June 8, 2019?

sword of the knights templarMy last long blog.

Mary said “Yes!” on February 25, 2018, but in the world where half truths and innuendo, gossip and misdirection is the dominant force, the path through marriage prep is not a simple one.

For the record, I believe a major Renaissance of Life, Love and Truth is occurring in the greatest nation on earth.  Despite the ankle biters and disruptors, the chaos merchants like Soros, Hillary, Obama, Schiff etc of the regressive left.  Crisis are created and go within hours, sometimes days, with the purpose of undermining the executive branch.  Even so, tremendous successes are upon us.

Real estate clients, family & friends, inquisitors and trolls, dialogue and discussion fellows, bear with me.  A marriage is at stake. 

Trust me, I am not perfect but then any of you reading this who is, please call me.  Love to find out how you got there.  I always thought the only perfect One is God, but open to discussion. I ask forgiveness of everyone I have offended and seek mercy for everyone else.  You are a part of our marriage prep and your opinions are welcome.

Some people use Facebook to play games, share recipes, make funny faces and ‘like’ this or that; I use it for giving real estate advice, keeping up with people (when not cloned and shut down for 10 days because of one of the 20,000 FB censor minions’ Eilean lefties as Mark Mark Z calls them) but also, most importantly:

to spark discussion on various topics

This is where the analysts, ankle biters and well-meaning Mary protectors are at the ready.  Let the advice begin.

I need to set the record straight.  Picking a meme or a couple threads on FB, especially with the editing via this publicly owned company’s bias, can be a mistake.  There is ALWAYS more to the story than what you see on FB.   As a teacher, and youth leader, conversation starters are important; especially with “politics’ morphing with religion and life these days.

Mary is an incredible Catholic woman, never been married, who I met for coffee (yes, the same Starbucks that doesn’t understand race too well) 4 years ago.

I bought the ring on All Souls Day 2017, and being the 24/7 Santa Claus St Nick kind of guy, ready to help at the drop of a candy cane, I looked for the right 25th of a month to pop the question.  This excellent lady, knowing I have 11 kids and empty nesting with 7, said OK with a resounding Yes!  I know, the question you need to ask Miss Mary is “Are you nuts?”  A guy with 11 kids; don’t you know the average is 1.5 kids per parental unit these days in America?  I screwed up the announcement to my kids, because after a hot trek on Good Friday to the 50 foot cross, it couldn’t wait until Easter day.  People had spotted to All Souls Day ring on a beautiful lady’s left hand.

To us Catholics, May is Mary’s month, although Mary is revered by Jewish and Muslim alike, believe it or not.

We thought maybe “May the Fourth be with you” would work next year, especially for Starwarsian fans.

The church? Nativity of course (Mary was the center piece of a Nativity in Bethlehem long before Amazon shipped thousands of those plastic statues) at Christmas.

Date is set and working on other details.

But Gossip is uncontrollable when left to its own devices.  If you object to this wedding, speak now or forever eat your veggies peacefully.

Reputations today are destroyed like ants on a New York summer sidewalk; and it is easier on FB because the perceived anonymity emboldens the immature.  Any courageous or cowardly lion can diss whomever they want.  But, NOTHING is erased forever, even the 33,000 emails and those on the DNC servers that Seth Rich gave Wikileaks before he was murdered.

Rightly so, to protect her, Mary is receiving many forensic investigators that have gone back to my FB birth, looking for any and everything to convince her this marriage is foolish; but they never see the messages, emails, face to face (people still do this)  and text/phone discussions that complement the supposed “rants”.  A “rant” is something someone else disagrees with and blows it off as a …rant.

