The ABCS of true school safety

Updated May 18, 2018  Updated Feb 18, 2021  Santa Fe or Holy Faith High saw 9 students and 1 teacher killed today, 93 days after the St. Val Day Massacre in Florida with 17 dead students from Nik Cruz.

I have 11 kids.  Also, as a  veteran of 35 years being a school safety ‘officer’, principal and co-teacher, plus religious ed and youth director, for two types of education entities, I humbly submit my quick analysis and suggestions.

One of the pictures that is seared in my mind, from the St Valentine’s Ash cruz mom crying stoneman valentineWednesday Massacre, a la sitting duck student shootout,  is a distraught Catholic mother consoling a child.  It turns out, this perfect image, may be that of Mayor Christine Hunschofsky; if not the excellent mayor, it conceptualizes the grief.  This mom had gone to early Mass that fateful Wednesday and rose to the occasion of displayed evil in the afternoon.  Her child is gone.

I have no time for the wide-eyed, deranged Cruz pic, because it is obvious he was screaming to be caught, a mentally defective sick soul.  But, school safety is not BSO’s, Cruz’ or the state’s responsibility: ultimately,  it is OURS as parents.  Parents, DEMAND your school district ignore the Corrupt News Network’s political fixation on Gun Control, and take over SCHOOL CONTROL yourselves: it is your kids on campus and your tax $$ supporting not so free public schools.

Catholics, of which I am a card-carrying member, believe we are fragile and temporarily on earth, for at most 110 years; ‘from and to dust’ is our destiny after a well-lived life.

This mom’s ashen forehead cross bore the reminder we begin from basic organics and turn to dust when we leave earth; in between, how long we live is a combination of genetics and safe passages, triumphs and tragedies, in life.  Her important Lent “cross”, the cross she carries now,  began that day in earnest; Easter, which is on April Fool’s day this year will see no Resurrection, just Hope, for the slain 17.  We owe it to their memory to harden and safety-ize our schools.

Some of THE most vulnerable and in need of protection are our young.  Unarguably, we fail 1/3 of our children right out the birth door, by allowing them to be killed before they become students.  This is a basic scientific and societal truth: we can’t get school safety right for the smallest, allowing them to be sacrificed at planned parenthood kill mills. Let’s walk past this anomaly for a moment and look at the rest of the K-12ers’ safety.

It took Mr. Edison 117 “failures” to perfect the incandescent light filament. The Cruz calamity was the perfect nexus for the textbook school stranger danger event, with it’s 117 fails.


Cruz was known to be a budding school shooter on social media and to many see-saw-say citizens.  39 45  66 (number keeps rising) Broward County Law (BCL) encounters, at home and school. 2 solid FBI ‘see something said something’ tips never got to Miami or Florida in the increasingly centralized Fed bureau.

Neighbors, even students’ first instinct was “Cruz” when the shots started to ring out.  Everyone knew. Peterson and 3 other BCL cops proved the 2nd amendment needs to stand, as Coward Cnty’s finest kneeled outside while Cruz killed kids, coaches and teachers.

The fateful BCL four still froze, even when Coral Springs Law (CSL) rushed in to stop the elusive killer and help the injured.  Parameds were blocked by BCL from doing triage, so more kids bled out. Yes, an epic fail.  Elected Democrat Sheriff “Egotist” Israel is no Andy Griffith or John Wayne: he prefers his mug on TV, CNN townhall ambushes and in the papes over adequate training his cops, protecting and serving Floridians.  Soon, he will be gone.  And what does OJ have to do with his incompetent response, anyways?

There was NO real time video monitoring of criminals, classes or halls BECAUSE of the Runcie/Israel deflate the football, game the system, idiocy.  27 minute tape DELAY means Cruz was munching his McMac and Coke for 21 minutes before his massacre first showed on the screens in the office, or wherever the heck they were “monitored”.  It might as well have been a Blockbuster Netfliks store.   One presumes this was done to “hide” the evidence that some kids are criminals, even in “safe” Broward County.

Meanwhile, ex ‘Chicago’ Dem Superintendent Runcie gamed the safety zones of kids by the fake stats game.  He turned Stoneman Douglas into a sanctuary school, bringing the Obama (this failed president just keeps on giving and giving) instituted ‘cook the minorities stats’ Promise program with him.

So turn the vulnerable, maturing learning sheep into sitting ducks.

Fed dollars for NOT being adult: confronting and arresting student criminals, allowing escalation into major crimes; if he was so successful in Chicago, why do more blacks kill black teens and 700 murders in an average year?  Crime pays ONLY when good people do not confront evil at every turn.

He colluded with “Ego” Israel to NOT arrest kids inside building 12 and others; unlike his namesake Jerusalem capitaled country where with armed defenders, there have been NO school killings for decades.  Ego is in love with his Rambo image instead of job1: protect and serve the parent’s offspring AND the people of Broward County. 5800 employees under this elected Democrat who prefers the limelight to sunlight on his deputies’ policies.

