America’s Safest High School & False security guard

When emotionalism trumps common sense, it is important to step up and tell the truth.  And actual, not fake, layered security is a must in a changing world.  It’s bad enough our public school children are sheep today; it’s worse when we adults convert them to sitting ducks though California’s ed budget is $78 billion or $641,160 per classroom per year.

As talk star queen Jen said this morning, Nik Cruz was begging to get caught; IF adults did their jobs, parents, security cop, teachers, FBI, maybe only one kid or teacher would have died.  At most.

As it is, the $100K salary for a school resource officer would have been better spent buying body bags, as it now looks like Stoneman Douglas was a Keystone Kops movie set. 20 minute “tape delay” is NOT real time security camera visuals, folks.  Unreformed HIPPA laws. Indoctrinated community; all contribute to bizarro having owned Val Day.

This hell scenario keeps giving and giving.  Look at this link to see that Sheriff Scott Israel, a Hillary fan, colluded (heard that before) with Broward County Ed Board Nuncie and others to NOT arrest students.  My antenna went up about this sheriff; obviously, damage control and CYA is underway: time for the light on the bureauRats intensified.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office Did Not “Miss Warning Signs” or Make “Mistakes”…

sheriff-israel-hillary-clinton-robert-runcie nik shooting cnn

The plot thickens for Valentine’s Day Massacre II.  WHEN will the Clinton crime syndicate go away?

More information keeps coming out: possibility the sheriff’s department had an agreement with the school to NOT arrest kids for petty theft to keep the ADA money maximized?  Well, it DID!  Damn leftists: we could have something here that rivals the ObamaClinton spy dossier scandal: letting kids escalate crime so the numbers and $$ keep rolling in.  NO REPORT written on Nik’s previous escapades, including tips, not just to the FBI, but to BSOffice, too.  Kids died because of this BS.

Of course, kids realize faster than the speed of sound when they are getting away with stuff; forming minds are NOT adept at processing guns, safety and wise choices: this is what education is about.  And if word’s out, they can do their worst, oh my!  But, Sheriff Israel and BofEd Nuncie didn’t expect their collusion to get kids killed.  Evil lurks all over this mess.

Plus, note the obvious: our culture is not very good at putting “priceless” tags  on our kids’ heads: PP loves to sell reusable organs of aborted children to the highest bidder; do schools ignore their parental loaned responsibility to serve and protect those entrusted to them for education, not ‘indoctrinational’  NEA approved purposes?

Little evidence the kids top the priority pyramid, especially in ‘safe’ Broward county.

This morning, for 15 seconds, as a Diamond Club listener, I mentioned to the excellent Brian and Jen on AM870 The Morning Answer, we have the prototype of school safety in Indiana; for $400,000, they value keeping kids as learning sheep.  Not sitting ducks.

What Brian seems to miss, is you must have layered security protocols to slow down evil doing what evil does best: mayhem, murder and mess.

NO ONE METHOD is adequate and the deceptive CNN Melt the Steel juggernaut will just morph into 3-D printer plastic weaponry.  Point being, the laser focus is on the wrong target: total school security MUST be the real goal, not politicizing student body grief.  Besides, criminals just love those dual messaging God&GunFree Zone billboards.

If one layer fails, others must succeed.  Kids are that valuable.

Our lovable liberal considers the Broward County area was a “safe zone” but that too, is a false sense of security that no longer exists in America.  Even Brentwood was unsafe for two people when a crazed black man killed them.  Then, slow drove his Bronco on national TV.

I live near Disneyland and recently had three cars broken into for cash because we have a “not so transient” transients issue, anchored by the ObamaVille in the Outfield housing project now being remedied along the riverbed.  The Kings & Queens of the Road no longer hit the boxcar rails, but set up shop anywhere they can and for as long as possible.  Back to GunFreeZone signs.

As societal glue dissolves, and chaos is fostered, safety will just be a word in the Dictionary unless adults take action.  Now.

We have the money; it’s just in the wrong line item. California schools get $641,160 PER classroom per year and could actually do school safety from petty funds, if you repurpose an administrator and stop building mansion schools.  And tell the NEA to pound sand.  A teacher or two trained and carrying works, despite Los Alamitos history teacher who says “he was trained to teach not sharp shoot”.  History will repeat itself with that attitude, especially since a teacher staring down a handgun in the hands of a pissed off former student might prefer having an equalizer in his hand, instead of book and dry erase marker.

