If your mom is Kate and you want to live, better be a Royal Londoner

What’s it all about, Alfie?

Well, your parents love you so much even though you’ve gone on to heaven.  They found out the hard way what free medical care really means.  Look up the definition: under Brit Health or Obamacare, if you are deemed unfit for life, your’s will soon be over.  Well, unless you are related to the elder lady on the Canadian arctic bear 1.5 ounce silver coin, Elizabeth, the Queen of hearts.   If only someone in her family gave a damn about the real 3D England (the worker bees) and the most famous commoner in her realm, Alfie of Liverpool!  Even a token Lina Lamont of ‘Singing in the Rain’ royal wave, here’s hoping my mentioning Alfie in the press would have brought a little cheer to the dreary humdrum lives of the lowest class on the island:  ANYONE not royalty.  You’d think someone in Philip’s circle had the particularly testicular fortitude to include this with the royal birthing announcement for the 6th in line Kate Jr., his first royal onesie or Kensington china choices that are life and death decisions with worldwide implications.

If you are Kate the Royal Londoner, the Duchess of Cambridge, you just named your second son; there’s no chance this side of Alder Hell you won’t get the best care that British tax payers can buy your Royal family; the only classless society is the one that thinks human beings are property.

But if you are Kate the Commoner, your son met the powerful English judge,  jury, Harry Potteresque executioner and self-proclaimed god all at the same time.  Your hospital, Alder Hell err “Hey, you don’t matter kid!”

It’s Terri Schiavo Schindler, all over again.  The ‘compassionate end of life plan” dictated by care givers, make that Alfie’s life takers, fed you water, young man, through the slow walk method perfected by Dems post-Hillary: they used a straw size device, instead of a larger H2O conduit, to slowly and bureaucratically dehydrate Alfie.  Meanwhile, like Terri, the death protocol doctors refused to FEED him as well.   You hear about this in ABCNNBCBS, NYTimes or WCompost?  No way; they are too busy shouting doo doohole countries and repeating, for urinalist purposes, how big Stormy’s ‘ready for porn time TV’  breasts are.

With all due respects QE, your 90 years young silence is typical of titular heads and the US Senate: maybe no one told you Kate’s kid was dying and that Alfie had every right to shoot for more than year 3.  As it is, this weekend and amazing lady, Addie D, just entered her 10th decade on God’s green earth and has more class in her pinkie than your whole royal cabal.  NOT ONE SPOKE OUT for life, for the end of British ruling over human lives.

Generally, food and water are NOT considered extraordinary measures, except in hell’s med schools and in fact, beneficial to life; although CO2, which is critical to food production is demonized as well and the Regressive Leftists from Hell want it all gone.  News to the Algorean heretics: you end CO2, you kill off the earth, a million at a time, just like abortion does to prebirthers.  Even mass murderers get bread and water with their gym time, taxpayer paid lodging and free healthcare.

So, Jack the Ripper would have lived in London’s Tower but Alfie, innocent and proving his mettle by breathing unattached, had to go because he was an embarrassment to socialist, neo Stalinist HMO protocols: “One death is a tragedy; a million deaths, a statistic.”

So while Kate the Commoner’s kid was being tortured by a different water board than Gitmo, the medical board of Alder Hell err Hey,  another Katekid was celebrated at Kensington Palace:   “The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Kate and william royal with new sonDuchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news.”

Just like future Royal, the colonial Megan Markle, Alfie didn’t make the final cut for the life announcement.

Alfie was deemed unfit for life.  Appeals to the pope and the palace went unheeded, similar to Terri’s 2005 plight where Governor Bush, President Bush, the Pope couldn’t get SCOTUS to budge.   Of course, this is the same Supreme Court that stinks at science, calling carbon dioxide pollution and preborn babies property for resale.

In fact, Terri though sentient was dehydrated and starved to death.  She was kept alive for 13 extra days receiving the Holy Eucharist (just don’t tell that to the Florida scientologists and other demoniacs who robbed her of life), but got the same fate: she wasn’t a royal either.  I met mom and dad Schindler, but not the diabolical ex hubby who preferred his ex-wife dead, maybe so she could never testify about her first fall into tragedy?  Was it unbridled anger unleased or just a freak accident?  We’ll never know. But his actions, deciding she needed to be dead when he moved onto another lady while his parents happily would have taken her home from the “hospital”, stateside version of Alder Hell.  In fact, letting him have the full million$ med settlement; he said No Way.  Terri must go.

“Beckman, no one wanted Alfie to live!”  Really?

An Italian hospital had an evac helo ready Brexit Alfie to them, to correct the abysmal Brit Alder Hell treatment, actually feed him water and feed him food like any old or new Royal needs for life.   Queen Elizabeth and Louis Arthur Charles, the oldest and the youngest Brit royal would still have their crumpets and breast milk, Alder would get it’s bed back but Alfie had to die to save the British Empire.

Other than saving face for the inept health care system and Alder Hell, it would have gotten him out of the irrationally insane rationing elitist Brit mode and a chance to live longer.  Why?  Is it like ex-hubby Michael Sciavo’s bizarre demand Terri die that the Brit gods of death didn’t want the Italian doctors to discover just how inept their death protocol was for a correctable condition?