It’s racist for Runcie to trade effective parenting and protecting students to improve the black kids’ graduation rates for dollars.

But, by ignoring crime, you energize the criminals and embolden bullying, drug sales and other petty crimes while putting hardworking students in further danger. In schools AND society.

Biggest losers are the students who got a pass numerous times, instead of laser focused discipline.  Yes, I know fatherlessness is a chronic problem; so solve the problem with male mentors and other ideas, instead of letting the 3 year old spoiled tots throw tantrums.  Dem policies sadly are pervasive.  And get kids killed.

Petty crime became death penalty felonious when Cruz dispensed bullets, not nickle bags or pot.  Kids died.  And students of ALL colors need to be held accountable; this is how SOCIALIZATION occurs.  Choosing right over wrong is a character quality this dad expects the schools to encourage not violate.  SuperRuncie may improve the 20 point spread between black and white grad rates by NOT suspending, expelling or arresting the budding prison lackeys, but it cost 17 lives.   Is 17 dead having higher stats for more ADA and Promised Promise grant dollars?  Look in the mirror and ask yourself.

Runcie’s solution even let Cruz off with a NUBR or unmonitored “no unconcealed backpack rule”, which I think was violated with his AR-15 carry-on luggage.  IF Cruz had been arrested, he would have made the no guns list, any of the 66 times law enforcement and the school made contact since age 9.  Epic fail.

And, God only knows why it wasn’t 50 or more dead kids, what with Broward County’s finest imitating freeze tag on the school’s periphery.    As it is, Cruz passed Al Capone’s Val Day Mass 7 kill record before Dpty Peterson soiled his pants and defrosted from his frozen state behind a car or wall.

Like at the southern border, there was no wall around the campus, unlimited access to students and killers alike.  But, fear not, we can learn from our failures and stop the next school sitting duck shooter if we act fast.   What do we do?


Safety begins with uncommon common sense. By the way, in California, we HAVE the money, to protect our kids AND teachers.  Every student is worth $16,029 a year UNLESS dead or aborted.  Gruesome viewpoint?  No, just realist.  No aborted kid fetches $16K from the $78billion education lockbox.  A 40 kids class fetches, believe it or not, $641,160 PER YEAR.  We all know the teacher doesn’t get half, maybe 5%.  QED: there’s plenty of money in Calif. public ed (and other states) to keep the kids alive long enough to graduate.  Look at the ABCs of layered school safety.

A is for Arm the Teachers

On May 18, 2018, Santa Fe High saw 9 kids and 1 Teacher killed; when Lt Gov Dan asked the students their solution, they said in unison: ARM the TEACHERS.

One classroom over from where the Holy Faith (Santa Fe) Hi terrorist was killing sitting and running duck students, the teacher was a Marine.  Unarmed.

Arm a few anonymous teachers and administrators in each school and take down the GunFree Criminal RSVP signs.  Only the principal’s admin staff and teachers know who is.  Certainly NOT the Cruz Killers of the world.

All day, we walk next to armed guards at malls, banks, concerts, Harveywood premieres and celeb backpatting events, at airports, and for the faith-filled, at churches.

Ever been inside a bank?  We defend flat Lincolns, Jeffersons and Franklins with guns and guards, but our

$100 bill Ben Franklin

Benjamins in the bank are more protected than the organic Benjamins in the schools


Multiple entrances and open season on students on campus.  No threat assessment while it’s becoming more popular to shoot at living kids outside the womb instead of on video game screens.


Are our Bens and Bettys worth more alive, than well protected Benjamins?

Why not protect our kids, entrusted to strangers for 6 hours a day 180 times a year?

The idiotic DC guvocrats don’t get it: training is available for CCWing school personnel and its the first AND last but best layer of school safety .  Though infrequent, the average duration of senseless school massacres and shootings is 3 minutes.

Response time even for the best (outside Broward County) police/sheriffs: 6 minutes.  The terrorist can be at McD munching on a Big Mac before the boys and girls in blue arrive.

Look at the hierarchy of responsibility: human nature is instinctive: we protect ourselves, family, friends then neighbors then strangers: in that order.

For example,  Homeschoolers are first level protection; Brick and Mortar schools have teachers generally NOT related to the students; but teachers LOVE their students, still and want them safe.  As happened at MSDouglas and Santa Fe high, teachers AND students died from the same types of perps.

If coach Aaron Feis had been armed, maybe 10 or more would have lived in Florida.

A big guy, unlike the BCL Barney Fife deputies, he ran TO & INTO the fray without a defensive weapon.  He knew instantly it was gunfire NOT firecrackers.  Willis May, head coach, reported: “I heard Aaron say, ‘No, that is not firecrackers.’ That’s the last I heard from him.”  So, because Super Runcie and school principal Ty Thompson did not want armed teachers, more died.

