The Unforgettable Donna Marie McKinnon Beckman 7th anniversary

sunflower of love9/9/18  Today marks the 168th birthday of the Golden State’s admission into this great land of ours.  But to me, the family and so many others, it also is the 7th anniversary of the loss of one of the world’s great mothers, sib, teacher, friend, lover…did i mention ‘friend’?

Domestic engineer, author, advisor, counselor, daughter…Ireland trip winner that got beckman fam when katie smalldonated when her hubby shoulda been shot, drawn and quartered…

49 days short of 49 years, as her loving sis Caryn points out, was waaay too short.

She supported me in becoming a realtor and then realtor/broker, which continues to be my privilege helping people today;  working multiple jobs to be a youth minister for 30+years, now a privilege as a sub-in teacher for St Norberts (you can’t raise a family in the OC easily on Church salary but then the rewards are well, priceless and eternal)

2555 days ago, Donna went home to heaven.  Days later, 900 will recite the rosary with her at St Anthony Claret; 1100 will conclude her funeral Mass at Holy Family Cathedral by reciting the prayer of St Gertrude, sending a million one hundred joy-filled souls out of purgatory into the eternal realm where Jesus, His mom and so many others dwell. How that works?  Ask St Gertrude and God; they’re up there with Donna

How do you measure a life? Like in past posts, let me share a couple more miracles. I do this because each year i discover someone who knew Donna but didn’t know of her early trip above.   The Christmas day discovery of 4th stage cancer led to chemo and other therapies to rid this amazing mom of the scourge.  But, one of her turning points was the total faith in God and her love for the Catholic Church led her to realize after an April healing Mass, that her healing was spiritual and not physical in nature.

God has a plan for each of us, for you and for me, no matter what faith we proclaim, even for the Lenins among us who believe there is no god nor God and blindly follow communism and/or socialism.  Sorry Bern: ask Pope Pacelli and America’s bishop Sheen: socialism is evil.  Just as slaveryism, fascism, Naziism and its descendant planned parenthoodlum child harvesting cannibalism are ex and intrinsic evils that need to be stamped out.  Donna was a free market capitalist who loved everyone and offered solace to the many–and the individual.  She had faith in her kids, family, friends and her man.  As imperfect, trust me as he was and is.

Donna knew this and moved forward by offering her pain and sufferings for the needs of others all the way to her death day.  And in heaven, as the poem that ends this blogpost points out, heaven only knows how much intercessionary prayers she is engaged in!  Knowing Donna, tons.  My kids were rappers before they hit hollywood.

One year ago, Harvey’s wake continued, Irma bore down on Florida.  8.1 earthquake just hit the Mexico that hurricane Jose made land on.

Today, we have the New York Time$ fake anonymous concoction and the Steele poo poo spy scandal fruad starting to come out after 25, so far, FBI&DOJers have been released from their toddlerhood.

The Algorean heretics continue to insult God, giving credit to man and calling one of His gifts, a substance mixed with water and sunlight that feeds the world, “pollution”, while stealing billions in money needed elsewhere for real science, to export good construction, agriculture and other technologies to the 2nd and 3rd world.  CO2 remains the photosynthetic miracle of life.  The Maunder Minimum approaches, and the daily kerfuffle (Mr Greenhut) or Dem crisis du jour leading us to what I perceive will transform this modern Dark Age: the Renaissance of Truth, Life & Love.

Speaking of the conflicted, the end of the worlders, who believe they have insights (only God knows the day and time) and looked to Sept 20-21, 2017,  the convergence of the Jewish Feast of Trumpets coinciding with Muharram, the Islamic new year, as the point of His return.  The ring side seats proved this to be nothing burger, yet being right with God is always a first must.

Remember, Donna is praying for YOU.  

Donna and Mary, Chris and Brian

Here’s Donna with her lifelong buddy, Mary Konoske Stevens, Brian and Chris at a Katella Hi Sadie’s Dance

You know who you are; there is no point of no return, even as the phantom sung in a fave opera, just get right with Jesus before HIS point of forever return.  I’ve seen hell in helplessly watching Donna’s nine months of devolution and passing; yet it is ant sized compared to what the real hell is for those who choose to ignore the signs of the times, and the words of the Bible.  Ask Dante, the children of Fatima, Sister Kowalska nee St Faustina and others.


