Ideological slavery is not just for blacks

In the 19th century, 600,000 men, women and children died to right a terrible wrong: the idea that some people, men, women & children,  should be socialist victims, ie slaves, working for no pay and owned by other men on Southern Plantations and off the Thames, where the slave ships sailed.  600,000 died for the obvious during our Civil War: God created us free and equal.  But the belief that some humans are property persists even today.  60 million dead Americans is proof “humans as property” continues.

William Wilberforce (I recommend the movie “Amazing Grace”) worked hard to end slavery in England; the results of his crusade was ending slave ship trade but not until after he died: he received a hero’s funeral for patiently but forcefully righting this terrible wrong.

Lincoln’s reward was assassination as the then Democrat party of enslavement finally resigned in 1865 to not own other men.  At least, for a time. The Dems have evolved, as part of the Regressive Left, into a new kind of slave master.  Formidable but defeatable, still.  They are in the forefront, with too many Republicans, Soros Zombies and others, to be the slave masters of ideological slavery.  I once was a registered Democrat, but their constant deceit and endless killing, having 11 kids, convinced me to change.  The Dems have never forgiven the GOP for winning the slave war.

But as Turning Point’s excellent societal commentarist and communications director, Candace Owens, points out, blacks today, in particular, are assaulted by ideological slave masters like the Dems and their assumptive queen Hillary.  So is much of American culture, but there are solutions.


“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” – Vladimir Lenin

Hitler, Lenin, Marx, Stalin, Mao and some other famous ideological slavemasters of recent centuries are all dead: but virulent ideological (vain doctrines in the Scriptures) theories still are destroying millions, maybe billions on our planet.  A lie can circumnavigate the world before Truth gets its running shoes on.

In America, if you are black, the Ideological Slavemasters (IS) demand that you hate Trump, love government, hate having a dad in the home, love welfare, vote Democrat, reject capitalism, self-direction and initiative, vote Democrat early, often, dead and foreign.  In Chicago, young blacks killing other young blacks are an important part of the Windy City’s black reduction program.  Ever look at it that way?  700 dead mainly black young is a terrible price for Dem demolition of American society.

Kanye West believes he owns his own mind, not the DNC or Sharpton, but when he said he favors Trump and blacks standing up for themselves, he heard from the IS.  Jesse “Abortion is Black Genocide” Jackson, Al SharpTongue and the race pimps crawled out from the crumbled rocks of black civilization to bully him and Candace.  Not to mention the dead urinalists in the ABCNNBCBS media.

“How dare these upstart Uncle Toms think they can think for themselves”

But if you think IS, ideological bullying is just for black Americans, think again.  Lenin’s lesson has played out across America with Alinsky adherents like Hillary, not over 4 years, but 14+college.  Indoctrination replacing true history, revisionist polySci replacing education, in our governmental educational welfare system.  Spread over every race, color, creed, religion and size.

I still contend, in addition that CO2 is our photosynthetic friend and we mock God with the androgenic climate change fraud, there is only ONE human race, not 12 different first couples…PLUS the hundred or so gender genetic ideologies including three brides, a horse and a Henry, etc.

The 2nd amendment, as we discovered by the reincarnated Al Capone Cruz killing 17 kids St Valentine’s Day Massacre style, protects the 1st…and the 4th et al.  The relentless Regressive Left demands only their ideologies see the light of day; just as they stop kids from being born, brought into the life and light for 80 years of challenges, joy and sorrow, love and opportunity.

The Regressive Left OWNS Public Ed, USA.  I have dealt with it, being in my 34th year of domicilic pedagogy, working with young people for decades while selling real estate to feed my 11 offspring. It has become too big to succeed without major medical

My pocket Constitution is frayed but it still is the law of the land.  The Left is a vicious taskmaster, demanding everything from those it enslaves~ even death.  Want proof?

Here’s 100 times as much proof.  Tonya Reaves was a mom of two, except the second one was close to birth.  Tonya went to the Left’s re-education medical center in Chicago; the black reduction specialist removed her preborn child and 12 hours later, she died as well.  Planned parenthood Michigan Ave performed a twofer no self respecting Southern slave master would ever do: killed two harvesters.  Those Southern Revival mansions needed workers in the kitchen, blacks in the fields.  Yes, the slave masters raped all too many but some were somewhat humane: killing a slave was bad for business, because you needed everyone to pick the tobacco leaves, bales of cotton, corn on the stalk.  American Blacks no longer are slaves working at the harvest: today, they ARE the harvest, hacked up for parts while squirming, thumbsucking and kicking mom.

