Man’s Breast friends and Original Intent

Breasts have many uses in today’s world.  They make for great sandwiches that spelling-challenged cows promote at Chick Fil A.

Harveywood and Al Franken has been in the news lately over breasts but so has a woman named Brittni Medina caught at Disney California exposing her breasts in public last Nov 18th.  I guess Legoinnaire’s Disease isn’t the only thing you can catch at the Magic Kingdom.

How dare she!

sword of the knights templar

Chivalry is not dead, though a bit dormant today

Franken has always been a sleazeball comic; his promise to rape Leslie Stahl, using the cop out “it’s comedy”, and keep her doped up ’til February, for example.  Now we have half the 2020 Demo ticket (he will be joined by the envirorad Jill Stein), good old Al using a sleeping woman’s breasts as radio dials, setting the volume of accusers on high and adjusting the station to “Franken resign”.  But we need Al or we get good old handsy pansy groping Joe Biden.  We already know Al Gore is a prolific sleaze with women (John Campbell’s excellent OCRegister story).  Maybe it’s the mainstay of Democrat presidential hopefuls… if you aren’t a bad boy perp, the Demo voters don’t want you.

I know the Repubicans have their share.   By the way,  did you know Al has been married 40+ years to Franni Bryson.  OK, so he’s knobbing Leeann Tweeden, fantasizing Leslierape and he’s MARRIED!  Oh yeah, “it’s comedy”.  Where’s the moral outrage?  First you gotta find the morals and the District of Corruption is, well, systemic sewerage and sleaze.  Ask 240 women and men in the sex harrassment lockbox.  Unlike social security, there IS something there but hidden from the taxpayers who paid to protect Congressional sleaze.

On the bright side!  There’s Brittni, accused of showing too much breast while breast (imagine that!) feeding her 10 month old Micah in public.  The picture went viral in a world where women run around on sand almost topless all the time.  What’s the rule?  No nipple?  19.7% of the curve must be covered and just a hint of the tip?

Speaking of nipples: There’s no California law against breasts in the open air for tykes in need of nourishment.  So, when little Al is attached to mom’s mammaries, you can’t see the nipple, so it shouldn’t be an issue.  But it is, to too many.  Maybe Kate Upton or Nina Agdal, frequent contributors to bared breast mags that have a couple of illustrated pages on sports, could borrow someone’s newbie and hold her to her breasts on the blanket to be sand legal.  Everything’s legal on the street and Kamala’s office, after all.

Original Intent of Breasts.  When it comes to the Constitution, it’s always good to look at Original Intent.  Same with womanhood and her beauty.

In the Age of Indoctrination, breasts have a dual personality.  When God created Eve, He designed and gave her a left and right breast to feed Cain and Abel. (Hang in there ladies: I don’t see you as just baby machines, striving to be chivalrous)

But, recall, God made trillions of insects, plants, planets, stars and cars, but only one man.  ONE woman.  She being the most most complex and last act of general creation.  Kind of entropy in reverse.  And all 9 billion of us on earth owe our existence to that first couple; since there is ONE human race, not 20, why do we look so stupid calling anything that moves “racist?”

Colors, sizes, shapes, dominant and recessive genes don’t make separate “races” just distinctions among people: EVERY person is distinct, different, unique and however you voluntarily associate does not create a new race.  What, are black breasts more human than white?  Lighter shade of brown, more productive or beautiful?  Ask a turkey who gave up his life for your ThanksGiving dinner about that.

But in this age where scientific ignorance reigns supreme (look no farther than CO2 demonized and human babies sodomized, ie, destroyed by abortionists by unwelcome knives), we don’t understand God’s original intent for His amazing compact baby feeding system: nurture not ogling remains the prime purpose.

He knew it would be millennia before Gerber and Infamil hit the stores, and families would be sojourners, nomadic until civilization caught up.  And mucus membrane suspended in aqueous solution (milk) from mom is much better than cow or container.

When little Al drains the left breast, mom naturally moved him to the right.  In between feedings, mom would eat and drink to recharge.  Having 11 kids, my Donna breastfed every one of them and it must be an acquired taste, because….)

And since God only created one & one (unlike everything else in Creation), He made woman attractive to man and vice versa.  Men love, for mysterious less explainable reasons, the shape and size of a woman’s breast almost as much as watching football before KaePrick came along.

It may go back to nursing at his mother’s bosom or some pheremonic built-ins that God put there from Creation’s dawn.  But , sorry guys, His original intent was as a milk machine, passing on her amazingly processed milk, to keep junior or daughter alive.

This is part of the problem:  too many boys never grow up to realize women are NOT property, to be groped, grabbed, raped and hacked up; well the last is by that tax payer supported evil church of satan, Democrats in the main, love, and Sen Kamala Harris in particular lusts and works for: planned parenthood.   Prostiticians aren’t all male.

