Parents are the primary educators: No school shootings in home schools

kelli burr fingers heart in the sun rosie“The Two Adult classroom solution” bill is in the writing stage.  No, guv and teachers unions, it won’t cost you a penny from your $78.6 billion for education pursuits this next fiscal.

I’ll send it along via Melissa Melendez, another fine inland empire legislady.

Just odd about Medina (D-Riverside) and Roth (D-Perris) posting 4th amendment violators inside people’s homes at this time in history.  Parents are the primary educators of our children, not his Sacramento busybodies.

~No school shootings in home schools (220 pubic school shootings since 2012 per LATimes); the only abuse is the wear and tear on reused texts. No $140,040,000 sex ed baking classes. LAUSD paid $40,000 to the teech (Mr. Berndt) for his semen saturated sandwich cookies;$140 million to the families when his blind cookie test was discovered. 

~Each 40 kid conventional public classroom will get $641,160 in 2018-19 fiscal ($16,029 in ADA $$ per student).  Teachers only see 6-8% of that: do books cost $540,000 per classroom these days?  I know college texts are steep, but where does the 90% go?

~Rare home school grads need remedial math and English; public ed undergrads need 28-40% of the time before university; 50% for junior college. Colleges seek out home schooled graduates because they think critically, have decent study habits and well, are respectful in the main.  Plus, saves the campuses money by not providing high school classes on university grounds.

Just odd. Does Medina (D-Riverside) really want to focus his laser light on education trends?  Even light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation beams spread out!  His teacher friends in the ed establishment may not want the reflected light on their results.

*Feb 5 UPDATE.  12 year old’s Westlake Middle School Backpack shot two classmates; 15 year old shot in the head.  Backpack being held on unlimited bail pending notification of its manufacturer.


The sad 12 year old’s actions look like an “accidental” shooting at Castro Middle school; at least this one, is NOT the result of early sexification of teens, a spurned sex triangle partner groomed by comprehensive sex indoctrination by Guttmacher/SIECUS, the predator arm of planned parenthood inc.?  Or gang battle   Why she felt she needed protection.  Only God knows since she lawyered up.


We domicilic educators have never taught our kids that Uncle Louie is a dumbutt nor the Marines are filled with useful ignorant idiots with IQs lower than the smartest leftist liberal. Like Salcido.  Plus, most military are above average intel, have degrees, etc.

That lame heroic act goes to Pico Rivera’s fave councilman and local high school indoctrinator, Greg Salcido.  Don’t worry about poor Greg.  The union label will come to his defense, the same one that helped Mr. Berndt get his $40,000 bonus.

Big money in education these days, especially since Mr. Berndt’s actions won the lottery for his students and parents.

Greg may have had a bad day or this is who he is: a Marine and cop hater, leftist left of left denigrator of America in the Luis Gutierrez and Obdamanation tradition.

But, Gregory should NEVER serve in a classroom alone again: whether he is fired for his ignorant truly racist words or have a parent monitor any time he speaks in front of the next generation of life long learners.  24/7 supervision is what you need for a minor child doubling as an adult teacher.  He just cannot be trusted with our children.

The following FoxNews report includes video by the 17 year old videographer who was tired of Salcido’s constant military diatribes.

The government, nor the deep state of confusion, owns our kids; they are gifts to us parents and we are the first , foremost & the primary educators of children.

Not Greg, nor the California or DC IndoctriNational teachers’ unions.

For the record, EVERY parent in America home schools ie educates their young; the divergent choice happens at age 6 or maybe 4; Some CalEd Inc. radicals want to shorten the time between birth and their access to the latest ADA child; they would love a chute from the 2nd floor labor&delivery or the maternity ward directly into a school building, as long as we taxpayers pony up the 40% compulsory ed budget paid out off the top of the California budget.

In our household, we have raised 11 kids and domicilic pedagogy or home based education has been going on for 30 years; a big thanks to my beautiful wife and daughters; sons, too, for their help.

Down to the last two in high school, it has been a great adventure.  One I would love to repeat; my wife, if i asked her, would agree. Along the way we served three decades as Catholic youth directors and related, and I started in real estate 30 years ago to have more flexibility in doing our first calling.  I love my clients and continue to put them first, as required.