Scientifically and anthropologically, there is ONE and only ONE human race.  One first couple, which the monotheistic religions trace back to Adam and Eve (or Dr Leakey’s first Mesopotamian couple).  One 30-75 trillion celled man and one 30-75 trillion celled woman; God made trillions of stars, planets, insect, plants and animals but just ONE first couple.  No black first couple, nor Catholic or Jewish or Muslim first couple, just Adam and Eve.  And despite all the gender ideological miracles today, the last act of Creation was not Facebook: it was woman.  Only a woman can take one single cell and transform it, by nutrition, nurturing and love, into a 75 trillion celled human that squirms, swims and kicks BEFORE she enters the world… and poops and tinkles once out.

I have been accused of being anti-Semitic by cherry pickers who pull a statement or fact: for the record:

I do not ‘hate’ anyone but actually want you who is reading this to live happily forever.  100 years is just a minimum down payment on trillions and trillions of years. Forever: NEVER ENDS.

Recall, God hates the sin but loves the sinner and frankly, all of us have sinned and ‘fall short of the glory of God’.

Though I can’t control the world, I WANT EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY FOREVER.  In heaven or hell, whichever they prefer.  Personally, i prefer cooler climes and check the “heaven” box.

Life IS precious.  But, as a fan of Bibi, Israel and the Jewish people for five decades, a researcher of the Shroud and Holocaust (I’ve stood in the quietest place on earth, the Auschwitz building complex in Oswiecim, Poland that St Max Kolbe was a prisoner) and understand the obvious:

God chose the Israelites, the Jewish people to share His Story, History, with the world.  For this, they suffered in many ways; as usual the devil never gives up and labeled God’s work as evil.  Marriage? devil’s answer is divorce or just live together to make sure the toilet seat stays down and you can check each others’ plumbing.

Yet, under Hitler’s belief there are more than one race, his Aryan master race,  6 million Jews and Poles, hungarians and handicapped were gassed, their gold teeth and hair harvested, because frankly, the devil hates God and works against Him at every turn.

Don’t worry: The gold was recycled and melted down for the 3rd Reich and the cyanide laden hair turned into haircloth for tailors.  Incidental history: Margaret Sanger traveled in the 30s to speak to the National Socialist congress in Germany, to discuss her racist ideology of “useless eaters” and blacks as better terminated; she aided the Nuremberg Racial Law of 1935; but then don’t let nagging truth get in the way of your preconceived notions of humanity.

A brief comparative religion study: The Jews still await the Messiah, in year 5775,  whom Catholics and other Christians see as Jesus the Christ.

The followers of Islam believe Mohammad in the 7th century is critical to religion and the worldview; they teach that Abram/Abraham’s first born, Ishmael, not Isaac, began the chosen people and that Jews are not.  No need to kill anyone over this: there’s really no worldwide population problem, room for everyone; there IS a concentration problem, if you’ve been downtown on a Friday night in Chicago, LA, St. Francis or Britain’s New York.  But 9 billion people would fit in Texas and Oklahoma easily, especially since 2 billion have already been processed out.

  It is ok for people of faith to discuss and disagree; no need to kill me because I believe that Jesus IS the Christ and He is present in the Holy Eucharist.

In fact, I have studied and seen Eucharistic miracles, faith objects like the miracle cloak

our-lady-of-guadalupe-star-chart-210x300 (1) (1)

Juan Diego’s cloak matched the night sky of Dec 12, 1531. Mexico City

of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Shroud of Jerusalem/ Edessa/Turin or burial cloth of Christ, the Great Pyramid of Giza (no, not the crystals and other occultic renderings but as the most accurate world compass, center of the world, Christ angle and more) and other physical evidences Catholicism is real.   Not to mention, numerous Eucharist miracles like Lanciano and Terri Schiavo Schindler.

Mature adults can discuss, agree to disagree, but the operative words are: mature and adults

Mary doesn’t deserve this: but as MP (Marriage Prep)#1 points out: “Relationships change, because they must”.  Relationships are never static; all are dynamic, changing for better or for worse, between workers, voluntary association participants, parent to child and child to parent; friends; family.  And between future spouses.