Stats are dismal; 600,000 of all stripes died in the 1860s to free the slaves; 60 million, about one third black, US kids have been killed in the NeoPlantation era that began Jan 22, 1973.  Never to go to school, never to be ideologically brutalized.  They are DEAD. No hype, just truth.  How many Candace Owens or Kanye Wests have died?  Or du Bois, or Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell?  Clarence Thomas’? Even Wakanda kings!

Check out Candace’s place at Turning Point.

Look at today’s college campuses.  The most wacky leftist professors indoctrinate any and all in their charge; now called snowflakes, these $60,000 a year late teen day care centers take a smiling innocent student and grind them to a snowflake leftist pulp by graduation day. IFFF they ever graduate.  Ben Shapiro was bullied about freedom of speech when his subject was freedom of ideas, expression and speech by Dr Wiede a full of himself sociology prof who demanded his students NOT attend but violently shut down his presentation.

Can’t have snowflakes get melted by the truth, realize there are more than one belief systems.  Not everyone is a Berned socialist or Hillary style capitalist.  Conform to the bullies or get pummeled. Ask any conservative, smart guest speaker.  Berkeley, the birthplace of speech freedom now is the black hole where no freedoms escape to “infect” the world.  Unless Regressive leftists.

But our black brothers and sisters really need our extra help.  Since LBJ banned fathers under his Poverty War, the pressures to succeed for the black subculture is enormous.  But even before 1960s, Margaret Sanger, the new Confederate general of slavery, helped Hitler and the national socialist party in Germany label Jews nonpeople with the Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935.  Sanger wanted to recruit black ministers to help her black reduction crusade, to kill off as many of the ‘useless eaters’ as possible to make room for her favored sects.  Hitler’s Jews, Poles and handicapped gave way to planned parenthood’s equal destruction opportunity, in which no matter who or where you are from, we will abort your offspring.  And sometimes, like Dr Rho’s patient Jaime, and too many others, kill off the black moms too.

The odd one, remains Kamala Harri$.  She broke into politics the old-fashioned way: at age 29, she set her eyes on 60 year old Slick Willie Brown, snatched Blanche’s hubby to audition for a public service job by doing the Stormy Stephanie, practicing porn with the Demo leader.  She got the job, then half time AG, and now she’s campaigning for the presidency 2020.

I say odd, because she is part black and yet serves up her black constituents at an unprecedented pace.  Blacks make up 12% of the population but 33% of the aborted humans are black.  This is why Jesse called abortion “black genocide” before he was tarred and feathered by the IS.  Ideological slavemasters never give up.  Meanwhile, she demands no human water while flushing trillions out to sea via the Sacramento River and hating cars and oil.

I can just hear Candace reporting, as comm director for Charlie Kirk’s org, Turning Point:

“Kamala has a new campaign slogan: ‘I prefer hacked up black girls for body parts extracted from mother wombs, instead of fracked up black gold for auto tanks extracted from mother earth.'”  Babies killed, recycled and trashed, useful oil frozen in the ground.

Proof of Kamalala’s bias is she raided David Daleiden’s investigative journalist candid camera shots of evil abortionists negotiating for part prices, like $150 per baby liver at UTexMed or $715 for an intact black head at YaleUMed.  No dermatologist necessary.   Like other IS members, kamala is so lusty for power, she doesn’t give a damn how many blacks must be sacrificed for her pimps at NAF and PP. Her pimps’ mentor, Margaret Sanger favored blacks…for extermination and enlisted black ministers to help before the negro population found out what was happening.

I believe the tide IS turning.  With lower minority unemployment rates, and black standing up against unrestricted criminal alien invasions, there are cracks in the ideological slavemaster’s plantations.  People are starting to realize the Dems want to control what you think, say or do…and get your vote once a year or so.   Kill domestic blacks prebirth or on the streets; replace with illegal aliens from around the world through the unprotected southern border.  In California, with 47/57/109 and the new and improved criminal alien protection act, AB54, perps are free to re-offend at will.  Re-offer is shorthand for kill, rape and rob once more.  You could ask Kate Steinle but you gotta dig six feet down.

But with Candace and other young, smart people leading the charge for freedom, maybe we can disinfect tenured academia and society from the indoctrinators extraordinaire.  Yes, white, Asian, Hispanic conservative students are just as much a target as the wholly owned black pop by the Regressive Left; but people are waking up from their Ozian poppy sleep.