The real miracle Mrs Kramer experienced the day after the funeral on Friday, Sept 16th remains pivotal.  At Mass, when praying for her soul, Donna revealed to Lauren that thank you, “I will pass on your prayers for those who need them”.  Lauren told me months later about this; i asked her what it meant and Lauren said it means she is a generous lady AND in heaven.  Think Len is delusional? Sorry, no such luck on this.  Take it up with Donna.  I’m sure, being outside time and space, she’s able to hear you.  My not so keen hearing, not so much.

Ok, my God-doubting, and Protestant, Jewish, Muslim et al friends, yes it happened.

God has allowed sinners and saints to intercede in His creation from the beginning.

Donna’s middle name was the woman she revered (no, not worship; we only worship blinged Rams footballers, Nike kneeling front men and other bad boys):

Mary, Jesus’ mom.  Her birthday happens one day before Donna’s heaven day on Sept 8th.

Bernadette (Sanders) Pendleton experienced piano-esque capabilities; new client, now in her home with Joe and the kids, Siobhan Nye asks for her prayers as well.  Mary continues to cash in her frequent flyer miles in places like Mexico City, Fatima, Portugal; Ecuador, Japan, Egypt, Poland.  She’s even on toast sold on Ebay.

Funny, how our Muslim friends rever Mary as a Virgin, only #2 to Fatima; our Protestant friends, sadly, fear her as some satanic look a like, all the while not universally protesting satan’s plantation today, planned parenthood int’l.  Even Josh King, former coven leader talks about satanic rituals using aborted children as the sacrament equivalent of the Blessed Sacrament(o?) called the Eucharist.  Thanksgiving for the blessings of eternity.

The common factor is, like any good mom, Mary is promoting her Son and calling the world to follow Him.  Her prophecies in Fatima, Portugal (city named for the Muslim giza time chart GPg pyramidwife of a Catholic prince who loved her so) about the evil war followed by a 2nd in 1917 and 1939; about Pope St John Paul the Great and others at Fatima, show how God is the true futuristic time machine, able to disclose upcoming events.  Through His servants as well as the world’s most ancient object sitting precisely on the center of the world: the Giza Pyramid with its built-in Christ Angle (that extends directly over the Exodus (twin pillars of Solomon) and the City of Bread heard most often at Christmastime: Beth’lehem.  Mathematically, it is 26 degrees 18 minutes 9.7 seconds, matching the descending pathway into the pyramid, seen in the graphic.

great pyramid giza with sunlight at the topNo, Len isn’t going all crystally on you.  God doesn’t build a precise temporal chronograph 3D compass on 13.4 acres without precision.

Check it out for yourself: today you have Google Earth and can pinpoint it and discover the other reasons God leaves nothing to chance, even writing His Love in stone.

Of course it is by the power of God, but God desires ALL to live happily forever with Him, the angels and saints. His plan may not be ours; often it is not.  Ask Jonah, Abraham, Noah, Mary and so many other real people in history.

Donna the Teacher and Lover

We are in our 35th year of home schooling err domicilic pedagogy and Donna and I embarked on this adventure long before it was fashionable.  Parents ARE the primary educators of their children, not the state of disarray or California.  Donna loves her 11 kids, can visit with her grandson John on occasion and the other eight, including a newbie waiting for daylight with Josh and Maryanne.  The busy are usually the go-to people; Donna always had time to help others.  Our ministry at St Callistus, Anthony and the Holy Family Cathedral were done together, though she never got to Europe for World Youth Days or Salt Lake for Ski Utahs.  Her kids were her focus.

No, Dominic, the Church is not the whore of Babylon; that title is reserved for something christ angle with compasselse.  A member of this Church, despite it’s history of priest and layperson failures, Donna is praying for you just as she prayed for the woman who shared her room at St Joe’s who was dying.

Beautiful tale of love:  Twice, Donna needed to be in the hospital after her Period of Cure Attempts ended after Christmas Day 2010.  As usual, she’s looking out for the other not herself.

.  The first time, a woman with no family stayed awake through the night and Donna, though in similar straights, ministered to her needs.  Praying with her, talking to her, without believe it or not, texting and other social media tools.  She showed her love, sacrificed her sleep for the needs of another.  Something she did throughout 30 years of raising kids and putting up with Len.  Loving Jesus. Devoted to His and Mary’s sacred hearts. Sacrificing for others, especially the 11 entrusted to her care that she bore.