Relationships take work; relationships are those things before FB where people share ideas, interact, have the freedom to disagree on without reprisal or derision.  Today, where gossip is a click away, they must be “hedged”; not as a bet or venture capitalist, but surrounded by a hedge of privacy when needed and whenever possible.   In the age of Stormy and planned parenthood teaching teens rimming, bondage BDSM and other deviancies, the only bond they don’t teach is marriage and the proper place for sexual intimacy.  It is NOT in high school locker rooms nor latch key kids’ bedrooms.

A woman is the most complex and precious being on the planet; she must be loved like a chivalrous lady of other times, spoiled and cared for.  Whether with 11 kids or none, in or outside of a marital commitment.

Today, we all stick our noses into places we shouldn’t for sometimes not so pleasant purposes.  True adults are able to be specific, to the point and not hide motives.  Point of fact, we are in the midst of the most corrupt abuse of power in US history (with indictments and justice already started); the incredible waste of human capital, tax $$ and people’s time will NEVER be returned.

We toss words like “racism”, “racist”, “hate”, “I am unconfortable with…”, microaggressions and more around as if we are 3 year olds.

What happens is someone is looking for a reason, excuse, etc to argue or demonize the statement picked like apples from the FB threads.  For example, “Hate” is one’s desire that someone never existed or just die; personally, I desire all to live, including you the reader.  I hate no one.

If you are looking for those who desire merchandized death to others, look to planned parenthood (PP).  Unquestionably, they profit from death, mothers losing their kids that can exist outside the womb if not sliced up.  A “blob of tissue” no longer rings true; product of conception is NOT a baby, it’s a onesie or cradle, something that conception when realized 9 months later is a major millennial market.

People of all faiths:  it is NOT UnChristian, or UnJewish, or UnMuslim, to speak the truth in love.

For example, the Regressive Left bullies the truth into silence.  There are videos out there planned parenthood invoice closeup on 150 bucks eaproving that abortionists, on the record on digital, negotiate for parts (we have invoices and Purchase Orders proving same).

Examine the evidence; Look to the left: planned parenthood (PP) Houston sold 12 “consent payments” to herself, abortionist “Dr.” Theiler, MD at TexasMedical Branch for $150 per part (hearts or livers).

This isn’t fake news; this is documented, but the left, like any good 3 year old caught with cookie jar crumbs blames the dog.

As it is, Theiler actually worked for the parts supplier, PP and bought her ‘work’ through her day job at the university. This is well, EVIL.

When Ted Cruz asked Mark Zuckerberg if he knows of any planned parenthood page ‘taken down’ by his minions, Zuck hesitated and fumbled through his answer.

You can’t really blame the FB founder who calls the Silicon Valley the far left: he and Priscilla donated $966 MILLION to pp silicon valley to keep up their fine work in emptying mom wombs of living humans.  And selling parts on the human traffic slave market.

“Len, you are nuts… that is hate speech you are spewing”.

Sorry folks it is the truth and a painful one at that: 60 million Americans have died in the post Holocaust years of 1973 to present, a small part of the 2 BILLION worldwide.  This is what adults do: discuss.  They don’t throw tantrums, block, hide one’s head in the sands of time…   Jack Nicholson said “You can’t handle the truth!”

Other female abortionists on the historical record  want Lamborghinis for a bonus (Dr. Mary Gatter), use ultrasound not to show the mothers their cute kicking kids; but to line up the kid for slaughter so as NOT to destroy organs, like livers,  hair follicles,  calvaria and other body parts.   We have evidence YaleMed paid $715 for a black calvarium; in non Lingua Latinam, that’s a kid’s “head”, cut more cleanly than an ISIS sword at waist level.

Only the on purpose ignorant and blind cannot see this. Any 6 year old looks at the ultrasound photo mom brought home and says “baby!” brother or sister.  Not a parts store sold separately.

