Rule of Law & Rule of Love

My Church, by Christ’s design has specific rules of law AND the rule of love.  Even today.

Recently accused of a rant by a leader in the Church, I just chalk it up to S4 (to bear corporal and spiritual works of merywrongs patiently) and S5, (my responsibility to forgive quickly) and move on.  See the handy play by play chart on the works of mercy>>>

I could be wrong, but after 30 years as a real estate broker/realtor, until recently a Church staffer after 35 years and dad of 11, I hope I am getting better at helping others.  And yes, it IS a great day to be alive!

Someone wants to sell their home, I first assess what’s best for my client’s present and future needs.  Not what’s best for Len’s bank account; I appreciate my clients because by helping them i feed my 11 now actually empty nesting with only 7 at home.  But, the rule of law and love stipulates the clients’ needs, based on explicit fiduciary responsibilities,  MUST come first.  Same with life.

Let me apply the chart. C4 (not plastique) is ‘shelter the homeless’. Recently, 404 tons of junk, 15,000 needles (not the sewing but hypoderm style) and 2.5 tons of feces and other types of human race waste where removed, not from San Francisco or Calcutta, but from the homeless encampment known as ObamaVille in the Outfield.  This was after 400 people were relocated from the riverbed, formerly known as a flood control channel and bike paths to the beach.   No, it wasn’t Sunday morning after the Animal House party; it was years of neglect, and chaotic children in adult bodies not held accountable nor helped with a plan of action.

Understand, a lot of C1,C2 and C4 was going on, helping the needy.  But, with the truly “needy” are the “wanties” who like being kings and queens of the streets.  Prefer not being ‘normies’ with the drudgery of working for a living, paying rent, having a mortgage, paying California’s outrageous gas sales tax rate and other Taxifornia fees.

And the ‘crimies’ who prefer breaking laws to breaking back into society as decent law abiding people.

The 15,000 recyclable needles indicates either they are medically professionals providing mutual intravenous medications or Houston, we have a problem.  I think the latter.  The rule of law dictates streets and river channels shouldn’t be used as neo-Hoovervilles; but when you got nothing, like an 80 year old terminal cancer patient living in her van, you do what you gotta do.

As it is, homelessness IS a cancer for both the culture AND those caught in the vicious cycle.  The 30 needles per relocated homeless tenant shows drug addiction and criminality is involved, making victims of the truly needy by the criminally enterprising.

I proposed recently Christ Cathedral, to satisfy C1 thru C5, dedicate one acre to popups, Tuffsheds and disciplined help for the homeless.  I prefer the term ‘shelterless’ because as St Paul puts it: you don’t work, you don’t eat. Even in California The same 400 folks that the county and state is paying $200 million to “solve”, could be helped IF adults step up.  And to receive help, a ‘homeless’ customer must abide by basic rules: of law and love.

TuffLove goes well with the TuffSheds.  Each sheltered soul on Christ’s grass or blacktop will need a one on one mentor to help them draft a plan, execute it and get back into less barbarian circumstances.

“Beckman, how dispassionate you are! You must hate Mexicans and blacks”

Well, what do you call half a ton of human waste and 30 per capita needles but savage conditions?  Where’s the compassion allowing hundreds of dysfunctionals invading and taking over public property to THEIR detriment.  The majority of the homeless may be adult in age, but lack the tools to be an adult.  Some just need retraining for jobs; others, mental health treatment, etc.

Without the one on one, nothing will happen but more chaos.  There were full time service providers on the west bank of the river in the shadow of the Big A, working hard to solve problems, along with so many others. They are gone.  The criminals will just find some where else to exercise criminality.

Speaking of criminality, here’s where less leftist posturing and more adult mindedness can start the road to recovery.

Not only in ObamaVilles where home runs dwell, needle delivery drugs are flooding across the wall less border; Mr Hannity has seen first hand the confiscated drugs warehouses on this side of another river, the Great River.   Build the drug wall and fence on the illegal pharma crossing point known as the southern dotted line border.  Build it and drugs will slow down.  Criminal aliens too.   Less jihadist vest bombers, sleeper criminal aliens or El Salvadorean/Guatemalan gangbangers to do damage to Christ Cathedral or people’s homes in Calif., AZ and TX.

