planned parenthoodlums’ war on princesses…and Prince Charmings

“Someday my prince will come, someday…”

…never comes; at least in the villain world of planned parenthood.  Let’s get this straight:

Moms! The evil planned parenthoodlum witch doctors whisk you to the witch’s kill mill deep in the forest, where they give you a sleep inducing apple, then cut out your princess.  Never seen this plot?  It happens in EVERYtown USA daily.  Why do so many princess mothers, give up their princesses for a poisoned apple or less?

They don’t stop there: they take your bundle of joy, never to marry a prince, never to live happily ever after on earth.  Maybe, let’s hope, your princesses, moms, go to heaven to live happily forever after.  Only God knows.  But the evil which (kid did I kill?) doctor next takes your little princess darling to the babidermist, where the top fur is carefully sliced off for its hair follicles (zounds of scalping), hearts and livers to the princess parts resale department.

Meanwhile, Cecile’s evil minions want Disney to have a movie princess who lusts for another princess.  PLUS to have an abortion.  So, Cecile De Vil wants a princess mom to kill her princess inside her, so her baby princess can never marry a prince OR lust after another princess.  But if she’s lesbian princess, if she aborts, her lesbian princess daughter can never… oh, forget it.  Just when you think you are at the bottom of hell’s cesspool, another basement of slimy evil is discovered.

disney villains stampsThe Disney paint and ink department put out a beautiful 2017 sheet of postage stamps; for 50 cents, you can have Ursula, Cruella DeVil, the Queen of Beauty Sleeping and Hearts, plus the Lady Tremaine.  Of course, they threw in a few dastardly guys of ill repute…but we all know the lady killers are the most dreaded.

If your local USPS has none, you certainly can pay more on the philatelist’s aftermarket.  But, you may not know, it’s time to add a more modern version of an ancient villainette, sort of a rewrite of a famous flick.  PETA’s Dalmatian dept. has never been happy about the original, as it is, and you know how animals are soooo much more important than human detritus these days.

Of course, we all know how Harveywood loves those sequels! “101 … …”

Casting is underway for the bit parts, but PP supplies bits and parts every day of the movie’s beloved subject: babies.  Move over dalmations!  All 101 of you!

Author, money launderer, general every day woman hating, babyender, planned barrenhoodlum Cecile De Vil has been cast: AS HERSELF.

Rounding out 10 years of babyending, Cecile De Vil is retiring to more dastardly pursuits, one being her new book.  And this villainous she devil deserves a break.  She has notched 3.5 million red blooded American kills, with at least 1.75 million of them future Disney princesses, little lasses who would love to see a Sleeping Beauty, Ariel or Cinderella cast member at the Magic Kingdom.

Imagine if Cecile De Vil took out her portion of 3000 dead Dalmations, killed at the local shelter specifically because they are Dalmatians, people for the ethical treament of some animals would be on her like flies on honey.  Or flies on baby remains tossed out at the local dump, like in the olden days.  Today, in our more pristine, modern civilized America, we don’t waste babies and their parts; we treat them, not like medical waste, but reusable and marketable at YaleMed, of all places or TexasMed.   Prince$$ part$ for Dollar$

planned parenthood invoice closeup on 150 bucks ea

Proof PP charges for hearts and livers.  Someone tell Sorceror Orrick to open his evil eyes

Now, a Disney store bought princess is stuffed with inorganics, but not Cecile De Vil’s: movie affinity marketing at PP Films prices AT market: the head of a perfectly dead princess fetches $715 at Yale, per the Infant Lives House subcommittee FOIA released truth.  Princess hearts, black or white, fetch only $150 at TexasMedBranch near Houston/Galveston.  Cecile De Vil’s org Consented to this truth getting out there only after battling Judicial Watch and ACLJ and losing.

Notice, they name the children “Consent Payments”.  Now, kids, we know PP doesn’t charge $150 for moms to sell their princesses to evil villains.  But, it is a cute way for Cecile De Vil to misdirect, like the evil magician she is hiding the truth (causing princesses to disappear, not sawed in half but in much smaller parts with her bloody red assault knives).