There was ZERO security at Stoneman Douglas: 2 missed FBI tips, false $100K/yr security guard (false security is worse than none at all), 20 minute delay on real time video, no limited bad guy access.  It was a turkey shoot.  And Nik should have died after the first shot, since the “cop” saw him enter with his bag of mayhem.

The high school named for the everglades and alligator rescuer, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, experienced the unthinkable. They had a Valentine’s Day massacre style killer who took out 2.5 times as many humans as Al Capone, the Florida mobster at the time, who was given credit for taking out 7 of Bugs Malone’s gangstas.  In the Tommy automatic era…not the semi-auto time we live in.

Bugs’ seven were lined up on the wall, sitting ducks for mobster target practice, just like the enrolled (suspended NOT expelled) Nik Cruz went after the 3300 vulnerable sheep, turning them into human sitting and crambling defenseless Donald and Daisy ducks.   Bugs’ garage was NOT a Gun Free Zone.

The father who lost his daughter forever on earth, spoke in the White House: “I’m pissed.  I will never see my daughter again.  It’s not all about guns but making schools safe.”  We fear guns more than evil.  Safety is issue#1.  Conflating controlling guns with students’ safety is foolish; the best way to stop a bad man with a gun is a good man (or teacher) or woman with a gun.  Perfect gun control is HOW to hold the weapon with both hands if necessary.

THE SAFEST HIGH SCHOOL IN AMERICA, Southwestern High in Indiana, HAS ALREADY BEEN IN TOUCH WITH FLORIDA.  Adults may be waking up.

As a principal and teacher for 35 years, and a once a week safety dad for a co-op of home-based educational schools, I have seen a bunch.  Believe it or not, AR does not stand for Assault Rifles.  Guns don’t kill people, bullets do.  Just like knives sheathes don’t, but sharpened blades do.  No humans needed?

Let the victims’ families and students vent.  Without the Corrupted News Network.

When tragedy hits, as it did in Florida, it is important to let the families talk and express their fears, anger, hopes, whys?, AND the kids too.  Last week, two days after Evil Nik did his worst, we buried a 22 year old St Nick, who was a passenger in a tragic, no booze, no drugs, freak car accident.

The car was not charged, nor was the driver.  But the driver will live with the fact he was behind the wheel.  So, steel objects aren’t always the cause just part of the process.

St. Nick had just left Mass, after serving on the altar and receiving Jesus in the Eucharist and was a sleeping passenger when God took him home.  When Patty talked to me two days after the accident, her last question was “Where is Nick today?”  Toughest question ever, as well as the easiest answer: heaven.  He was prepared and ready.

Evil Nik is not prepared for heaven yet, but time will tell, well above my pay grade, where his ultimate desty is.

Evil Nik survived, after passing through 7 layers of failsafe methods of unapplied prevention.  He HAS been charged and may die, not by a bullet, but by lethal injection.

Patiently listening to St Nick’s eight adopted siblings, and parents Fred&Patty meant using two ears and not engaging my singular mouth.  Platitudes do nothing, but compassion demands relationships.

CNN sucks, by the way.  God forbid, if they were actually reporters or a news organization, instead of acting like a RICO conspiracy, they would be reporting that guns had little to do with the quantity of deaths for Valentine’s Day Massacre II.  An almost retired cop refused to shoot the killer, while guarding the sidewalk outside; in this CNN clip, notice how $100K false security guard’s boss, Sheriff Israel bagged on Loesch from the NRA.  Two days later, he realized just how much cowardly lion his employee was and should apologize for his “shoot off his mouth first and eat crow later” barrage of spit.

Deputy sheriff Peterson resigned, by the way. He cowardly would NOT enter the school building, when he heard the first shot, while the shooter was active; this would have reduced deaths by at least one if not a dozen. Add to that:

The FBI screwed up twice, missing two Saw&Saids, preoccupied with the Always Obama Clinton  spy rings’ dossiers and felonious activities on the FBI’s 7th floor. Twice.

Evil Nik was still on the school roles and NOT expelled, with a NikCruz Free Zone sign posted.  The kids were sheep converted to sitting ducks; stopping the Al Capone outdestroyer coulda been stopped by police academy trainees in week one.

Next, you have those newscumbags, pardon my language, total assholes at CNN forcing students to use their bizarre scripted “NRA go away” and “melt guns” lines,  and wave Gun Free Zones signs in Tallahassee and DC; the Corrupted News Network’s naked prostituting of grief was appalling, evil AND criminal deception.