The videos were supposedly “examined” by Fusion GPS (the same people who did that fraudulent Steel opp research euphemistically called a dossier later on.  Cecile Richards, whom i nicknamed Cecile DeVil for the movie remake, referred Fusion to Hillary.  Even Fusion, to protect themselves, claimed the videos were not edited for content.  But it takes an adult to look at them to decide.  Most people, including you, will not watch even one because you are comfortable with your worldview and preconceived notions of decency.

Some have complained about my “nicknames”, common practice in the FB world. I will tone them down since apparently a conservative truth teller is not allowed to use them like the regressive left.

For example Kamala Harri$ the pirate.  Definition of “Prostitician” is a politician who trades power and lies for money and more power: ie can be bought.  Instead of protecting the public good or standing for the state and national constitutions, as well as violating their oaths of office.

Let me explain.  When Kamala was 29 years old, she stole a wife’s 60 year old husband and got her first public service job for her private service to him. It is documented; she parlayed (a little pirate) talk into the senate seat in this one party state.

She kept climbing the political ladders: the national abortion federation gave her $82,000 for her Senate run; in exchange, she “pirated” an acquaintance of mine, David Daleiden’s investigative journalist intellectual property.

Abusing her power, Kamala sent 11 armed agents, as the Cal AG, to his tiny Irvine apartment to grab thumb drives etc.   The abuse was she wanted to intimidate those of us law abiding types,  who think babies are better as students not slaves, hacked into parts for resale: often called “Pro Lifers”.  The left has controlled the ABCNNBCBS (my contraction for ABC CNN NBC CBS) and the culture’s vocabulary for decades: the results are all around you.

Kamala’s stolen booty has never returned to David; nor has Xavier Becerra (Becerra means ‘little cow’ in spanish).  This is a crime.   Former Catholic Xavier doubled down and indicted Daleiden on 15 counts, one for each female abortionist and PP workers he outed, plus one for good measure.  As attorney general, he protects criminal aliens from justice while helping his PP friends kill more innocent children, maiming and killing moms in the process like Tonya Reaves, Holly Patterson, Jaime etc.  This is evil.

Evil is the absence of good, usually first attributed to the first rebellious one, satan, lucifer, the devil. Pick your word or nickname.

Think about this: our civil liberties are under assault:  we are experiencing the first indictments of the most corrupt abuse of power in US history, involving an outgoing administration spying on, colluding with top DOJ and FBI.  The Congress sent criminal referrals on people like Comey, Lynch, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Hillary and Obama will be in the future when one of these “turn”.  Part of the evil is the gossip, leaks that occur like a sieve.

Mary, my betrothed and future wife if we survive the FB gossip syndrome, is a victim.

As for myself, I am used to it; speaking the truth is NOT popular nor pain free.  It is easier to just “get along” and let the DC administrative state control the country.

Gossip, like pornography’s easy access, is destroying so many.  Gossip is saying a lie OR the truth inappropriately about another in order to destroy them and their reputation.  Pornography, like that which Stormy acts for, destroys a man’s soul as it turns women into things, property to be used and abused.  Decades ago, slimy guys had to go to adult bookstores; today every pimple faced teen can see it on his or her cell.

As to gossip: I wrote a book called “The Confessions of Father Pio Vianney”.  In it, Pio hears the confession of a young woman who tells him she told a lie about a good friend of hers.

For her penance (non Catholics: we dynamic Caths are given something to do or pray as a source of healing for either the penitent, victim or both in Confession), Father Pio V told her to split open a feather pillow on a windy day and see him the following Saturday.

She thought this odd but did it.  when she saw Father Pio, he asked her how it felt and she said a relief; then he told her to go and pick up every feather and bring them back.

She was shocked and said “That’s impossible, father!” To which he explained, it would be easier for you to find every feather than it will be to repair your friend’s reputation.

So my beloved reader, before you do the next act or text the next word, realize: It is IMPOSSIBLE to repair completely another’s reputation.

FGS is soooo dangerous and it is practiced by old and young alike.  For the record, I am the oldest of 11 and have 11 of the best kids on earth; if we marry, Mary will be a blessing for each and every one of them.  In my 30th year of real estate, making the clients’ needs first, I have also been a youth director, Religious Ed director, scoutmaster and lover of PB&J.