The other time, Donna shared her room with another 50ish woman who was losing the battle as well.  This second time, we hubbies got special permission to stay the night and the four of us took time to relate, share and more.  I still think of this family; the daughter owns a pizza place on Commonwealth in Fullerton, as friends

Life is a journey, with one long term goal:  living happily forever in the Heavenly City.

Donna is praying for you; for her brother David to reconcile with Hollie his wife, which is still a possible but not probable and begin their marriage together.  For her older sister Caryn that she stay focused on her faith and know that she too misses her.

But, so many of you have sent your fave memories about this Unforgettable lady.  Here’s a few.  If you have more, send them on for a revised version:

Melanie Treanor-Castro I remember riding bikes on the river bed all the way to the beach with the youth group. We stopped at your place in Costa Mesa so that you could introduce us to Donna. That’s when you told me that you were going to propose to her. I was so happy and excited for you because Donna was so sweet and kind and you could tell she completed each other. Donna was the type of woman that most woman wanted to be she could hold down the house and still be calm enough to make all of her children feel special along with everyone around her loved. Donna was an angel 😇 on earth .

Teri Wetter I remember when she watched Nathan when Jonathan was getting treatment in LA. She had 4 or 5 kids at the time and home schooling them too. She would say no problem, happy to help. Miss her.

Lisa Abramson I remember times to talking with Donna and praying with her. She was so relaxed and a great example of being a mom. Each one got attention. And she would light up, Len, as she shared stories of your early years. Yours was a special relationship! 

Edith Hernandez Carrillo I always admired how calm and peaceful Donna looked with your 11 children…. especially at mass. I have 4 and don’t always look calm and peaceful lol. She was an amazing mother!💕❤️🙏🏻

Kerry Kugler Valenzuela What an Amazing Mom and devoted wife she was!! 😇🙏🦋

Jacque Moyneur Weaver I don’t really have a story just a memory of her faith and love for you Len Beckman. She was so young when I knew her but always looked up to her.

Lyn Coleman Dominguez I remember her beautiful smile that would light up the room. Great loving mom and friend 

Theresa Hartman She was so supportive of me when I wad trying to piece together a life and any income. She always smiled at me like I was just the person she wanted to see.

Danielle DeNoble I remember her patiently calming me down when I had a gazillion questions about homeschooling when I started over 15 years ago. She also gave me a surprise baby shower for my FOURTH baby! To her, EVERY baby was special and valued…and it showed in so many ways. I miss her. She was one in a million. I hope she’s praying for me and my family. We need it. Much prayers and love to you, Len.

Kristen White I met you 6 years ago tomorrow, you were on your way into the hospital with your guitar. I was being wheeled out with my new baby, Seth, you stopped and sang him Happy Birthday 😍 Thank you!   · August 16,2017 at 5:47pm


Patty Magdaleno · I remember hanging out in the office with her talking about everything and anything all at once. She was always willing to listen. I have the Bible she gave me, and I can still picture her smile. She was a beautiful soul. She is dearly missed.

