Thank you MOMS! You ROCK!

Happy Mothers’ Day!!

Special year this year: the eve of the 102nd anniversary of Mother Mary’s ‘frequent flyer to Fatima’ events, May 13th, 1917, is mother’s day.  Another Godincidence, friends!

I  know, I know, my Protestant Christian bros and sisses’ think we Catholics are nuts, to believe Mary built up frequent flyer miles over the centuries, in different places around the world like Mexico City (Guadalupe and a 16th century photograph), Japan, Egypt, Ecuador (Our Lady of Good Success) etc… but she did!  Google it!

Don’t just believe me: I am biased for my awesome Donna is now a saint in heaven; for my mom Irene who I believe greeted Donna and, like Mary in Elizabeth’s time, rejoiced over her great (ie awesome) 11 grand kids and greats, now at 11.

My special moms, daughters all: Amanda, Emily, Maryann and Jennifer, who are carrying on the generations with principled LOVE of the Savior and the Mom He loves: mother Mary.  Mary, like my daughters, is the consummate mom: leading all to see her Son (their offsprings) are important and to be listened to.  The Queen Mother, the Regina Coeli,

This is WHY Mary appears around the world: to refocus us on Jesus; always timely, in the native dress and appearance, she is more than a living symbol of a joyful eternity: she is SHOWING US THE WAY.  After all, her way is to show THE Way, the Truth and the Life.

I should mention, another Mary of TorranceLand, who soon will ‘adopt’ 11 great kids as my wife come this June 8th.  We take “’til death do they part” seriously in the Catholic faith.  Donna, in a God allowed miracle, impressioned Lauren Bauer Kramer, an amazing mom of three, the day after her funeral.  Lauren was praying at Holy Family Cathedral’s noon Mass for Donaa, having missed the funeral.  She recalls Donna telling her in her mind “I will pass it on to someone who needs it”.  Vividly.  This early on signaled to me Donna is in fact both generous AND in heaven.  Unlike our Mormon friends who believe their wives will be perpetually pregnant populating distant worlds like Adam & Eves II,  Donna is beyond this realm forever.   In the same place, we ALL must seek.

Not so much a coincidence as a Godincidence, Mary of Torranceland is mirroring the Queen Mother Mary, who was conceived immaculate on a Dec 8th, born on a September 8th.  Please note, Mary of Torranceland, undoubtedly a devoted Catholic and 8th of 9 in the Basile family, will be married millennia after Anne was in her 6th month with Mary.  On June 8.

Our Muslim friends have a special place in their faith universe for the Virgin Mary right behind Muhammad’s daughter Fatima; though non-Christian, they give Mary more value than too many of us Christians!  Mary, like Amanda, her mom Donna, Emily, Maryann & Jennifer, are the real examples of the last act of Creation:  woman and motherhood.

Wait, Fatima is the name of a Portuguese city Mary visited six times, on the 13ths of successive months, finishing with 70,000 witnesses to the Miracle of the Dancing Sun… and also the first Islamic prophet’s fave daughter?  How can that be?  Oh yeah, a Catholic prince married a Muslim daughter named Fatima and he renamed the Portugal city they dwelt in.

Fatima…coincidence?  You tell me.  God is a complex Weaver of Life, finding so many ways to bring us to Him for eternity.  In good time.

Realize moms:  Jesus died on Friday the 13th in the Hebrew month Nissan; maybe that is why His mom and her Travel Agent (God) chose that day for the Fatima appearances on the 13th’s. Why?

To remind us how important He was to History.  His Story.  Jesus is STILL the Center of History, of the Universe, of the forever life guarantee for those that follow Him.  He is even the object of the world’s largest compass, whose Christ angle points (26 degrees, 18 minutes, 9.63 seconds of arc off the center line) directly over the Solomonic pillars of Exodus and the House of Bread, Beth’ Lehem,

They say the devil’s in the details.  The evil one has never liked God much, let alone humanity, because it realized it had messed up.

Since the first mom, Eve, someone more evil than leftist Demonrat leaders, has been sowing discord, gossip, lying, cheating, stealing life from God’s favored creations, Man and Woman.

Not to mention one of its best soldiers and former head of planned parenthoodlums LLC, Cecile De Vil, continued to destroy those most precious to mothers: the preborn.

But, God, in His infinite wisdom decided moms are the best ways to populate the earth.  They are NOT clone labs…despite the evil that befalls those just waiting to make headway into daylight.

Scientific truth and proof there are only TWO human reproTypes, folks, if God’s second human creation was, let’s say Steve, guess what?

You wouldn’t be reading this: no matter HOW MUCH Adam & Steve tried, no Cain or Abel woulda come out of either of them.  Nope.  No need to boil water or learn LaMaze.  Sorry, Mayor Pete of Indiana, who wants to buy a womb and egg so his “male wife” could have their child, this ain’t the way God designed you or your man…

Moms, do you realize just how IMPORTANT you are?  You were the LAST act of general creation; God saved the best for last then took the next day off.

Think about it: after God made 553 sextillion miles of universe with trillions of insects, billions of stars & planets, millions of plants and animal, thousands of biochemical processes, God made little ole  err  young you, Mom!  I know He made that simpleton Adam first, but…

Next time you’re cleaning up #2 from your #5 or #1, realize YOU are critical to life on earth.  But infinitely more valuable than a domestic engineer.

After Adam, just ONE MOM!

Through Eve, EVERY human being on earth has come to be; basically she and Adam have 9 billion descendants on earth today (less the 2 billion the evil one has harvested by dastardly satanist surgeons like Kamala the Pirate).

