DAHA solution & today’s ObAmAvilles LLC before they own the trail.

Mayors, councilmembers, recall candidate Newman, Church leaders and other public servants

Ever heard of prescriptive easement?  Welcome to ObamaVille OC LLC, our newest incorporated city in the land of the free and the home of the brave Angels.

Before we lose the publicly owned river trail, all 100 miles, it’s time for Deferred Action for Homeless Arrivals or DAHA.  As well as the new Christ Cathedral.

I have practiced real estate for three decades and owning a home, through the ups and downs, the 2007 highs, 2011 lows and today’s resurgence in home values, remains a key and necessary goal.  California is an incredible state, with abundant natural resources and lots of land; the lack of California housing by bureaucrat overreaching overegulation and rad environmental cases’ interference is criminal.  And a huge part of the problem.

The recent ADU 2017 law is a start, but building homes doesn’t get mentally ill off the street or the chronically unemployed a job…

ASB 86 DAHA  Deferred Action for Homeless Arrivals.  For their safety and to prevent prescriptive easement election.

  1. ALL homeless occupying a public space must be photo-IDed and registered.
  2. Duly registered, they must receive a temporary transient visa for their protection and that of the public
  3. They must carry one at all times, since new arrivals smell “free stuff” across the world.  Call it an Orange card
  4. A tent title form must be attached to all tent structures, since they constitute building on public ground, no different than Angel’s Stadium, the $190 MM nameless nightlight ArCtic (C for cost prohibitive), museum or city hall, etc.
  5. A data registry to track the movement and building of each ObAmAvilles will aid getting the mentally ill, the transitional housing needy and unemployed placement.
  6. The homeless have one year to transition off the streets of XXX ObAmAville XXX.

My suggestion protects the taxpayers from losing all their public properties to a million strong ObAmAville emcampment in the OC and anywhere else they pop up.  It treats the homeless as human beings that need help up, help out or mentored and challenged to grow up and join society.


But, as Houston and Irma have shown, home is not necessary the building; it is the person or persons one is related to by blood or choice that comprise a family.  And owning the home is moot if it is tornadoed or washed away by the likes of Harvey.

If someone wants to live the homefree lifestyle, that is their American prerogative. However, being an adult is something that is too often NOT fostered in today’s societal cultures.

The core of American’s wealth is in its people; industrious, generous, willing to help, willing to make the daily sacrifices to attain wealth, help their families have security and a roof over their head, educate and train tomorrow’s American leadership today.

As Carolyn Cavecche points out in her article “River Trail belongs to the taxpayers” published in the remnants of the OCRegister now known as SCNG:

‘Central Orange County has a public safety and public health crisis on their hands.  The encampments are growing and those that live there appear to be settling in for the long haul’  Why should they leave?  No one is forcing them to abide by the law.!!

The key here is that the ObamaVilles are being established or built up and the word is out: hobos of America, we have our spot.  Hobos?  The “kings of the road” used to ride the rails in empty boxcars and drift from place to place.  No longer.

Soon, they can go to ObamaVille OC and stay for free.  All we adults need to do is do nothing proactive and conclusionary for five years.  According to California real estate law: “In California, a user of land may establish a prescriptive easement by proving that his or her use of another’s land was: (1) continuous and uninterrupted for five years; (2) open and notorious; and (3) hostile. … In most cases involving prescriptive easements, the most difficult element to prove is hostility.”    Wow!

Not with Obamaville LLC. OLLC residents are hostile to the designed use of road ways, public parks, riverbeds, underpasses. Some are benign; others not so much.  They like living the free life; some are truly homeless due to job loss.  Others as Ms Cavecce points out, include early prison release, lack of affordable housing, drugs and mental illness.

Solutions to Obamaville LLCs is built into solving these one at a time and making the hard decision to be a tough love parent, not a bleeding heart leftist building your voting base.

In the same article, Kris Murray proposed Anaheim declare a state of emergency.  I like Council Kris and mayor Tait both, because a healthy society and culture, council and life require adults communicating and disagreeing as adults, as the two do routinely on the council.  And Dr. Moreno, Steve et al on the  Anaheim City Council.  California, Sacramento, the Gang of 91 I can’t stand as they destroy California.  DC.

We have a world of adults not acting as adults, nations within our great nation, focused on mememe and not the responsibilities of adult hood.

