“Mama was saying her prayers” in Houston indicts the American soul and gives us hope

‘Mama was saying her prayers”

Her last action on earth for her child demonstrates just how powerful a mother’s love for her child is~stronger than a Cat 4,  and on par with the major fundamental forces of nature.  Yes, there are numerous heroic stories about the Harvey tragedy, where this terrible cataclysm continues to bring out the best in so many, as well as the worst in some.

No one knows all the details, but this mom and child love story has to rank right up there.

3 year old Jordyn Grace was clutching her mom as the flood waters rose around her; the  41 year old Colette Sulcer did all she could to keep her toddler alive as the flood waters ravaged Beaumont Texas.  Mom had taken a service road off I10 but could not escape the rising rainwater and was found floating down the canal; miraculously the toddler’s pink backpack signaled to rescuers to come get her.  The daughter survived; mom drowned while protecting her precious Jordyn Grace.

Mom replayed the Ark of Noah: she became the life saving floating Ark for her daughter and her daughter recounts that “Mama was saying her prayers.”

Throughout time, stories of heroics by strangers and mothers, doing all they can to save their beloved offspring, come to us.

But the most destructive force in the universe is not weather related: it is man’s inhumanity to one’s fellow humans that takes top billing.

Think about this: every day 3000 babies are full of life attached to mom, growing inside their inclusive “water bags”.  Surrounded by fluids, but receiving oxygen and nutrients from mom through their umbilical cords, all they want is a chance to live one life.  They are safe, unique once in an eternity human persons, just waiting for the optimum time to make an appearance.

“Mama was saying her prayers”

Colette gave her all in Texas to save her 3 year old.  At the hospital being treated for hypothermia, meaning she was in the flood waters a long time, Jordyn told a family member: “Mama was saying her prayers”.  Colette was talking to God AND keeping her child from fear, nurturing up to the point of death.   My guess was she soothed Jordyn with the words only a mama would know, put her at ease, telling her to hold on and provided life even in her death.  Tales of mothers giving up their very lives during childbirth demonstrate just how well designed the universe and the Designer’s abilities are.

From conception and that first single cell through 75 trillion well ordered cells 280 days later, the infinitely complex work of the Master is repeated and repeated.  Mothers are more than incubators, for incubation will someday be attainable with artificial wombs; they nurture the souls, heart and mind of their preborn and newly formed babies.

Yet, we have evil people who think ultrasound is not a “proof of life” device.  Show an ultrasound freeze frame to a Jordyn and even at 3 with her extensive medical training, she will shout “Baby!”  Show it to those miscreants like AG Xavier of the Zombie Abortalypse, Senator Kamala, death doctors, mainly female showcased in embattled journalist whistleblower David Daleiden’s candid camera expose and they see something inhuman that by the skill of the extractors turns into human parts, heads, livers and hearts that they sell at auction for a tidy profit.

Why would the Zuckernut donate $966 million to the org that REDUCES, not increases, his future potential customer base; in a real way, a stockholders lawsuit should be brought against him for screwing with FBs profitability by propping up planned parenthoodlums silicon valley.  Certainly, you can’t appeal to Mr and Mrs Zuckerberg’s humanity because there is little evidence they have any.  Same with Susan Buffet.  And so many other elite intelligensia who pose as compassionate people.

Motherhood is the only way the world has survived.  God created billions and trillions of other things, like insects and stars, but only one mother.  One father.  He chose to populate His world through them.  Currently, with plenty of room for more, we have 9,000,000,000 nine billion people on earth…less the almost two billion killed by evil practitioners from hell.  Where else can they come from?  People like planned parenthood/naf who kill perfectly fine kids don’t come from heaven?!!  People like the billionaire’s clubbers, Berkshire Hathaway’s Buffets, Max Zuckerbergs parents, Mark and Priscilla.  The Gates.  Presidents and radical environmental cases alike.

“Mama was saying her prayers”

Today, Houston heroics continue, with Colette the floating mom at the pinnacle of selfless love.  Pictures of rescuers carrying mothers carrying kids will continue.

Yet, today, go downtown to the Houston baby extraction corner plantations of PPGulf Coast and perfectly fine kids are being hacked out of their moms by evil excuses for health professionals, death doctors who in their own words prefer Lamborghinis for hearts and high salaries for baby heads.  There’s money in them thar wombs, with Houston’s University of Texas Med Branch paying $150 per heart and liver.  This is dwarfed by ivy major league YaleMed paying $715 for a severed black head.  Abortionistas using ultrasound, not as a ‘proof of life’ tool, but to hunt for the perfect kill shot to minimize damage to any organs the human depot of salable parts go sell.