642,000 criminal alien crimes, including murder and mayhem, were recorded over a 7 year period in Texas alone; California has no idea because we foster sanctified criminal aliens to do what they do best: crime.  PLEEEEASe don’t bring up lettuce pickers as a reason NOT to stop criminal aliens south of El Paso as well as return them home once the wall is operational.   Nor lump illegal aliens with documented this, legal aliens, foreign nationals and others who aren’t criminal aliens.

You insult the honest Mexicans, Pollacks, Guademalans and others who head north without a wall; they don’t get in line because EVERYONE is just heading out.

The Denver drunk trucker killer is a criminal alien ready to be let go because ‘we are a nation of immigrants’.  No, rule of law folks: we are a land of citizens who invite immigrants in, in an orderly manner.

And how can we do C6 “visit the imprisoned”, if ALL the criminal aliens are running around Oakland and other leftist sanctified enclaves?

Note, some come to the US without RSVP:   Bracamontes wants more F@$$%ing cops to kill; MS-13 love being free to move about the cabins of America. The sleeper cells continue to build up for their future play.

And the insane mainly Democrat ‘leaders’ continue their Alinsky plan of action: kill off American babies and future American citizen-voters while importing as many illegal voters as possible.  To the Dems, no amount of illegal aliens voting (as is happening now) will be enough until the state of hell is followed by ,USA.

The Rule of Law states you must be a citizen to vote; except to the Dem Voting machines.

It’s not the Russians but the Runaway Dems who think it unAmerican to show an ID and proof of residency address proof every time one votes.

The Rule of Love means to treat others with respect.  It also means to not violate another country’s laws.  Trump tossed a bone to the rabid Democrats: regularize their fave political talking point, the 2 million DACAs; end lottery criminality and ‘chain’ migration.  $25 billion for the critically needed wall of sanity.   I still think it is closer to 25 million, but what the heck: no one counts anymore.

For 20 years, I have shown my license and often my utility bill to show I am who i am at the polling place.  Why, because only citizens, per the Constitution, can vote.

I don’t hate Mexicans or blacks; they are not my enemies, unless they kill someone like my beautiful same age 31 year old daughter Amanda in San Francisco with Kate Steinle on her gravestone.   If walls are evil, take your home’s block wall down.  If border crossings should be unimpeded, so should threshold crossings of your front door.

And as to voting, we ALL should show proof of citizenship, since voting is one of the last rights reserved for citizenship.  The Dems will still vote early, often, dead and from foreign lands (except active military serving abroad; Dems hate military voters), so they will never stand for integrity, honesty and sovereignty.

Not all, but leaders of the Democrats?  They prefer death certs and new arrivals.

They  bring up the fakefact it is RACIST and discriminatory to expect blacks to be able to identify themselves.

That blacks are just too stupid to have an ID, even though blacks are human Americans who work, go to school, drive cars.   Take Libby Looney Oakley, mayor and MS-13 gangbangers criminal lookout, who announced “Hey, criminal aliens, you better hide.  The evil cops are gonna ICE you if you don’t.”   This outlaw sanctuary prostitician helped 100 convicted criminals escape the law.   Typical Democrat Rule of Lawless.  I wondere if Libby Schaaf will attend the next funeral caused by a Bracamontes having free access to killing cops or raping girls in Oakland because they are girls.

As the leftists foster more chaos and devolution of a great country, it behooves the adults and law abiding to again take charge.  I’m with my rant accuser in wanting the best for the runacrossers, as long as they aren’t criminal aliens.   But, we have to stop the spigot like we did from 1921-1965.  Too many Pollacks and Germans are getting in?

The excuses are legion, but we have enough homegrown criminals, like the ObamaClinton spy network, rapists (in addition to slick willie), baby killers like Kamala Harris (of course, calling her a baby killer is not a civilized way to speak the truth in love, though her soul deserves saving like the souls she helps kill wantonly as payment for her pimps at planned parenthoodlums inc.)   There goes the Rantometer needle…

But FIRST stop the influx of criminal aliens from with a wall.  Do what any smart sovereign country does: controls its borders as if its citizens deserve to live.

Kate Steinle did not deserve 7 time returnee Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez (or what other name the San Fran OJ Simpsoneque jury was told he had, of many) putting a lethal bullet into her body, nor did the Cruz Missled 17 Stoneman high students and teachers.

But Cruz was a citizen; taking the criminal jobs Americans can do and not require aliens for.

Works of mercy can save the world and the world’s souls, IF we do the adult first.