We have a widow and young half orphan daughter because of Cruz and incompetent school officials.  Same with the Santa Fe Marine teacher next door to the Art room being shot up: he was armed on the battlefield but not where most needed: high school.

An armed teacher is the closest and best defense for a classroom full of kids.  All you need is a few, since the Dems, who prefer unarmed kids knifed to death by their campaign contributors at AbortInc, will block 100% arming school personnel.

Once just one anonymous teacher is armed, then, word gets around to the cowardly Cruzes:

“Mr Criminal, our teachers are armed.  If you enter a classroom, think Dirty Harry “Do you feel lucky, today, Perp? Am I armed or not?  If so, I will kill you upon arrival”  This bizarre NoGun mentality by leftist radicals just gets our kids killed. 

The abysmal Corrupt News Network NRA Ambush is the perfect example of idiots in power with an agenda kidnapping student body emotions for their insane ideologies.

Here’s a maxim: you want the protection as close to the target as possible. EVERY kid in a B&M public school is a target today.  You won’t arm every student, but arming the teacher is the first line of offense and last line of defense.  Like an officer in the field, he may never pull his sidearm during his career.  Most never do except for gun range practice.  Not every teacher has the courage or stamina, trainability to be armed.  But you only need one in a school, unknown to outside perps and inside students, to make a difference.  Frankly, I’d prefer a teacher I do know to a security guard I don’t, being armed to protect my kids.

B is for build.

Build the perimeter.  If i called it a wall, you’d think southern border, the Trump wall and throw a tantrum (if you are a Regressive Leftist); we don’t need walls and security except around our bank vault Benjamins.  Tell that to the dead 17 at MSDouglas or 10 at Sante Fe, Texas.

Definitely, a southern border will keep criminal aliens like evil carteliers, MS-13 gangbangers and billions in drugs out, but then the Democrat voting base would be impacted.

ALL schools need to limit those who come on campus

ALL the time they are open.  B&Mortar schools are an extension of homeschools after age 5: homes have walls and locked doors to keep evil out.  So should EVERY B&M school property.  Would the Santa Fe killer have been able to place bombs around the school if it had been hardened?  Unlikely.  Where’s the camera footage BEFORE school?

Walls and fences protect and channel students and visitors alike to various points of entry.  Students MUST have biometric IDs; the technology is here. Limited them to one or a few, WITH metal detectors and bag/backpack inspections.  With 3D printing into resins and plastic, plastic shivs and guns can get through so 100% inspection is important.  “Beckman, it takes time and are schools are not prisons!”   Ok, NEA and AFT, various school boards, these aren’t YOUR kids just loaned students which you fail at protecting.  We parents don’t give a damn that you worry about the superficial over the substantive.  We want our kids carrying the lunch bags TO school and not coming home in a body bag.  Ever hear of Nik Cruz?

We prefer live “prisoners” to dead unwalled unprotected offspring, Mr Professional Educrat.  It’s long past time for parents to get pissed, like Andrew Pollack, who doesn’t blame guns but lack of common sense school security for the fiasco that killed his daughter.

C is for Cops & Guards

Cops and Guards are everywhere in society and necessary for schools.  A 3300 student body was massacred in Florida because their “school resource cops” were worse than ineffective; they gave a false sense of safety.  False Security guards like Peterson and the BCL deputies is unacceptable.   I recommend a reasonable number of same, after a solid threat assessment, based on school size, both in property and numbers, and the area it is situated.  Stoneman Douglas High (MSDHi) had “don’t see, don’t ask, don’t tell on criminals” policy and incompetent security.  27 MINUTE DELAY IN THE VIDEO TO PROTECT THE REGRESSIVE LEFTIST IDIOTIC SUPERINTENDENT RUNCIE.

D is for Doors.  Bullet proofed & auto lockable from a central location.

Doors provide access to both good and evil (yes, evil is real.  Think Capone’s lookalike on Ash Wed/Val Day.  We have doors on homes and businesses to protect those we love.  Do we love students any less?  Most kids come from parents and are on loan to chosen outside educational entities.  The safest school in America is Southwestern High in Indiana.  They have autolocking doors, panic fobs on their teachers, smoke grenades linked, like REAL TIME video feed, to the sheriff who can see and deploy them.  Also, the office, unlike Duncie Runcie Hi, sees what’s happening IMMEDIATELY. Not 27 MINUTES later after the kids are dead and the perp at McDonalds before Coral Springs chased him down.

E is for End Insane Educratic social experimentation on our precious children.  Sanctuary schooling got kids killed.  Just like criminal alien sanctuaries do in Taxifornia

Ending our schools as leftists’ guinea pig labs is a must; due to the Massacre, we now know it is nationwide.