Louise Beauchamp I remember all the times she watched my two with your 8(at the time). And the great times we had in the Religious Education Office. Miss her lots.
Laura Patterson You touched me deeply with the phrase “drawing closer to Heaven”. Your pure belief is so inspiring. I love your heart Len. You are a good man.
Michelle Reppenhagen Griffie I remember meeting you and Donna back in 1981. She was riding on that stationary bike at the McKinnons’ house. She was talking about becoming a mom for the first time.
Tracey Pough I remember her laugh! Her love for you and kids.
Katy Meadows I remember our camping trip to Yosemite. I enjoyed helping her take care of Joshua and Matthew. She was such a dear person. She always gave me great advice. I will never forget her and look forward to seeing her again in heaven. 
Susan Concidine I remember the time we both were in youth group and the trip up in Big Bear and she and I talked all night long.
Lisa Lindstedt shared that she never met Donna in time; this mom of six, trust me, is a Donna in her own right.  Blessed with Grace, and a few others and her man, Jeremey.
And Norma’s:
Each of you is a gift; my prayer is you see Christ in yourself and others.  And see the attributes of Donna in yourself as well.   The golden rule and rule of law.
To all the moms, never give up.  You ARE the backbone of a disheveled world.  And Jesus gifted you with His mom as He died; she is there for you, the ever virgin revered by Catholics and Muslims alike, Protestants too.  A great Jewish mom who did all she could for her son.
This is why Donna hated rarely, but most especially planned parenthood and its killing ways.  There is NO Excuse, no reason, to continue the sins of Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin’s communism, which promoted abortion, marriage and divorce as the antidote for the opiate of the people: religion.  The killing fields of whom Donna and other mothers hold dear, the children, number 1.89 Billion, more than all the totalitarian tolls combined.
As Sheen points out “The Church saw the evils of totalitarianism and condemned each in its turn.”  Fascism, written in Italian, via the encyclical (letter)  “Non abbiamo bisogno”.  Naziism, written in German, via “Mit rennender Sorge”.  And the scourge of communism, still alive and not so well, in the universal Latin language “Divini Redemptoris”.  Today we have Deep Statism, chaosism, and the frequently reused “only Catholic priests are evil” ism.  the evil one never gives up.  Neither can we.
Sadly, the Regressive Left nee Progressives nee xxx-ist always stoking the embers as the isms replace themselves.  Like the worldwide devastation of Algorism, the Algorian Heresy that has started the heretical alphabet back at its beginning: making God impotent to sustain His creation and His creatures.
God has raised you, the reader, to do great things as part of His plan.  TODAY.  Just as Eugenio Pacelli became Pope Pius XII to fight what Mary prophesied about through God’s infused wisdom (no diff than Isaiah, Zeke, Elijah, Elisha etc.), the scourge of WWII.
Like Karol Wotyla became one of the greatest truth tellers and anti-totalitarians as Pope Saint John Paul the Great.
God does not judge us great because we can toss a football or take a knee, like KaePrick used to do before he left the NFL, renouncing his million$ contract for going 1-11, and getting $40 million more from Nike $hoe$. More power to the bland brandmaster Kaeprick but true Heroes are not always whom we think they are.  I believe in her servanthood, Donna is one.
Serving and defending the country, yes.  First Responders to Twin towers and twin hurricanes.  Yes.  But, let me call the mothers of the world (homeschooling, public/private schooling, post schooling) what they are: heroes.

Sadly, Senator Kamala Harri$ believes as hell does:  “I prefer hacked up black babes extracted from mother wombs instead of fracked out black gold from Mother Earth”.  

Neither babes nor gas in the ground is evil; both deserve the light of day.  We hope someday Kamala learns that character counts more than disrupting Senate hearings and lusting for power.  Especially having a St Paul moment where she sees reproductive means producing a child not a campaign donation on the back of a Pulitzer deserving David Daleiden

God gave us Donna.

I did not create her; I was lucky she chose me to be along for the ride.  She wrote in her diary at 14 she’d marry me someday; and she worked the ropes to make it happen.

I am so blessed and continue to be.  Donna remains an important, though somewhat limited role, part of so many’s lives because after all:  ALL of us live forever, but for a brief interruption at our earthly death.  No uHaul trailers behind the hearse, including the one that was followed on Sept 15th by more cars to Holy Sepulcher except Carl Karcher’s.  Donna one time helped to cook a chicken dinner for the Karchers to honor their prolife work…AT our home, when the St Anthony Claret kitchen ovens failed. And transported to the church hall.  She never complained just did what moms do.

She remains a model for many yet she always focused us on Mary her benefactor and Mary’s Son, our Xavier, a name tainted by our current Xavier of the Zombie Abortalpse, who follows hell’s matron Kamala with his former Catholic evil ways.  To all the moms who have recently preceded us, like Donna’s cemetery neighbor Mrs. Condon and their families.  And Jack Reinker, someone she loved to.
Donna loves you for whom you are.  She loves Josh&Maryanne, Matt&Emily, Amanda&Brian, Larissa, Nathan&Jen, David, Roseangel&Kieran, Briana&Gavin, Zach, Faustina and Katrina Irene, whom two major hurricanes were honored with her names.  Grandkids including Sadie, Colette, Finn, Evelyn, Trinity, Phi, Toby, John, Javare and one that got away…
She loves my siblings, all 10 as she loved her 7 siblings.  She had a special love for Bill, who went to heaven too early thanks to the environmental radicalism’s bizarre rules.
And the nine grandkids, appropriately one for each month she suffered on her way to her eternal reward.
Take heart her creed: to treat everyone we meet, the two foot rule, with respect.  Joy.  Treating them like family.  Give advice and counsel, forgive the acts but do not hate the person.  Only hate as God hates, the taking of innocent life
Like so many in the party I was registered in before you, the reader were born, the DemocraParty of slavery, secession, segregation and sliced up children.  Do not believe a child is a convenience, a choice, a non-person, anything other than a gift.

