Bill D Nye the Abortion Lie Guy

Fascinating how wrong a Mechanical Engineer can be when it comes to biologic science and atmospheric physics.  Even a famous one.

Mr. Nye demonstrates how we can claim expertise and not have a clue.  I believe, sadly, Mr. Nye may lack even the rudimentary understanding of scientific methodology and worse, has evidence right in front of him but he chooses not to see it.

Mr. Nye, in his defense, has done some good.  Like the erupting big island volcano, i believe Bill(as thousands of homeschooling and other elementary thru high school kids have seen and done) has simulated a volcano to show kids a wow! in one of his PBS shows.

I’m not sure if he added a few drops of liquid detergent before the NaHCOsolution is joined up with the aggressive CH3COOH to make the flow flow better.  Maybe he did, but vinegar and baking soda volcanic reaction is something few science fairs are devoid of.  Yet, in a real world re-enactment today, Kileawea shows just how powerful God’s creative nature truly is.  And proof, in a secondary way, that He alone is in control of the climate.

Recently Nye the PseudoScience Guy did a fundraiser and speaking engagement for a renowned educational and medical firm, planned parenthood.  You may have heard of them: they get $500 million every year for their women’s choice award work.

He promoted his belief that there are just too many people on earth and that people with too many kids must pay a penalty.  And too many kids is causing climate change.  Wow!

Let’s parse this sentiment a bit.

I know in the scientific method, you make assumptions, but in Bill’s case, his ‘assume’ makes an ass of u and me most assuredly.  Being from 11 kids and having the same number of my own, it is incumbent upon me to answer his faulty, misguided logic and debunk his hypotheses.  If for no other reason to escape the Bill Sty in his Eye Nye Excessive Kid Tax.  He must be a Democrat, for he believes in death and taxes for everything.  And taxing things like air and kids, two precious parts of the natural realm.  Of course, taxes are MORE inevitable to the party of vote early, often and dead.

In her Townhall article, Lauretta Brown: “… (regarding) climate change, (there is) evidence that explosive population growth is a major factor driving it.”

Today the earth has 9 billion intergenerational humans on board~less the 2,000,000,000 (two billion) Bill & friends have killed off.  That’s 14% reduction, not counting wars like those taking place in Chicago between black thugs and black teens.  So, his hypothesis (more kids equals more global heat) has more holes than a spaghetti strainer.

Point uno: Mr Nye the Abortion Lie Guy, is actually right: there IS a population problem but not the kind his fake science is pointing to.

50 countries, at least, are one generation away from extinction due to low or no birthrates. 9-2 equals 7, Billion, the new world numbers after the dePop ninnies like Nye have had their way.  We are losing, not overloading the population.

Science fact: nature abhors a vacuum so making up the difference, in many of these, are massive waves of immigrants, illegal and legal, to replace the Brussels sprouts not coming out of moms domestically.

Some 1st worlder politicos are even paying their baby machines, ie moms, to have more sex and more babies.  Fancy that, Italy or japan, realize if they do get more Italians and Japanese, the vacuum will be filled by the refugees of the world, mainly #3.  Ask the silky blond blue eyed swede lasses how they like their rape, thank you very much.  Hot or cold.

Take Slick Willie Nye’s California: we have the most onerous ‘abortion is safe and easy’ laws (RoeWWade’s excising won’t impact California), lots of abortion clinics near the minority black and Hispanic population centers and also 50% of the state is a sanctuary for the sanctified criminal alien class crossing the border repeatedly as if we don’t have a border, which we don’t.  yet.  So there is NO population explosion going on, just a transference of 1st worlders replaced by the 3rd world.  No bias or racism, just the truth: How many 11 kid families native born do you know, not counting mine?  Not that many, at least the Christian and Catholic kind.

And i want the Arc d’ Triumph wall to stop the terrorist 101 chemistry set class bringing in bioterrorism, chemical and exploding dirty bombs loaded in vests to greet my daughters, sons and grand offspring.  Demonic hate, as practiced by the monied Moolah Mullah class (thanks to Hussein Obama), involves more than ICBMs: they want to destroy God’s people and my people, in Israel and America, as quickly as they can.  Obama’s $150 billion (following the unmarked 1.8billion xx currencies hostage money) has bumped Iran’s military budget up 40%, yes 40%.  Unless you think Hezbollah and their other proxy killers really need those 150,000 rockets for “defense” from Zion.   

