Divine Mercy and Earthly Injustice

jesus as divine mercyDivine Mercy.  When Pope St John Paul the Great added this amazing feast 8 days after Easter, it was a Renaissance and renewal, like most 8s in the Bible, of the Resurrection (which was a renewal of Palm celebrations)

His Polish sister St Faustina, who religiously provided the painting so famous today with the inscription “Jesus, I trust in You!”, kept a diary of just how much the Savior and His Father, with the Holy Spirit, loves us.

Justice, mercy and grace are related.  Grace is the free and unfettered favor of God, evidenced by His bestowal of blessings and the salvation of sinners; simply, getting what we don’t deserve.

Mercy, especially the Divine kind, is defined: ‘compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone who it is within one’s power to punish or harm’    Despite the incredible pain of the Crucifixion, Jesus still forgave us.  Those that choose a happy eternity choose Christ.  Those who choose a rich few years on earth, choose Cecile De Vil and her followers.  In a way, mercy is NOT getting what we DO deserve.

Justice is rendered just behavior or treatment; in America, justice is supposed to be blind so that it is dispensed equally independent of who someone is, rich or poor, wise or dumb. Fair treatment.

For the first time in history, a president many despise and many more like for his successes, was raided by the police state tactics of Herr Mueller and his attack dog Wei$$mann.  The dog may not have been there, still dripping blood from invading the marriage bed of Mrs. Manafort for the collusion the world is laughing at America about.

I wanted Cruz and we got Trump; thanks to his good Catholic five language wife that Kimmel belittled for chuckles, you can see he is focused on doing good.  Or maybe, he’s always been a benefactor to many as anecdotals keep coming in of what he does in secret.  No, not porny Stormy, but good for the needy.  If you are a Christ follower, you might remember we are supposed to help others in secret, to be blessed in heaven; this was common knowledge until we institutionalized good works and charity in the Church and welfare state.

Take Herr Mueller: he is supposed to look at Russian collusion pertinent to the 2016 campaign. Take collusion: it is “secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others”.

Although there is no statute calling collusion a crime, Herr Mueller somehow has missed, with his slimy boss Ron Ro$n$tein, that the Obama-Hillary spy novelist network created obama resultsfake opp research involving an unregistered foreign national working Putinland(Russian collusion?), sold one of our most strategic assets, uranium, to Russia (collusion?) when we import 90%; lied to the most secret court, known as FISC for a FISA warrant.  On and on.  Hillary’s pay for play time is up, garnering only 10% her former speaking fees; crime only pays for a time.  The real collusion between top FBI (Comey, McCabe, Strzok etc) and DOJ (Lynch, Page, Ohrs etc) with DNC and Dems will continue to spit out resignations and soon indictments, but Mueller has no intention of ending his fraud any time soon.  At least Obama helped America dump trillions more  and killed the economy.

Hate is “intense or passionate dislike” for someone or something.  Personally, i did not hate Obama, just his destroy America agenda now in its third term.

Hillary is a sad but complicit doormat wife, in a business marriage, who doesn’t realize how arrogant she comes across, a poor loser; she too I do not hate, just see her as the saddest prostitician in history.  #2 might be Kamala Heartle$$ err Harri$$, who loves dead kids and live planned parenthood dollars.

But hate will kill you; Herr Mueller is the black Dober in Up!  Wei$$mann, one of his followers (no, not the squirrel hero), the bulldog.  Both are curiously still around, though $100 million tax dollars settled lawsuits their hate led to, including injustice and cheating.  Wei$$mann is a partisan hack with a lieutenant that cost two peoples’ lives, not to mention killing 28,000 Arthur Anderson jobs down to 200 that the SCOTUS folks ruled 9-0 was terribly wrong.  Swamp may be too docile; it’s more like a cesspool, full of liquid doo doo that makes everyone sick.

Yes, hate will kill you.  If you are a Greg and ignore the truth, even if it doesn’t fit your worldview, block and unfriend, no one wins OR loses, and life goes on; your blinders remain in place and no one cares.