Cruz’s  MSDHi, under Duncie Runcie wanted to suppress minority crime stats, so petty student crimes were ignored.  Lowering the percentage of minorities in prison starts at the B&M (brick and mortar) schools apparently.  But, ignored crime in ANY sanctuary locale, leads to more of it and escalation into felonies including murder.

It conditioned cops as well.  BCLaw officers’ softened approach to law enforcement is textbook proof if you see a crime, you arrest.  It’s NOT the cops nor the educrats responsibility to ruin students’ lives by letting them get away with …murder and other crimes.  That is the court system.  Faking the stats, folks, got kids killed.

No one but Dem social engineers care about racist stats.  It is evil to coddle minority OR majority crime.  Define deviancy down serves no good purpose…except getting dollars to schools for higher average daily attendance payback of taxpayer dollars for education.

F is for fix NICS

Fire BCO’s Israel is a good start in Florida; the Broward County Sheriff’s office has 5800 employees and is one of the largest sheriff’s org in the country!  Any school safety program requires competent, focused and qualified law enforcement at the top AND the bottom.  The writing is on the wall.  For any school safety program to work, it requires effective procedures and communications between school officials and law enforcement, first responders and parents.

Meanwhile fix NICS: “The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is a United States system for determining if prospective firearms or explosives buyers’ name and birth year match those of a person who is not eligible to buy.”

G is for Gauge Safety.  First, then plan, act and execute.

Gauge Safety.  Plan Accordingly.  You must start with a personalized threat assessment before you build your first wall section.  The FBI is made up of good rank and filers; the missed Cruz tips happened at the call center and never hit Florida; and the most criminal and corrupt abuse of power at FBI DOJ top has become a resources destroyer.  But the ranks of the Federal Bureau of Investigation are ready to help keep our kids alive.

They could visit and help map out a real safety program.  I did it with my wife Donna; we practiced two teachers per class for our religious ed program which occurred AT NIGHT in a tough inner city location involving 1st-12th graders; we had protection in place, protocols for safety; my son Josh even wrote a Stranger Danger plan when it was important during the early Adam Walsh days.  We dealt with non-custodial issues, probation kids and more.  No night school shootings occurred.

H is for Hold adults accountable in the classroom: the “Two Deep Adults in EVERY classroom safety plan” 


As a former Scoutmaster, the inviolable rule of BSA was “Two deep” or cancel.

Any scouting event where TWO adults were not present, no longer were scouting events and ended with parents picking the kids up prematurely.  Even campouts.  Frankly, let me announce the “Two Adults in EVERY Classroom” law proposals for the prostiticians to pass this month.

Details: No teacher in a classroom alone with ANY number of students. EVER!

  If counseling a student, the door is wide open so people walking by can see what is happening.  The age of darkness is over: teachers AND students equally need safety.

The second adult?  A parent, rotated, no cost to the bloated school district budgets.

B&M public schools get a lot more money from us taxpayers than homeschools and other private school choices.  There is no such thing as a free school lunch OR free school; someone pays.   Every 500 student K-12 school in California will get over 8 MILLION dollars 2018-2019; 1000 student: $16 million.  The $$ are there.  Take charge, parents, away from the educrats with their agendas.

Class of 40?  Every family “pays” back by volunteering for one day every 40 school days.  Or one day every 20, dependent on size   Why, to save kids and dollars.

Mr. Berndt was a sex ed & baker who laced his cookies with personal sperm icing and fed them to his blindfolded students;  for his efforts, he got $40,000 bonus from LAUSD and teachers’ union, while we taxpayers paid out $140 million to the victims and their families. He finally went to prison, but at what cost?

The “Two Adults” program would have prevented this.  Also, a parent in the room would dose the flames of student-teacher sexual interaction; google “female teachers have sex” and you see the top 50 actresses, both hetero and homosexual, who go after students.  Do the same for male.

We can’t trust our teachers will speak and do appropriately without verification.  We taxpayers and our children deserve the best.  On the distaff side, hypersexualized students have crushes on their teachers as well.  A mom in the room OR dad, would help keep a room safe.  For both students and teachers.

“Beckman, what happens when a parent doesn’t show up?”  The school office calls the parents on speed dial and tells them their kids’ class is canceled. Or group texts the families.

Guess what?  Would only happen once, like it did in scouting.  Parents need to be trained, too. It’s the least parents can do, since taxpayers are paying for their kid(s) education.

I is for Indoctrination: no more.

Indoctrination is now endemic and pandemic in B&M public schools. Keeping it this way is why CTA or NEA will fight my two adults deep proposals.

You can’t fire teachers for what they do very easily.  And what they say?  We are blessed with millions of good teachers, but for the safety of our kids’ minds, hearts and souls, we must evaluate the “education” process in real time.  Rotating parents is like arming a few teachers: teachers don’t want to be turned in for malfeasance.  Education is imparting knowledge not agenda.  The Left is getting kids killed; now they want age 18-21 girls unarmed to make rape easier.  Meanwhile, our kids are forced to listen to their bankrupt diatribes.

