The World DID End! September 23, 2017

Planet X didn’t hit us, but Plan(et) B took out 3000 Americans.  As usual.

Jesus did not return on Rosh Hashanah or Muharram, the Jewish and Islamic new year. Nor on the much ballyhooed Sept 23rd with Virgo and Leo doing their thing on St Pio’s 49th anniversary of frozen in time in the Rotundo.  Imagine that: dead 49 years and he TODAY looks like he’s still taking a nap.  But then, scientific truth and reality aren’t the leftist atheist communist black supremacist’s strong suit.

There are two world endings for everyone: when the Lord returns in glory and when we die.  Often, the “we die” happens first.  As has happened routinely by domestic terrorists, 3000 American children’s world ended Sat Sept 23, 2017 and every day before and currently since the early 70s.

On Sept 11, 2001, a slight blip of 3000 deaths, people whose world ended thanks to 18 box cutters wielded by 18 Saudi terrorists.  These foreign terrorists cost the country billions and a whole new way of life for everyone.  America was no longer safe for democracy, ushering in TSA and wheel-chaired grannies getting strip searched.

But for the fully formed, conceived, thumb suckers in materno, vivo in utero, there is NO democracy.  It hasn’t been safe since Susan Cano got Norma McCorvey to lie about the rape and get Blackmum to look for penumbras in privacy locutions with RoeVWade.

Meanwhile, instead of ending this satanic carnage, we obsess over 200 helmeted entertainers insulting America, including in London while disssing first responders like the pigs err cops and our military.  No one ever took a knee for the Cowboys or Redskins’ team flags; no military servant took the knee for Old Glory, whose red stripes mirror the color of blood, the white for our purity of heart in helping the world, and blue looking to the heavens for our permanent homes.

Those KaePrickers take a knee while our service people lose a knee in the battle against evil.  And often other parts of their bodies as well as death.

Those spoiled son of a bitches suck useful air that could keep babies born alive if we really saw the evil empire did not vanish, but morphed to pristine planned parenthood plantations were the harvest is not corn or cotton, but hearts, heads and livers.

The World DID end today…for 3000 more.





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