In loco parentis, or “in the place of the parents”, is the theory under which educators are allowed by natural law, with the permission of the parents, to provide learning for our young. If we were a free country, there would be 100% school choice from K-12, just like college.
Unfortunately, as too often demonstrated, the teachers’ unions exist for the benefit, not of the children’s best interest, but the union bosses and their clients: teachers, second only to the union bosses.  No one can disagree this is their primary focus.
The only school choice they like involves a teen/woman killing her kid (most teacher union leaders are farther left than Hawaii) at “Aborters without Borders”: the choice NOT to keep her baby alive long enough for kindercare.  Let alone college.
Salcido will be defended just like Mr. Berndt, who received a $40,000 check from LA Unified, for practicing comprehensive sex ed and biological cuisine at the same time.  Note Bene: it WASN”T an award you’d expect.
Greg Salcido crossed the line into indoctriNation, ie brain washing not informing or educating, with views alien to the parents.
Strike two: Calling a teen’s father’s brother a dumbshit should be ample grounds for dismissal; add in, calling the Marines useful idiots is worse.  The Marines are not all grunts, but the majority have degrees and advanced learning, probably a shock to shock jock Salcido.
Intimidating three of his students, strike three.  In most universes, he’d be gone but not this one, the universe of leftist universities.  Parents have little control in the public ed establishment who and what it taught to their kids.  Don’t get me wrong: most public school teachers are energized and work hard in a difficult area, what with English as second language, undisciplined distracted teens, etc.
Greg insulted & humiliated the young man and two friends wearing the Marine garb and violated the legal principle of “deprivation of rights under the color of authority”. The children’ have no control what comes out of a teacher’s mouth. 
The normal cone of silence (only adult in the room and who believes a kid over a “mature” teacher) stands UNLESS there is video evidence.
Yet, even with video proof (investigative journalist David Daleiden and that of Terri Schiavo Schindler) the truth doesn’t always win out.  This teacher violated the kids’ right to truth-filled information: not anti-Pravda propaganda and the parents’ right to direct the education of their offspring.  Pravda translates from Dem Russian to “truth” in English, in case your kids never took Eastern European history.
Teachers, whether home educators, private or public, have a monopoly on everything, good and bad, that occurs in the “classroom” and Greg demonstrated he can’t be trusted.

In the wake of the terribly tragic Texas refugees to Perris Turpin(tine) family Branch Davidianesque 13, the CalDemocraParty leadership pounced on a chance to help their fave unions with Jose Medina’s new bill (D-Riverside).    Mr Medina, a former school teacher like Salcedo:“On Wednesday, a state lawmaker for the area said he’s considering introducing legislation requiring state officials to conduct at least annual walk-throughs of schools.

More:  ‘Private schools in California are not licensed by the state education department and no agency regulates or oversees them, although they are supposed to register the number of students. They are, however, subject to an annual inspection by the state or local fire marshal.’
  “I am extremely concerned about the lack of oversight the state of California currently has in monitoring private and home schools,” Assemblyman Jose Medina, a Democrat who represents the area, said.   Hat tip Wtop news.  And time out in the corner with his dunce hat for Jose.
Democrats love to protect the public school monopoly and their donors: the tragic Turpin 13 malnourished kids were not in a home school in Perris but a concentration camp with decades of undeniable warning markers.   One wonders how Jose weighs in on the missed opportunity for a second adult in teacher Berndt’s Miramontes baked goods class.  It would have saved us taxpayers $140 million. Huh?
If Medina (D-Riverside) wants to write an essential bill, how about the “Two unrelated adults in every classroom” bill, AB/SB 86.  Teacher and a rotating parent.  NO CLASS convenes unless two adults are in the room.
Another Democrat, State Sen. Richard Roth, who also represents Perris, said it’s critical to make sure laws on the books, such as the one requiring fire inspections of private schools, are enforced. “We need to make sure people are following the laws and regulations we do have,” he said.
The private school folks disagree somewhat with Medina and Roth’s true intent: intimidating private and home schooled young people into worshiping state leadership, making Sacramento the reckless stepfather of every Californian family.

Ron Reynolds, the executive director of the California Association of Private School Organizations, which represents 1,500 private schools, said “most schools are regulated by boards of directors and parents, who sign contracts and review standards before enrolling their children.”   

A glaring question: how do they weigh in on their fellow politician and PUBLIC school teacher Greg Salcedo, who infuses American hatred dissing NCIS in his classroom with no parent permission slips for hate speech?  Secretly, the left is rejoicing.