Proof?  Ever hear of the Greg Salcido Syndrome?  He was a Pico Rivera councilman and anti-military anti-American ideologue who called Marines dumbshits for serving our country overseas. Parents and vets “invaded” the next Pico Board of Ed meeting.

Truth be told, many military people have degrees and smarts Greg would never understand, since he was a lone wolf spouting 60s hippie ‘make love not war’ rhetoric until…caught on cell phone in REAL time.  Not 27 minutes delayed.  The truth has consequences.  He was finally fired, but if a parent is in the room with him, at least one adult is present.  And he would have been still working.

Parents loan their kids to public education incorporated to learn, not become snowflake leftist dribble drooling robots.  Look no farther than the Harveywood 101 Freeway on 11-9-16 if you don’t believe me that our leftist professors indoctrinate, not educate, college kiddies.  And the K-12 indoctrination is legion as well.

After all, another I: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  School shooters have been operational since 1764.

J is for JUST use common sense.  Asked and answered.

K is for Killing. No more.

We took out the Ten Eternal Suggestions, one of which is “Thou shalt not kill!”  Hate the religiousness of thees and thous, then call it “Don’t kill another”.  Oh, and that heavenly entity, God has been banned as well.  Causation or Correlation?  The Left will never agree.

Time to end killing on the B&M Campuses.  Schools have different levels of safety “ratings”; some 100% secure, others maybe 1%.  This needs to change immediately, to harden the softest targets in society where hundreds of students gather: public schools.

Not every parent can homeschool their kids, where the school shooting tally is still zero.

You just need parents and adults to reason and think: “I secure my home.  Why don’t I demand we secure my kid’s school property as well?”  Better stated, why not team up with other parents to survey your school, with students/teens doing the walkarounds and hearing their comments.  Act and plan accordingly.  Parents, it is UP TO YOU!

Leftist Free Zone signs.  Awarded ONLY when earned.  NOT in Sheriff Israel’s county yet.

M is for More Communication and Mental Illness evaluations

More communication with your kids about guns, school life, making the alone feeling a part of school life is sooo critical.  The downside of cell based social comm is it isolates people, and “removes” the need and inclination to socially interact.  As parents, friends, et al.  My three youngest are becoming black belt Karate kids.  How about yours?

Valentine Cruz was in trouble starting at age 9; maybe, IF he had a set of friends who challenged him, and included him, I wouldn’t be writing this.  MetLife is running ads about lunch programs where NO student, even in 3300 student megaschools like Stoneman Douglas Hi, eats alone. If you analyze this, lunch time is the longest time during a B&M school day where open exchange with friends can occur.

Socialization and good values are imputed through adults much more than teens, but school should be a time of education and building lifelong friendships.  Apparently, it wasn’t for Cruz.  Very apPARENTly.  His mom died, his ‘adoptive’ family had no clue.  Even with 45 66 cop contacts & 2 FBI tips.

N is for the No Mores. 

No more CNN emotional kidnapping circuses; turning 16 year olds into Democrat party hacks spouting melt down all guns.

O is for open eyes and ears. 

We MUST observe what is happening around us.  It’s called situational awareness and we parents MUST teach our children to NOT trust someone because they are in our safety zone.  Do you want your kids to be sheep or sitting ducks?

P is for Parents

Parents: you loan your kids to others whenever you allow them to visit friends, do sleepovers, work in the marketplace and head to school.

Start acting as if the educational industry does NOT belong to superintendents, Sacramento, DC, local school boards.  Your offspring are on B&M campuses 6,8,10 hours a day.

In California, we taxpayers pay your child $16,029 per year to be educated; NOT to NEA, CTA but to you, the parent. 

Demand some of that massive amount ($641,160) of annual classroom dollars being invested in keeping your kid alive as well as educated.  Indoctrination and dead are not school choices that I find acceptable.

Speaking of educational choice, EXERCISE it!  The options have exploded, with public, private, Khan Academy type, home educational hybrids.  This is not the Kansas plains with the Little Red Schoolhouse anymore.  Unless, of course, you choose to home educate, where the student:teacher ratio is excellent and chance you will be alive at school day’s end the best in the ed industry.  ALL families home educate for the first 5 years, until kindergarten looms: evaluate ALL options.

Another P: Panic Buttons on every teacher in the school, linked to the office and sheriff department.  It works at Southwestern Hi and other schools prepared to deal with evil

Q is for Question every safety step. 

Hold your educational professionals’ feet to the fire.  But, honestly, YOU are the first ed professional in your kids’ lives: profession means what it implies: YOU as a parent are the primary educator of children in what we Catholics call the “domestic church”.  God created the family as the means to create the next generation; in too many ways, our society has torn the family safety zones down and invaded the safe space families life accords maturing young people.