Young skulls need to be educated, not indoctrinated.  And CNN is lower than a snake crawling under a deceptive lawyer.  This is a massive epic failure of those in authority.  And the parents damn well better get on board with protecting their kids themselves.  Schools are just an extension of the family; empowered by parents loaning their kids to others to help educate.  In case the NEA tells you differently, Parents ARE the primary educators of America.  Not the NEA. FBI. CTA and all the other three letter orgs.

Institutionalized Public education “own” the majority of kids; by design, their model is an outgrowth of the industrial revolution’s need for more workers, back to Dewey and the 20s.  AMERICA IS NO LONGER THAT WORLD.  WE NEED TO EMBRACE THE REVOLUTION OF LIFE, LOVE AND TRUTH.  Move into the 21st century.  AND put the kids first.  Priority #1

As to the false security guard, it’s always the same human nature: We protect ourselves and our own, long before we protect others.  It’s human instinct, EXCEPT with mothers forced to kill their kids via sharp knives in satanic death doctor rituals; parts sold separately to uni med labs, of course.  Black heads go for $715 to YaleMed; $150 hearts are shipped by PP to TexMed Branch, FOB Destination.  But, as Brian would say, this truth conflates the issue because preborn kids aren’t students yet and only 1/3 of the future students are hacked to death before kindergarten.  God’s out, human depravity in and Kamala the Prostitute pays back her abortion buddies by raiding private true journalists like David Daleiden; similar to Obama spying on reporters he did NOT like.  FISA: his tool of choice was used on Rosen long before Trump.

And human instinct is why homeschools have ZERO school shootings and no abortions: EVERYONE is related and blood is thicker than water and better kept inside people; not bled out through a gunshot wound when the FBI is distracted covering it’s District of Corruption ass.

The false security guard was conflated by his desire to retire alive and not go out a hero: but he IS the exception.  Certainly not the rule.

AND proof you need the neutralizers of evil closer to the action, that for example occurs when 10-20% of the teachers are trained, prepared, packing and ready to be as close as a mother or father to the instinct to protect their own.  NOT, running out of the room in terror.  Or waiting outside on one’s $100,000 salary for the killing to end.   You CAN”T guarantee heroism, but you can help it occur.

When the lefties via ABCNNBCBS (CNN are letters# 3,4 & 5 of the 9 letter Democrat Far Left media abbreviation I use) hijacked the students opportunity to speak freely, they did evil, insulting their right to free speech, not boost ratings.

All based on a false narrative that Nik was Rambo; he was an incompetent, troubled student still on the roster with NO barriers to his killing as many kids as he did.

Frankly, God only knows why he only took out 17, before going to WalMart and McDonald’s for an early dinner, awaiting pickup.

hands up dont shoot cnn anchorsLook how the “Hands up don’t shoot” groupies at CNN chaos townhall rally treated Rubio, in fact, he deserves a medal for being called an assassin by those hacks.  Calling Dana, the NRA spokeswoman a murderer, demanding she burn in hell, was the final straw on massive societal indoctrination of the hurting.  She could just as easily have been Ben Shapiro at DePaul or CalState LA.  The leftist media, Tapper Inc., just hates reasoned logic, dialogue and the truth.  Truth, being the first to go in their bullying debate methods.  Watching CNN script the kids like it was Hillary debate prep was disgusting, unAmerican and should help lose a few more Demo voters come Nov 2018.

CNN pandered, prodded and manipulated a highly charged emotional student bodynra cnn shooting nik haab tucker carlson and should be ashamed of themselves~if they had a conscience.  I suspect a mind ultrasound would come up empty. CNN has zero journalistic integrity and Jake Tapper should turn in his reporter credentials, replaced with advocacy hack.

The hero 17 year old student, young Haab, just wanted to share HIS views, not the CNN hacks advocacy “journalism”; freedom of the press applies to EVERY American.  And ABCNNBCBS is the king of suppressing the news for their slimy purposes.

There IS hope.  Evil Nik should have been stopped by adults and secure school systems, whether he was carrying a curved knife like abortionists use, driving a truck like jihadist vest wearers or that scary evil gun.   There are solutions out there.

And Nik would HAVE been stopped, if MSDouglas High was serious about school safety, should he try and re-enter the safest high school in America, Southwestern High in Shelby Indiana.  Note he was NOT expelled.

You see, Southwestern Hi has a $400,000 security system; they take student lives serious.  Just a sample and template; each school needs its own threat assessment and systemic solution.

A few:  Bullet proof security doors. Each teech with a panic fob linked to the office.  Cameras monitoring EVERY classroom and hall, that the sheriff 10 miles away can see in real time.  In fact, there are smoke disorientation grenades in the ceiling in the halls that a deputy can trigger remotely that hit the floor and confuse scum disguised as humans.