By the way, Regan Thieler is a lady, another one of Cecile’s many female abortionists skilled in potions and ritual child sacrifice.  Why do modern barbarians prefer princesses parted from their mommies in parts.  Not movie parts, but for Hillary’s Isaiah brothers at DaVinci BioMed/Yorba Linda.  The plot twists and thickens: DA Tony took down these evil henchmen for selling babies on the open market.  In shippable form of course, sold separately.  But, Marsha Blackburn’s indictment referrals are still….

kamala circleCasting continues: Cecile De Vil had one of her key fellow villains, the Queen of SW+7Dwarfs fame reprised by 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Heartle$$ taking a supporting actress role.

Notice in the original flick, Kamala is carrying a heart box, but it is as heartless as the original Queen’s heart box waiting for the myocardio blood pumper of Sleeping Beauty. Kamala, yes undeniably pretty keeps peering into her DC looking glass saying:

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall.  Who’s the fairest one of all?”

Also, though in the original, the box remained empty of the slumbering princess’ heart,  PETA threw a fit when it was filled with a pig’s heart instead.  That poor lumberjack who defied the bloodthirsty Kamala Heartle$$ the Pirate!, trying not to kill an innocent princess.  But, Heartle$$ cares nothing about princess parts trafficked to her pimps at NAF, what with $82,000 in her avaricious claws.

Perfect casting, though:  Sleeping Beauty will be played by the real life heroine Lila Rose, who thwarts Kamala Heartle$$ the Pirate, Cecile De Vil and other villainous melodramatic hellraisers in real life, and keeps fighting for the children.  AND the moms.

In case, you don’t know Lila, she deserves a rose everytime she appears: a true beautiful princess, glib about God and babes, focused since age 12 on what we must do to help the little ones, what true heroes and villains are all about.  She knows that the Cecile De Vil’s in their evil queendoms must be stopped from dispensing their poisoned apples to moms who need love and using knives in children’s hearts.


Certainly princesses should NOT taken to which (kid did I kill?) doctors alchemist laboratories, deep in the forest,  with their super sharp assault knives shoved up mother princesses, using looking glass  & ultrasonic “mirrors” to guide their dastardly princess butchery.

3.5 million prince and princesses killed under evil Cecile De Vil’s reign, remember.

But, EVERY princess story, it seems, has a queen and king; but also a prince, who must have a reformed or innocent heart, focused work to perform like all good chivalrous knights.

Like the Beast vs Gaston, or Ella’s Prince vs. Queen Hearle$$, he must be dashing or introspective, but willing to battle ALL comers and odds to save the princesses of the world.    So, who, might you ask, will be cast as Prince Charming?

The Prince of Peace role is already taken by Jesus; but for this Dalmatian sequel, we need someone who has proven, beyond all doubts’ shadows, he is worthy.

There is one man and the plot thickens: Cecile De Vil had dispatched Kamala Heartle$$

cecile de vil

The $500 million Cecile De Vil postage stamp.  One available annually by feckless Republicans via US Taxpayers

the Pirate to raid this prince’s tiny unassuming castle; the skin deep beauty but evil Heartle$$ took 11 of her heavily AR-15 armed dwarf goons to the Land of Faraway Irvine.  These simple-minded, under the spell of Heartle$$, men proceeded to butt bump in the tiny room looking for proof the prince had obtained: that Cecile De Vil’s dastardly which (kdik) doctors kill princesses to cut out their hearts, take the hairy fur off the top, not like Dalmatian stoles but for old geezer hair follicle replacement; haggle over princess pricing and spend their ill-gotten gains on golden Lomborghini coaches riding on the Bloody RedBrick roads.  While drinking wine and salad.  But, the evil sorceror Orc d’ Orrickland put a spell on the Truth of Cecile De Vil’s villainy that, for a time, the visual and aural proof of which doctor villainy would be suppressed from all men of good will.

