who were shivering after four days of foodlessness.  The reporter won’t make that mistake again …until next catastrophy.  Gotta get the story even in lieu of helping the person two feet away from you.

A 3 year old girl was found clinging to her mother’s dead body after being washed away into a drainage canal off I-10, the same road I drove a week ago.  The child is alive thanks to a loving mother.  Quote: 

Officer Carol Riley, a spokeswoman for the Beaumont Police Department, tells PEOPLE the unidentified 41-year-old was found floating in a canal with her daughter clinging to her.

Riley said the woman “absolutely saved the child’s life.”

“They were in the water for quite some time,” Riley says. “When the baby was found the baby was clinging to her. The mother did the best she could to keep her child up over the water.”

“The baby also had a backpack that was helping her float on her back and she was holding on to her mom,” Riley adds.

Not so much for Baby Rose of Houston.  She died because her mom let her get surgical care from an incompetent doctor who skipped anatomy.  The problem is, too many doctors are taught how to maximize their income in finance classes and they skip fetology, physiology and the aforementioned anatomy.  Unfortunately, baby Rose, as her infant picture shows, lost her head over our foolish belief children are not persons unless Planned Parenthoodlums declare it so.

Involved in pro life work for well over four decades, baby Rose’s baby picture is as familiar to me as my 11 munchkins images and the nextGen 9 grandkids.

The mixed news today is we have 4D computed ultrasound imaging, making super clear baby pictures possible.  Planned parenthood which (do I kill today?) doctors don’t show the images to their dual patients; they use it like a sniper scope to hunt for the perfect kill zone to keep the baby’s head, heart and liver perfectly intact for profitable parts extraction.  Our California junior senator Kamala the Pirate puts her hierarchical values best:

“I prefer extracting hacked up black babes from Mother Wombs instead of fracked out black gold from mother earth”.

The self-proclaimed human traffic cop fails us completely.  As partimer AG, she raided David Daleiden’s tiny lair with her 11 AR-15 (those are guns, btw) armed thugs to finger his thumb drive; it was payback, as all prostiticians do, for the $82,000 in donations (some of it our tax dollars) from NAF Planned Parenthood.  She hates cars and kids equally, since cars use God’s gift from Noah’s time, gigatons of organics crushed into oil, NatGas and coal.  She like the rest of her DemocraParty of misfit leaders believe CO2 is our enemy, not the friend of a benevolent God.

Do not mock God; dumb to do so, as a Church and as individuals. And as an US Senator who first seduced a Slick Willie twice her age to get a head.

Look closely at Baby Rose as she just turned 30; she looks no different than what she looked like 30 years ago on her zero birthday.  Think of the 41 year old mom who saved her toddler by becoming a canal boat.  Think of Kamala the Pirate.  Which woman do you believe is truly motherhood and womanhood combined?

Today, the sun shown brightly on my 5 california emigres, for the first time in a week.  Noah, when God recreated the world while 8 of His singular race road inside a floating zoo, did not see the sun for 40 days.  Some scientists believe it might have been the first time, should the world have been covered pre-rainbow with a total worldwide water vapor canopy.  The science embedded in Genesis suggests same: lifespans (before the flood 700-969 years long; after the flood less than 400 and lower) dropped down precipitously after the flood since cellular degeneration ensued with no sun filter SPF10,000 protecting the earth.  More than conjecture, look up the geneologies embedded in the first book before it became fashionable to separate science from religion.

As usual, the worst of times brings out the absolute best in good people and proves the ingrate status of the less than good.  ABCNNBCBS will be their usual talking heads; DCNY APost-Times will be their typical newspaper print liars.  But, Texas is part of America, the land that six flags have flown over including the 1836 version over that famous Catholic Mission church we call the Alamo.  When Davey Crockett and others defended it.  Just as another Davey, David Daleiden does Pulitzer level work defending mothers and children from hell’s demons who carry curved knives called currettes.  How dare he reveal

While the nattering miscreants make noise, the stories will come in. The Texas cop who drowned on the I10 because he had to help.  Guys who jumped out of their truck when the truck in front of them overturned in the flood, saving a baby trapped inside.  The one state over Cajun Navy, the Waco flotilla and so so much more.  Neighbors helping neighbors, in more ways than you can count.  Meanwhile like the Houston Looters, the DC Legislative pork pushers will load any relief bill with more money for their Capitol Hill barbershop and extra masseuses in their private gyms.  Trump will shine like the Houston sun, because yes, he is EMPATHETIC, ABCNNBCBS, and understands people.  He also, unlike your Regressive Left flank, LOVES america and all it stands for.

Yet, the baby saved by a dead 41 mother playing the boat (imagery of our Catholic Christian Church by the way) is proof that God cares.  That it is His call, not ours when we are born and die.  As Author and Finisher at Creation’s Dawn, He created trillions of insects, plants, planets animals and stars across gigaparsecs of Universal space.  He completed His initial work of general Creation with His most beautiful, complex and essential forerunner of His own mom: Eve.

No other being in the universe can take their 75 trillion celled body, nurture a single cell to another unique 75 trillion celled baby, than a woman.  And His role continues even with this modernity sickness of turning humans into property.

My friend, Stephanie Packer is an incredible mother who like that 41 year old Texan mother protects her children with all her might.  Yet, she experienced Hell on Earth when her health insurer offered her a suicide pill instead of life saving equipment.  All for only 120 pennies co-pay.  That, my friends, is sickness of a pandemic nature.

They felt they owned her and wanted her gone to help the bottom line, the purpose of Obamascamcare.

Just as Kamala believes the only good baby is a dead baby cut into pieces at her PPPlantation harvests that happen 3000 times each day.  God is not mocked, Jr Sen Harri$, He knows your soul.

So, donate to Catholic Charities, Save the Children if you aren’t close enough to Houston area to help directly.

And a plea to the Billionaire eugenicists like Berkshire Hathaway, former Catholic Latino Xavier of the Zombie Abortalypse Becerra, Pirate Kamala, Obama and even Texas’ Cecile Richards.

Especially Cecile, who has linked up with environmental groups to keep her abortion road show going.  Texas lost 16 Texans too many already; you Anne Richards daughter, have killed 59 million Americans already since 73 while 1.89 billion kid kills worldwide makes this Noahic event look like a toddler pee puddle.


On her 30th birthday.  And ask the 41 year old mother who doubled like a lifeboat for her 3 year old little girl how important children are to the future of this covenant land.  Forcing mothers to kill their kids is the worst of the worst delivered by satan sanger soldiers day in day out.  Remember the Alamo, as God remembers you, Abortion Inc.

Death is rarely pretty.  You have one life to live and it is NOT the son of a mother who comes to you for help.

Kamala, look closely in your legend in your own mind mirror.  Baby rose and you share the same human characteristics of personhood.  The difference is you sanction killing more Baby Roses day in day out, as you claw your way to the White House.  You will NOT make it to the White House; you lack the mature, human loving credentials of a stateswoman.  And you wouldn’t recognize human life if it was pasted in front…or next to you in a meme.


Houston, we have your back.










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