R is for Require

Require an honest and thorough threat assessment of every school property and every off site field trip.  The insanity of the Corrupt News Network (CNN) kidnapping thousands of teens’ minds and then engineering their transport to No Mo’ Gun rallies, without adequate safety, just shows how much the Regressive Left values your kids.  They love them…as political pawn.

If your kid spends time out of your sight with other adults in charge, you have a right to demand the best. In the malls, at the bank, at the airport, in schools.  From school districts and superintendents of PUBLIC education.

Trust this: there is money IN the current ed budgets.  Yes, they may have to x out some administrators or maybe not build so many mansion compounds to educate your kids, discontinue some of the left’s perceived educational MUST haves, but the money is there.   Education is evolving and the monopoly on public ed still lives in the 1920s and before.

California, where I have lived for decades since birth, is investing $78 billion tax dollars 2018-19 fiscal. That’s $641,160 per 40 kid room.  As it is, there should be a couple hundred bucks available to keep the students alive long enough for the Cal Public Ed Inc. industry to collect every ADA dollar they lust for. $16,029 per kid per year, of course, is not enough if you spend every penny wastefully.  But that is the PARENTS responsibility.  There is NO such thing as a free lunch, school or otherwise.  Nor, is there a free education.  Spending a few days a year by each parent in the “Two Adults Deep Classroom” law is a small enough price to see your grandkids.  Grandkids ONLY come along if your student child graduates ALIVE.

If Santa Fe high, with 1300 students, was in Taxifornia, it would be getting $20,837.700 or almost $21 MILLION this year for every campus with 1300 students.  One less administrator (bureaucracies grow and grow) and junket will be missed: the money is there, the will will come ONLY if the PARENTS get involved.   Before the next Santa Fe hi happens in the Golden State or ??  Gun control is not needed; we have had background checks since the NRA proposed them.  We need SCHOOL Control by the parents, the real stateholders.  NOT CNN or the NEA, who are all about politicizing and using the students.

S is for the Safest schools in America. 

Southwestern High school in Indiana brags such.  Learn from others; parents, YOU are the key, not teachers’ unions or NEA; they exist to maximize dues and teacher’s pitifully low salaries compared to admin and other ed costs.   Check out solutions of other schools.  We have known since september 2015 there is a better choice:

T is for Truth (it is out there) AND Threat Assessment (mentioned b4).

Parents: studies show that school shootings and deaths are actually declining; it’s just since schools make the softest targets for the demented, the showboaters, the mentally ill, the “Go out with a bangers”, still more students die from drownings and bike accidents.

Everyone knows school’s won’t ban water or two wheelers, but it’s good to note that a lot of missteps and statements don’t match truth when emotional kidnapping happens.

CNN didn’t create a townhall for school drownings, to ban pools from schools, despite the fact 625 kids under 15 died from water inhalation in 2013.  It’s about keeping kids safe away from home; not taking guns out of young adult women 18-21 so they have a target on their back for the next rapist or mugger on college campuses or on the way to work. The first words from the Santa Fe Hi survivors was: ARM the TEACHERS.  The trainable ones;  like the Marine next door to Dimitry as he shot the Art students, being unarmed.

I know, part of the problem is the Regressive Leftists are demented themselves, hating military and a safe America.  They distrust the well trained protectors and love chaos.

God gave us brains to occupy the space between our ears; and students, by the wacky Sheriff I’s own words, are not mature enough to make policy.  The young stars of the media from Stoneman are in mourning and this aids the process of healing.  But not when ideologues from Democrat HQ central steals their emotions for their own idiotic reasons.   And the arrogant SacraDEMento left and DCesspoolians will never admit that killing students INSIDE moms has an impact on the psyche of the nation.

Truth is, Cruz’ mistake was not getting his medical degree so he could use assault knives up moms’ vaginas to kill kids inside the borders of a womb, at will.  Instead, he used a semi-auto (auto weapons were banned 100 years ago) AR-15 to kill 17 of his former classmates to make some insane point.  planned parenthoodlums, truth be told, kills 1/3 of the future students of America.  60 million American kids since 1973.  CNN and the DNC would be praising Cruz if he killed 17 kids before dinner as Dr Cruz, med director of Planned Parenthood, Orange CA. Tustin Ave @ the 22 freeway.

Guns and the NRA have become the lightning rod for Sheriff Barney Fife/ F Troop level deputy incompetence, Runcie’s social engineering (he’s from Chicago where he and the Promise Program cooked the books as well) and general governmental breakdown in a public school.

The perfect storm happened, now it’s time to clean up the unsafe issues.  Runcie did to Chicago what he took to Florida: instead of dealing with student crime and students as criminals that need arrest and remediation, he toed the ‘racism’ line complaining minorities that commit crimes are not criminals and should be coddled, given multiple passes until something really bad happens.  Like a murder.