Or one wonders if they have heard of  LAUSD’s Miramonte elementary school teacher Mark Berndt; he pled guilty to blindfolding students and spoon-feeding them cookies laced with his semen in sick ‘tasting game’ and now resides in another state institution: prison.

Believe it or not, LA unified paid the planned parenthood comprehensive food-sex consultant Berndt $40,000 NOT to appeal for his job.  Ejaculating on baked goods for his blindfolded students apPARENTly is big money.

Of course, no good deed goes unpunished: the district settled for $140 million for the students and parents, one of the largest Cal Lottery winnings, sort of Mega Millions “directly for the victim children”.  Wow, a new kind of sperm donor.

This is one same sex bakery case not going to the Supremes.  If Medina Roth want to protect the majority of born California kids, they need to file the “Two unrelated adults in every classroom” bill, AB/SB 86.

The key in PUBLIC schools is get back to two deep leadership to protect the teacher and the students from each other.  Since most classrooms are 22 or more, that would simply mean one parent would volunteer one day every few months for whatever school level.  So, teachers will have good oversight on a rotating business protecting both pedagogue and students.  No more diss the military, because the teacher won’t know the leanings of the parent monitor.

I agree monitors are a good idea…in public schools where our tax $$ go, to protect teacher and pupil.  

As Salcido proves, you can’t trust public high school teachers to educate instead of indoctrinate.  And teachers need protection too from enterprising oversexed nubile lasses infatuated with a young teech, or using her assets to cover her pecadillos with other students, with the teacher a victim.  A parent monitor solves this.

But no homeschooler has burned to death nor been shot during school hours.  The one touted happened to a 15 year old Kansas boy, Adrian, who was fed to the pigs by his father.  But, it wasn’t a home school issue: the CPS authorities knew about his situation and did not act.

Scott Woodruff, an attorney with the Home School Legal Defense Association, said it is a “waste” to focus society and the Legislature’s energy on home schooling. He pointed to a 2016 federal study published by the Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities. The report found children known to child protective services are at a higher risk for death resulting from abuse or neglect. It would be more effective to direct attention and resources at identifying at-risk children in the child protective services system and following up on their situations.

Woodruff said government agencies, such as DCF, knew about Adrian and “did not perform their job.” “We are eager to see child abuse deaths go down, but it’s not going to be by pounding on home schooling.

And fire, for the record, didn’t kill 20 young Sandy Hookers; a gunman did.

LAUSD, or Sandy Hook, Columbine, UCLA, my alma mater CalStateUofFullerton and so many others are examples why Medina Roth’s sniper scope is pointed at the wrong target.  Truth is out there; per the LATimes (not my paper, the Register is) on  Apr 11, 2017:

“There have been 220 shootings on school campuses in the U.S. since 20 children and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Conn. on Dec. 14, 2012”    And this stat does not include knifings, bullying, teasing, beatings etc on school campuses either.
Fires are not the problem, nor really are guns: it’s killings made easier by larger concentrations of non-related children “cornered”  in buildings making easy targets for the disgruntled, the dispassionate, the sociopaths and your typical Islamic jihadist terrorists.
Mr Medina’s main concern sadly is to mask the real issues public education cannot address and not solve them by demonizing caring, loving parents who have chosen the Homeschooling lifestyle and WAY of life.
Private schools police their own; so should public classrooms with common sense.
In case you don’t have Wikipedia, the first school killing was July 26, 1764 in Greencastle Pennsylvania by four native Americans.  It really wasn’t a school shooting per se, since only the teacher, Enoch Brown, was shot dead by the Lenape Delaware American indians.  The nine kids died due to “melee weapons”, including tomohawks and sharp knives.
Speaking of dangerous knives and child welfare checks for fire annually,science fair 13 days to go 2015 not all seeds are allowed to grow to adulthood.  We lose 3000 seedlings a day in America, including over 500 per diem in Taxifornia alone.
Classroom sizes are optimum, generally under 12, in home based schooling.  But, we do have another type of California school size reduction program using the aforementioned knives already.
These student reduction devices are called “currettes” and shoved, by doctors of death, up the vaginas of distraught mothers killing 1 in 3 of future California kindergartners.  Often, public school teens, without parental permission, have future students extracted from their maternal bodies at the local “Aborters without Borders” mill.
You may not know but routinely, public school nurses discern it is better to do a field trip with pregnant 15 year old Sally to the closest planned parenthood facilities than tell mom and dad their daughter is a mom impregnated by a classmate or adult.  Google is you doubt.  But these field trips to the mills proves comprehensive sex education is successful: teach a kid to do math, they calculate.  Teach a child how to diagram a sentence, they write stories.  Teach a middle schooler how to have sex, they practice what they are taught.  Sadly, there is more remedial classes in Math and English required after high school, then any other.  Pubescent girls and boys learn the 50 Shades S&M free sex curriculum well.
What isn’t discussed, is this mass killing limits significantly, the amount of average daily attendance (ADA) dollars school districts receive.  Including Brown’s $4600 increase this year, to $16,029 per student in fiscal 2018-19, because every pre-born kid statistically will get through K-12, that’s 13 years x $14,929 or $194,000+ each new preschool killing at planned parenthood costs CalEd Inc. $194,000!
And the ed establishment and the Democrat rulers keep screaming for more money!  Do you realize, in fiscal 2018-2019, every 40 student classroom will get $641,160 for 9 months (180 days) of work.  $71,240 per month.
Other than black or women’s studies profs at Berkeley, no teacher makes $71,000 PER MONTH!  $3238 PER DAY!   What incredible waste, even if the teacher only gets $400,000 a year, like Jon Dunn, Chief Term Officer at planned parenthood OC/HQ, paid to kill future students as fast as he can.  Let’s flesh this out:
Maybe the Dems like Medina should look, not at the infinitesimally safer private and home schools, into the public school jacket closets for the skeletons hidden in plain sight.
Starting with the future pupil killing spree at their fave donors, planned parenthood, which information CalEd Inc. might want to assess: 157,000 annual Cal abortions times $14,929 each means the Dems favorite charity and donor costs them, annually, $1.716 BILLION ADA dollars for kids lost, not to private or home schooling, but the death merchants. Homeschoolers help by NOT taking tax dollars ($16,209 per student next fiscal).
Granted, illegal aliens crashing the border fills in the birth dearth in our sanctuary cities, but we need the Great Wall to keep out criminal MS-13s and jihadists and the drug mules and gate crashers should trickle.   The Dems will need to stop killing kids for THEM to survive.  As it is: Two two Jersey couples at the SOTU speech who lost both of their daughters to six MS-13 “students” proves evil folks are happy to come North and not for reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmatic.
Mr. Medina, look in the mirror: Democrat supported “Aborters without Borders” is what’s killing the vast number of the kids.  Not home schooling.  Nor private and charter schools.  Of course, Salvador Castro’s middle school student shooting her classmate doesn’t help MedinaRoth’s narrative much either.
And your party, which controls Taxifornia, loves the kids to death learning neat comprehensive SIECUS sex facts, including how to kill a future pupil, from kindergarten on.
Over a decade ago, I spent a number of Tuesdays before the Santa Ana city council, Sal Tinajera and company, during hearings on changing up all inclusive sex; I was pleading with them not to inculcate our kids with planned parenthood’s “comprehensive sex curriculum” because it was evil in its intentions and predictable in its results.  The results today prove the prophecy, unless you believe 50 Shady Grays are good for middle schoolers.
Last I checked, bananas are better inside a child’s stomach than a latex Trojan.  Unpeeled too, not used as a device to help boys teach other boys anal intercourse.
Investigative journalist, David Daleiden exposed this educational reality, but the CalDem educational industrial complex sicced the abortionists’ lapdog Kamala Harris on him with her 11 AR-15 armed information police to intimidate into submission and violate his freedom of the true press rights.  Woodward&Bernstein got their Pulitzer for a third grade cover up of stealing a Snickers from a supermarket raid on the Democrat HQ in Watergate hotel complex.  Today, we learn how the upper FBIDOJ echelons (not the awesome rank and file) helped Obama spy on Trump to help Hillary, who helped Russia corner the IRANium market, kill BenGhazians and kill Seth Rich for purloined DNC emails.  It’s probably Reagan’s fault.
God forbid, we look at the true causes for lack of child safety via pre-pupil death like good statesmen and stateswomen should.  But, we all realize, dead kids may not donate to the Dem ruled education coffers but at least they don’t complain much either.
Since cash is all SacraDEMento leaders know, abortion alone conservatively will cost you $332,875 billion (that’s billion with a B) in potential ADA dollars over the next 13 years.
Just maybe, Medina wants to be a true hero and his ilk should focus his fire extinguishers where the kids really die and not on peaceful parent directed private and home schools.  His fave health entity from which Cecile Richards just resigned instead of going to prison. planned barrenhood where a “kid is NOT a kid”.
But, what do i know.  I’m just a dad of 11 who loves life and his kids…  for 30 years, we have been an independent domicilic pedagogue institute or the common term, “home school”.
Homeschooling saves millions in tax$ & provides critically thinking kids for college.
I am down to two high school age kids left at home; but in case you think ‘homeschooling’ is evil or needs to be subject to Stalinist oversight, these last three decades have yielded 8 college graduates, 12 degrees including Bachelors of Science in computer science and animal health (vet), communications, English, sculpture, Math (masters on the way to PhD).Personally, I have a Masters in Business; Donna has a Masters in Residential Science; we believe, back in the 80s when modern home based education as a movement was in its infancy, we’d love to be modern pioneers.