For the trolls, Donna is a saint, miracles attached to her of note, who was sent off by 1100 people at Holy Family Cathedral a few years ago.  Mary and I visited her graveside in February and this I know: Donna is happy that Mary is considering becoming my wife.  Our vows (in case you don’t believe in church vows) state: “until DEATH do we part”.

Marriage is a joy, a body of work, a contract; a Catholic marriage is one in which two become one with the gift of the Three, the Trinity.

What is hate?  It is NOT the opposite of Love: that is indifference.  

Take the redundant statement: hate crimes.  What, if you murder with a gun not a knife, that is a hate crime?  Or, if you kill someone because they practice homosexual acts, that elevates the hate of murder to murder prime?  No, crime is crime with different degrees but all involve disrespect, hate for another.

But NOT telling someone the truth or indifferent to concise factual, NON lying speech, is evil.

Hate is the easiest word to squelch free speech and the free exchange of ideas, as occurs on college campuses among the adolescents who prefer bullying to being challenged with different ideas.

As is “racist”.  MLK despised the use of color, not character to judge another.  And judge we must.  Check your deoxyribonucleic acid map, your DNA: there is ONE human genome, one human being in two genders: male and female.  All others are self-designated.  You have EVERY right to say and do what you want about yourself, AS LONG AS it doesn’t injure or kill another.

Want to marry two other lesbians, like the British triplet ‘marriage’, knock yourself out!  Want to live together with a goat or tree in an apartment, enjoy yourself.  Just be adult about it and not a 3 year old.  What you do in your bedroom or bathroom is between you and God.

This is already too long.  But when you use your electron microscope on Len’s life, if you see something, say something AS AN ADULT. To me: let’s have coffee, I’m buying.

Not, mumble and undermine Mary.  She doesn’t deserve it.  Actually, I don’t deserve her. 

If Mary should NOT marry this dad of 11, speak now or forever eat your veggies.  It is between you and I; be the adult, I know plenty of 3 year olds.

margaret sanger and colored ministersAs to blacks, I take  Jesse Jackson at his word: he said “abortion is black genocide”.  He’s right, since we abort 9 times as many blacks as non-blacks.

The difficulties of black teens killing other black teens in Chicago is mainly rooted in fatherless homes, overworked single moms, proliferation of gangs subbing in for dads, having sex before marriage and NOT finishing high school: these four things could turn around the black subculture, even with race baiting victocrats like Keith Ellison and Al Sharptongue  oops, Sharpton.  Nickname habits die hard.  Jesse said it best: end abortion, begin the healing.

Always remember, the devil is adept at discord, denial, deceit, misdirection and has been at it a lot longer than us.  God creates, devil destroys.

Odd one, since we help so many thru various causes, I was accused of ‘hating illegal aliens’ by a former youth teen.

Maybe a Good example of runaway gossip: You will find Claudio’s rant about me ‘hating’ (there’s that word again) his parents, undocumented immigrants and all 32 states in Mexico and other southern countries.

Not true; but as an aide to Lou Correa whom I know, he is angling to be a politician some day.  Frankly, Claudio is well on his way in his chosen party.  But I keep challenging my former youth ministry teen now married dad of two to be a statesman: we have enuf prostiticians today.

I happen to love his parents.  Claudio practices the art of Sal Alinsky, accusing others of what you are doing or go sensational and scorch earth; it’s a negotiating technique well practiced by the party of Nancy and Chuck.  The Dems long was the party of slavery and the Reps born out of slavery and civil war: Dems have KKK Byrd and other fine folks, including Sanger, Cecile and Soros, good old Joe and the lovable socialist that Hillary fixed in the primary.