Not all gifts are easy and simple.  No child EVER was.

But Love as God loves: Love Him with your whole soul, body, mind and spirit.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  This last needs to replace the idiocy of the Democrat owned media, ABCNNBCBS and the DCNY Times-Post.  We are NOT a racist people, Trump is trying, the DC swamp is so deep it may never be drained, no diff than moonbeam’s Sacracesspool.

But know this: if you follow Christ, nothing yes nothing is impossible.  His Father’s perfect will can coincide with our imperfect ones.  Be open to the Spirit.

As JPIIthe Great and Jesus both said:  “Be not afraid”.

Algore is NOT in charge of the 553 sextillion mile wide universe, let alone the atmosphere.  That remains God’s work.  The created Crises du jour, ignore them: they are the concoction of the United state of DC, a country unto its own.  Like the Gang of 91 in the city named for the Blessed Sacrament, Obama in his third term and the anarchists will always act like the toddlers they are.  But adults do appear.

I love my kids just as Donna does.  I love you, too, because you have been a part of our lives and will always be family.

Donna’s gift to you (hat tip Caryn) was a promised poem when we passed the halfway mark in kids:

“This gift is wrapped by little hands with paper, tape and bows.  How much of each we had to use–well, heaven only knows!

It isn’t like a fancy gift wrapped in a fancy store. But the effort that’s gone into it, Is twice as much and more!

A million questions came about while wrapping this for you: ‘How come we’re giving them a gift? why can’t we use the glue?

Can chickens fly? Do turtles run? What do you call this shape? They’ll never ever guess our gift! Mom, Larissa’s got the tape!

How come it only gets one bow? Can dolphins swim to shore? Nathan’s cutting David’s hair! We want to wrap some more!

The edges sag. The paper’s bunched.  The tape could stretch for miles. But job complete (all by themselves)Brings proud and happy smiles.

We hope you enjoy your gifts, all wrapped in precious hands. An effort grand and glorious. All done by little hands”     ~Donna Beckman, written sometime in the 17,848 days she spent on earth.

A mother and father’s role is to help their kids, educate them not indoctrinate, teach them about God, His creation and processes, the Eternals.  To warn them of the -isms that dog the earth always, repackaged under names like environmental stewardship, androgenic climate change, neo-Naziism, old-communism, watermelon biospherics etc.

They must wrap the gifts themselves and they themselves ARE the gifts.  We are stewards, not slavemasters of the children gifted to us.  The task is formidable but not impossible.  God made billions of stars, trillions of insects but only one first couple.  Men and women on earth depend on a man and woman having the next one.

There is ONE human race, my friends, despite the anarchists’ idle idiocies: colors, hues, locales are accidents of birth and incidents of choice.  Be blessed where you are and use your gifts accordingly.  We STILL are a free market land which rewards initiative, entrepreneurs and industrious families…despite the leeches and abusers in DC and Sacramento.

My plea is, dads, do not ignore your kids!

they will remember the time with you, not Mickey Mouse, when riding up front in the hearse.  You are not just a sperm donor; those are easy to find on Saturday nights at the drive-in and at sperm bankers abodes.

Nor, Moms, do not think yourself inadequate for the task.

Homeschoolers, fear not “socialization” because the ignorant Job’s counselors can’t spell it.  Always humbly and with love, answer the question “What’s today, people of God?” with a resounding “It IS a great day to be alive”.

ALL parents are homeschoolers; some just farm out the work when the kid turns 4.  Which is ok!!  We value choice and parents’ choice needs to be honored.

If you think you are ‘incapable’ to educate your young, Donna barely started college when she said I do to this mischievous husband; yet she has raised and in a real way continues her task, ALL our adult kids have college degrees, including BS’, masters and summa cum laudes, gifted mothers in the making or in action in Amanda, Maryann, Emily, Jen, Larissa, Rosie, Briana, Faustina and Katie.