Yes we endured persecution, odd questions, challenges including financial, etc.; but it’s been worth it.   For the record: we don’t use chains or handcuffs (that’s the role of Harveywood couch jockeys and deviant sexual expression by the teen websites at Planned parenthood), closets or some of the other preposterous allegation/stuff tossed at the millions of families who CHOOSE to base their educational pursuits at home.

Because of bias, even though our kids receive thorough education and lots of bonus field trips, etc over the years, we were careful not to venture into the “real” world before 3pm on state recognized school days, in case roving truant officers were looking for escapees (jk), kids out of school.   There is nothing magic about 7 to 3pm except that institutionalized education “owns” that time period 180 times a year.

But the 180 ADA days was an acceptable margin, since we consider EVERY day an educational opportunity.

I know an inland empire family of well nourished, excellent 13 kids (same number as the Turpintine concentration camp) who have been ‘reported’ to CPS and dealt with an apologetic social worker who said the allegations were bizarre and spurious but she had to ask to enter.  She told the mom she “wondered why she was here”.

The CPS worker found a joyful home, a little messy of course like 99.999999% of large family homes in America that practice the movie line: “homes are for free expression; business for first impression”.  but, healthy and busy was how CPS found them.  Meanwhile, the armed female truant school officer waited at the sidewalk.

This is something home educated families deal with all too often: false witness.  Lies and allegations brought on by others who are jealous, nosy, inquisitive or spiteful at someone the family and a friend have in common practicing ‘scorced earth’ secret police lies to get back at an ex-spouse or childish passive agressive action that causes real pain and anxiety for families that don’t deserve the intrusions.

It is not the business nor role of the state Democrats to “monitor” home based and private schools.  If the public school establishment graduated 99% of their students, wit the occasional remedial student need, maybe they could boast it’s the best method.  As it is, home schooled graduates are first round draft picks of colleges, because they save money and time requiring remedial English and math classes before freshman year.  They know how to study.  But politicians are all about making dust whirls and demonizing those they have no business ‘monitoring’.

Over these 30 years, the most common complaint about our homeschooling is socialization.The ABCNNBCBS and WashNY Times-Post repeaters, and rigid indoctrinator apologists like to use this word to single out home schoolers as deviants.

Personally with a smile, when someone parrots and asks me how my kids get socialization, I look directly into their eyes and ask them to spell the word. Attempts like S-O-C-I-E-H-A-L-L. result.

Rarely do they get to the seventh letter.  But, it is a serious logical fallacy many commit.

Socialization is NOT child’s play.  And critical thinking is something not welcome in all too many schools these days, especially on college campuses.  Ask Ben Shapiro about his reception at open minded “liberal” uni versitas campi these days.  CalState LA and sociology “professor” Richard Weide, who encouraged his “students” to bully anyone who wanted to hear Shapiro talk on free speech; DePaul university Chicago.  U Conn recently.  The indoctrinated snowflake left is taught to bully and deride any one who doesn’t conform with their bizarre ideologies and just nonsense.  Their mentors in the People’s House sat on their hands while America was trumpeted as a great place to live, love and prosper in; even the mention of the American dream to succeed (Americans are Dreamers, too) received derision, as if you must cross a border dragged in illegally by parents seeking opportunity to own it.  Even Pelosi and Joy had no idea that MS-13 is not a movie rating, but the most notorious Mexican export with 70,000 members typically, bullies, murderers, pharmaceutical delivery boys and more.  No Spanky and our Gang, be they.

To the “socializationists”, I explain what my kids are involved in, beyond academics (theater, karate, gym, sports, music, speech, Yosemite style hiking, skiing, etc) and they say  “Oh”.  Then I ask:

Riddle me this: where and when in society will you rely on (40) 6 year olds or (25) 11 year olds in a room for 6 hours 180 days a year, to “socialize” your children?  Bigger question: How do you believe kids grow up?  