Thankfully,Obama’s one way gift basket, including 20% of our IRANium (periodic table 92), money and nuke development time (plus it was NOT signed) has been scuttled by the adult in the white house.  What chutzpah: Hillary and Obama, though we IMPORT 80% of our Uranium, gave away 20% of ours inside our borders.

Point #2:   So, no explosive population growth…

thanks to euthanasia and Huxley et al policies, as well as the elephant in the room: abortion; we’ll get to abortion at the end.

As to climate change, this fraud is getting old.  And refuted by God’s solar furnace only ONE MILLION times as large as the planet earth.  Ever heard of the Maunder Minimum, coming to a world near you about 2020?  It is ACTUAL global cooling because the globe’s heat source, the sun, is experiencing the usual 11 year cyclic reduction in sunspots compounded by the overlapping trifecta.  The ice age of the 17th century has met its match and it is coming here.  Google Maunder Minimum and solar physicist Dr. Valentina Sharkov.

Slick Willie Nye claims man is changing the climate.  Quick refresher, the universe is 553 sextillion miles across.  Billions of stars and planets.  Earth is six sextillion tons, warmed by the solar furnace that converts 700 million tons of hydrogen to 695 tons of helium PER SECOND.   All of humanity could fit inside the state that Slick Nye just had his PP fundraiser in, Texas, with homes and streets et all.  ALL 7 billion.

Solar activity means heat generation, evidenced by countless sunspots.  They are decreasing meaning less not more heat 93 million miles away. The androgenic climate worshippers like Nye don’t even mention the sun in their calculations or discussions: it’s always puny man.  But, other than nuke winter when mutually assured destruction commences, man has ZERO impact on the weather.

They blame carbon dioxide (CO2) because if you control CO2, you can play the Marx card: you shut down production and can steal from the less powerful: in California, it is the cap and trade shell game, where businesses give more $$$ to the one party DemocraParty royalty to be wasted elsewhere.


Notice how trace and teeny CO2 is in the atmosphere? Yet we demonize it insted of Nitro or Oxy…just bizarre fake science. 0.03%!!!

We pay almost a $1 in taxes per gallon for gas and I can remember at one time paying 26 CENTS per gallon INCLUDING tax.

Cap’n TiRaid is a fraud.  Selling ‘pollution’ credits so industry can put more CO2 into the atmosphere and the guvmint gets its usual take. Off the top for no good reason:

Dems DON”T OWN the air!!

Like Algorean snakeoil salesmen of old, the Calif Dems force Californians to buy its own air.  In fact, the idiocy and insanity of water:  while releasing trillions of fresh water gallons into the Pacific in NorCal, we next will spend millions at Huntington Beach’s Poseidon plant to remove the salt as we import it from the beach.  Insanity is doing the…

Yes, Slick Willie Nye, the Supremes at SCOTUS HQ edicted “CO2 is pollution”.

But, they are jurists; let’s play scientists.

God takes sunlight and water, mixes it with carbon dioxide and does He pollute His own creation?  No, He FEEDS THE WORLD!   This isn’t pollution, it is a fancy Greek roots word meaning to “make with light”.


Stick with me Abortion Guy Nye, you get distracted easily:

Better defined: the synthesis of chemical compounds with the aid of radiant energy and especially light; formation of carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and a source of hydrogen (such as water) in the chlorophyll-containing cells (as of green plants) exposed to light.

Biochemically, sunlight splits the water molecules (made of hydrogen and oxygen) held in a plant’s leaves and releases the oxygen in them into the air. The leftover hydrogen combines with carbon dioxide to produce carbohydrates, which the plant uses as food—as do any animals or humans who might eat the plant.

So without CO2 we die:  plants would not manufacture carbo- (carbs, carbon) hydrates (water) necessary for human and animal survival.  Instead of demonizing CO2, the Slick Willie Nyes should be on their knees thanking carbon dioxide for its role in life…PLUS they never discuss the alternate: aerobic respiration  CO2 is a miracle gas essential for planetary earth to have animal and human life, as well as plants sustainability.  Love how the environmental radicals come up with their intricate high sounding words.

Yet, carbon dioxide is ONLY a trace gas.  Try this: if I asked talking head Abortion Lie Nye how many CO2 molecules are there in this air sample i just took, he should first ask: how many air molecules.  Let’s play it out.

Me: “Hey Bill, smart scientist Nye guy, how many CO2 molecules in this tube of air I have here?”

