America, the 10 Commands were never suggestions: a nation adrift.

The House of Lords in the UK has a gynormous painting of Moses receiving the Law on stone tablets; meanwhile in America, the Freedom FROM religion crowd keeps jackhammering any statue and statute that involves Mt Sinai and the LawGiver whenever it can.  One wonders why they oppose NOT murdering, NOT stealing, NOT coveting other’s property.  NOT adultering et al.   Well, outside of Harveywood, one wonders.

In case, you’ve never seen the ten Cs, here they are with the different ways folks see them in and around Exodus 20.   The quick read are the words in BOLD type.

The Ten Commandments, commentary and references.
The precise numbering and division of these precepts into “ten commandments” is somewhat uncertain. Traditionally among Catholics and Lutherans vv. 1–6 are considered as only one commandment, and v. 17 as two. The Anglican, Greek Orthodox, and Reformed churches count vv. 1–6 as two, and v. 17 as one. Cf. Dt 5:6–21. The traditional designation as “ten” is not found here but in 34:28 (and also Dt 4:13 and 10:4), where these precepts are alluded to literally as “the ten words.” That they were originally written on two tablets appears in Ex 32:15–16; 34:28–29; Dt 4:13; 10:2–4.The present form of the commands is a product of a long development, as is clear from the fact that the individual precepts vary considerably in length and from the slightly different formulation of Dt 5:6–21 (see especially vv. 12–15 and 21). Indeed they represent a mature formulation of a traditional morality. Why this specific selection of commands should be set apart is not entirely clear. None of them is unique in the Old Testament and all of the laws which follow are also from God and equally binding on the Israelites. Even so, this collection represents a privileged expression of God’s moral demands on Israel and is here set apart from the others as a direct, unmediated communication of God to the Israelites and the basis of the covenant being concluded on Sinai. 
1Then God spoke all these words:
2a. [20:2–17] Dt 5:6–21. I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt,b. [20:2] Lv 26:13; Ps 81:11; Hos 13:4. out of the house of slavery. 3You shall not have other gods beside me.Beside me: this commandment is traditionally understood as an outright denial of the existence of other gods except the God of Israel; however, in the context of the more general prohibitions in vv. 4–5, v. 3 is, more precisely, God’s demand for Israel’s exclusive worship and allegiance.The Hebrew phrase underlying the translation “beside me” is, nonetheless, problematic and has been variously translated, e.g., “except me,” “in addition to me,” “in preference to me,” “in defiance of me,” and “in front of me” or “before my face.” The latter translation, with its concrete, spatial nuances, has suggested to some that the prohibition once sought to exclude from the Lord’s sanctuary the cult images or idols of other gods, such as the asherah, or stylized sacred tree of life, associated with the Canaanite goddess Asherah (34:13). Over the course of time, as vv. 4–5 suggest, the original scope of v. 3 was expanded. 4You shall not make for yourself an idolc. [20:4] Ex 34:17; Lv 26:1; Dt 4:15–19; 27:15. or a likeness of anythingOr a likeness of anything: compare this formulation to that found in Dt 5:8, which understands this phrase and the following phrases as specifications of the prohibited idol (Hebrew pesel), which usually refers to an image that is carved or hewn rather than cast. in the heavens above or on the earth below or in the waters beneath the earth; 5you shall not bow down before them or serve them.d. [20:5] Ex 34:7, 14; Nm 14:18; Dt 4:24; 6:15. For I, the Lord, your God, am a jealous God, inflicting punishment for their ancestors’ wickedness on the children of those who hate me, down to the third and fourth generationJealous: demanding exclusive allegiance. Inflicting punishment…the third and fourth generation: the intended emphasis is on God’s mercy by the contrast between punishment and mercy (“to the thousandth generation”—v. 6). Other Old Testament texts repudiate the idea of punishment devolving on later generations (cf. Dt 24:16; Jer 31:29–30; Ez 18:2–4). Yet it is known that later generations may suffer the punishing effects of sins of earlier generations, but not the guilt.6but showing love down to the thousandth generation of those who love me and keep my commandments.
7You shall not invoke the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.In vain: i.e., to no good purpose, a general framing of the prohibition which includes swearing falsely, especially in the context of a legal proceeding, but also goes beyond it (cf. Lv 24:16; Prv 30:8–9). e. [20:7] Lv 19:12; 24:16. For the Lord will not leave unpunished anyone who invokes his name in vain.
8Remember the sabbath day—keep it holy.Keep it holy: i.e., to set it apart from the other days of the week, in part, as the following verse explains, by not doing work that is ordinarily done in the course of a week. The special importance of this command can be seen in the fact that, together with vv. 9–11, it represents the longest of the Decalogue’s precepts. 9Six days you may labor and do all your work, 10but the seventh day is a sabbath of the Lord your God.f. [20:8–11] Ex 23:12; 31:13–16; 34:21; 35:2; Lv 23:3. You shall not do any work, either you, your son or your daughter, your male or female slave, your work animal, or the resident alien within your gates. 11For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them; but on the seventh day he rested.g. [20:11] Ex 31:17; Gn 2:2–3. That is why the Lord has blessed the sabbath day and made it holy.Here, in a formulation which reflects Priestly theology, the veneration of the sabbath is grounded in God’s own hallowing of the sabbath in creation. Compare 31:13; Dt 5:15.