Irony, not too long ago, once DA was tossed: the defrocked Houston DA DA Devon Anderson promulgated the evil by finding the digital video camera at fault instead of her friend and political donor Chip Lewis’ client; he defended the baby butcher Douglas Karpen in 2013+.  Instead of indicting the baby killers, she went after the baby savers.  The Houston voters went after her.

God only knows what and when corruption rises to the level that brings on rising waters.  He winnowed down the world in the time of Noah to four couples because of unacceptable corruption, as the historical books recount.  Houston’s Cat 4 brought 52 inches; the world experienced 168,000 inches of water before it was fashionable to complain about water vapor as a greenhouse gas.

Anyone who knows this scientist dad of 11 thinks thinking man has any role in changing the climate is a pile of Texas size road apples.  Senator Kamala and her Cabala echo her words:

“I prefer hacked up black babes extracted from Mother Wombs instead of fracked out black gold extracted from Mother Earth.”   She hates kids and kars.  Despises “fossil fuels” created in the Era of the floating Ark that have fueled an amazing rise in living standards worldwide though we need to mitigate actual pollution.  Not CO2, which combined with water and sun FEEDS THE WORLD via photosynthesis.

Truth be told, Colette was the perfect floating ark for Jordyn, without whom she would be just another flood statistic.  The perfect symbol of great people in the Lone Star (and Lousiana) state

Kamala Harri$$ has been too busy bedding down married west coast Slick Willies twice her age for political gain, to have a child herself.  Maybe this is why she is a prostitute for the medical demons, hell bent on doing hell’s work with her sidekick, the Latino supposedly Catholic Xavier of the Zombie Abortalypse carrying on her abusive terrorizing of decent Pulitzer level journalists like David and Sandra.  She raided his tiny OC apartment (where’s the OCRegister’s umbrage at one of their own local investigative journalists being abused?) with 11 armed with AR15 goons to finger his thumb drive. Information and video footage already on the web detailing demonettes in their own words their evil deeds.

How does any news reporter and well any decent human listen to this: “So then you’re just kind of cognizant of where you put your graspers, you try to intentionally go above and below the thorax, so that, you know, we’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part. I’m going to basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”

Or: “She gave me the scissors and told me that I had to cut down the middle of the face. I can’t even describe like what that feels like.”

Buyer: So that would be, you know, if we were doing like $50 to $75 per specimen, that’d be like $200 to $300 [total], and we’d be comfortable with that. But stuff like this, we don’t want to be like just a flat fee of like $200, and then, it’s like — PPRM [Dr. Savita Ginde of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains]: No, and the, I think a per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it.

(Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/438207/planned-parenthood-videos-debunking-debunkers)

These are not the words of sane doctors, but cannibalistic death practitioners who cooly and calculatedly uses ultrasound machines as sniper scopes and precision targeting devices.

God is the Author and Finisher of Life, the Creator.  He created gigaparsecs of star studded space and does not need man to pretend to control the climate. Nor kill His handiwork descendants of Adam and Eve.

But how much longer will God stay His hand of justice?  He didn’t stay His hand in Sodom and Gomorrah despite the pleas of Abraham.  Nor in the time of Noah, who spent 120 years (20% of his life) of his 600 years before the hyperpandemicgenocidal flood commenced. 20% of his preflood life building the Ark of the Eight.  plus animals.  Only eight humans survived His righteous wrath.

Evidence of what is important is the image of Colette the floating Ark of Jordyn; will

mother teresa with baby

Talk about a great single mom!

evil be turned back and life be secure, despite the eugenicists of the Billionaire’s baby killing club, Senator Sanctuary for baby killers Harris or Xavier which rhymes with Savior?

Only time will tell; the current end of the worlders claim Sept 20-21, the feast of Trumpets as the day God says “enough is enough”  Yes, time will tell if His patience gives out.  Only He knows.

Meantime:  Follow the cue of Jordyn, who witnessed her mom praying in the time of crisis; and governor Abbott, calling his state to a Day of Prayer.

We are such fools to think a life giving critical gas mixed with water and sunlight that feeds the world (carbon dioxide) is POLLUTION.  We are also fools to think daily killing hundreds of Houstonian babies, and billions worldwide, will go unanswered.

Mother Teresa, with good reason, called America a land of poverty of the heart.  Let us pray, not only for Jordyn, but for Houston, America and the conversion of hell’s demonic death doctors for THEIR safety and salvation.

Houston, we have a problem.  the solution for the American soul is resident in the love of a mother for her daughter Jordyn









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