Gifted men in Josh, Matt, Nathan, David, Zach and Brian.  Donna’s first daughter walks in her footsteps in the next gen, having three deja vu back to when Amanda was the youngest of three in Anaheim a few short decades ago.  Emigres to Houston when the Church of Houston-Galveston beckoned Brian, missed the tornado and the flood, bought their first home.  Life is what happens while making our own plans.

A PhD or masters can never replace an MRS degree in raising kids, the today generation too often aborted because they can’t defend themselves from hell’s doctors.

And there is a special place in hell for the Kamalas, Xaviers, Ceciles and Obamas who don’t wake up and realize they are doing as Sheen put it:

“Communism begins where atheism begins.  It’s either brotherhood in Christ or comradeship in anti-Christ…inspired by the spirit of the serpent…the Mystical Body of the Anti-Christ” Lenin approved of the dissolution of the family, via abortion, divorce and indoctrination of the children by banning faith, religion and God.

There is a special place in heaven for you as well.  Choose wisely but choose.  Life.

john paul the great in Mary's arms when shot

Mary miraculously in the background May 13, 1981

 Without life, nothing else is of consequence.  Without life and liberty, private property and “pursuit of happiness” is impossible.  Currently we have all three in America, the place people still battle to get into to.  800,000 DACA adults aren’t going anywhere; we all know this.

But, Defend ALL Children from Abortion.  The true DACA prime directive.

Donna, like all mothers, are the arks of life, as the Immaculate Mary was the real Ark of the Covenant by bearing Christ the Xavier.  Four born immaculate: The first Eve, Adam, the 2nd Eve, Mary and her Son, Jesus.

And like the 41 year old mother in Houston died while being the real ark on the flood waters for her 3 year old daughter:

“Mama was saying her prayers”

Imagine if all our kids discovered mom and dad praying and praying together.

 Lenin, Trotsky and the Bolsheviks, believed they could destroy God and religion, by destroying priests, faith leaders and churches and images.  Today, Cruella De’Vils do the same by trying to destroy the Church while the real perps need punishment and justice.  Any wrongdoing priest, coach, teacher, swim or gym, prostitician need to face the music.

Irony, Stalin ordered destroyed the majestic Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow; in the shadow of the Kremlin, it was adorned with Michaelangelo-esque art, a gift to the people when Napolean was stopped by Czar Alex I.  The communist structures never materialized; it became a giant municipal pool.

God cannot be mocked successfully, whether over carbon dioxide or His plan for salvation.

On Dec 25, 1919, the Politburo accepted Lenin’s decrying Nicolai day, the celebration of St Nicholaus and the birth of Christ. The same Christ the Christ angel in the great pyramid of Giza still points to today; Bethlehem, His birth place and the exodus, where the Jews escaped terrorism and slavery for the first but not last, time.

Collette MarieBy 1920, abortions were free of charge to Russian women and making conditions so dire, it drove many to feel entrapped if they didn’t kill their child.  Sound like today?

Enough with the evils, it is time for a renaissance, a renewal and a resurgence of the family, man and woman known as the only two genders, love for children, willingness to fight for truth and keep the Church from falling into the latest heresy, Algorean, which is just a repackaged version of lesser evils.

Donna is a saint.  I believe this and like so many, not a canonized one.  She lives in the

our-lady-of-guadalupe-star-chart-210x300 (1) (1)

The stars that surrounds Mary on her cloak image

stars with the mother whom the stars pointed out on Dec 12, 1531, Mary as Our Lady of Guadalupe.  The same Mary as Our Lady of Fatima, of the Immaculate Conception, of the Rosary, continues to point us to her star Son: Jesus the Christ.

Too many miracles surround Donna’s trip home.  She remains the “gift that keeps on giving”; yet, each of you are the same.  Gifted with talents ready for discovery, for bringing to life.  Don’t settle for seconds, for less than doing the best, ignore the naysayers and anarchists like the post 11-9 snowflake indoctrinators,  give and get the best.

As the wrappers showed us, great things come in small, less than orderly packages.  See with Christ eyes the world.  Serve it the same way.  Thank you Donna for 49 years minus 49 days of life.  Looking to see you in the distant future: even that is God’s call.

September 9, 2017 2018   Len

Comments anyone?








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