The kids are trained and drilled at Southwestern, how to use their desks and other objects to reduce their profile.  There is perimeter fencing and so much more.

Because the parents of the school value their kids more than protecting museum pieces and popcorn in theaters, money in banks, etc., which all have security guards and safety measures.  Here’s the link about a school that believes money is better spent on the kids than the administrators.  Here’s the link and watch the smoke bomb video inside:

MSDouglas is a sprawling 3300 student campus with 7+ major buildings, including three story classrooms.  And little security.  Talk about institutionalized targets!  ALL their security was false and illusory.

The Craziest thing is: they already want Nik to win again and tear down the walls of the building where he played “fish in a barrel”; someone’s gotta tell this admin the parents are more interested in shoring up the school’s defenses than doing more destruction, this time a four story building.

Memorials are nice and forthcoming;  but first, please get some adults involved and use the money earmarked for razing and rebuilding a perfectly good building, for the LIVING!  We know it will cost at least $400,000 for a REAL security system.

No different than we should do on the left coast in the Golden State.

As if MSDouglas High is still vulnerable and yes, lightning CAN strike twice in the same place.  El Camino Hi in Whittier just foiled a copy cat, for example. And talk about evil: the National (anti) Education Association is already sneering at Trump’s common sense idea to have a few teachers trained and packing a sidearm.  After all, not all deputies can get to the shooter ESPECIALLY WHEN THE ONLY COP ON THE SCENE WENT YELLOW!  Being a cop is tough enough with weak kneed KaePrick insulting our critical first responders.

“Evil walks among us”. And evil has it’s way when EVERY means of protecting 3300 kids on cnn townhall plants sean nik shooter hannity Valentine’s Day off.  CNN, like other propagandists, will just get more kids killed but they don’t care: they get paid to “report” even “concoct” mayhem, change the news, putting their biases in their own words like they are a female abortionist Lamborghini lover caught on tape.  Integrity is wanting in our crumbling society.

Words to live by:  parents are responsible for who and where they dispense their kids for 6 hours and have reasonable expectations they come home alive.  Governor Moonbeam?

Governor Brown just announced today, as all spendaholics do, the budget surplus yet unrealized is burning a massive hole in his environmental climate change extremist car hating pockets and MUST be spent on remodeling Sacramento and adding more museums and edifices to prostiticians’ blessed Sacramento achievements.

If you are gonna waste it on SacraDEMento, at least return our tax surplus so we can invest in protecting our kids.  You won’t.

You want to waste it on choo choo trains to no where, while burdening us with a horrendous 40% gas sales tax RATE for more crony programs. A nickle here or there for potholes.  But, don’t we “invest” enough on kids for their public ed needs: $16,029 PER student PER year.

After all, we only spend $641,160 PER CLASSROOM per school (40 students) or $320,000+ for a 20 student classroom. For what? 180 six(6) hour days of class time.

Do the numbers: Since teachers get a piddling amount of that and must still buy pencils and school supplies, why not invest in assessing school safety and “hardening” the properties, as if the kids are more important than excessive administrators and union leaders in the California Ed, Inc.’s higher echelons?  Living high on the hog in our capital.

We’ve taken God out of the schools since 1962, added the Dept of Education as Jimmy the Peanut Farmer left office (yes, Brian, Habitat for Humanity is awesome) and today, instead of being #2 in the world in 1980, we now are #17.

What happened? to borrow the NeverGoingAway Clinton book name.  Why the massive slide while we dump more $$$ on the issues.

As to concealed carry teachers, just train 20% or so, and take down the “This is a God and Gun Free Zone” signs; replace with:

“Mr Criminal: only one of our teachers is unarmed; the other teachers are armed and ready.  Dirty Harry said ‘What are the odds? Do you feel lucky?’.  IF you want to live, we recommend trying another sanctuary school in San Francisco or Chicago.  You will not survive your first shot on our campus.” 

Or something similar; criminals love it when the sheep morph into sitting quackers.  They ARE cowards, whether sociopaths, on psychotropic drugs or just assholes who want to shoot from hotel rooms into Country music fans.

What the criminals don’t know WILL slow them down. Just, please tell CNN to shut the heck up and not reveal which teachers are carrying.  Don’t even tell the DC leakers, who plumb better than any Watergaters could.