For the record, kindergartners don’t socialize or maturate kindergartners, adults and parents do.  Character qualities are imputed and taught, starting at birt; values, morals, information (not indoctrination, all too common today), facts and truth come through parents, adults and mature, well formed, older young (especially in the non DINKOS large families), not the class clown or potheads; understand, the perv lockerroom jock or planned parenthood teaching kindergartners how to put latex on yellow fruit stunts progress and kills off adolescence too early.

I spent 30 joyful years, while being a real estate broker to feed my 11,  as a youth director at three different Catholic churches.  We dealt with everything, including runaways, drug issues, premature and extramarital sex, bullying etc and guess what, 99% of these kids came from traditional public and private schools.  But, Mr Medina  I did not blame the schools as you are in your knee jerk reaction to a tragic example of mental illness and tragedy with decades of markers anyone could see.


I’d adopt the whole lot of 13 Turpin kids, if I could, since it seems NONE of the Turpintine’s extended family is willing to.  Family and sacrifice comes first to people of faith like us and who see children as blessings, not something for Kamala Harris’ ilk to destroy.

As it is, Kamala prefers hacked up black girls from mother wombs over fracked up black gold from mother earth.  Baby parts sold separately, of course.  She touts her human trafficking credentials while taking $82,000 from “Aborters without Borders”; she paid for play by invading the 700 sf apartment of Woodward&Bernstein style investigative whistleblower journalist David Daleiden for the crime of exposing, in their own words, the diabolic actions and words of abortionists.

Exactly who did Kamala send? 11 AR-15 armed goons to grab, (another violation of ‘deprivation of rights under the color of authority) thumb drives and his intellectual property to “scare” those who believe baby killing is evil.

This is the oddest thing: the top echelon of the ed establishment relies on new bodies to increase its coffers; why aren’t they vocal in stopping killing future students, since $16,029 per year for 13 years is a lot more than the $570 (adjusted for inflation) their fave preborn baby killers get for the heinous evil act.  Tax reform/cuts has led to $1000 crumbs for millions; PP bonuses (like Lamborghinis) are earned by the baby parts aftermarket selling of $715 heads and $150 baby hearts.

Medina’s difficulties understanding why home schoolers home educate, is not uncommon: large families are suspect and not relished in our biforcated culture today.  If you have more than two kids, you are accused, subtly or passive-agressively, with blaspheming the population gods.

Sometimes I coach moms of 3, 5 or more kids how to handle DINKOS who stand behind them at Staters, Vons or Ralph’s while she is battling her rug rat, curtain climber or purse popping kids at the checkout stand  The male DINKOS might say:

“Hey, lady, hurry it up.   By the way, don’t you know there’s a population problem?”

If I coached her with the truth, the mom of 5 might smile and pleasantly retort:

“Sir, cute dog you have there but you are absolutely right.  50 countries are one generation away from extinction with no or low birth rates.  My five kids will be paying your Social Security long after your Shitzoo is fertilizer buried in your back ground.  I’m doing what I can to help the worldwide population problem.  The birth dearth is not pretty.  How about you?”

Some of it is selfish disdain for someone having lots of kids; sometimes jealousy.  We don’t have a quantity population problem today on planet earth but a concentration (fly over country at night) on the coasts and large cities that makes it look like we have more than the measly 9 billion people currently on Gaia today.

It is keenly interesting how the Left goes ballistic when someone interferes with a woman’s right to choose to kill her kid, but if she chooses to have an n+1 number of kidlings and educate her living family her way, they throw tantrums.

So a woman’s choice, like so much in our bipolar culture, must fit in the left’s biased preoccupation with the bizarre.

The newsie ABCNNBCBS repeaters (reporters and journalists REPORT the news, not the fakefacters) demonize home schooling as aberrant, survivalist, religious tyrants, social misfits and, having experienced the same, 30 years more of ignorant comments by the anointed.  But since home educators number about 1% and growing, the other bizarre torture (Dahmers, etc) situations mean 99% of them where in societal public and even a tiny few private, traditional schools.

Mr Medina did not introduce a bill to monitor public schools after Sandy Hook.  And, as terrible the 13 Turpintined kids situation was, Sandy Hook elementary was a public school were children died with no homeschooling educator in sight..