PP, like Playboy, have reduced womanhood and sex to a commodity; PP has lowered the age of consent to 12 year olds, since their “comprehensive” sex ed teaches S&M and unsanitary anal intercourse to preteens.  After all, planned parenthoodlums see parents as useless anachronisms and Sen Kamala the Pirate as the go-to coven witch.  Funny, as long as the other teen gives consent, even though adolescents legally cannot.  But, Chivalry is STILL alive and the best method for training young men to converse with the woman’s face, not her T’s and A’s, err breasts and other private parts.

It’s a challenge, ‘neck up’ ministry, I promote: men talking eye level and leaving her “junk” to her.  At men sessions at youth events, I’d challenge the boys to be men and coverse to the young lady’s face, eyes to eyes and not be a TSA scanner making sure she has all her parts.  Trust me, gentlemen, she does.

PP’s SIECUS and you shall find, sexual freedom.  Except sex is NEVER free.  We have the ravaged lives, post abortive disaster fractured women and sealed Congressional (time to open them, at least the perps) sex assault files, to prove we need a Renaissance of Truth and Civility

Frankly, Barney Frank shouldn’t have gotten a pass; for he made a Congressional business out of indoctrinating the younger more handsome male pages and interns into the “good old boys’ pedophile isle of lascivious homosexual parties, gropes, fistings and other frankly unsanitary public health nuisances disguised as ‘men’s choice.”

Neither in the misuse of breasts department, should Kamala the Pirate get any pass at all.  Maybe you didn’t know.

Obviously, experienced at the tender age of 29, Kamalita groped the married sex organ of a man twice her age.  Did she give consent?  Of course, Slick Willie’s wife, Blanche, did no such thing, although Hillary knew all along her business partner, Slick Willie East,  more than hubby, was a serial rapist sex addict.

For just as Mr. Franken is married, so was the Slickmeister West Brown. Do covenants mean a damn thing to Kamalas or any other DemcraParty leader?  Jury’s out on that; check with the Congressional ethics committees in about an aeon, give or take a millennium.

But, let no adultery stop our human traffic cop and compromiser of truth (recall Kamala as pirate collusioned with NAF and stopped the truth by raiding the century’s premiere investigative journalist David Daleiden with her 11 armed goons buttbumping in a surprise raid for thumb drives in his 600 sf of domicilic apartmentage.

All the videos showed was satan doctors selling human trafficked baby parts for top dollar.  Can’t have that in a civilized society, you know, outing the perps.  Those bloody pics and female abortionists candide comments, though true, well, you know the drill.

Or is it ONLY men can grope?  Cop a feel? Feel out a Slick Willie’s willie for political gain?

Another Brown, Suzi who spokeswomans for Disney said: “According to California law, mothers are allowed to breast-feed anywhere in public.”

Imagine that, no issue with breasts plastered all over Facebook on the click bait margins or on any beach.  But, should a woman be caught using them for their original intent, feeding a child, all leftist hell breaks loose.

It seems, Brittni’s difficulty, pointed out by Kristy Kemp of Breastfeeding Mama Talk, is she has large breasts.  More milk for her tyke is NOT acceptable.

One guesses large breasts are only acceptable on Carls Jr commercials, post Carl & Margaret Karcher days; Swimsuit Illustrated calendars where sleazebabe spreaders like Nina play boytoy to the starry eyes of horndog males and well, lesbian femmes as well.

Of course,  Playboy and NFL half time shows, too.  Kristy said Brittni has “more boob showing” to go along with the two scowling women in the background.  Odd thing: women hate breast feeding in public in much greater quants than men.  Just odd.  Honest question: do women compare themselves even to a mom?  Or is this part of the PAS (post abortion syndrome) systemology where, after 59 million American kills, women do not want to be reminded they too were groomed for the kill by AbortInc?  A chivalrous gentleman, and thus chivalric society, demands men take responsibility for themselves:

Even IF the woman says Yes! and they are NOT married, the true gentleman says NO!  Women have all the potential power to say NO NO NO!, in Harveywood or Main street, but other than forced incest or rape, it doesn’t seem to happen.  THIS DOES NOT EXCUSE us men, either.  Even if there is pheromonic attraction to all things female.  Men, note the timelessness of Dom’s advice: “The FIGHT against the passions will last a lifetime, and he who lays down his arms will be slain!”  Self-control is as much art as science.  Even in this overpassionate feminists revolutioned world, in spite of themselves, women love the door opened, “miss” or “m’am”, cloak on the puddle Raleigh style, “ladies first” from a true, self-actualized man.  Some?  Most?  After all, God will say the same with Mary as His model:  “Woman was his crowing achievement, the last act of general creation, infinitely more complex than any other creature on earth.  Or in the heavens.” citation not included.

man2man christian gentleman with a swordSo, as our indoctrinated & conflicted culture tries desperately to save Democrat Senators from resignations, WHO sets the standards and the punishment?