Doubt me?   No matter the color, size, language, we have the same genome, chromosomals.  ONE HUMAN RACE.  We ALL bleed red.

Despite a little blip when we humans got too arrogant and anti-God, and all but 8 were destroyed in the massive recreation of the landmasses by water, not to mention 120 years of boat building, Noah kept the land and air creatures dry (no aquariums on board).  And God left His mark on life: the rainbow.

So, Noah’s three daughter-in-laws are the moms of all of us, too.  I currently, of my 11, sunflower of lovehave three daughters-in-law, so allow me a brief commercial!:  Maryann, Emily and Jen, I LOVE YOU!  Like this sunshine sunflower heart, you bring joy, life and love to all.   You have made my three sons so happy becoming their queens.  You are excellent mothers, all of you.  Emily, Maryann, Jennifer, Rosie in the future.

And of course, Amanda, my first born daughter, I am so proud of the great work you are doing for the Kingdom, as an awesome wife and mother, blessed with a good man named Brian.

Commercial over.

So, moms, after the massive flood regeneration and reshaping the world, we did dumb once more and while building a stairway to heaven known as the tower of Babel, God created the separate nations like the youth ministry animal sound game we used as an icebreaker: confounding the languages forced each groupings of peoples into nomadic, then geographic nations.

Why the theobiblical history lesson?  Because, what we call “science” or “religion”, “sports” or whatever, God calls His world.  God is the Supreme Scientist.  We are merely His creature students.

He chose a certain people through the father of nations, Abraham, that today is centered in Israel and NOW has our US embassy in the world capital, City of Peace: Jerusalem.

Abraham also produced descendants thru his first born Ishmael, the Jews and Arab being half-brothers, who are spread through the Arab world to this day.  Abraham’s Israelite descendants all came through his wife, Sarai/Sarah.  Like Rodney King put it, can’t we all just get along?!   One wishes…

But, still, moms remain important.  Today, more than ever.   And thank you!  You are domestic engineers, whether having a job outside the home.  You are chauffeur, maitre d’, operations manager…

lover (your hubby BETTER be taking care of your romance needs; if not, my 24/7 real estate cell number is 714 267-1413: USE IT.  This IS an emergency so call me and we will take care of it.  No, I won’t toilet paper him, but we will talk about this.  If MOM’s not happy, no one’s happy)

Happy WIFE, happy life.

Some more hats: accountant, cook, launderer.  Did i leave any out?  OF COURSE, i did.

Moms, you ARE indispensable. 

Like the title above, there is Mo’ There, more there than meets the eye.  You are the womb that bore them, the breast that fed them.  The one that loves them most.

Yes, your hubby often is your first adopted and oldest child, and must love Jesus first:  but deep down, he loves you more than life.

Again if he doesn’t, there’s that 24/7 emergency #. 

beckman fam when katie small

The Beckman 12 with mom when they were a bit younger

Mothers, thank you.  Donna, for 33 awesome years, noting you wrote in your diary at 14 you would marry me and have a kid or two.  Like the Farmer’s guy, you knew a thing or two and had a kid or two after we said I do and two.  We miss you and thank you for releasing me into a new world of adventure next year, knowing you are praying for Josh down through Katie and your first adoptee: you had 12, me, only 11.  But, you are today a saint.

Donna, like the kids do, I will miss you until heaven but this I know: you are doing awesome with the Cathy Lipsky, Sharon Condon, Jack Reinkers types above.  And I realize you have blessed the upcoming union with Mary of Torranceland.

donna-003So, moms: happy mothers’ day. 

Actually every day is, but on this special day when you get the half-eaten chocolates from your taste tester 6 year old, or the last Stater Bros flowers in plastic, price tag still on, do what you do best: LOVE!  And if you are in heaven, note the busiest day for both florists AND cemetery sites is mother’s day.

Recall, moms, NO ONE comes into the world but through you…and your husband and our God.  Yes, many are mothers through adoption or fostercare, some even turkey basting, but know this: your calling is more important than the president’s, and larger than any despot on earth.

And much more complicated.

“For God so loved the world that He sent His only Son Jesus that we might believe in Him and those that do will not perish and live forever.  And beyond…”

And He did it through the mom God chose from before eternity.  Mary, the second Eve, was the Ark of the Covenant, the Morning Star, the womb of the eternal God.

Like Mary, your son(s) and/or daughter(s) are blessed by your love, sacrifice, joy.  For better or worse, know that you have made your mark. No matter how much you sacrifice, your child is more than able.  Down syndrome or afflicted or perfectly healthy, matters less than this: You ARE the ones God has called to populate His world.

Homeschooling mom like my Donna and so many of you, thank you.  Hard working moms, like all of you  moms.   And no matter WHAT languages you speak, the first language spoken in the home is “LOVE”.

If you know someone has had an abortion, go to those moms and give them a big jesus as divine mercyhug.  Tell them God has forgiven them but that they need to forgive themselves too. 

Don’t let them fool you OR themselves, when a mom loses her child by an abortionist vs miscarriage, she loses a much bigger part of her heart.  Help her know someone cares.  Jesus, the Divine Mercy giver DOES!

irene mac beckman

Irene Maciejczyk Beckman

I pray you moms, including my Irene who art in heaven,  get all the blessings God has in store for you.

Model yourselves after that Bethlehem stage mom, who travels the world to point out “He’s my Son!!”  Follow Him and you will not be sorry.   For moms, YOUR kids all were the reasons He died and rose.

As well as you.

Teachers, teach for a lifetime.

Moms, teach for an eternity.

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