Runcie, it happened under your watch!  Turning Stoneman Douglas into a sanctuary school did a disservice to students who need disciple, students who needed safety from the bullies and, oh yeah, 17 dead teens, coaches and teachers.  No one can bring them back (Jesus did it with Lazarus, but He art in heaven) but we can finally learn the truth and real lesson.  Meanwhile that New Mexico politician who’s 15 second ad “Fxxk the NRA” proves his calvarium is brainless; what a total idiot.  A calvarium by the way is the clinical name for a child’s head that was sold to YaleMed for $715 a couple years ago.  Exposed by the Infant Lives hearings on baby parts sold separately.

As it is, FIVE guns were misused at MSDouglas Hi: the Cruz AR-15 and 4 Broward County deputies’ service weapons stuck in the “unused” position, whether brandished or used to stop a St Valentine’s Day / Ash Wednesday Massacre that passed Al Capone for notches within two minutes.  27 minute time delay on the video meant it was a B-movie, not a law enforcement tool.

A true Threat Assessment would have helped; it will involve the FBI (rank and file are NOT the problem, it’s the 7th floor in DC and centralized tips that didn’t make it to the Everglades state); local police, parents, contractors, security companies and more.  But, turning tail and running cannot be assessed until acting under fire.

U is for Unintended Consequences

Look for them and remedy.  Every ideologic action yields both intended AND unintended consequences, both of which can be good or evil.

“At least one of the students will not return to Stoneman Douglas (today); she will complete her studies on-line.”  Sound a lot like homeschooling, possibly with charter school video tooling.  Many parents may exercise their parental choice rights by going to another school or homeschooling their children. 

In fact, in light of the next school massacre 93 days later in Texas, come September 2018, maybe hundreds maybe thousands more will go the homeschooling route.  Michelle Malkin agrees:  Homeschooling is a Choice, not a Crime.  It is a way of life whose time has come.

Verify, frequently, progress in improving and maintaining safety.

Organize other parents to be the second adult in every classroom if your B&M public school refuses to administer.  You will find out public schools, led by the NEA, hate oversight.  They love no interference by adults who happen to be parents.  But if adults were monitoring Stoneman, they would have noticed that petty crime and student criminals were allowed to continue their evil ways with no corrective action.  Hand slaps aren’t even legal in some states for discipline, yet that is what the Promise Program has become: money causes lots of actions when tossed at the problem as a solution.

Weapons training IS a solution.

Mr. Stephen Willeford

Moms and dads: in your home, you have a drawer of knives at home or like we have, a butcher block of Cutco cutlery that my college son Zach sells.

The Corrupt News Network hasn’t run a townhall on banning knives.  Yet. Probably never will, since it would mean banning abortion.

It wasn’t that long ago, guns were not the gods of fear.

In fact, if we spotted mold in the bath or kitchen, we used gloves, sprayed Chlorox and “killed” it off without NASA style space suits.

In some ways, we are regressing, devolving in society subject to ideologue indoctrination.  Male and female used to be the genders of choice we couldn’t change; we all have the same original parentage going back to the First Couple, Adam and Eve.  There is ONE human race and not 12 first couples.  The genome basically is identical for a black or white, short or tall, fat or skinny human.

And it wasn’t that long ago, I got calls from friends about seeing my picture on TV;

len beckman picture with tie and blue background

Len Beckman is not as handsome as his doppelganger Mr Willeford

apparently I have a doppleganger in the hero of Sutherland Spring Baptist massacre Nov 2017.

Stephen Willeford used an AR-15 to save many lives, confronting the Cruz du Jour in Texas who was shooting up Baptist church goers.  Yes, an AR-15.  He ran across the street from his home, just like Coach Aaron ran across campus in Florida, to confront evil.  The difference is stark:

Willeford lives, the coach is dead.  ONLY because one was armed and the other empty handed.  Like the Marine next door to Dimitry the Holy Faith killer.

Kids used to take their “long guns” to school so they could shoot rabbit for dinner on the way home; I just love how the leftists trade on our fears and kidnap our young peoples’ emotions for their ill-gotten gains.

Parents, some of you have guns; some don’t.  Either way, please demystify guns by getting into a family gun safety program.  Visit sanctioned shooting ranges and learn to know the sound, the effect and how to handle defensive weapons.  Let your kids practice target shooting safely.  If they are in Boy Scouts, they learn to use 22 rifles (an AR-15 is a .22 using .223 munitions) at scout camps, along with shot guns, bows and arrows, and about 121 different skills called ‘merit badges’.  We still own 7 tomahawks for target practice.

You want critically thinking, ready for life children at college graduation: not sniveling snowflakes scared of their own shadows.

My 9-11 II, was on 11-9-16, watching hundreds of indoctrinated college students following their arrogant tenured profs like sitting ducks and mind-numbed sheep walking the HarveyWood 101 freeway. 