Look at California: it is Divine Mercy or earthly injustice to play MS13 murderous gang lookout as an Oakland mayor.  To violate your oath of office, and pervert ‘sanctuary’ by coddling criminal aliens. Don’t get me wrong, we make some of the best American citizen criminals in the world but do we need our citizen or illegal ladies raped by alien scum, shot by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez (or his alias), or carjacker cop killer fake suicidal Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes whose only regret was he had just two cop’s lives to give death to.

I thought we descend from pond scum? Must we import it across the border when we have enough home grown in our jails already.

My CA Catholic bishops weigh in on protecting our women and children from evil:

“The Bishops of California share the concerns expressed about the militarization of the border by our brother bishops serving there.  Immigrants have enriched this nation since its founding. The US southern border with Mexico is not a war zone.  It has long been the bridge for much mutual economic as well as cultural exchange.  Troops may be appropriate for drug-interdiction duties but not to “guard” against men, women and children seeking a better life.”   National guard guards the nation from much more, and people demonize the guns but excuse the criminal aliens (and domestic kind) using them illicitly.

Is it mercy, justice or grace to believe EVERYONE that says they just “seek a better life” are not MS13 or other gangbangers, drug mules, vested jihadists etc.  War zone?  Massive ATF/ICE warehouses full of cocaine, heroine, etc.  Border security agents shot dead and constantly inperiled, and not just because of OB’s Fast and Furious;  670,000 crimes, mainly felonies in Texas by criminal aliens over a 7 year stretch.  If not ‘war zone’, it ain’t kindercare either.

My bishops may not know but the Caribbean basin chatter picked up by the coast guard is in farsi, mandaris, russian and other not so friendly smuggler language.  Yeah, like the horse trailer loaded with human cargo caught yesterday…maybe they were just job seekers, but exactly one question:

We have 25% (25-30 millon) of Mexico already; do my Bishops care at all about Mexico or  want all 32 states of Mexico moved north first? A little requote correction: We are a nation of citizens that welcomes immigrants, not a nation of immigrants that welcomes citizens.

I’m Polish/German for example; is the bishop’s target for open no wall borders 50% of Mexico stateside? Is there ever too much of a good thing?

Must we continue to desertification levels of a once great country that Our Lady of Guadalupe rescued for her Son in 1531?   Is Azlan the dream or nightmare?  The US imports heroin and bodies, criminal aliens and illegal drugs, while we use criminal assault knives killing 3000, mainly blacks and Mexican, kids each day. Before daylight, so Cecile De Vil can star in the 101 Dalmatians remake “101 Dead kids before dinner.”

Did Jesus tells His disciples to take out the Roman centurions, rebel against Caesar and set up His heavenly realm in the civic center of Jerusalem?  Do we really trust in Jesus by putting our women and children in harm’s way?  My bias is simple: i have 11 kids and 6 of them are the female gender ideologically lady, kind.

I hope my Church learns the lessons of unintended consequences and faux compassion.  America, while it exists, is a generous and blessed nation.  But no nation can withstand evil being codified in its halls of justice.

One good lesson missed about Divine Mercy and Eternal Justice happened March 31, 2005. Terri Schiavo Schindler was a sentient Catholic daughter, mom and dad wanted her alive to take home, who was in day #13 of being systematically dehydrated and starved to death.  She was at death’s door that Thursday of Easter week.

I call her a modern Eucharistic Miracle, since no one lives (especially someone who is disabled but more than capable of life) that long without bread and water; she received (Fr Pavone et al) only three small pieces of bread we know as the Bread of Life.   This i believe extended her life to fit God’s plan.  Man’s “justice, mercy and grace” plan was to kill her because her remarried husband claimed she wanted to die even though her parents knew differently.

Scientologists in Florida, end of life advocates elsewhere, in your face life haters everywhere wanted to prove they are gods who can control life.  But, note this: God IS the author and finisher of life, just as Jesus is the alpha and omega.