Frankly, we just want to be left along; we have decades of proof home educated kids don’t just sit at home AND make solid contributions to society. They save colleges money because they have been thought critical thinking and studying skills etc.

  Posturing to the crowd, a la Medina Roth, is the benefit of the better off leftists; middle class families in the Golden state don’t have time to pontificate. We have to deal with 40% gas sales tax rates, prejudice and evil dispensed by the Moonbeams and Warren Wilhelm NYC mayors who practice social justice re-engineering ad nauseum. A $100 billion useless choo choo, demonizing the substance God mixes with water and sunlight to FEED the WORLD.

If inland empire’s Jose and Richard really cared about children’s welfare, they’d realize when a mom walks into a certain type of health clinic with child and then leaves barren, this is not “normal”, “humane” or even rational.  They’d be pleading with these distraught moms not to kill their future learners.  Future voters of Taxifornia and America.

This undeniable violation of systemic child welfare happens 3000 times a day with the blessing of mainly Democrat leaders like Kamala Harris who got paid $82,000 to defend planned parenthoodlum practices and Xavier Becerra, a former Catholic who has gone over to the Dark Side.  Harri$ is one of those who sat on her assets, hands under butt, while America heard that greatness can return and is returning.  She continues to traffic in human parts while hoping to run for the presidency in 2020 or ’24; there is NO chance this side of her hell she will be president.


The totals are tragic and enormous: 60 million American kids have been aborted so far, (1.9 billion worldwide) sacrificed for parts or convenience BEFORE kindgarten.  As Surgeon General pediatrician Koop points out, there is NO medically indicated need to kill or torture a kid, whether a Turpin torture or an abortionist shoving sharp knives called currettes up a mother’s vagina and cutting up a child that could easily survive outside the womb.

As it is, the junior senator Harri$ still has David’s personal property, even tho the Housekamala harris willie brown baby rose II Subcommittee on Infant Lives used Daleiden’s work to indict 14 people and the FBI is working on them, though their is a bit of a distraction currently at the top of this excellent law enforcement agency (MEMO to Salcedo: authority is a good thing).

Ex-Catholic Xavier, do you know where Mr Daleiden’s stuff is, or are you joining that rouge judge’s contempt chorus. 

Back to homeschooling.

Homeschooling is great for California and the country.  Speaking of money, home based education is not cheap for the families who do it.  Plus, believe it or not, it saves the state of California millions if not billions.   Homeschoolers pay double: with our tax dollars for services we do not use and then for what we use with our children.
Medina Roth, homeschooling is a way of life, not a meal ticket absorbing $78 BILLION next fiscal.  And look what we get for $78 billion per annum of hard-earned property tax dollars.
“Homeschoolers” aren’t hiding in caves. Though we are careful not to see daylight before 3pm on certain days.
tortoises and rose petals

We rescued 30 year old “Little foot”.  Eating recycled rose petals

As a part of our scope&sequence curriculum, our family meets weekly with 30 other families in the inland empire to do chemistry, science, math history government (civics) as well as physical ed activities.  Field trips to Getty, other LA museums, Pacific Aquarium etc are typical parts of home schooling efforts.  Educational choices and teaching materials have exploded including much material on-line to use.  The Beckman “ranch” (2/3 of an acre in Anaheim) has featured science fairs, reptile exhibits including 10 foot pythons, continuous conservational/environmental research, gardening, animal rescue and lots more over three decades: domicilic pedagogy is a way of life.

I call our family’s ‘spread’ an Environmental Research Lab, where we try to be true stewards of the environment.  Instead of using emoticon~laden words, we recycle everything we can.  EPA level ‘Clean water’ comes from reverse osmosis; since the water usage is 2:7, nothing is wasted: the water is transported to our rosebushes.  When the roses go limp, no waste:  we take the rose petals and feed our ‘rescued’ 30 year old Sucata tortoise and fellow tortoises.

Tomatoes receive laser focused water to their roots to minimize weeds and waste.  My sons have done worm farming, hydroponics and more. Eggs come from a few chickens; we do not use central AC because it overutilizes electricity.  Grey water whatever we can.  Compost. We help to increase the bees population with bee pollinating plants. We use single use plastic bags (SUPBs) as much as possible, even though the Algorean heresy hides the truth: SUPBs are made from methane, natural gas high octane waste products, not oil, which now must be burned in the atmosphere by the knuckleheads like Mary Nichols, the Queen of California woman-made air.

