Syria, SSvsPP, Road to Damascus, from enlightenment to chemical agents

Persecutor Saul of Tarsus had been obtaining arrest warrants, pulling Christians from their homes and putting them in prison.  With the zeal of ignorance, unlike persecutor Herr Mueller who has full knowledge of his handling of the president, Saul first witnessed the execution of Steven, the Church’s first martyr and began his campaign against the truth.           Until:

“Saul, Saul why do you persecute Me?” resounded along with brilliant lightning, on the road to, 140 miles north of Jerusalem, the city of Damascus.  Juxtapos to our time, the same city that lightning bolts of cruise missiles lit up the Damascus and Douma night time sky April 14, 2018.

Scholar and persecutor Saul, became Paul the Apostle, when Jesus “enlightened” him in dramatic fashion.  Can we do the same in modern America?

The faces of chemical terrorism may surprise you, as well as weaponized cutlery.

For example, the SS, Syria and the PP.

Recently, Mr Assad reportedly used highly concentrated laundry bleach to kill and maim 40 Syrian innocents, children and women, dropped from helos and fixed wing aircraft on the city of Douma .

From Wiki: “On 7 April 2018, a chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma reportedly killed at least 70 people.[5] On-site medics stated that exposure to chlorine gas and sarin nerve agent killed the victims.[6] The attack was attributed to the Syrian Army. The Syrian Government and its allies, Iran and Russia, said that the chemical attack either had never taken place or was a “false flag” attack by Syrian rebels.

On 14 April 2018, the United States, France and the United Kingdom carried out a series of military strikes against multiple government sites in Syria.”  We are trying to protect innocent children and their mothers in Syria, but NOT the US.

The three allies used weaponized missles to surgically take out airfields and other high priority (not an aspirin factory) targets to slow down any additional use of highly concentrated laundry bleach.

The United States Senate ratified U.S. participation in the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) on April 25, 1997. On October 25, 1998 the U.S. Congress passed the Chemical Weapons Implementation Act of 1998, legislation which formally implemented the treaty’s many provisions.  You can check out the details at:

Also, of note, Slick Willie Clinton signed his XO#13128 in 1999, to implement the international agreement; the executive order is still on the books 30 years later.

A couple pertinent parts of the CWC:

“In this Act:

  • (1) Chemical weapon. — The term “chemical weapon” means the following, together or separately:
    • (A) A toxic chemical and its precursors, except where intended for a purpose not prohibited under this Act as long as the type and quantity is consistent with such a purpose.
    • (B) Ammunition or device, specifically designed to cause death or other harm through toxic properties of those toxic chemicals specified in subparagraph (A), which would be released as a result of the employment of such munition or device.
    • (C) Any equipment specifically designed for use directly in connection with the employment of munitions or devices specified in subparagraph (B).
  • (2) Chemical weapons convention; convention. — The terms “Chemical Weapons Convention” and “Convention” mean the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on Their Destruction, opened for signature on January 13, 1993.
  • (3) Key component of a binary or multicomponent chemical system. — The term “key component of a binary or multicomponent chemical system” means the precursor which plays the most important role in determining the toxic properties of the final product and reacts rapidly with other chemicals in the binary or multicomponent system.”

Paragraph 13(A) lasers in on what a toxic chemical is: (A) In general. — The term “toxic chemical” means any chemical which through its chemical action on life processes can cause death, temporary incapacitation or permanent harm to humans or animals


You may not realize, the Syrian chemical of choice, chlorine is NOT on the CWC banned chemical list.  Nor are the two most destructive chemicals, part of a binary multicomponent system that kills innocent children worldwide.

“The first is mifepristone, also known as RU-486, and the second is misoprostol. The zyklon-b- IG Farben Bayer ru486drugs are taken orally over three days and effectively kill innocent children, just like sodium hypochlorite ( laundry bleach) as a gas (Cl-) and those chemicals on schedules 1-3 of CWC list kill and maim.

For completeness, RU486 is manufactured by a French subsidiary of the German multinational Hoechst AG which was previously named IG Farber during WWII.  Que importante?

Well, Germany’s Farber/Hoechst made Zyklon B, a cyanide based fertilizer that had alternate uses similar to Digoxin is used in Albuquerque on humans.  Farber built the convenient gas chambers in Auschwitz and other humanity repurposing buildings, and Zyklon B provided the cyanide to kill.