For the record, trolls and friends, I believe the Trump wall will stop heroin and criminal aliens for killing women and children; can’t stop the abortions of illegal ladies but maybe someday.  America is the best at so much: we make the best domestic criminals that money can buy: we don’t need to import criminal aliens to do the crimes Americans already do.  And we don’t need a jihadist bioterrorist to take out thousands with chemical or biologics, any more MS13 bangers or cop killers like Bracamontes whose only regret is not killing more law and order officers.

I admit to Mary during this prep time, I try to observe the law and stand for protecting women and children from criminals, both domestic and foreign.

It’s called the Rule of Law, something that separates the civil society from chaos; for Claudio’s future law degree, under the law there is no “undocumented immigrant” recognized.

Google it yourself: US Code, title 8, Chapter 12, Subchap II, part 8, paragraph 1325, titled “Improper entry by an alien.  Any alien who (1) enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers.

It’s not hate, nor hard, to explain the truth: criminal aliens, especially with Cal props 47, 57 and 109 and the new and improved “protect the criminals in city sanctuaries” ab54, kill people, rape and maim mothers and injure and rob.

I told my Church and Claudio we need to have compassion for the dying country of Mexico.  We have imported millions of dads and older brothers for work, leaving Mexican moms and other kids as prey for gangs and druggists.   Call me racist, homophobe, germaphobe or whatever phobe you can think of, it’s the truth.

Just as with the Chicago black mom only families, effectively single Mexican moms have no dad to protect, no older brothers to help his siblings.  The US is destroying the Mexican culture for the mighty dollar.  I pray some day Claudio will be mature enough to see this reality should he seek elective office.

When you empty a nation one million at a time, that nation becomes dysfunctional.  Mexico will be HELPED with the border wall and legal immigration returning.  The Dems turned down 2 million DACAS turned citizen pathers, end of lottery and chain migration to have a political fundraiser about the wall all sane people see as necessary for a safe and sovereign last free country on earth.

America, unlike Mexico, is a land of citizens that welcomes legal immigrants, not a land of immigrants that welcomes citizens.  What Mexico does to Hondurans, blacks and Guatemalans is not compassionate but in fact xenophobic.  Blacks only recently were recognized as citizens in certain concentrated areas within Mexico; routinely, something that the left would call profiling, blacks were asked to sing the Mexican anthem to see if they were not illegals coming in from Honduras.  And we have warehouses full of confiscated illegals, drugs not people.

Claudio, when much younger, was passionate for Aztland, or AztecLand, the idea that California and Arizona belong to Mexico; at the time, I patiently pointed out that is not the truth.  You see, adults can be reasonable and discuss.  Mary, as Our Lady of Guadalupe, turned the human sacrificing Aztecs less barbaric and 9 million Mexican people became Catholics and followers of Christ.  The miracle cloth STILL exists today proclaiming God’s way does not include satan ritual sacrifice like practiced by Montezuma or Cecile De Vil in PP kill mills.  Google Zack King for further info.

A few other nicknames with explanations and closing.  My passion is for the truth and not fables.

cecile richards planned parenthood assad syriaExprezzObama.  Obama is currently in his third term, still active in influencing as a community organizer though he was terrible for the US.  He is talking about a million “Obama” community activists; as it is, the truth is surfacing that Obama and his administration talked a FISA court into spying on American citizens, concocted a fraud Russian collusion narrative and compiled a $12 million fake opp research work via his handpicked presumptive Hillary.  The spying included Trump and his family, for a lie.  Indictments coming and already referred.

Cecile Richards as Cecile De Vil.  head of the most evil empire and most politically cecile de vil 101 dead babiesprotected surgical operation in the universe, responsible post Holocaust for the hypergenocidal killing of 2 billion kids.  So far.  And the actual economic loss of about 2 quadrillion dollars worldwide.  In euros or US, that’s about $2,000,000,000,000,000 for 44 years of mass destruction at PPs everywhere.