We ARE in a California state of emergency! The HOBOS will soon own us

Not just as Kris calls it.   HAA, Hobos Across America are coming here. Bring a tent, and the soft hearted OCers will feed and clothe you, help you buttress against the mini Harvey rains.  Weather is decent, leftist professors and LAGarcettis at the ready (seen downtown LA recently) are happy for you to join the housing tracts on Temple St or Santa Ana River’s 100 mile housing development.  Plenty of lawyers like the very wealthy Southern Poverty Law, with its offshore investments secure, happy to prolong irresponsibility and promote extended toddlerism.

Why do I call them ObamaVilles?  History.  Google HooverVilles for a synopsis.

Lots of thanks goes to the Anarchist President, ExprezzObama now in his third term, who Facebook sniped on the DACA element of the homeless:

“We shouldn’t threaten the future of this group of young people who are here through no fault of their own.”

After all, destruction of the health care payment industry, ie health insurance is his, that 2020 prez candidate fraud recount Al Franken and all Democrats.

His anti-entrepreneurial actions, hate for private sector and dissolution of and disgust at ‘fossil fuel’ energized economy and dislike of Americanism (hat tip Levin) set the foundation.  Violent paramilitary groups like Planned Parenthood (actual cannibals) AntiFa (actual fascists), Neo-Nazis and BLMatter (outgrowth of black militant national socialism) are coddled like Che Guevara’s Reincarnated afternoon tea time with the ladies’ garden club…while thugging the tea party movement and other sensible American movements to take back our country.

HooverVilles sprung up due to Smoot-Hartley and the depression, with government prolonging the length and depth of said recovery from the ’29 crash. ObAmAvilles are springing up, and the local property owners are helpless due to public officials chasing their tails (my 29th Josh Newman wants to toss $20 million more after his two taxifornia gas votes) about what to do.

Being adult mature or otherwise requires responsibility: translated”the ability to respond”.  I grew up as the oldest of 11 in a 1350 square foot home on Boden Drive; it had four bedrooms and two baths; the garage became the ‘bunk house’ over time as the kids got bigger.  My dad worked real estate, drove taxi while working full time as an aerospace engineer from the 50s through his death at age 60 in 1985.

Today, I practice real estate because homeownership is a critical building block to growing up.  Millennials may disagree or can’t afford to agree today, but they will realize owning a home is not a 1%er Capitalist pig event, but a way to raise a family for the future survival of this great land.  My eldest daughter, Amanda, hubby Brian and three grandoffspring are California emigres to Houston for a job, refugees from the once Golden State.

Yes, I know, the DemocraParty Gang of 91 is hostile, as in prescriptive easement, taking over family budgets, wealth and income sources, moving many families MORE not less toward homelessness.

We pay over 36% gas sales tax rate and is going higher due to Harvey in September and Moonbeam come November.  Harvey devastated the gulf coast refineries and drilling, moonbeam hates cars and CaliFamilies having money to invest, spend and help others in need.  He wants it ALL for his cronies, as he lame duck waddles toward that bizarre entity: a climate change ambassador to the world via the UN.  Leaving California in shambles.  What is it about the DemocraParty leadership in Sacrademento and the District of Corruption?

My oldest daughter, Amanda and son in law Brian are in fact native Californian emigres, going Eastward Ho! like the pioneers of old, when he got a job in yes Houston a year ago.  They just moved into a 2000 sq foot home south of Houston they purchased for $155000 and moved from their apartment in another part of the city.  The tornado missed them by a mile and they were part of the lucky people who weren’t flooded out, though their old first floor apartment was inundated.  But for the Grace of God…

I am a Native Californian, as all eleven of my children and wife.  I am part Pollack and part German, married up with Donna and have worked since age 13.   There are two kinds of people: those comfortable getting as much welfare as possible and those who hate the idea of sucking other people’s money, including taxpayers.  Sometimes we need a help up, but we’ve come a long way from Daniel Boone and his $20,000 DC fire vote.

Welfare is ANY government money, subsidy, personal pass that comes from its giNormous breast. It is KILLING US.

Per Margaret Thatcher, “socialism is great until you run out of OPM or other people’s money”.   America is founded on the irreducible rights of life, liberty and private property.  Without life protection, there is no liberty.  Without freedom and being alive, acquiring, protecting, using private real and personal property is impossible. Law and order was built into the checks and balances between the three major entities of governance: judiciary, the legislative branch and the executive.

