Humble Hurricane Harveywood: sex as it should be

Sex seems to be important in this world.  Islamist jihadists, not your mainstream Muslim

sword of the knights templar

Chivalry: a work to perform, a woman to champion, a cause to pursue

faithful, are killing to gain access to 72 virgins in the afterlife; Harvey and Slick Willie are seeking them today, by the hundreds in this life.  Killing souls and destroying budding careers along the way.

So, perverted sexpert predators, like Humble Harv the Producer, want heaven on earth: their heaven and every one else’s hell.  Sex was NOT designed for this.

Hillary’s husband, with 2000 notches on his crooked belt, pedophiliac Horn Dog Epstein of Lolita Express, and Pedophile Isle, the underage haven of perversion;  and others, are NOT the best examples of gentlemanly chivalry.

Access Harveywood forces boys and girls who want to succeed in Hell,  to be groped, gouged, reamed, fisted, with Hell’s emissaries of “free love”: the Pedophile Islanders or the homohetero erotical team of producers, casting directors, camera operators, etc.

Boys are told it is normal to be reamed by Harveywood’s best; girls are told, if you want to do love scenes in my movie, you need to practice on my office couch first.  After all, my penis needs loving too!  Just because you are 17 and a virgin, doesn’t mean you can escape sex addicts like Harveywood’s best.  Reader, if this paragraph offends you, then you haven’t been to the planned parenthoodlum teen grooming sites, support services for the rich and powerful in Harveywood.

Historically, when God was tired of the cesspool or perversion, He reduced the world’s population to four couples, eight people and restarted the world, so to speak.

How’d we get here?  Sex was NOT designed for this.

Except in cases of rape and incest, women STILL have that most powerful tool: NO!

Problem is our hyperanimalistic sexualized culture includes boy and girl shared dorms, desensitizing the most innocent from the differences of the sexes, modesty and more.

Planned Parenthoodlums greases teen websites and teens to all kinds of perversion and erotica; it’s a lot more than oiled latex banana condom demos these days.

Look for yourself before you pooh pooh this commentary.  It’s all out in the open, unless you are a parent and want to spoil the S&M fun for our preteens.

12 year old Eve, you can do whips and chains as long as you want to, with 22 year old Adam.  You must CONSENT even tho legally you can’t.

Sex was NOT designed for this.  Harveywood IS the septic system; it takes in crap and dumps out poison, ruining lives in the process.  But Chivalry CAN win out and the culture can change: you just need a few Disney owned entities like the Weinstein Group to go bankrupt.

Paying $40,000 a month for a week of sex addiction therapy is cute, but the best therapy is the truth: you engage in sex outside marriage, young and old, and you risk going to hell for all eternity.  Long time for the privilege of getting  your rocks off, Harvey, Bill, Hillary, Epstein the baby driller.  I’m no saint, but it seems the septic system fill up more each diabolic year.

God created millions of animals, billions of stars and trillions of insects, but only ONE man and ONE woman.  There is ONE human race, not 12 first couples.  No first MR and Mrs. Huxtable, no first Asian couple, no first Hispanic couple. Adam and Eve.

If God had created Adam and Steve as the first couple, well you wouldn’t be reading this… He didn’t: it was Adam, then Eve, then Cain, then Abel, then no Abel, etc.

Everyone has the same first parents and can be superancestry.commed back to the first couple.

Actually, searching the historical documents and anecdotal evidence of our predecessors, we come from three secondary couples: Ham, Shem and Japheth in the time of the big boat Noah.  It only took him 120 years to build it with his seven familials, and you can see a modern version in Tenessee or Kentucky.  That’s when God got totally ticked off at the maniverse and killed off all but eight, chartered for the first cruise ship called the Ark.

Is it all men as perps?  What about Kamala Harris, temporarily the US junior senator from Taxifornia.  At 29 years old, she got her start in politics by engorging Slick Willie Brown West’s member, who at 60 years old had vowed to his wife until “death do us part”.  Kamala, after Willie sex, got her first civil service job after servicing a married civil servant.  Some people take money for sex; others take political positions for their positions in other wives’ bed.

Rachel Carlson, new book and all, claims it is an epidemic this sexual harrassment thing.  I say its pandemic this sexual perversion and predation.