Undeniably and scientifically, 100% verified, a human baby, not a walrus, is inside moms and dies every time a demonic member of Cecile De Vil’s team shoves cutlery up a woman.  May sound gross, but think about from the little girl waiting for daylight and the mother who dies because her substandard doctor is counting dollars before care.  Google Zack King for a former satanist turned Catholic who performed rituals at PP sites.

Wei$$mann.  Weissmann is Mueller’s thug.  He destroyed Arthur Anderson and 28,000 jobs (supreme court overturned his abuse of power), plus, the Anthrax and Whitey Bolger fiascos that cost us taxpayers $100 million is settlements.  Still, Mueller and Wei$$mann have a job and access to the DOJ!!  The $$ double dollar signs signifies the police state tactics he uses, like dragging Mrs Manafort from her early morning bed to make a point.  Power lusting thugs behave like this; where process “crimes” get death penalty level treatment.  This is not American nor civil.

Rank and file FBI are great people; but the 7th floor evil ones are slowly being pruned, excised to refresh our land, stop the lawless disorderly chaos types principally in the Dem party leadership and establishment Reps who love power over honor.  I say this as a former Dem and current Rep who votes not party but statesmanship lines, male or female.

Algorean Heretics.  Al Gore spun the tale that one carbon dioxide molecule in every 2500 air ones changes the weather.  He claimed 3% are ‘man made’ or 12 per 1,000,000, a scientific impossibility to retain atmospheric heat,  but it has spawn a multi billion dollar industry for Marxist production control.

Think for a second. God mixes water and sunlight with CO2 and He FEEDS the WORLD; photosynthesis and aerobic respirationthe Supreme Court called CO2 “pollution” yet we die without it.  Real scientists call it “Photosynthesis” and “Aerobic respiration”  and a blessing; in fact, we insult God by claiming man is more powerful than the Infinite Creator. Algorean heretics use this deceit to grab billion $ grants to push paper, live in ivory towers and squander money that could really help the world with water reclamation, crop innovation and more.

Plus, global warming has not occurred, the seas are not rising, polar ice IS increasing and their are 5 times as many polar bears.  Come 2020 the Maunder Minimum (google Dr Valentina, an atmospheric physicist) will continue a solar ‘cooling’ trend with less sunspot activity and less heat transferred to the earth.  After billions wasted.

Based on my research, MP#2: “The bride has the last word all the way to the first “I do!” 

It’s due, in part because woman, the first bride, was the last created being and can say NO! whenever she wants to.  So family, friends, Job’s counselors and trolls, it you believe this is not a marriage worth occurring, tell us why but be prepared, like the adult you are, to peacefully defend your position.  Don’t hide in the shadows, be the man and woman you were meant to be.

If Mary will have me, we will marry on May 4, 2019.  Pray for us. Please

Donna will be watching from heaven and cheering; of course, she will think Mary is the most courageous woman on earth. No disagreement here.

In Disneyland country, we rescue animals like a 30 year old runaway tortoise and other creatures; we practice ultimate environmental stewardship.  Eat eggs, veggies from the ‘ranch’, recycle everything possible.  But, as I Corinthians 13 points out and MP#3 elucidates: marriage is not 50-50.  Never has been, never will.

It IS a great day to be alive!  Join this transformative Renaissance of Life, Love and Truth as it unveils this year.  And as Tucker puts it, be the enemy of groupthink, pomposity and lying.  Be an adult, with formed conscience and pure motives, as you express your wishes and opinions.

On this Good Shepherd Sunday, you have only 377 more days to express your wishes.   

Should Mary take this step? Looking forward to adult conversations.  But, gossip remains evil, un EVERY religion and unAmerican; engage in dialogue not dishonest discord.

Disagreement is fine but don’t try the various logical fallacies. Nor hide behind the Wizard’s curtain.

After all, judge and jury, you are NOT a snowflake but a sentient human being with much talent and wisdom to share.  It IS a great day to be alive: live it as if it is your last and if you matter.  Because you do.  Carpe diem magna cum gaudiam.

What say you world?sun with flares








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