You don’t need 100% of the teachers armed to add an extra layer of protection after threat assessment, perimeter walls (walls on borders of countries and school properties save lives), single points of entry and other threat reductions to keep the kids entrusted to the institutional admins alive. Not in 17 unnecessary pine boxes.  Even 20% with no one but the principal or other teachers aware who is packing.

$641,160 next fiscal year per classroom, lame sitting duck Brown.  Hack off a few top-heavy administrators, dump the $100 billion choo choo, end crony Dem payoff projects like Feinstein’s rail line for her hubby’s billion$contract; and replace with youthful plainclothes cops plus harden the brick and mortar to keep evil out.

Evil never sleeps nor leaves, but for evil to triumph, all you need is good people and parents doing zip. (Hat tip Burke)

I also propose Mr. Medina (D-Riverside) who sees homeschoolers as his meal ticket to re-election, introduce something else:

“The two deep adult leadership in every classroom” bill, ASB 86.  The first line of protection after you secure the property.

Like the boy scouts have done for 100 years, it’s time that EVERY classroom protect the teacher from the kids and the kids from the teacher.  Call it the Greg Salcido Anti-Indoctrination Protection Act if you want; he’s the Pico councilman who hates dumbsxxt Marines serving overseas to protect the greatest country on earth and said it often to his captive audience.

The second adult? Rotating parents of the kids.  40 kid classroom means only 4 times a year would the same parent be the classroom ‘assistant’.  No more “World’s Priciest Cookies” by sex-ed baker, Mr. Burndt (name not overbaked), whose batch cost California taxpayers $140 million for his semen laced cookies served warm to blindfolded student victims BECAUSE THERE WAS ONLY ONE 21+ IN THE ROOM and NO adult.

I refuse to call this sad planned parenthood teen website practitioner an “adult” OR teacher.  Truth be told, he received a $40,000 LAUSD award for his tasty comprehensive sex s’mores recipe.

Plus, male AND female teachers have 13-15 year olds with crushes on them.

As it is, only 50 female teachers (google it), to date, have had sex with their stud students. Male teachers, the same.

Interesting to note in the crumbling chivalry column, that America’s pastor Billy Graham NEVER rode an elevator alone with a woman; VPence never has lunch alone with a woman who isn’t Karen Pence! The slime media ABCNNBCBS trashes our vice president for being an honorable, devoted husband; their woman’s right to choose is not which kind of schooling a mom gives her children, just that she chooses to kill her kid before birth.

A second adult, at least one mature, mom in the room would slow down a horny teech chasing a hypersexualized and ready for anything coed OR male stud.  Studly Professor Dudley can’t build a romantic statutory rape relationship when a mom is watching his every move.

No cost too; fair trade for free public education that will save millions.  The least a public school parent can do; there is no such thing as a free education, just free lunches in school cafe’s.

When two adults are NOT in the classroom, classes are canceled and parents called to pick up their offspring.  Trust me: this would only happen one time.  Only once will 40 parents have to show up at 9am to kick up their offspring loaned to the neighborhood, or bussed across city, school.

We don’t need another Al Capone do-alike in our schools but moaning about guns is fine, just heat not light.  Please use some of my $1.27 million in unused average daily attendance dollars for 127 school years of NOT using California public ed, at the crisis point: the school campuses.

Time is critical both to do school safety right and right NOW.  After all, mass school killings take less time to kill 17 kids than a planned parenthoodlum does in half a day.

But I guess Kamala Harris is happy with her hate kids and oil mantra: “I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from mother wombs instead fracked up black gold extracted from mother earth”.~I am presidential candidate Kamala Harri$$ and I approve this message.   Just like her boss, ExprezzObama, in his third term as AlwaysObama4ever and PleaseGoAwayClintons.

Kamala, the queen of human traffic cops is fine with (1/3) one third of California’s future students being hacked up before birth; we parents just want to keep the other 2/3s alive long enough to take “readin’, riting’ and ‘rithmatic”


Brian and Jen, thank you for all you do.  Just don’t get bamboozled by the Corrupt News Network indoctrinating the victim’s classmates for their slimy goals.

Oh, and Brian you forgot “Tommy’s Burgers” on Beverly as iconic eateries.  I only sat on hold for 95 minutes today, which I was happy to do, to share 20 seconds of the above, because as a Diamond Club member of AM870 The Answer, what you do IS important.  Oh, and Aloha Jen!  Maybe I DO look like Larry E?!?

Len Beckman

35 years religious ed director and dad of 11.  Real estate professional since ’88.  Humbly admitting I don’t know all the answers but willing to look them up.

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