Harveywood city limit signs should read:

“This is a sociopathic sanctuary town.  Aspiring actors and actresses: enter at your own risk.  It is normal to be perped, groomed, pimped, pedophiled and raped to get ahead.  After all, producers, directors, casting crew have needs to!  Our contracts even contain serial gang rape clauses that will make islamist female rape plans look like Planned Parenthood kindersex ed.  Sign here XXX you understand and waive your body’s rights”

Returning to chivalry, where a man acts like a gentleman and knight, treating women as pedestaled beauties and not groping targets, will take time. Maybe that time is NOW.

Harveywood, the District of Corruption, blessed Sacramento assesspool,  all suffer the same disease: disrespect for the original design of sex and an inability to mature in Godly values.  Harvey thinks every woman is his boy toy.  He and his friends think other human beings, both men and women, but mainly underage boys and girls, are playthings for all kinds of perversion and property to get their jollies with and move on.

Psychologists say pedophilia and homosexual rape are two different things; sorry folks, just because the ManBoy Love Association claims “sex before eight or its too late” is part of the Normalize Using Minors Project in Harveywood, doesn’t make it so.

Or prostiticians like Barney Frank’s providing Congressional pages on-the-job homosexual training as a planned parenthood docent, all stem from hell’s view of humanity: EVERYTHING goes, especially if you are leftists.

Nothing is sacred, especially life.  The Democrat health care program specializes in killing babies INSIDE mothers and selling their hearts, heads, livers and other parts to University medical labs and other buyers.

No one but me think this is satanic human sacrifice?  I know future Pulitzer prize aspirant David Daleiden gifted the Harveywood hypocritic culture with the truth: abortionists, many female, see babies as their 401K retirement; instead of gold, baby guts are collateralized.

Local example:   Ever hear of Jon Dunne, Orange County’s CEO of deathology?  He is paid $419,777 (spit change compared to PP coven head witch Cecile Richards who takes down a cool million; apologies to all non satanist witches) in tax subsidized income to kill babies and sell beheaded and behearted parts.  Meanwhile Al Bagdadi and ISIS kill for free, and a lot less victims than the Harveywood~DCswamp~Democrat Industrial Complex create on a daily basis. 

Someday, ALL women will say no to Hitler’s medical descendants at planned parenthood, offering their bodies to Moloch and the Democrat death culture.

Yeah, I know, some Republicans are involved but at least the Reps don’t make it a corporate plank for their platform.  Until life IS precious and abortion not seen as a Hurricane Harvey clean up rehab program (he did cure his sex addiction wink-wink in one Arizona week for $40K plus cell phone bribes and hotel costs).

The HDCDIComplex’s PP got over $900 million from Facebook Mark y Priscilla; we taxpayers supplement the evil empire with half a billion $$ yearly.  All so incompetent doctors like Jon Dunne can pull in 400 large every year. What suckers we are.

12 step program to end women as sex toys and turn men back into Godly men.

Step One.  Harveywood admits that having sex on camera or the couch is wrong.  It defiles the woman, the last creative act of a benevolent God, to be treated as a prick like Harvey’s dick receptable and not a woman with a mind and heart.  Harvey NEVER grew up and is still in his pimple grope the girl in a darkened theatre phase.  He may NEVER grow up, even if Disney Weinstein Group goes chapter 7.  He loves power, money and rape just too much.  Just like most of Harveywood and the District of Corruption.

Scientifically, trillions of insects, billions of stars and millions of plants and animals were created, but woman followed man’s entry on the earth.  In a sense, scientists, God suspended entropy and Brownian motion to create a highly complex 75 trillion celled being, who could nurture a single cell into another independent 75 trillion celled entity, male or female.

From the first couple, God infused man with desires (call it endorphines if you must) for woman and vice versa.  Otherwise, the first couple would be the last.  Personally, Donna and I have 11 kids and she was just as desirable after #11, through her cancer phase and into heaven.  God’s design is waaaay above the Harvey level, where a man and woman can live for life in a covenant relationship as husband and wife.  Not the serial Harveywood style.  More like the Jerry and Ruth 70 year marriage, pictured here.

marriage 70 years jerry and ruth


Imagine that, 70 years married to the same man and woman.

They survived much, under the mantle of love and both are in their 90s here in the OC.

Yes, they love each other.  Harveywood operates on the LUST story, where hookups never involve Uhaul trailers and everyone uses the other.  Hell on earth.