Are 32 AA breasts ok to feed a youngster while waiting for Disney photo ops?  Is there a sign now at CarsLand for mothers to line up and size their breasts?  Anyone with 36 or 38DDDs must put their maternal milk containers on ice, err away?

Should we consider eye to genital contact just as offensive, like SI calendar issues?  After all, visual contact is related to the sexual harrassment spectrum.

Occasionally, a woman loves being eye candy and flirting with the boys’ eyeballs, helping them pull a Jimmy Carter “lusting in their hearts.”    God, not me, says fornicators, ie sex outside of marital vows, will not see heaven.  Complain to Him, not me.  Or to satan should you get its address in the afterlife.  But NOW is the time to prepare; waiting until death means zero control.

Does this matter to you?  You risk eternal death by pulling a Franken~Stein knobbing of women.  And those with mutual consent outside of man&woman covenant marriage, for both guy and girl, girl&girl, guyyguy!  God said it, that settles it.  OR, are you a climate change worshipper who thinks you can tell God the rules, like you fist Him over CO2?

When does a notice, become a glance, become a stalk after a stare?  Is it measured by seconds or minutes?  Chivlarous behavior is the solution but both sexes needs to comply; Kate and Nina’s suggestive 2017 SI super spread inviting all comers is PART OF THE PROBLEM.  Ladies, men ARE wired differently than you, even though Steinem&Co. tried so hard to reverse the poles.

Let’s close with a little diction airing on the ‘dope a grope’:

  1. Verb  1.
    feel about or search blindly or uncertainly with the hands.
    “she got up and groped for her spectacles”
    synonyms: fumblescrabblefishferretrummagefeelsearchhunt

    “she groped for her glasses”
     2. informal
    feel or fondle (someone) for sexual pleasure, especially against their will.
    “he was accused of groping office girls”
    synonyms: fondletouch

noun  an act of fondling someone for sexual pleasure.
  1. “she and Steve sneaked off for a quick grope”

These definitions simply prove that guys need to keep their hands and eyes off a woman, unless they are married to her.  And keep your pee tool hidden away; no woman wants to see a shriveled up member of Weinstein’s body protrusions.  UNLESS they are armed with a stun gun.  Charlie Rose, if the first time he dropped his robe in his birthday suit was greeted by 14 million votes, ie volts (low enough amperage so as not to kill him, just castrate) on his penis by a woman, would not be an issue today.  Same for Harvey’s weinerstein.

And Mr. Franken, may i call you Al, please.  You have a wife.  Honor her by not playing around with anything that moves; comedy is a lame excuse.  As it is, I was looking forward to that monster gubernatorial ticket in a couple years:  Franken~Stein 2020.  Now it looks like you may not survive your second year in the Senate.

Last odd question: how can a deliberative body with 240 cases of secret sexual harrassment hidden from we taxpayers who paid out $17 million, refer Franken, John boy, et al to an Ethics Committee when the last thing it has is “ethics”.  There ARE moral absolutes, put Congress’ trend is to absolutes ZERO.

It’s time to go back to the original intent and design: a woman’s breast is to feed the next generation.  Yes, it is NORMAL to notice a graceful woman, but keep your pheremonic whims in check, boys.  And we have physical visual evidence women wearing doc smocks prefer Lamborghinis from auctioning off baby hearts and black lamborghini for pope and dr gatterheads to the highest bidder, including preformed undeveloped breasts attached to the NextGen woman in wombs everywhere.  The pope got his, a white Lamborg, which he is auctioning FOR the children, not USING children for satanic purposes like planned parenthood’s emissary of evil, senator kamala harris the pirate.

Investigative journalist David Daleiden IS a victim of Kamala’s sexual abuse of power.  The code calls it “exercising power under the color of authority”.  What do YOU call it when a hussy elder abuser 25 years later than Slick Willie West’s Kamalagate Watergate parallels rev1rise, steals private property, using out of control AR15s, from a man who makes Watergate look like a stupid weekend Demo HQ break-in?

But, with 2 billion preborns and newbies already killed off for parts and Lamborghinis, and fertility rates below replacement worldwide, maybe the breast will go the way of the doo doo bird.  Extinct except for the ocassional ogling.

If planned parenthoodlums like Kamala kill off most of the next gen, their obvious goal being 1/3 there already, then the two scowling Disney ladies ticked at a woman’s exposed breast,  can rest assured: their eyes will not be offended by another mom nurturing her child.  In public.  Because there will be no kids to be offended by.



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