Nye: “Well, imbicilic little father of 11, obviously you know no physics, how many air molecules in the tube?”

Imbicilic dad of 11: “Bill, there are 2500 molecules total!”

Nye (smelling a rat con) “a random air sample?!”

Me: “Yes sir, 2500 random, locked and loaded ready for your guess.  How many CO2?”

Nye: “How many are natural and how many androgenic.  Oh, you dumb dad, that means ‘man made”

Me: “I took 5 years of Latin, I know what androgenic means.  It doesn’t matter, Slick but like anywhere in America, a random air sample with N2, O2, CO2 etc.”

Nye: “Well, I’ve been saying forever that CO2 made by people is killing the earth, melting the poles so it must be a bunch.  Hmm, my guess is 500.  It’s gotta be about that.  Otherwise, people might wise up to our con.”

(reader, you can try this on your sphere of influence, ie other people.  Most will get it grossly wrong because we don’t teach science OR facts in schools much anymore.  AND they hear so much propaganda that co2 is ruining the world that it must be the majority gas. It isn’t even in the top 10)

My answer: “Bill, it is actually ONE.  The real answer is just one CO2 molecule… and…”

Nye interrupts: “Beckman, you are one of those climate change deniers, aren’t you; a bitter clinger as my buddy Barracks puts it.  What an idiot you are.  No way it can be just one in 2500.”

Me:  “Sorry Slick!  Google it!  The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is 400PPM or 400 CO2 per every Million molecules.  You claim 3% is man made, so you are blaming 12 / 1,000,000 or 12 supposedly man made CO2 molecules per EVERY Million for climate change.  I agree climate changes; it always has, always will: we call it weather.

What about the 99.9%ers, like nitrogen and oxygen, which make up 99%+??  They don’t heat sink or hold heat?  Molecular motion IS heat.  Back to the facts: there is NO average global temp increase over 3 decades and cooling is coming. Polar bear sex is way up and we have FIVE times the number of polar bears since 40 years ago.  The seas are NOT rising (your buddy Barracks warned of a rise higher than Denali, or Mt McKinley; that’s 6000 feet higher than the Noah’s Ark reGenerate of the earth).  And, to top it all off, the polar ice masses are increasing.

Slick Willie Nye:  “Don’t bother me with facts; i will stick to my biased presuppositions until I die, because I make money off of them”

Me: “Like the looney left you inhabit, where science fiction is your bible, you WILL cling bitterly to scientific lies.”

Point#3:  Slick Willie Nye the Abortion Lie Guy’s love affair with Abortion.

From the article:

“He also praised the nation’s largest abortion provider for efforts to raise the quality of life for women and emphasized that this was one way to address climate change, saying this would lead to “fewer kids.”

“What’s the one thing to do about climate change, if you want to think about the big picture? Raise the standard of living of girls and women,” he said, explaining, “when you raise the standard of living of girls and women, they have fewer kids, and the kids they have are better cared for.”

In a way, Nye is right: throughout the world, when living standards rise and selfishness is given free reign, the people in the BEST position to feed their kids, stop having them.  This is the logical fallacy the depopulation movement practices timelessly; the population problem is worldwide, with the decrease in native births.

It has zero to do or impact climate change; that is another logic fallacy.  The more selfish a country becomes about having kids, the more abuse that sets in.  If you don’t favor life in the womb, life outside the womb suffers just as well.  These emotive terms like “raise the female standards of living” assumes no men in the equation, part of this emasculation movement and the campaign to demonize stay at home moms and glorify the workplace.

Is the standard higher if families have LESS kids to take care of?  My 11 kids, and the 10 I grew up with, didn’t have monthly new Corvettes or brand new clothes every mall trip, but we thrived.  Ever look at both guys and girls closets?  Packed to the gills with perfectly wearables but not lead by the Paris designers’ design du jour penchant for separating shoppers from their money.   Death cards called credit have maxed out in America.  This is a good standard of living? Bankrupt, owing the “man” our lives?  Cars rust out but family relationships are critical to a better NexGen.

The article continues: “The thing that gets me (Nye) about the time that I grew up in and the time we’re living in now is how fast things have changed, and Planned Parenthood has been here since the very beginning,” he said. 