12The Decalogue falls into two parts: the preceding precepts refer to God, the following refer primarily to one’s fellow Israelites. h. [20:12–16] Mt 19:18–19; Mk 10:19; Lk 18:20; Rom 13:9. 
Honor your father and your mother, that you may have a long life in the land the Lord your God is giving you.i. [20:12] Lv 20:9; Mt 15:4; Mk 7:10; Eph 6:2–3.
13You shall not kill.Kill: as frequent instances of killing in the context of war or certain crimes (see vv. 12–18) demonstrate in the Old Testament, not all killing comes within the scope of the commandment. For this reason, the Hebrew verb translated here as “kill” is often understood as “murder,” although it is in fact used in the Old Testament at times for unintentional acts of killing (e.g., Dt 4:41; Jos 20:3) and for legally sanctioned killing (Nm 35:30). The term may originally have designated any killing of another Israelite, including acts of manslaughter, for which the victim’s kin could exact vengeance. In the present context, it denotes the killing of one Israelite by another, motivated by hatred or the like (Nm 35:20; cf. Hos 6:9). j. [20:13] Mt 5:21.
14You shall not commit adultery.k. [20:14] Lv 18:20; 20:10; Dt 22:22; Mt 5:27.
15You shall not steal.l. [20:15] Lv 19:11.
16You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.m. [20:16] Ex 23:1; Dt 19:16–19; Prv 19:5, 9; 24:28.
17You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, his male or female slave, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.n. [20:17] Rom 7:7.Moses Accepted as Mediator.
18Now as all the people witnessed the thunder and lightning, the blast of the shofar and the mountain smoking, they became afraid and trembled…     TMI?   At least you have it in front of you.
America was once moored to a moral code; the belief that as a country we can agree on a distinct set of principles to have equal justice under the law, to secure the right to life, liberty and property  pursuit of happiness (property was changed to pursuit of happiness soas not to irritate the slaveowners at the time).
Truthfully, one cannot pursue happiness or have property, if we are not free.  Nor can we be free without private property protected by law.  Without liberty, no personal or real property.  And without the right to life, neither liberty nor personal/real property can exist except for an illusory time.
A good and moral people need a higher goal or authority to ‘anchor’ them, so peace can reign and life can be lived purposefully.
Our Declarative Independence from the House of Lords was a start.  The constitution, still defended, though eroded, embodies what makes America potentially great.  The enumerated Bill of Rights, passed in concert and future amendments make these United States the place most in the world would love to live in and are dying often to get here.  I believe, we are a covenant land though not ordained quite as openly as Israel.  However, evil lurks as always.  As Mr Burke put it: “all that is required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”
Yet, Federal buildings and statutes, once anchored by stone tablet statues symbolically on the edifices, are being denuded from the very essence of common and natural law, and Nature’s God.
Trust this statement: I am NOT perfect, nor is any other earth dweller.  God is so infinitely more capable to create total free will in a 75 trillion celled body than any human ever would;  God HAS ultimate power, knowledge and wisdom, a trinity the Trinity has possessed for all eternity.
Another House of Lords man, Lord Acton spoke eloquently: “Power corrupts; and ultimate absolute power corrupts ultimately  absolutely.”   Herein lies the dilemma, man cannot possess ultimate power nor have ultimate wisdom: but even absolute power, in the hands of a person without well formed conscience, leads to destruction.
It’s time for a Renaissance and Revolution of Life, Love and Truth.  I have been asking and praying for, for some time.
Let’s take some real world examples from the news to see if our servants and we ourselves, have thrown off a few mooring lines.  For purposes of explanation, we’ll call murder/killing #5, stealing #7, lying, gossip ie bearing false witness #8, envy/jealousy of someone else’s spouse (wife or husband) including purity of thought as #9; and make #10, coveting someone’s stuff.
Planned parenthood and friends routinely take babies out of their mothers’ wombs (#5 kill/murder; #7 steal) and lie (#8) to the mothers, telling them it is for their own good.  These necromancers are doctors of death, portending to be gods (Violating #1)  They covet ie lust for the organs, hack up  (#10, #5) the baby into parts and sell to the highest bidders (violating the #4 because a child cannot honor her father and mom, living a long life, if she is a dead preschooler).  Along comes David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt; Mr Daleiden videotapes abortionists talking evil and blows the whistle. No good deed goes unpunished in our modern world.