Yet, the black subculture needs more Candaces and Kanye’s breaking through the DemLeft ceiling hold on their minds.  Men like Ryan Bomberger at Radiance ( show us that people of color are smart members of the human race. His theme is perfect and shows just how satanic planned black termination parenthoodlums are.


Except to Cecile Richards and her satanist mentor, Margaret Sanger

Abortionist Theiler’s day job is killing the kids she buys at the University. Double dipper

Still, Cecile Richards & the Black Reduction Kill Mills will do their worst, like caged animals released to destroy.  Read some of these words that have been implemented into actions.  Strategic marketers at PP locate 80% of their black (and non black) human processing centers in minority neighborhoods.  You see, there is equality of the ‘races’ at PP: they don’t care whether you are a Mexican border crossing alien or long time citizen.  Your baby’s heart, liver, head and scalp (for old guy hair follicles replacement, big biz) sell just as well.  A black head fetches $715 at the ivy league Soylent Green black processing center at Yale Med.  Or $150 for a baby heart at TexasMed U.  OPEN YOUR EYES! ‘Consent payment’ is a masked line item for baby parts, sold at $150 per.  Prolifers don’t lie, we are FACTIVISTS

Note how Maggie said “We should hire three or four colored ministers.  The MOST successful educational approach to the NEGRO is through a religious appeals…

…”We don’t want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro Population”

Candace, Cecile Richards solution to shut down the more rebellious blacks is to kill them.  People think this writer is full of it sometimes about how satanic our tax supported killing machines are.  Yet, when I ask them to look at David Daleiden’s ( witness project, videoed proof IN THEIR OWN WORDS what mainly female abortionists thing, say and do, they shout: “Fusion GPS proved they were edited.” 

I point out you are sticking your head into the sand and ignoring the evidence.  Isn’t Fusion the same people that created the fake fraud urinalist epic dirt piece on Russian urination protocols for Moscow prostitutes in presidential hotel rooms? Steele trap mind.

For example, why does Texas Med issue purchase orders to planned parenthood gulf coast and PPGC post invoices?  Certainly they don’t pay $150 for toilet paper or pencils.

It’s for body parts not auto parts, though Dr Mary Gatter lusts for Lamborghinis as Christmas bonuses for her high production of dead kids with quality organs.  These exposed diabolic parts4pay, that violate both human decency and the human organs act, are thanks to FOIA requests, Briscoe Cain and other Daleiden lawyers, Mr. Newman and Rep Marsha Blackburn of the Infant Lives Subcommittee.

Patent pending on the 14 FBI criminal referrals that PP lied are quashed.  Nope.  My minor contribution is from my 80s contracts peripherals buyer role: PP claims it charges ONLY for shipping and handling; I pointed out FOB Destination, clearly on the Texas University Medical Branch purchase order means Texas U does NOT pay for shipping…PP does because it charges for the brightly labeled and packaged brains, heads, hearts, livers and more.  Another in a long line of lies by the NeoPlantationists, who have killed off 60 million American kids, 20 million blacks, SINCE the END of the civil war: primarily starting back up Jan 22, 1973 known as RoevWade.

Not much has changed in the NeoPlantation era.  Black and white (yes, slaves come in all colors) slaves used to be strapped to posts and auctioned out to their new employing slavemasters.  At NAF, who GoPimpFunded Kamalala Harri$ $82,000, blacks are killed inside their moms, carefully using ultrasound to guide the assault knives. Then extracted to be sliced up into hearts, livers and heads.  Parts sold separately, of course.

What is different is instead of harvesting heads of lettuce and artichoke hearts, today their heads and hearts ARE the harvest.

The good news is the Dems and their friends at PP and NAF are color blind: when it comes to which kid to kill next.  I guess when your are Dr Frankenstein or Mengele, you look past the melanin to the juicy, resalable portions of the kid you just killed.


Maybe Ryan and Candace can work hard to right the so much wrong with the way the black subculture is abused.  When you kill off 12%er blacks at a 33% clip (population vs abortion ratio), yes, you will please Sanger and knock off more of her useless eaters.  Add in bureaucratic inspired (LBJ would not give welfare if there was a negro dad in the house) divorce black dads and the moms remarry the Fed government enslavement welfare, you get more of the same: destroyed families.  Just like we are destroying Mexican families in Mexico, importing the dads and older sons leaving mom and other kids to be preyed upon by cartel druggists and happy to comply MS13 gang recruiters.