Xavier_Becerra,_Official_PortraitBut there’s more!  Prez candide Heartle$$ dispatched her own henchman (look at that snidley smile!), formerly a man of the Church but no longer Catholic, Xavier Cowlito  Gaston AG (long name as all villains have, like Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez who killed Princess Kate on Ariel’s wharf) to levy further false charges against prince charming.  Why such treachery?

AG Little Cow, nicknamed in his Golden kingdom State, wanted Prince Charming shackled from rescuing future princesses dying daily at Cecile De Vil’s babidermist shoppes. Imagine that! AG little cow has three princesses of his own, but he wants other princesses bearing princesses inside, in the clutches of Heartle$$ the Pirate and Cecile De Vil!!  Terrible dual faced man!  AG even believes he can control the climate like Ursula and Heartle$$!

Fair question: would he let Heartle$$ or Cecile De Vil take any ONE of his THREE princesses in for a dewombing should she get pregnant?  Maybe AG doesn’t give a damn what happens to his granddaughter because he is so blinded to his party of destruction. Apparently, Heartle$$ has HIS heart in her lockbox, along with some other important reproductive organ.

But, these evil lairs are not just Deep in the forest: in cities of just Faraway Irvineland but all the kingdoms of the earth.

The war on princesses continues while the screenplay undergoes revisions.  But, maybe Prince Charming, another cast more perfect than the best trout fisherman, is David Daleiden, hero and knight, whose chivalry knows no bounds.

At, he has unearthed mountains of evil underway in Cecile De Vil’s expansive

cecile de vil 101 dead babies

Words of De Vil’s friend, Malificient: “You poor simple fools! Thinking you could defeat me, me the Mistress of All Evil!”   De Vil’s ten year reign of terror is almost up.  who will take over?

kingdom.  Though the Sorceror Orrick maintains his evil spell preventing the kingdom, like the Beast’s castle, from seeing ALL the evil Cecile De Vil’s devil alchemist doctors are doing, the spell will be lifted.  Someday.  I can’t give the whole movie plot away, folks.

Cecile De Vil’s alchemists, who turn beautiful babies into slaves and in turn, into bloody separated organs, heads, hearts and parts, will not prevail.  We know the movie’s ending and it does NOT end well for De Vil’s kingdom. Nor AG, or Heartle$$ and other abortionists dressed and acting like doctors who are naked bloodthirsty satanists killers.

Cecile may reign in her surname’s warm climes after life, but the De Vil and its followers will have hell to pay.  Unless their stone cold hearts are softened to the truth, that Princess Lila and Prince David know well: Jesus IS Lord and babies are NOT conception products, but princesses who want someday to marry the prince of their choosing.

lila rose and david daleiden

Princess Lila and Prince David

Last question: is there a marriage made in heaven for a prolife investigative journalist prince and prolife Rose on earth?  Does a castle with a moat of love easily crossed by like-minded focused on giving babies life and mothers hope, have a chance in the real movie of life.  Stay tuned.  But, pray the sequel, “101 Dead Babies” (catchy movie title) be the last children to suffer villainy in our civilized world. Sadly, the evil spell, like Yellow Oz poppies, saturates the ignorant and wise alike.

Soon, we pray, may EVERY child be spared the university baby parts buyer, just as the 101 Dalmatians were spared the furrier’s bloodthirsty knives.

“Someday my prince will come…”   ONLY if we end abortion as an option.  For both princes AND princesses die 3000 times a day, while their mothers are forced into a living hell.    Isn’t 60 million dead American children enough to feed the evil appetites of the Democrat Death & Dismemberment party and its evil allies in hell?  Possibly not! But just maybe, there will be a happy ending soon to the most evil empire, with two million Billion innocent, never to meet Prince(ss) Charmings, offed children worldwide.  The movie is yet to be shot; but the screen play is almost done.  Cecile De Vil.




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