Oct Friday the 13th Wildfires, Weinsteinism, Wild Sun & The Son

10/17/17 The 2nd Fri the 13th in 2017 is an epic one.

kelli burr fingers heart in the sun rosie100 years ago today the sun went wild, moving around like a Gene Kelly routine in an orchestrated dance in the sky.

The Wednesday Oct 13th that year was a very wet one, when Mary made her 6th trip to the town named for Muhammad’s daughter, Fatima in Portugal.  Not unlike her predictions 307 years previous, in Quito, Equador where she prophesied, with God’s help, the devastations of the 19th and 20th centuries.  As Our Lady of Good Success (Happy Endings/Events) and at Fatima, she always focuses on the center of the world and history: her Son.our lady of guadalupe with hilary clinton

On Previous 13ths of the preceding five months, Jesus’ mom gave prophecies of epic events, including the need to concentrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart; in 1917, she mentioned an upcoming pope of hope, Karol Wotyla who would become an ally of Reagan to turn back satan’s selling of atheistic communism.  We know him as Pope Saint John Paul II, one of the greatest popes of all time.  The battles for good vs evil continue since Cain and Abel, with Poland witnessing a million man & woman rosary march, a “Rosary at the Borders” on Oct 7, 2017, to stop the Islamic militants overrunning their country.  Didn’t know about this, the second largest prayer event in European history?  It was in the paper of record the New York Times

My protestant buddies may pooh pooh this, but yes Mary has always and is a prophet of hope.  Starting from her first “Yes”, all the way to that fateful Friday the 13th on Calvary when her beloved Son, THE Son, died that we might live forever.

Not unlike that war torn year 1917, we have had earthquakes, hurricanes, devastating wildfires including wine country and weinstein meltdown: Hollywood has always been the place where the devil was in the details, “Don’t get too close to that producer’s couch, daughter, when you audition, or you will pay with your body to be a star”.  The powerful, like Mrs. Clinton, ALWAYS compartmentalize, ie look the other way until they can’t, when their spouses or themselves, use people as property and suck the lifeblood, like locust-vampires of doom, out of everyone they meet.

The devil always gets his due, except with Mary and her Son.

Weinstein, like his partners in crime, Slick Willie and Pedophile Isle’s Eppy-Pen Epstein have manhandled girls and boys alike and alive: sex to them is their playground, no matter how many suicides result from an actress or actor scorned, like yesterday’s garbage.  And they do: though I love my Church, I know a 40 year old who committed suicide due to a pedophile priest years previous pulling an Epstein on him.

We need a cleansing, a Renaissance of Hope. Certainly, California and our country need a corruption eruption remedy.  The district of corruption swamp has never been more visible, as the Sacramento cesspool of corrupt, mainly Democrat, power lusters.  How sad: the city on the Blessed Sacramento named for the bloodless sacrifice of the Last Supper, has descended so terribly, especially with Catholics like Xavier Becerra, Jerry “Enviro 1” Brown.

Look to a Weinsteinette in the senate: Kamala, at 29, got her political career off to a bedtop start, jumping into the sack with a married Slick Willie West Brown, who at 60 had a faithful wife at home.  Today, Kamala claims human traffic cop, but instead helps to kill kids by the busload, an endless human trafficking of baby parts and dead dreams for both mothers and their aborted daughters & sons.  Repentence and renewal is something ALL of us need to do, including this author.

Mary brought that message 100 years ago today.  Maybe, Father God chose the 13th as the monthly date for His mother, Regina Coeli, the Queen of Heaven to visit three kid shepherds in Fatima, because it was the death date for her Son, visited by young shepherds 33 years or so previously anno Domini.

But on 10/17/17 (17 symbolizes victory in Scriptural math annotation), 100 years ago, 70,000 people witnesses a very wet day turn dry, with the astronomical event of that hot object one million times larger than the earth, doing the tango.  No optical delusional occurrence, God caused, as God does with miracles like CO2 that feed the world, His creative heavenly body to move at His will.  A testimony to Mary, the Queen of Heaven’s, words:

Heed my Son.  Follow Him.  He alone IS your salvation.  EQs, fires, scumbags, corruption will come, but He alone remains the blameless, innocent Lamb sacrificed at the NeoPassover, the culmination of all those passovers going back to the night when the death angel killed all the Egyptian first born males. But, like Herod, the death angel, did not kill the first born of the Jewish families, the First Born Male of Mary & Joseph.

Two cloths, the world’s most famous Catholic/Christian/Jewish relics, are the Shroud of Jerusalem (also known for its stay in Edessa and Turin) and the Shroud or Tilma of Mary as Our Lady of Guadalupe.  These have defied natural destruction and human attempts at same, to remain supernaturally preserved for our hope.  Our faith.

The one of Dec 12, 1531 saved a nation of Aztec indians, and continues to speak to us.  The one at Calvary, which I believe is the Cloth of Salvation History showing the bloodless sacrifice of Holy Thursday (Joseph of Arimathea supplied upper room table cloth), the bloody sacrifice on the cross (table cloth wraps the dead Passover Meal, the bloodied body of the Pascal Lamb) and the incredible transformed Resurrection cloth. the Triduum printed on Kosher linen with blood and trillions of joules of energy

Scumbags like Harvey, Willie and Eppy are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, were abusing women is the state religion.  As well as our state’s and nation’s power centers.  Someday, maybe it’s coming, this will change, where a woman doesn’t have to undress to get attention, do the producer to get her SAG card, then be dumped due to age, overuse or misuse and recycled to the ash heap of forgone dreams.

The one star of hope to remember is the one over the House of Bread: Bethlehem.  Heralding, like the great pyramid of Giza, the coming of the Christ (that pyramid is STILL missing the top cornerstone even today) as we are reminded yearly on the day of rebirth.

The one star chart of Guadalupe to remember shows Mary DOES make it to earth; she is doing as much today as during the years as a mother to well, GOD!

The main prayer of hope is easily remembered and recited: the Rosary.  So like that wet Wednesday 100 years ago today, focus on Mary’s Son, just as the Sun focused on those drenched eyewitnesses, turning them instantly dry.

Our hope cannot lie in boorish perverts like Weinstein, owned by the Disney Co.  I know, directly of one beautiful woman who said “No” to letting a Disney producer use her body to keep a role and left the secular acting and singing world with both her soul and body intact.  Nor in earthly things that can be dismantled by shaking earth, raging winds or wild fires.  Our hope must lie in the person the focus of Mary’s Fatima prophecy, a great pope, who like us, is a witness to the one Hope that transcends time and eternity: Jesus the Christ.   Enjoy Friday the 13th; reflect on that Wed the 13th of the same month 1200 months ago, witnessed by 70,000.

Look toward the heavens: Jesus will be back sometime in the future.  Until then, He sends us warmth with His sun.  He feeds us with his carbon dioxide, mixed with water and light from that sun (which via photosynthesis FEEDS the World), yet another miracle gift from God we ignore or debase, calling it evil pollution.

And always remember, He turned water into wine as His first miracle and wine into His blood at His last miracle before He died.  Receive Jesus you Catholics; and those not of the Catholic faith, God ALWAYS welcomes you, just as His Mother, the Regina Coeli, focuses us on her Son.  Just as over a million six days ago in Poland reminded us that praying the beads gifted to St Dominic, the Rosary, is the most upbeat prayer of hope on earth.

poland poles rosary one million oct 7 17

My heritage is Poland in part.  A million Poles prayed the “Rosary on the Border” against the scourge of anti-Christian movements in their country on Oct 7, 2017





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