What a sucky scientist Slick Nye, the pseudoscientist to Harveywood, truly is.  Yes, times have changed, with massive innovation.  For example, the cost per megabyte computer storage I paid $2445 per Priam drive in 1981 would cost $37 TRILLION today for the amount of MBs storage you get today.  His illogic non sequiturs are alarming.

Yes planned parenthoodlums have graced the stage from the very beginning.

The “too many people” crowd had Huxley and Margaret Sanger to spew their poison. Sanger voiced her “useless eaters” theories in person to the National Socialist party meetings in Germany in the early 30s; she believed the poor and non-whites need to be eliminated because they were useless and drag down humanity.   In a real way, she mentored the NaZi (nat’l social) chancellor, Hitler, who a couple years later came out with the Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935~~thereby turning perfectly good Jews into Jewelry, property to be melted down, actually the gold teeth for jewelry after gassed to death and extracted before incineration.

Nye and Cecile De Vil believe kids are useless.  Scientifically, they hire substandard doctors who can’t recognize the thingee in the ultrasound picture as human; show it to any 5 year old and the kid will shout

It’s a baby!”  How stupid are these people? After 12 yrs med school?

Why can’t PP and Nye, Kamala Harri$ et al, not see it as human either?  Blinded by money to be made?  PP uses ultrasound, not for a safe delivery (checking for breech eg) but for the safety of the baby’s organs; to make sure the liver, hearts, scalps and other usable shippable parts aren’t mutilated before extracted from the parts manufacturer: the mother.  Sick people everywhere and not with the flu.

Since 1973, in the NeoPlantation era where blacks are no longer slaves working the harvest but they ARE the crop being harvested, 2 Billion worldwide abortions have yielded 2 billion dead kids and thousands of maimed and dead moms.

Scientifically, even an idiot like Nye can see this.  Kamala’s mantra is odd: “I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from mother wombs (and sold in parts) instead of fracked up black gold extracted from mother earth.”  She played the harlot getting her first job and as a 2020 prez candidate she hates oil and cars but loves dead kids.  Evil woman.

Want proof Nye has sold his soul to PP and the devil, and probably will be added to their board of misdirectors?

Article:  Nye also mocked abstinence-based sex education, claiming “it’s ineffective. People whose sex education is abstinence often are called ‘parents.’ “

Cute, Slick, ye who can’t control himself so believes no teen has the self-respect and ability.  As a Catholic (you probably guessed it) growing up in the 50s and 60s, the joke before fertility awareness and NFP was Catholics on the rhythm method were called “parents”; this where you got your line about abstinence, Abortion Guy?

Nye, scientifically as you know, aspirin is the best method to NOT get pregnant: planted firmly between the post-pubescent girl’s knees; instead of chastity belt, she needs a thigh wrap from knee to butt.  No access to her vagina, no baby. You get the point?  Yet, we give out Plan B, which kills the new human scientifically, like candy pills.

If the teens are taught to respect their bodies, NOT have extra marital (pre, during and post) sex, they won’t get pregnant.  PP makes money off pregnancies and doesn’t do mammograms, another of their persistent lies.  If the girl is pregnant, her seducing adult perp statutory rapists just bring her in for an oil change and womb cleanout.  Not to mention, the PP teen aberrant sex websites promote intestinal parasites, which are unhealthy, by encouraging safe Rimming (licking other teen or adult buttholes).

cecile de vil 101 dead babiesCecile De Vil, former prez of PP spouts this line (that teens are too stupid to say No to sex and discard chastity) because the Title X money they get illicitly will go away once enforced.

Faith-based Chastity and abstinence, fertility awareness programs work every time they are tried.


That’s the rub: PP is in the sex tools and toys business; and substandard doctor 401K spiking plus baby parts sales.

Their teen PP websites promo, as mentioned, rimming (licking each others’ buttholes instead of using toilet paper presumably to save the trees?!?) and sado-masochism BDSM among consenting teens.

They teach middle schoolers that balloons are not for birthdays but to put over bananas, cucs and other 3D fallic symbols.  Problem is PP is a mandatory reporter and teens CANNOT give consent for sex with adults, yet PP’s major customers include stat rapists who groom girls into sex: something these perps like is virgins that they can indoctrinate, infiltrate, insert, impregnant than dump; repeat as necessary.

   Plus there are no condoms to protect the adolescent heart and soul.

PP not only laughs off the very effective chastity abstinence programs, they promote how to break them.  They play the cool role, make parents think their ‘comprehensive sex education’ is education instead of indoctrination into the free sex world that ends in abortion, whose grief NEVER ends for ANY woman who aborts.