Step 2.  Admit you can’t do it yourself.  In the faith world, sex outside of marriage is the path to the hell Harveywood is experiencing on earth.  God has told us affairs, adultery, illicit and same sex sex is wrong.  Now, our culture doesn’t find this palatable, but no one at Farmers or Allstate is selling everlasting life insurace.  It’s available for free:

Fact is, KaePrick and his fellow kneebenders are alluding to it and not realizing such:

“Every knee shall bow (bend) and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”.

Harvey, part of the toppling Harveywood rape elite, is in denial.  His flippancy in “treatment” proves he’s not ready.  This is the sad part of the porn gambling culture: you gamble with your life that you will always be a 7 year old in an eye candy shop, grabbing at everything your grubbies can pull in.

Pornography and its 3D acting out is a merciless devil; for years as a youth director, I talked to boys about Neck UP! ministry with the teen ladies.  I would challenge them to look only above the neckline, and leave the lady’s breasts, butt and legs to whom they belong to:  HER and her God.

Look into her soul, hopes, dreams, aspirations through her face receivers, her eyes, and watch how you can build a REAL relationship.

The challenge was simple: to look directly at her, in her eyes, and converse.  It’s that thing people did in ancient times before sexting and texting,  Talk to each other.

In man on man sessions. No cell, no text, just sincere conversation.  I’d tell them you might be the ONLY guy that day that didn’t molest her with his optical orbs, let alone hands.  In Harveywood, conversations started with the hands, the grope and the penis, before the dump off the couch and out the door.  Yeah, the aspirant may get a role, but as the hurricane of Harvey victims is showing, people don’t like being used.  Nor abused.  And now feel able to count the cost and regrets, realizing it just wasn’t worth it.  A listers to those waiting tables still.

Step 3. Change the culture, starting with the guy (and girl) in the mirror.  You!  ALL good change begins this way.  To the men, practice true chivalry.  Try it sometime: hold the door for the girl or lady, help her with her packages, open her car door, greet her above the neckline with a sincere smile.  Offer to pump gas at the station, young lasses man2man christian gentleman with a swordand old women alike.  It might take a while, since ladies today are suspicious of men’s intentions, thanks in a large part to the Harveywood culture.  But, counter culture revolutions take time.

Your passions can be controlled.  You CAN be a chivalrous gentleman, and win out in the end.

It begins with the idea that the beautiful woman two feet from you is the arbiter of who touches her heart and her body.

The absolute best way is through a covenant marriage of a man and woman.  The Christian marriage was designed before time, to be in place in the AD period; before it was neutered with CE in the common era, we knew time as BC, before Christ and Anno Domini.  In the year of the Lord.   Yet, from the beginning, God designed the family as the best means to protect life forms on earth known as Homo Sapiens.  Headed by a man and his wife, he would give his life for the protection of his beloved and children.  Just as Christ gave His life for His bride the Church.


Step III.  Practice esteeming the other person, under the two foot rule, more than yourself.  Love, service, life all come down to sacrificing for the other for Godly motives.  Harvey continues to use his power to extract life out of others, something the Democrat party has become adept at: killing kids for profit, targeting all things God to serve their demon masters on earth.  Or do you consider killing kids just a normal part of life, like the Pedophiliacs convinced young boys in Barney’s office and Harvey’s couch for girls that adolescent sex with adults is normal.  The new normal.

Boys, if you want to learn how to hug a woman, do it shoulder to shoulder gently, not squashing her breasts as if you are milking her.  I know, I am male, it is not easy to notice a woman’s beauty: there’s a lifetime of difference between noticing for the moment and requiring solvents to unSuperGlue your eyes from her body’s beautiful parts.

Step IV.  Clean up your life.  No more porn on phones, no more sexual movies, no more murder and violence as a solution.  This last part is tough since TV, Netflix, Amazon and other neo independents produce slime more than good movies.   Erase pictures, even those hottie girls might send you to get your attention sans clothing.  You are opening doors you may not be able to close that easily.  The sad secret is too many girls use sex as a means to their end.  As the OT Moses Joseph proved, even when you say “No, thank you…” you can turn that hottie vicious, false accusations galore.  But doing the right thing MUST be the first and main reward.

I know I risk the Lot rioters at the door rebellion.  But, I believe it is harder to get to heaven outside of God’s design for marriage and relationships.  Brotherly love is not homosexual love,nor is sisterly love on of 60 gender ideologies on today’s current list.  And no one should condemn the homosexual himself, just the sin that comes from acting out on one’s proclivities.   God’s is specific in His laws.