Then highjack, Lenin style the educational industry and you have the kids remaining for a lifetime.  And the Dems are happy to import mobile criminal aliens along with supple new voters to replace the dead blacks.  After all, Mexican, Hondurans, Polish will do the jobs that black Americans would do.

So, lets get back to realizing there is ONE human race; people own their own minds and should resist being bullied by Sorosian Zombies and the ObamaHillary spy network power hungry elites.

Life is great if only we also throw off all the crises manufactured Rahm style by the chaos mongers.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL if you ignore Regressive Leftists’ Dems’ crises du jour. The septic ideologic slavemasters

My fave IS/ideologic slavemaster remains the way we insult God and believe we puny humans can change the weather. God is either laughing or ticked off at our arrogance.  The Algorean fraud, that one miracle CO2 molecule per every 2500 air molecules, is foolish.  And Al Gore’s grant guzzlers still complain that 3% is man made CO2, meaning they want to tax and BK the world for 12 (manmade CO2) molecules per every ONE MILLION: 12/1,000,000.  Just another ideological slavemaster, when the world is NOT warming, polar bear sex has yielded five times as many cute beasty bear cubs, seas are NOT rising like the BS level at EnviroRad U.  Meanwhile, after constructing this 553 sextillion mile wide universe, God calmly mixes water and sunlight with carbon dioxide and He Feeds the World.  What do we do? Our SCOTUS Supreme Court labels CO2 (something we die without) “pollution”.  What idiots we are,wasting billion$$ that could help 3rd world nations with improved crop yields and water reclamation (instead of condoms via USAid) as we move toward Maunder Min globe cooling in the 2020s.  Maybe the condoms can be filled with water for transport since we aren’t helping them dig wells or purify what they got.  Unintended consequences never dissipate.

But, we can combat ideological enslavement with the Truth.  You ARE a free American, and your bill of rights rights were bought and paid for with blood and fortunes.  If you are black, green or white, your life has a purpose.  Live as if you matter.  Because you do!

In four decades of raising 11 kids and working on the streets outside planned parenthood, there is one place people of all colors and religions come to agree: the sidewalk between the road and the killers.  The driveway leading into a national abortion federation kill mill, like sanger’s soldiers inhabit, usually is crossed by a concrete walkway (PP HQ Tustin@the 22 fwy).  It separates what heaven has provided with what the deepest part of hell, abortionist human trafficking priests and priestesses of death and misery.  Ground zero for the spiritual realm war for or against human life.  People and groups like Troy Newman/Cheryl Sullenger at Operation Rescue, Fr Pavone/Bryan Kemper at Priests4Life and Stand True, Lila Rose at LiveAction, future Pulitzer prize winner David Daleiden at Center for Medical Progress, David & Alenjandra of 40Days4Life, Mark Harrington @ Created Equal, Students for Life Kristan and sooooo many more, have invested countless hours.  Where? outside satan’s human foundries, kill mills of Wills&Jills fulfill the bill, parallelling Sauron’s Lord of the Ring death merchant site.  America is still the best place in the world for the Leftists and the conservatives, ie ALL people, to discuss peacefully but most importantly Truthfully.  Jennifer Horn, the conservative crusader on AM870 the Answer does it daily with the lovable liberal, Brian Whitman.  Same happens on Fox where fair and balance is pushed by Hannity, Laura, Tucker, Ms Breen, the Judge, etc.  Although ABCNNBCBS tend to be robotic drive by clones (hat tip Rush Limbaugh), like when the Corrupt News Network parrots the same fake news day in day out.  CNN even hires every Deep Stater as they get fired or lose face, it seems, like Mr Clapper. Plus you get the Stormy Porny show lawyer and conflicted Comey non stop.  Dialogue is good: but ideologic cranial bullying is just as bad, actually worse, than CyberBullies on the loose.

“If we can end abortion, we end the harvesting of the neo black slave.  And unleash the Renaissance of Life, Love & Truth.” 

As it is, the ultimate ideological slavery is this one:

Only 600,000 died freeing the 19th century slaves.  Already 100 times as many neo slaves of all types have been killed in the last 40 before they

The Beckman 11 in order of their presence in the picture

even saw daylight. 2 billion worldwide.

Go get em, Candace, Kanye (yes, Kanye), Mr. Kirk, Ryan B, Josh, Pasquale and the critical thinkers.  It’s your turn.  Do it for the people, our God and my kids. In the main, do if to help America, the last covenant nation on earth able to survive, live on.


















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