Crime must be dealt with via the rule of law and my Church needs to preach this from the pulpits.  Just because Runcie and Obama gave fed dollars to look past and not arrest criminal students, is no reason to continue to ignore criminal aliens.

Crime pays only when criminals are given a free pass by Libby Mayors, leftist Soros’ and Alinsky style rules for anarchist radicals.  We can begin by understanding the Rule of Love, taking care of our neighbor BEGINS with being morally straight about right and wrong.  Today.

And before all this, practice S1.  Instruct the ignorant.  Start with a sitting junior senator who values oil in the ground more than babies in the womb.  Her mantra remains: “I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from mother wombs instead of fracked up black gold extracted from mother earth.”    She fights for criminal aliens, demonizing CO2, keeping oil below the surface and selling baby parts separately, of course.

We can forgive Kamala Harris’ elder sexual abuse when she was age 29 and practicing her pimp style for a public sector job,  on the married 60 year old Slick Willie two decades ago. Adultery is still one of the 10 suggestions written in stone.

What is unforgivable is to NOT get through her baby killing skull that killing babies is NOT good for America OR her soul.  Not even Democrat votes anymore.  People are coming to the reality that if something squirms, kicks and thumb sucks, it just might be human.

Treating vibrant babies like they are part of 2.5 tons of human waste from Obamaville in the OUtfield is demonic.  It is FROM satan’s wickedest hell on earth.  Done to God’s greatest practice: resupplying the world with the next generation.  And Kamala is a coven consultant for satanic rituals we pay $500 million annually for.  In a very real way, satanism is a state sponsored religion.

Couching it in a “woman’s right to choose (to kill her kid)” without the full sentence is omission sin of the worst kind.

It’s not a woman’s right to choose… a tampon, Uber driver, mascara, tummy tuck, et al.  It is the highest theo treason against womanhood and mankind.  Killing her vulnerable child before daylight.

Kamala needs to be saved, though never to be president for her sex crimes.  Abortion has killed 1/3 of America so far, and is lustfully striving for the other 2/3rds

But, it is incumbent on Church leaders and political opposition alike, to point this out.

Oh, that our bishops and priests in toto weren’t so fearful of 501c3 “freedom from religious taxation” by the state.  If they were fearless about church property, they’d be fearless about speaking the truth in LOVE, across political and physical realms, teaching  tuffLove for the souls of the ignorant S1, S2, S3.

The power of the pulpit to invigorate the parish, the parishioners and point out the evil amongst us that could actually reinvigorate the Church, bringing on the Renaissance of Life, Love and Truth.

our-lady-of-guadalupe-star-chart-210x300 (1) (1)

Star chart dec 12, 1531 from Mary’s tilma  Virgo over heart; Leo over womb

Treat EACH homeless, criminal alien, preborn child, prostitician and human being with both the Rule of Law AND the Rule of Love.    Speak the truth in love.  Dispense justice WITH mercy, but justice nonetheless.  Visit the imprisoned once they are imprisoned.  Stop importing them like they are gold.

Mexico had 9 million Catholics in 1541 post Montezuma and after Mary’s tilma starchart showed her as Virgo/virgin and the Christ as Leo under her maternity belt.

The TRUTH sets whole nations’ free.  Meanwhile, the USA is doing Our Lady of Guadalupe’s land no favors:  we are destroying Mexico by importing their lifeblood (dads and older sons) of labor, leaving moms and other kids as innocent prey to the gangs and cartels in cities all over the 31 southern states south of the border.  It is a sin we can be redeemed for here in America.  IF we build the wall and stop the criminal aliens.  Regularize those illegals here that have not committed crime#2 (after the first border cross).  God separated the peoples of the world into countries for good purposes; let’s help Mexico BE a sovereign country once again as the US becomes one as well.

Of course, you gotta shut off the faucet of illicits: start with treating illegal sex and drug use in Harveywood like it was tobacco and not part of the goody bags for after Oscars’ parties.  Morally resolute and ready for a Renaissance.

Paying “Promise” Obama Fed$ for ignoring student crimes in Broward County is not colette-marie-beckmangood; nor ignoring criminal aliens in the other 3139 US counties either.

We must deal with crime via the Rule of Law; and the individual, with the Rule of Love, tough or otherwise.

For no other reason, than to protect humans like this one <<<<<<<<<pictured here

On the RANTometer, how’d i do this time?  TY 4 reading.








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