You ARE an adult and can choose what you do.  But, a mature adult is willing to listen and hear, see and learn what the real world is about.  Harveywood, the DC swamp and prostitician alternative universe, are NOT the real world.

Acton said “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Harvey still believes, in his delusional state, he is above the fray, a god and should have access to every woman he can touch and control.  Sad, pornified life heading to hell awfully fast.

But, yes Harvey like all us sinners CAN BE REDEEMED.  Pray for his renewal and repentance.  Don’t forget Slick Willie and his 2000 victims as well.

Step V: Treat others with patience, first as brothers and sisters, then always as human beings.  There is really only ONE human race, since our first parents are identical no matter where in the world we hail from.

Step VI: Sexual amnesty for Harveywood.  Seek God in all our ways.  I’d call for a time of repentance and forgiveness for Harveywood and its allies and divisions if it would help.  Unfortunately, when God gave mankind free will that also means man and woman can make poor choices.  The latest code of conduct of the Harveywood MPArts asks its members to act as adults.  Problem is, like Peter Pan, most in Harveywood NEVER grow up.  Boys like Weinstein think they are pimply faced jocks in the lockerroom of life and love to visit the cheerleaders in their showers.  Or demand they do what they want so they can be a part of the “in” crowd.  Maybe, Harvey CAN grow up.  Does the new Code include considering married Harveywood folks shouldn’t engage in adultery from sun up to the bed at sundown?  I didn’t think so either.

Step VII.  Seven is a tough one.  Truth and rumors are out there that Hillary is a lesbian or bisexual and her marriage was a sham biz union.  Ted Kennedy took 30 hours to tell the world Mary Jo Koepechne was under water at the Chappaquiddick bridge.  It took about the same to get the video of the Ben Ghazi perpetrator, Nabo Nabo, into the Sunday shows for the 9-11-12 campaign cover up.  We know humanity is capable of great good, but also of terrible evil.  As long as we think fellow humans are property, evil will win.

Seven is “Combat evil with good.  Return good for your enemies” 

For Harveywood to reform itself, accountability and charitable forgiveness will have to be meted out individually.

Step VIII: Seek heaven more than earth.   In 100 years, everyone on earth will be gone.  Harvey the Huricane force predator will be dead.  Will he be in heaven or hell?  His choice.  Living like a Greek god on earth in Harveywood has no eternal guarantees but plenty of caution signs.

Step Nine: Be Chivalrous, men.  Ladies, say NO! until he says yes at the altar.  Don’t sell your bodies to Harveywood for the chance to be famous and popular; this is the devil’s workshop, as well as George Clooney and others who claim they just didn’t know.  They know.

Being a bully, treating others right, are not new ideas.  If a woman unmarried to you throws herself at you, state simply’  “Miss, you are a lady in waiting.  I want to think of you this way, not a lady of the street.  Please let us keep our relationship on the level above the neck and not involving your beautiful parts below the shoulders”  or similar words.  But, men for heaven’s sake, do not force women to do what they do not desire to do.  I have not treated women the best I could, mea culpa.  But, we can try to do better from today on.  Just as Harvey claims to have his sex addiction cured.

Step TEN!  Sex as it should be is simple: it is ‘making love’ between two consenting adults, one male one female who consent to God being #1 in their lives and a co-participant in them continuing the species.  God does NOT create new FIRST COUPLES.  No way.  He relies on those He has made stewards of this great world.

Step Eleven: Find ways to make life good for others; individualize your charitable ways and seek long standing healthy relationships that happen neck up until marriage.  Or neck up for a lifelong friendship.  Sex is best where it belongs: INSIDE a covenantkelli burr fingers heart in the sun rosie marriage.

Step 12See you in heaven.  God desires ALL to be happy forever, ALL, whether a Harvey or a Hitler.  But it’s our choice whom we serve and live forever with.  satan or the Saviour, God’s son, Jesus the Christ.


Oh and Harveywood.  Keep your penises in your training pants.  Sex is not for children like you.  It is for the Jerry and Ruth’s of the world.  Grown ups.  Harvey?  He still has a chance but it’s not in an Arizona sexhab facility paying $40,000 a month.  It’s before God, a rabbi if he’s a Jew or a priest, should he be a CINO.  But, hope is there for all.  Give up sex outside of marriage.  For your time on earth.

And to guarantee living joyfully for ALL of eternity.  As Buzz puts it: “to infinity and beyond!!”




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