Similar today at planned parenthood, Jews, Poles, Hungarians and the handicapped were typically transported by cattle cars, then gassed in Auschwitz-Berkinau. You can visit this historical genocidal site and the state museum in Oswiecim (renamed Auschwitz) Poland today and see how inhumanity to mankind happens.

After the men, women and children were dead, any thing of value was removed for resale (parts sold separately of course) including hair and gold teeth (recall John Goodman in Monuments Men).

From the Auschwitz museum guidebook I brought back from our world youth day 2000 pilgrimage: “the people were composed…they all were assured by the SS that they would be allowed a bath.  They are told to undress, after which they are herded into a second underground chamber resembling a bathroom.  Showers were fitted to the ceiling–but not connected to the water supply…”

Today, women are herded by the PP into a waiting room, then told to undress in aabortion death jaime lee morales dr rho second room resembling a doctor’s examination room.

Guidebook: “…into this 235 square yard (2110 sq feet), around 2000 victims would be led.  After the doors had been firmly closed, SS men poured the substance Cyclon B (Zyklon B) inside. Within 15-20 minutes the people trapped inside died…”

Today, the Aborters without Borders “doctor” uses weaponized knives called currettes, shoves them up the mother’s vagina, guided by ultrasonic sniper scope to NOT mutilate the valuable baby parts and summarily kills his or her prey.  Jaime Lee Morales is just another mother killed by an Aborter without Borders rapist disguised as a med professional.  His trial is winding up this month.

Auschwitz Guidebook: “…After the gold tooth fillings, rings, earrings, and also the hair had been removed from the bodies, they were taken to the incinerators situated on the ground floor…or makeshift ‘funeral pyres’ “

Obviously, Jew Gold helped fund the war effort (it was melted down and sent to the SS Health & Sanitation Head office); although the dental extraction was not popular with the dead Jewish donors.

When liberated, Auschwitz warehouses contained 7 tons of human hair; haircloth was processed from the hair that included tailor’s linings and other uses.

Today, the PP like their predecessor SS, employ similar scavenge hunts: after American children are removed at the free enterprise/government sponsored extraction mills with weaponized cutlery, hair follicles are extracted for resale.  Apparently, bald old guys like a full head of hair to impress the younger lasses today.  Irony, that most of the hair from the concentrated gas camps harvested were from women.

Postwar analysis by Krakow’s Institute of Forensic Research, found traces of hydrogen cyanide (prussic acid) of course mentioned in the CWC list.

The SS found that the firing squads wasted too much valuable ammunition and began

misoprostol bottle planned

similar to Cyclon B, Misoprostol kills human beings

the gassing programs for human extermination.  Today, the PP uses both weaponized assault knives as well as their binary, multicomponent chemical extermination protocols.

The difficulty for the PP, is the chemical methods leave nothing to resell on the open baby parts market like their ancestors at the SS.  Hillary Clinton’s friends at DaVinci Bio (shut down by OC DA Tony R.) purchased parts from the PP for processing and shipped to various customers, university labs in the main.  No, Jeffrey Dahmers was NOT one of PP’s customers since he secured his raw material for meal consumption on his own.

For example, today ladies, unlike their counterparts on the Auschwitz train rides, can bargain hunt when they personally kill their kids.

You can go plan bgeneric as well; the product comes in a handy child proof container to prevent accidental ingestion by children, and is available over the counter at your favorite store.

Looks like Levonorgetrol is better priced at Wal-Mart, which apparently has banned guns from many of its stores.

Nuremberg executed SS officers for what our modern civilized culture can get over the counter and do to innocent symbiants.

When David Daleiden recorded his conversations with the PP (14 different mainly female abortionists), his investigative reporting caught candidly, MDs discussing getting Lamborghini auto parts as a swap for their harvested baby parts; like Jew Gold and handicapped hair, there is valuable property in them thar Bills and Jills.

Some talked about positioning the mini-Auschwitz captives so the weaponized knives wouldn’t cut up a baby heart or liver or head whenever possible, so as to get USDA choice human meat.  Still others, discussed negotiating skills to get the maximum payback for human livers, donated by dead UNgassed human carcasses.

Can we be as enlightened as Paul of Tarsus?  Are we willing to SEE and HEAR the truth about what the PP is doing to American mothers and their children in utero?