God is efficient at overlaying living symbols with symbolic life: Terri died that morning. But, God never cedes His power; 8 time zones away in Rome, almost simultaneous, showed the world that His beloved servant, PStJPtheGreat was obedient to the end.

The pope who taught us how to live, also taught us how to die gracefully.  His health took a mysteriously intense turn for the worse; with God’s grace, JPtheGreat lived to celebrate his beloved feast, Divine Mercy one last time.  ‘il papa’ passed into eternity soon after the last Commission call on his life as Mass ended.

What has this to do with justice, mercy and grace?  God allowed man to pretend he has control of life (not to mention, the idiocy of man controlling CO2 and weather) and can dictate a ‘right to die’.  Terri was NOT at death’s door; in fact, due to ex-husband Michael Schiavo, her decade old nutrition feeding tube was removed on 3-666-05 er 3-18 and she lived 13 more days.  13, the day Jesus died one Friday in the Jewish month of Nisan.

You’d think the most notable PVS right to die success would have a major celebration around the world.  It might have happened, but for the most beloved pope’s life ending, in geo-synchronous heavenly orbit, to overshadow the evil the necromancers (no different than one week previously at the Last Supper, betrayal and crucifixion) lusted over.

Justice on earth as we see with Herr Mueller and his invasion of a duly elected president’s privacy, is imperfect and rarely truly blind.  God sees perfectly and acted that 2005 Thursday to show Who’s boss, who is still in control.

Hate supercedes forgiveness and robs the hater of life and often, salvation.  At the end of their cabinet meeting as secretaries of defense, our Cal bishops:

“Immigration reform should provide both citizens and immigrants reasonable security from those who would harm us…”   In the “immigrants” category we have both illegal peaceful and illegal criminal aliens, foreign nationals waiting for citizenship; Bracamontes and MS13 prefer the “immigrant” communities, and occasional San Francisco wharf to do their worst.  Trump offered 1.8 MILLION a path to citizenship, with $25 million for common sense border security, end to chain migration and lottery; rejected by the Democrat political opportunists.  So, Bishops, who is failing us?

“America does not need a better wall.  We need stronger leadership committed to protecting human dignity and promoting solidarity with the most vulnerable among us.”

We all can agree, even our economic and social justice warrior committees, protecting children and their mothers with better border uterine wall security (if a Muslim london mayor SadiQ can ban assault knives, we certainly can stop planned parenthoodlums) INSIDE the moms and at the porous southern heroin and non-citizen entry zones.

True compassion, justice, mercy and grace can be achieved, with much work.

Mexico finally recognizes blacks, not as slaves, but humans in 2016: HuffPost: “Last month, for the first time ever, the Mexican government recognized its 1.38 million citizens of African descent in a national survey. The survey served as a preliminary count before the 2020 national census, where “black” will debut as an official category.”

Is this the country, that required blacks in Costa Chica to sing the national anthem to prove they WEREN’T illegal, that considers Hondurans and Guatemalans as dirt.

We don’t need a better wall, we need a BEST wall.  Plus, recapturing not coddling student criminal aliens.  Superintendent Runcie and Sheriff IsReal? proved coddling student crime can kill 17 kids in Coward County; looking the other way only creates more.

Coddling the Dem DNC, with rampant lies, cheating, stealing, killing (Seth Rich yielded the DNC emails everyone’s talking about BEFORE he was murdered on a Sunday morn)

Letting hoodlums at “aborters without borders” kill kids with sometimes sanitary knives is evil. Same in California and DC; letting criminal aliens free reign and rein is evil unto itself.  Just like a hate-filled Herr Wei$$mann and his handlers on a destroy Trump mission to hell and back.

But Divine Mercy is still available, though Earthly InJustice tries it’s best to overcome good.  Let us have a Renaissance of Life, Love and Truth.  Maybe my Church should get out of politics (open borders) and fake science (the Algorean heresy carbon dioxide fraud) and focus on what He called us to: preaching about His eternal Divine Mercy.

Divine Mercy, meted by Eternal Justice of the Peace, with Amazing Grace.  No better combination on earth.  Or in the heavens.




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