Somehow, these snowflakes never learned that a raised hand is not a good “weapon” to stop an 18 wheeler gas truck going 55 on public highway.  Just like a cocealed weapon in the hands of 10% of the teachers and school personnel, well trained and competent, is the first AND last layer and level of school safety.

EVERY gun is a defensive weapon UNTIL used to assault someone.  Feinstein and Kamala Harri$, who love to kill kids with ‘Aborters without Borders’ knives, trip over each other demanding law abiding people not have guns.  60 million kids have not died by guns; that stat goes to Kamala’s friend at the National Abortion Federation who paid her $82,000 for her senate run.  She repaid NAF by invading David Daleiden’s home with her 11 armed goons, carrying AR-15s, to steal his thumb drives.  On the drives? videos of abortionists admitting with glee they use ultrasound like a sniper scope to line up for the kill babies inside moms waiting for delivery.  Hacked up and organs divided.  Parts sold separately of course.  According to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), YaleMed paid $715 for a black head and TexMedBranch paid $150 for non-lethal injected baby hearts and livers.  It’s a mantra but it’s true.  Nik Cruz IS the responsible adult who killed 17, not the device in his hands.  At least today, though under Democrat inspired assault, the 2nd amendment still protect us from the Stalins, Hitlers, Maos, Kim Junk Ins and other despots who prefer us as sitting ducks not standing patriots.  Homework assignment: watch The Patriot and see a sample of how much blood was invested in created these United State and form a fractured, but more perfect union.

Use the brain: If we ban EVERYTHING that leads to undesired death, we would ban trucks (ISIS jihadist truck as peoplemowers), water (drownings), knives (abortionist have killed 1.9 BIllion future students worldwide so far), sugars (diabetic deaths) and old age.  And of these, currettes wielded up mothers’ vaginas are the #1 preschool killing devices in the world by far.  And you, parents, have a few of them in your kitchen.  A currette is a curved knife used to butcher preschool kids into resalable parts.  Someday, we may wake up to this reality; in the meantime, ‘harden’ your school.  Today or sooner.

Xercise your parental rights.

Redundant mention?  No, often we have to read something seven times before we grasp it.  Your parental “ability” to “respond” means it is YOUR responsibility what happens to your kids, inside and outside the home.

Cruz’ killings outpaced by 2.5 times the most infamous mob killing, the St Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929 BECAUSE parents did not act as if their kids were in an unsecured, unwalled/no fence/no locked doors home.  As it is, on those 180 days a year, your kids in B&M public schools spend more time in an unsecure building than their home.  The day of no more school killings will occur ONLY if we parents are proactive.  Not emotionally kidnapped 15 years bumping the Corrupt News Network’s ratings.

Y is for YOU

You are the solution.  Parent, grandparent, ed professional, even an occasional prostitician acting like a statesperson.  Don’t assume anything; step back and analyze.  Ass u me is never a good course of action, unless practicing the scientific method, because it makes an ass of you and me.

Z is for Zee last word.

The picture of that Florida Catholic mom, losing her child on Ash Wednesday, will always remain with me.  I took my whole school to Mass that day, and received the same burned palms ash on my and the kids’ forehead as the pictured mom, whether or not it was the excellent mayor Christine.

I only have 11 and none of them died that day, by the grace of God.  But 17 did not make it home on Ash Wednesday, coincident with the celebration of hearts and love, on Feb 14, 2018.  Nor did 10 survive first period at Houston’s Holy Faith High on May 18.

Acknowledge evil DOES exist in our world and you need good, smart common sense parents to deal with it and prevent it from destroying the next gen.

If not the mayor, I don’t know the name of the Catholic mom in the first picture in this article, but this I know: she and her child deserved a lot better.  Parents, YOU are the difference between life and death with regard to school safety.  Make it a priority.  Today.  By the way, if you jumped past A is for Arm, you might reread it.  After all, an unarmed Marine was 50 feet from the bullied Santa Fe killer, but unlike in Iraq, he couldn’t defend ANYONE, only because he was a teacher in an unsafe school due to complicit district trustees.  The kid brought a shotgun under his Neo Matrix trenchcoat for crying out loud!


Thank you, humbly, for reading this.

Len Beckman

Len feeds his student offspring as a real estate professional, practicing for 30 years.  Until 7 years ago, he served as a youth director, religious ed/confirmation director, and/or FFA at three different Orange County Catholic Churches: St Callistus (now Christ Cathedral), St Anthony Claret and Holy Family Cathedral.

He and his wife have homeschooled for 34 years, or about 128 school years worth, with just two left completing high school.  Former scoutmaster of T1123.  He has dealt with sparring non-custodial parents, lock downs, school safety programming, curriculum development and more in those three plus decades.  Every kid is precious.  Worthy of life.

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