Since my kids haven’t been indoctrinated by the Moonbeam Climate Carbon IndoctriNation and their grant guzzling recipients, we still believe that God FEEDS the WORLD combining water and sunlight with the most maligned compound on earth since the first Algorean, Ruckelshaus banned dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane: carbon dioxide.

Realizing being a supreme court justice does not a smart scientist make, we call this photosynthesis and aerobic respirationprocess “photosynthesis” not pollution, like the translucent clothed Emperor Supremes ruled.  In America, we still have the freedom to practice the scientific method. At least, this month.  Unless Algore has retaken the internet he invented, you can Google photosynthesis.  Or, let me give you a hint at the real cycle of life: aerobic respiration and photosynthesis are not enemies of the state.

These ‘coops’ or cooperatives flourish all over the country, modeled on the preferred methodology of education that doesn’t involve institutionalization.  Mr. Medina, please listen.  Yes, home education isn’t for everyone, but please don’t persecute homeschoolers more than you already are, politicians and society. 
If not for any other reason than saving tax dollars.
 If I had my abacus out, over these 30 years, Donna and I did not get the average daily attendance dollars direct deposited to our checking account, allocated by property taxes and the 40% Calif. general budget for our 11:  it was spent by CalEd Inc. on anything they wanted to.  And anyone.  This continues today.   Consider it a gift.
In reality, we saved the California public schools system 132 full school years of funding they could invest in citizen scholars or illegal alien children from Montebello, Mexico or Mars, whatever city, planet or country they come from.  Whether they dream or not.
In fact, I grew up with 10 siblings who attended Catholic schools for all of 4 years, a total of 128 school years worth of tax savings.  And we have paid property taxes for 35 years in the Golden State.
Who knows how much construction was not needed, not having to build n+1 school building or force additional classrooms for these 60 years?  Certainly at least one elementary, high and middle school.
  Trust me, we did not get $11k (today 16K) per kid per school year. At a ridiculously conservative estimate, my kids have saved the wise spenders in Taxifornia  $1.32 million which they have been able to apply to other kids not privileged to have home schooling parents.  Kind of like a 2 for 1, twice the bang for our property tax bucks.
I am calling this year a Renaissance year, a time to revel in our freedoms as a country; the curtains of crony secrecy being pulled open starting with the Memo.
Calling for the first amendment’s implied Freedom to Educate to be honored by the elitists, for parents, whether via the much maligned homeschooling, charter, private or well endowed public ed establishment.
A small favor: Homeschooling without persecution by our state’s rulers.  Opportunities to do this well have exploded and there are plenty of young $kull$ to keep the ed establishment busy:
$16,085 per student or 78.3 billion dollars (Moonbeam’s last budget) is coming your way.  If you survived remedial math, that’s $78,300,000,000 given carte blanche, thanks to Prop 98, to the Public School Educational Establishment.  For 2018-2019.
But not enough for Mr. Medina~Roth where indoctriNation requires more, he wants his fangs in private and home educators, charters and any one not already under his thumb.
Homeschool is not a crime; it is a choice.  Unfortunately our Democrat controlled state capitalists only believe choice applies to the satanist student killers at Maggie Sanger’s neo plantations who extract future math and English learners before they hit daylight.  I know, you think i am a tin-hatted conspiracy theorist: nope, just an observant dad who believes if you toss a gym doctor into jail for molesting girls, which is bad enough; you should stop tax payer supported death doctors from shoving their sharpened curved knives (currettes) up our 13 year old girls’ vaginas and not calling it sadistic rape though sanctioned by Dr. Kamala the Pirate, who salivates over hacked girls outside moms while going into a frenzy about fracked gold coming up from the energy rich California terra firma.
Baby parts sold separately, of course.  As to the public classroom, parents need to be in EVERY session, a PTA style classroom helper/monitor. Of course, never gonna happen.
Mr. Medina and Roth: why not focus on the true problem in today’s world and leave the parents who love their kids alone, to create the next generation of leaders.
Humbly with no delusions of grandeur.  It’s hard, grueling, expensive but rewarding work teaching kids the way we school choicers do it.  Excellent amounts of it are going on in the inland empire and across the country; why not get to know a few of these you threaten with the “deprivation of rights under color of your misguided authority.”  Before you sicc your fave overseer on them.  After all, slavery was emancipated sometime in the 1860s.
Last word from our guest, Michelle Malkin.  Thank you for reading


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