Think about it:  his very parents, Mr and Mrs Evans, were denied taking their child home because as parents sans med degree, they would give BETTER lifesaving care than the gods of Brit medicine.

It’s bad enough, we’ve killed off 1.9 billion healthy kids, due to sex, Down, size of family, inconvenience etc. at kill mills because they were still INSIDE a mom; here’s one OUTSIDE the Kate, loved by Kate and hubby, that experienced systematic and slow tortuous INFANTicide or maybe RUGRATicide. Look in the mirror reader: the difference between you and the preborn or postborn Alfie is age, size and location.  Three little things.  But, if what passes for modern medicine gets its assault dander up, look out.  Alfie, in other words, was murdered for being alive.

What the heaven is happening to the singular human race? 

Obamascare has it’s disadvantages too.

A good friend, right to live activist Stephanie Packer, was offered a suicide pill so her five kids wouldn’t have to love her on earth any more.  Of course, as with the modern HMO mentality, Hellish Medical Options, she had to pay $1.20 co-pay; after all, even in suicide, death and taxes are the inevitables, with taxes outpacing death every time.  What’s a mom worth today who wants to live? 120 cents?  I have to believe we haven’t gone that far into the toilet.

Having paid Kaiser $50,000 for one daughter’s checkup and a cold in 4 years, I know the money is in the healthcare industry, just like every 40 kid California classroom gets $640,000 that’s thousands a year, is more than enough to give excellent medical and educational  care.

It’s just there is this royal pain in the ass societal virus, that life is NOT worth living, that babies are expendable and can be sold in parts by demon doctors when desired.  As it turns out, same thing at Alder Hell in Liverpool.

Alfie died on April 27, 2018.  Terri died morn of March 31st, 2005.  But, God still spoke about this evil.

The man who taught us how to challenge evil Communism and Hitlerism, how to live a good life, Pope John Paul II, took terminally ill the same day Terri finished her acting career as a snuff film.

His final illness and death on Divine Mercy saturday night, April 2nd, overshadowed any necromantic celebration of human misery and death the devil could muster. Thwarted at the Cross; overwhelmed by a pope’s passing simultaneously to bloodlusting demons taking out a smart but less ambulatory Terri.

St Pope JP the Great taught us, through his Parkinson battles, also how to die gracefully on God’s not man’s timetable.

The plot thickens regarding Alder Hell’s motives regarding children.  If you are used to turning kids into slaves, selling them in parts, you are ok with killing them instead of sending them to their rightful place in the Evans Liverpool home or Italy.

Lila Rose’s Live Action posted this:  “Alder Hey, the hospital at the center of the controversy surrounding little Alfie Evans…was caught in a controversy just over a decade ago when it sold organs from living children to Aventis Pasteur, a vaccination research firm, and also stockpiled the organs of deceased infants for years without parental knowledge or consent.”   When you sell babies as slaves, kids and adults are not far behind.  When you sell your soul to the devil, it NEVER quits taking your humanity.

Read that bold part from Lila’s Live Actors again: Wow, so Alder Hell didn’t even wait for the kid to be dead before turning them into the harvest slaves they were!

Mob boss Hillary’s Isaiah Brothers at DaVinci Bio excelled in this baby parts business in Yorba Linda, until DA Ruckaukaus took ’em out. PParenthoodlums (caught red handed)planned-parenthood-utmb-150-consent-payment in Houston/Galveston got $150 a baby heart or liver (proof above) paid by their shared abortionist “Doctor” Regan Theiler at Texas U Med (Farrell is a PP employee).

Great work if you can get it: you kill the kid in the kid kill mill in the morning and take shipment of her parts in the afternoon at the college.  Pay2Prey.  In DC parlance, it’s pay2play by the prostiticians, but you get the point.

Read the two invoices and tell me you don’t think this is sick.

And from the pit of hell.  I had suggested to David Daleiden’s attorney Briscoe Cain, in the discovery phase a few year ago, a closer look at the parts purchase order; words on contracts have meaning.

Before the House sub on infant lives took up its exemplary work under Rep Marsha Blackburn and issued their 14 indictments for playing satan sellers, TexasUMed’s purchase order proved PP wasn’t paying to ship baby hearts because they shipped them “Free On Board Destination”. FOB Dest means the shipper, PP, pays for the shipping not the customer.   Minor point?  Not if PP claims they donated the parts “for the children” to the children processing centers charging only S&H for Bezos USPS costs.  $150 per each also proves these are prices, not a consolidated shipping order for eBay or FedEx.  Now we know, Alder Hell, the hospital for buying baby organs WHILE the kids were still beating their hearts, is just another division in Hell, Inc. effort to rid the earth of humanity.  1/3 of a generation at a time.

planned parenthood invoice closeup on 150 bucks ea

Also, notice, “consent payment” was substituted for baby hearts and livers. Duh… Dr Theiler wouldn’t want to list certain valuable baby organs since selling organs is well illegal unless you are government sponsored ritual satanists like planned parenthood

If you wonder why this author continues after four decades in the battle when he has real estate to sell and 11 kids to raise, if I and you do not confront Hitler phase II and Dr Mengele’s bastard step children abortionists we give $500 million to annually, exactly who will?