I have seen and spoken to a survivor of a modern chemical attack, though not in Syria.  Gianna Jessen came to speak to our teens and parents about her experience: she was a saline abortion. No, i didn’t say had one: she WAS the baby that survived concentrated salt solution that burned her skin and caused her CP for life.  And alive she remains today.  No gas chamber survivors, like uterine chemical chambered Jessen, are alive to recount the evil though the Museum, the kingpin of Holocaust museums, in Poland has photos and evidence galore.  Rooms filled with hair, personalized suitcases, baby clothes and prosthetics (Hitler commissioned the handicapped to Hilterian hell just like the PP kills Down kids for the sin of being conceived).

Obviously, Barack Obama and John Fing Kerry did not get all the chemical weapons out of Syria. Same with the PP: go to any WalMart for proof killing kids is an over the counter operation today.

Yes, there is hope the binary chemicals mifepristone and misoprostol could be banned as too dangerous to innocent civilians, like assault knives, but lots of work must be done.

Nuremberg courts held the SS and their friends accountable for their evil. Unfortunately, Dr. Orrick, disguised as district court judge Orrick, held a member of the 4th estate, investigative journalist Daleiden in contempt for publicly releasing his 1st amendment protected intellectual property.

Orrick, pimped by the national abortion federation, complied as any conflicted bought and paid for judge would, by helping his SS friends keep their sale of baby parts secret for a few more days.

Otherwise, we will experience the unintended consequences of ignoring evil at our peril.  1.9 billion worldwide; 60 million stateside preventable deaths is one.

The PP IS the most evil empire in human history, paling the genocidal pandemics by comparison.

Recall, in the CWC, “the term “toxic chemical” means any chemical which through its chemical action on life processes can cause death, temporary incapacitation or permanent harm to humans or animals.”   No matter what those substandard MDs (mass destructive) say, a baby is alive inside as well as outside.

There is a decades old story of a couple in love getting married, but the husband found dead the next morning, I believe in Italy.  What the autopsy showed, is he died of cyanide poisoning; it was found in the haircloth tailored into his wedding vest.  Another innocent life lost to evil, just as so many mothers like Holly, Tonya Reaves, Jaime have died due to the PP’s wanton hate of human life and love for the almighty dollar for parts pogroms.

As evil as Assad may be, 40 dead Syrian kids is about 20 minutes worth of the PP’s massive chemical and assault weaponized knives programs.  Day in. Day out.

In addition to the Oswiecim/Auschwitz guidebook written by Kazimierz Smolen, I have a large poster from the visit to Max Kolbe’s final death place: it is a shadow profile of a victim with the words repeated over and over:  Auschwitz warns.

Focused pauschwitz warns 2eople warn, like David Daleiden, Lila Rose, Alejandra, John Hranek, Jeff White, Troy Newman, Cheryls Conrad and Sullenger, Mark Harrington, Fathers Imbarrato and Pavone, Jill Stanek, so many bishops and so many others continue to warn:

Killing children is an evil that is destroying God’s world, one child at a time.  We can major in the minors, fighting over Civil War statues and microagression silliness, while we watch the 1/3 already dead added to a million at a time.  PP remains the most racist, human hating satanic org in the world, making the SS look like bug squashing little boys in comparison to the PP.

It’s more than the 2 Quadrillion dollars in lost economic world activity from the PP alone: its the slow destruction of the human soul.  No matter how many Orricks find the truth tellers in contempt like Judge Orck did 7/17/17, the Truth will win out.

baby-rose-angel-at-her-birth-place-planned-parenthoodBrown adulterer and nutty climate changer Kamala Harris can pay back her pimp handlers’ $82,000 donation by sending her 11 goons, armed and dangerous, to steal Daleiden’s proof of death.  Her stepchild Xavier Becerra can betray his Catholic upbringing and indict the whistleblower 15 times, championing 14+1 abortionists like he’s the devil’s defender.

As difficult as the Douma pictures are, one that comes from America, like Baby Rose of Houston, is just as eye-opening: we DO this to our own.

But mark this warning, as Auschwitz warns: God is STILL in control; He’s not happy we kill children like they were the slaves at harvest, at the auction pillar.

Millstone necklaces await those that defy the God of the Universe regarding His Collette Mariechildren.  God knocked Paul off his horse to get his attention; but we have technology that proves irrevocably that human children are dying daily inside mothers, so what more can God do?

Since Cain killed Abel, various methods have appeared to kill other humans, but nothing as prolific as what the PP uses.  Keep working to end this holocaust, just as Hilter’s Holocaust was ended after so much human misery.

And prayer changes things.  Use it.  The future of the human race on earth just might depend on it. Keep up the battle to end abortion as a politically protected, tax dollar supported, medical procedure.  It is not health care.


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