The Nazis were national socialists; Italy was known as the country of fascism in WWII.  China is a communist land that dabbles in free enterprise.  America was founded as a free enterprise market based capitalist system, still with its flaws the best in the West…and East. North Korea is a  benevolent monarchy as long as you are Sun Ill the Son, self proclaimed Columbia educated god of NoKo.

The Regressive Leftists, like most of the DemocraParty leadership have the Bern faction of clueless socialism, the Guido-istic plank being thug based that fosters violence via Soros’ soldiers like AntiFA and some “black lives matter” to some folks and others.

The Sanger militant branch harvests children, hacked from their perfectly fine homes inside moms.  Their form of economics is charge moms $300 for a kid extraction, used a $10,000 proof of life ultrasound machine to hunt for the perfect kill zone inside the womb.  Slice up the kid and then carefully remove the valuable parts so YaleMed and Houston TexasMed can buy them.  Free shipping Amazon prime style of course.

ObamaVille LLC could span all 100 miles of river bed from the mountains to the sea.  The difficulty is public servants don’t serve the public need because if tent squatting is allowed on the river bed, so also at Pioneer Park, Angels stadium, Magnolia park and ride, etc.  Anywhere.  While LAGarcetti grumbles about explorer Columbus, replacing it with indigenous peoples day, the lawless do what they do best.  Build up homeless cities.

Concrete solutions:

Give everyone on the riverbed 30 days to find new living quarters.  Otherwise, it will extend from San Antonio Falls to Huntington Beach.

  1.  Post the sign of imminent eviction and stop calling them “homeless.” We don’t call people who ride the bus ‘carless’ or dieters ‘foodless’.

And post a sign like “ObamaVille LLC Angels stadium, a part of the Obamanation of 2008-2016, is officially closed to new tenants.   All current tent tenants have 30 days to leave.

If you are looking for free quarters, go to the shadow White House, known as the Jarrett Building in DC or the Soros compound in NY, where you will be accommodated with free lodging, food, water and all the anarchist protestor signs you need.”

2.  Show compassion immediately.  But GO at it!  Rita Ray has a terminally ill homeless non profit.  Dwight and Leia have the Isaiah home for abused women.  Others exist but under the radar

Anaheim has a great partnership of volunteers and staffers who seek out and help the homeless, make evaluations and help them up from their rooflessness.  There are tons of good, hardworking help groups at work.  But, an encampment is permanent in the micro-homeless world of victimologists and everything is a racist alt-Universe.

Set up tenant tables at both ends of Obamaville Angels Stadium.  Every tent tenant must register and indicate the reason they are temporarily in this ObamaVille; find out when they arrived in California and why.  When a seller sells and a buyer buys, the transfer is evidenced by recorded grant deeds or change of title.

When someone brings in their tent, no title or tenancy exists or transfer; however, tenancy is implied should that person be there five years.  Read the law.

Homeless categories are many but include mentally ill.  Temporary or chronic unemployed.  Abused refugees. Hobo or street living as a lifestyle preference.

Mentally ill.  If they are mentally ill, they need to be photographed, logged and any living relatives in the US or abroad must be located to take and care for them.  Neighbors help neighbors, but families have first right of responsibility.  If no relative exists, then other options must be evaluated. But they do NOT belong in the growing web of Kraemer shelters, etc.  For their safety and the public’s.

Unemployed.  What is critical is non-indoctrinated wise humans between the needy/wanty and the governmental kaching machine.  Adults need to help evaluate and not get snowed by “victims” so the true needy can be separated from the lazy and the wanty.  The trillions in welfare waste is because the money source is not private.  the breast is engored and incentives to NOT give it all away are wanting.

If someone just won’t work because they believe they are a CEO of a computer company instead of an uneducated, iPhone gamebanger, someone needs to mentor, hold them accountable and help take the baby steps to become contributing societal members.

Or be sent back to mom’s basement.  No one can force junior to work unless mom kicks him out or holds him accountable, step by step in hunting, schooling, working.  A good work ethic is teachable; laziness is not often easy to remedy.

Ministries for interview clothes loaned to prospective employees, coaching, training etc are all available.  We are so connected social media wise and other areas of the country need workers if none can be found local. Yes, the wall needs to go up to protect the illegals and citizens from inVested Bombers who care nothing for Americans kept alive.  Like the domestic terrorists at planned parenthood HQ in Orange, Tustin@22 fwy, where Ms Cavecche once served as mayor.