Honestly, folks, Slick Willie Nye the Abortion Lie Guy is a terrible scientist.  His product is fakery and worst: he is wasting his ability to communicate with the young by being that slimy old Uncle Bill who rubs against the young nieces at Thanksgiving gatherings.  Instead of being the mature adult giving real advice to the NexGen, he’s just another one of the seek and destroy societal demolition crew.  Sucks at science and ruins lives to boot.

Those 2 billion dead kids are lives NEVER lived.  Economically, at a conservative $2 million avg lifetime earnings and economic contribution level, that amounts to $4 Quadrillion ($4,000,000,000,000,000) in lost economic activity.  AND RISING, since kids are still killed inside moms. Never heard of quadrillion: it comes between trillion and quintillion and yes it’s a real scientific number.

America’s death contribution? 60 million killed kids, enough to replace the 30 least populated states; so many for parts bought and paid for by medical universities like Yale paying $715 for an intact black head or Texas U Med branch paying $150 per baby heart.   This is systemic cannibalism with a whore twist.  And a $1.8 trillion economic loss. So far.

So, if Nye is hell bent on killing kids and penalizing families that will be paying for the SocSec and MediCare of these miscreants, maybe he should volunteer to reduce the world’s population by one.  Himself.

Knowing Stephanie Packer, who was offered an Obamascare suicide pill for 120 cents coPay, I am NOT a fan of doctor induced suicide, euphemistically called physician assisted killing, nor of Bill leaving the earth.  I just hope he wakes up and practices something he may have NEVER understood: the scientific method.

And this so few really understand:  God is in control and He alone controls the weather.  We humans have always had droughts, floods, deserts, snow, hurricanes and himicanes, earthquakes.  Deal with them.

Carbon dioxide has NOTHING to do with climactic change though it’s demonization costs us billions in diverted scientific advance dollars; stop the nonsense that is BKing the calif middle class families.  After all:

We are in the Neo Renaissance of Life, Love and Truth.  Enjoy it.

It’s the DemocraParty and RepSwamprats of Misery that’s creating a Crises du Jour.  Chicken Littlers that “the sky is falling, the Russians are colluding, CO2 is polluting, the earth is melting, the Poles (not Poland) are shrinking, Trump is eviling et al”  while they do what they say: cause evil in a generally awesome world.

WE are on to you Slick Willie Nye: you are NOT a scientist but a fear monger.  You prefer, like the Slick Willie Brown husband stealing Kamala, dead girls coming out of mothers instead of a rich future NexGen;  enjoying the blessings of this most blessed covenant nation.  We ARE a good people.  Just too many killers of souls, indoctrinators of evil.

As Jesus put it bluntly: “Be gone, doubters and satans of misery.  America is becoming great again.  Despite Obama’s third term and Nye’s nonsense.  And the Dem infused, with too many Reps lapdogging along, morals melodrama played out every day as the swamprats are eradicated.

Science and faith work together, but the devil’s soldiers, like Nye and company, lack the integrity to be trusted.  They don’t give a damn about children, only their money and power.

They demonize critical gas (CO2 and climate), cute girls (aborting human ladies) and essential natural resources like oil, natural gas and more.  While destroying a great state in a beautiful land.  We need a regressive left over island to send them all to.

The aborted daughter consoles the mother who let an evil PP ‘doctor’ hack her out and cut her into parts

This little girl, pictured a few lines above outside the PP HQ of Orange County, died 31 years ago in Houston.  Not from a car crash, but neglectSomeone neglected to tell the asshole doctor who extracted her with forceps she is a precious human being.  Baby Rose is the most famous and prolific evidence that human girls deserve life, as do human boys and not to be toyed with by stupid fake scientists who stump for devil dollars.  Willie DNye the Abortion Lie Guy.  Keep an Eye out for him.

The invisible girl to the left, is part of a sculpture of the invisible children. The kids aborted by their mothers who have forgiven them and console them.   As it is, if you know someone who HAS aborted, they need your hugs and love.  God forgives them, but rarely do they forgive themselves. In fact, the guilt stays with them for their lifetime and fuels dysfunctional relationships and depression, higher risk and real incidences of breast cancer and so much more misery.  Nye frankly is an idiot who needs to find a rock to crawl back under.  This dad of 11 is passionate about preserving our children alive.   As you should be.




Original article cited above




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