YaleMed, via Freedom of Information Act compliance, paid $715 for a black head, Latinesquely called “calvarium”.

Chew on that and put it into perspective:

there’s a whole growth industry at work, from prostitician to demon docs, to out Aztec Aztec human sacrifice.   Both involved extracting organic hearts, one for the god Quetzalcoatl the other for the god Moloch and doctor dollars.

Rep. Marshburn House2FBI referrals look to be bearing fruit against human demoniacs, principally in the party of Byrds and slavery; time will tell.   I hope they involve a hopeful opportunist prez hopeful as well.

The 29 year old Kamala who stole a wife’s 60 year old husband, played PP’s almostsex with his willy and actual adultery for her first public job, continues with the dark side.

Our junior senator hates scientific truth and fossil fueled electric cars (electric car braggards forget even false advertised “zero emit” Teslas need low polluting NatGas for not so free electrons); but she loves kids sold as slaves in manageable parts.

Awarded $82,000 in abortion dollars, AGHarris sent 11 AR15 armed goons to rob David to pay Lucifer @NAF  with the innocent investigative journalists’ legendary expose of evil.  Plus the UNelected AG Xavier carried on filing 15 indictments, not of the kid killers but the Pulitzer deserving candid cameraman.

Frankly, KH’s presidential run in 2020, for honesty in politics’ sake, should use her constituent pimp abortion industry’s approved banner branding:

“I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from mother wombs for baby livers instead of fracked up black gold extracted from mother earth for autos delivered” ~ I am Kamala and I approve this message.

Alfie, what’s it all about?   Human cargo, in a post Soylent Green age?

And sadly, the sanitized picture of a dying Alfie or Baby Rose is all society will tolerate.  People love horror flicks but get offensively outraged when someone shows an aborted child’s body on a sign outside the government sponsored killing machines, planned parenthoodlums and national abortion federation, etc.  After all, this isn’t the Holocaust anymore!   Or is it?  Are we not in a neo-Holocaust era that kills Jews and Gentiles, Mexicans and Blacks (well 9 x the rate), alike?

The Reckoning is upon us.  More grizzly details of Dr Rho come out, that follow Kermit the Killer Gosnell, maybe some in the pro baby killer camp will wake up and realize taking life is not an earthly, but a Godly, right.  Women need to be heard, the millions maimed by substandard abortionists playing god and devil simultaneously; the dead moms can’t speak for themselves, like Tonya Reaves or Holly Patterson, but we can.

Breast cancer is a scourge, influenced directly by early interruptus of pregnancies, but ABCNNBCBS can’t be bothered when they can thump Trump and shelter criminal aliens and administrative state Royals at the DOJ and FBI.  Even with a cleansed house, so much more is needed.  The real cancer of the soul and mind, believing a human is not worthy of life that goes back to Sanger and Huxley, needs excising immediately.

Alfie, like Terri, like you, Stephanie and even me, have the right to life and to live from the moment of conception to natural death.  What a concept!  Covering up medical malpracticed hide the truth, like Alder Hell ‘hospital’ and Michael Schiavo did for two of the most vulnerable humans, both fully born, of this century, is diabolic.

The Queen of Canadian Coin, QE or her son, Prince Philip may have done diddly squat to save a precious commoner named Alfie, but we CAN keep at it!   Irony is, Louis is French for “renowned warrior”; maybe in Royal speak this translates to reclusive wimps who love titles more than tots.  Here’s hoping the Royal Kateson, Louis, grows up to have a conscience.  And do what Philips and Georges in the bloodline can’t do. Be a man, defend womanhood and life.

It’s time people to join this Revolution of Life, Love and Truth.

No better time than now.  I believe we have a great country, despite the Corrupt News Network and Dem dailies provided by ABCNNBCBS in the District Cesspool off the Potomac menu of daily fake crises.  And the one party SacraDEMento palace.

I believe, that together, like Mother Theresa did day in and day out, we can help one person at a time and end abortion and the diabolic metastasizing ‘kill humans early’ Huxley pogroms.

Alfie could have had 50% better odds of life if infinity stoned Thanos had been in London; but he and Terri are gone to heaven.  Alfie, not Thanos.  Thanos will return in the next movie, Alfie will not.

Let’s work together to revalue life as much as DC power is squandered by the lust-filled prostiticians.  As well as Royal treatment for all, not with UNIVERSAL healthcare, but sensible health insurance, catastrophic insurance and care, without the assault knives up women’s vaginas destined to kill anything that moves.  Parts sold separately, of course.  Ask Alder Hell’s parts department’s shipping supervisor outed by Live Action.

It IS a great day to be ALIVE!  Let’s live it as if it matters, because it does.  Carpe diem magna cum gaudiam.

Rest in peace, Alfie.  The world did not deserve you and your parents don’t deserve what the world of evil has dished out, either.  Pray for us, please.  Go meet Terri and share stories about what inhumane water rationing and food removal feels like when performed on a 23 month old.

My Donna would be happy to introduce you above.





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