The street as home preference means that if they won’t agree to be mentored, they need to move on.  So many of the growing encampments are because of the lack of moral compass in both the ‘homeless’ and the bureaucrats.  There is nothing compassionate about letting people waste their lives away sucking off other people’s money.  Yes, I know, politicians do it all the time, but that’s a different though similar problem. It is our fault we elect them and fail to hold them accountable for their promises.

If you promote dumb or coddle poor life choices with rewards, you get more of the same. And if the civil rights law beagles claim there is an American right to sleep in the river bed, ask the snake with skid marks to ask if he’d MAKE HIS HOME available.  After all, no one will own private property if all public property is available for prescriptive easement.   You can’t please the lawless, those who believe law and order involves frying the law, cops as pigs while ordering more arson and mayhem in Berkeley.  The Mayor of Berkeley is a miscreant: he says let the kiddies throw their tantrums and terrorize the town.  Reagan dealt with it and put the toddler tyrants down with only one death.

Guarantee, many of the homeless are not locals but emigres.

When Brian and Amanda couldn’t find a way here in the OC, they sought out a life outside California.  I miss their three kids terribly, but I commend Brian, as the head of the house and father, husband to my favorite oldest daughter, Amanda, for being the man.  He took the job that came his way; yes, there was some help along the way from family, but it is easier to help those that are able and willing.  Just like the incapable super needy.

It’s the large ‘middle class style’ in between crowd we need to mitigate and help take the allurement of street life off the table by sound measures.  One is cut off funding that is not linked to progress, seeking work, getting training etc.

Classically, full time is 2000 hours a year of work; some work less and others more. Entrepreneurs work years with little payback while the govmint entities wait with their hands at the ready to snatch your income.

Look at the fossil fuel debacle in California that is fueling the homeless crisis.  The actual tax is 65.34 cents per gallon today.  When Harvey hit, prices upped.  When November hits, the moonbeam and legi$layer$ will suck like a vampire another 12 cents plus the hidden carbon fraud Cap’n TiRade taxes as well.  The key word is hidden: this gouge is hidden in the pump price.  You gotta do your homework to get to the truth.

We real estate people, work tirelessly to help clients get the best service.  Some jobs are clock punchers; others are exempt with lots of uncompensated extra work hours.  JOBS are not entitlements.  No one owes you nor me a job.  They are a gift from the private sector, an exchange of pay checks and benes for your intellectual or brawn abilities.

Cure the cradle to grave govEntitlement trap.  We are $200 trillion in public debt, multiple trillions in unfunded california public pensions alone.  Why do we taxpayers today pay for yesterday’s civil servants?  It has been decades since public service meant the private sector family next door had the Cadillac while the librarian’s kids ate Spam and rode to school in the klunker.

Multiple decades.

Reform is needed everywhere to help the homeless, not just more endless bucks.

We’ve spent trillions on the War on Poverty.  My soc security printout says i paid over a quarter of a million dollars into a very dusty and empty Treasure SocSec ‘lockbox’.  There is NO lockbox and my kids will be paying my AND YOUR social security payouts.  If not in the lockbox, did it go to some LBJ or FDR DemocraParty hack’s pet crony payoff like Moonbeam Brown’s Bullshit train to no one cares where?

If i die soon, zip zero goes to them but the money will pay YOUR welfare check after your contributions are passed.  Fonzi is a stud; Ponzi is legal only in DC.

Just one area, Medicare is another, after eight years of Obama’s Obliteration of all things good and American.  At least Trump is trying and loves this land.

If welfare does not become WorkFare for Real, look out.  Too much of Washington and the Blessed Sacramento prostiticians are giving Hugo Chavez a run for the ‘destroy from within’ trophy.  His daughter got the billions in petro dollars, and it is in Swiss numbered accounts, not in the ground waiting extraction.  The People’s REpublik of Taxifornia really is a country unto itself.  For the homeless problem to subside compassionately and with success, we must first extract as many of the Gang of 91.  Starting with mealy Mayes and Josh Newman, the lowest man on the recall poll.  For, if we don’t end the supermajority’s endless taxations, the homeless will no longer be the minority: the private sector will pick up its occasional mail at the general delivery post office window.

3.  Close the ObamaVille encampments day 31.  Throughout the state and country.  HooverVilles closed by attrition.  With the DemocraParty regulars in power, it will take real effort to change the demeanor of the entitled welfare breast sucking public.  Real effort


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