Dr Mary Gatter wants a Lamborghini (vio#10 as well as #5, #7) for her blood money, for example.   She’s killing kids, maximizing parts pricing to get her Lamborg Diablo Yellow for Christmas bonus time.
Other abortionists misuse lifesaving tech (ultrasounds) to position a child, not to safely remove it (#5,#8), but to line it up for a precision slice up; this was recorded on Mr. Daleiden’s investigative videographic journaling.
  Planned parenthood claims Daleiden lied and edited (NOT!); so Cecile Richards (#8, #5, #7) hired Fusion GPS a sleazy dirty tricks #8 violation firm,  to do a massive dossier (not the 00 zero Steele ) and false video forensics (#8) on Daleiden’s work.  Simmon, the epitome of deceit, and Fusion claimed he edited for substance (#8) and PP doing #5 and #8.  Today, we know the truth, yet Judge Orc still holds Daleiden in contempt, lying as well.
Next Richards passed Fusion on to Hillary (#8 cubed) who used it to hire 00 nothing, a James Bond wannabe in Christ bearing (vio#2) Steele and his fraudulent (#8 to the 10th)35 pages of lies to destroy (#5, killing one’s reputation, #8, #10) Trump using upper echelons of Obama (born #5, #8, #10, #1) hacks in the FBI and DOJ to #5, #8k.
Herr Wa$$ermann and Mueller then lie, steal and cheat to continue the fraud. The Clinton foundation lusted for (#10) millions by stealing (#7) uranium thru Uranium One, selling it to killers (accessory to #5) in Iran via Canada and Russia.
Meanwhile presumptive presidential hopeful, Kamala committed adultery (vio#6) at age 29 to gain power; she prostituted herself to pay back killer donations from NAF when she lied (#8) and sent 11 armed goons to steal (#7) and keep (#7, #10) Daleiden’s eye witness proof.  She claims killing is ok (#8) if a woman chooses it and protects abortionists, not the people.  She lies that she is opposed to human trafficking (#9, coveting a neighbor’s slave which is what a child is converted to, as property).  She insults God (#1, #2) claiming oil that God created is evil but preaching that killing those He continually create are just property; Kamala’s impersonating the living God is not wise nor prudential.  And she will pay the price at the polls IF we get our act together.
Other threads, Susan Buffet has it all, like King David, but she desires more Bathshebas: Mrs. Warren Buffet wants dead kids to honor Moloch (vio #5,#7, #1), her god.  A billionaire yet, like Zuckerberg, she fuels the #5ers, killers like planned parenthood, national abortion federation and the rest of the evil empire.
America is blessed, in so many ways.  It is critical we re-attach God’s dictates to our way of life.  We’ve jackhammered prayer from the public square and schools.  We pay $500 million annually to satan’s servants who wantonly have killed 60 million Americans domestically, and 1.9 billion worldwide.  We encourage school girls to get pregnant (#6, #10), kill their kids 1/3 of the time and then wonder why Mr. Cruz (#5) killed 17 students, Deputy Peterson failed to stop #5; Sheriff Israel is a legend in his own mind (#1) and lied about pretty much everything and the world is unsafe.
Every political or economic, moral or otherwise ‘system’ must look to a higher authority for its legitimacy.  God does NOT need us, we need Him.
He even emphasized His desire to keep one day of the week for our refreshment and His glory: #3, keep the Lord’s day free of unnecessary ‘servile’ labor.  Proof God created the world and the universe for man, and not man for the environmentalistic earth, is built into the long reading of #3.  Sorry, long earthers who need billions of years for their vain theories, and atheistic evolutionists, but God patterned six working days and a seventh for His glory, our worship and our sanity.  Notice, He says He did His general creative work in six earth days and rested on day#7.  AND He calls us to the same standard.
After all, He is INFINITEly capable.  He left his most complex work for the last act of general creation: woman.  Only a sentient woman can take a single cell and in 280 days yield another 75,000,000,000,000 (trillion) celled unique though similar 75 trillion celled sentient being.  We call it a “baby”, among other names, but unless #5 happens, she will live 80+ and contribute much to our dying world. God loves to use words, the Word and symbolism to bring us to a joy-filled eternity.  And we can discuss the Shroud of Turin, the Tilma of Guadalupe, the Eucharistic Miracles and other physical examples of the supernatural plane another time.
But two stone tablets, written twice because of man’s indolent nature, are the foundation stones of the Constitution and this experiment we call “America”.  Babylon, the Medes/Persians, the Egyptian, Roman, Greek and other empires are long gone; America stands on the precipice.  Someday, one hopes the Ark of the Covenant and those stone tablets reappear, as we have the Pyramid of Giza, wormwood Ark remnants in Turkey and other salvation history artifacts in our possession.  Until then, let’s work toward this Renaissance.  Starting with ourselves.
The flood killed all but eight of us; the waters UNDER the earth were real.  And it’s long past time we re-occupy the moral high ground, dis-indoctrinate the snowflakes and rebuilt America~one stone at a time.


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