Before there was a Corpus Christi in Texas… God’s ultimate Design & Gift.

eucharistAnyone who knows me for about a month, knows I think we communally insult God, thinking He’s incapable of keeping His earth cool enough.  I am the enemy of pomposity, scientific fakery and intellectual dishonesty, a bit of a paraphrase of Carl’s son, Tucker.

Yes, first in admitting I don’t know it all, unlike the Algorean heretics who have hijacked the social consciousness, and suited up as the principal social environmental justice warriors.

Examples abound: we call the troposphere a glass ceiling as if female heat can’t break through into space, complying with God’s radiative design of atmospheric physics.

The second most critical and trace gas for life, carbon dioxide, is adjudicated as “pollution”, instead of “photosynthesis” is essential to survival.  Illa est, God FEEDS the WORLD with CO2, but we demand struggling families pay for its use as if the hyperarrogant Regressive Leftist have an iota of a right to charge for atmospheric air.

Take a 2500 molecule air sample, Nitro takes top billing with 1952; Oxygen comes in #2 with 524 molecules; Argon 23 and the lowly but might CO2 with ONE.  Funny, ONE God is more than sufficient, but the Algoreans complain and complain while ripping us off for billions shoveled to the grant guzzling pseudoscientists of the Air.

Then: Fake doctors look at a squirming, thumbsucking baby’s picture and see a parts department; a 6 year old kid looks at the ultrasound and shout’s “Mommy, it’s baby inside you”.  Obviously, the 6 year old reaches the age of reason long before the demonic abortionist.  Meanwhile the “which (do I kill first) doctor” slices up one of the twins, hacks her into resalable hearts and head, in the euphemistically called “reductive procedure”.  God forbid, mom is told her kid might be Down or brown eyed, let alone which gender ideologically she is opposed to birthing.  Doc will control the assault knives and only occasionally kill the host, in this case, known as mom.

Our stewardship region, the planet Earth, is now called “Environment” and we must worship at the altar of animals first, diversity second and mankind a distant third.  Sustainability replaces “life” and habitat subs in for living a great life.

But, God does not see it this way. He went from simple to the infinitely complex when He proceeded to Create the Universe.  All 553 sextillion miles across.  That’ 553,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles for Rush’s friends in the Pretty River/Rio Linda.

Man’s difficulty is that he will only live forever forward; God HAS lived for forever to this point…and will forever more.

Corpus Christi, in Jerusalem, Israel

Corpus Christi, is Lingua Latinam, for the Body of Christ.  To the Christian and especially

christ angle with compass

The Giza pyramid and the Christ Angle point to Exodus AND Beth’lehem, the House of Eternal Bread

Catholic, it  refers to the Bride of Christ; He is the bridegroom and we the Bride will be delivered to the Father for all eternity; the Holy Spirit, the Comforter,  remains with us to infinity and beyond, as the Buzz tells us.

Prior to Creation for ALL infinity past, God had a Design in mind.  We believe there are spirit beings called angels, 1/3 of which follow one of the original top echelon, the ArchAngels.

Odd, irony, planned parenthood has already taken out 2 billion worldwide, 60 million stateside and 1/3 of the little angels inside moms continues unabated though miracles do happen.  Even if Zuckerberg, Mark has his Max with Priscilla and donated $966 million so far to PParenthoodlums SiliValley (about 3.22 million abortion buying power) God IS supreme.  That smiley, clean cut looking Mark must know he is instrumental in killing 3.22 million of his future ‘customers’ but then demons have knowledge…

When Lucifer, like man often does, decided he didn’t need God, he told Him pound sand and sentenced himself to hell.  Some say “I’d rather lead in hell than serve in heaven”; send me a hell-a-gram in a few trillion years and tell us how it’s working out.

After He created the angels,yes with free will, He set about the physical universe.  Trillions of insects, billions of planets, stars, plants and animals, millions of biochemical photovoltaic processes, all amazingly complex and intricately designed.

Second to last act was man, Adam; God’s last and finest, many theology of the Body know, was woman.

Though trillion of cockroaches and ants, only two human beings.  The HUMAN RACE is just that: man and woman, male and female.  Knock yourself out at gender ideological central on the major universities creating LGBTqwertyasdfhzxcvuiopjklnm with the gender du jour.  I just wish I knew who’s in charge!  Who’s the keeper of the official guidebook to fantasy genderology.  No one has the answer, it seems.  I’ve asked.

The universe was created for the human race; as Adam & Eve added and lost Abel, Cain et al, we reached huge numbers (plenty of room on the earth) until Noah’s time when God got tired of man’s rebellion.  The first Rainbow followed 120 years of shipbuilding and the total reconstruction of the earth, leaving 8 alive after the Superduper Flood.

These are historicals.  Man lived 700-900 years long before Noah and it went downhill after the ‘rains’.  400,300, 150 years.  We have the Family Tree and Birthday book to follow it.  Explanations another time, but it is real.

God chose Abraham to father a great people; doubt and disobedience led to another great people, we know as Arabians or Muslims; Arab is a subculture, Islam a religion.

But through Isaac, God planted hints and clues, as He has done from time immemorial. The Savior would come through the Jewish people, and suffer they did, plagued with the pharaoh, and exodusing toward the Promised Land, what we call Israel today.

As bad is our understanding of climate and foolishly we think we impact at all (ever hear of the Ring of Fire volcanoes in Guatemala and Hawaii), is our misunderstanding about the Trinity.  Why God the Father sent His Son that whomever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life, is not ours to decide.

Even if John 3:16 is in most endzones for NFL games.  We are ONE HUMAN RACE but different groupings called cultures and countries; my Muslim neighbors down the street don’t see the Trinity, nor do my Jewish real estate clients.  My next door neighbor is Hindi, 100% vegetarian but he and his family follow many, many gods.  God has given us the opp to think for ourselves, free will.  Meanwhile, the same God has hidden in plain sight living symbols of His essence.

Where?  Ever buy printer cartridges for your computer?  Yellow, cyan and magenta, three colors which together print out infinite colors.  But, in nature, God designed and created scientifically yellow, blue and red, which are three distinct tonals, BUT together become white.  Coincidence or is 3 in 1 Godincidental way to see Him as He is.  Well, you tell me. The Prime parts of God are three Eternals; the primary colors are three, not seven or two.  You need 3 points to ‘triangulate’ the True point.  The Way God designed it and scientifically we see it:


spectrum of light rainbow

Visible light spectrum is NOO accident, but Designed purposefully

“Light from light, True God from True God”

But God, like EF Hutton has spoken: we NEED to listen.  600+ prophecies, including physical objects like the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Shroud of Jerusalem, Edessa and Turin, etc. point to Jesus’ birth, death and Resurrection.  That we MIGHT LIVE forever.  Mary’s image in Tenoctitlan (Mexico city) set the bar for her being Queen (maternity belt) mother of all, and God the Father’s Son. After showing the human sacrificing Aztec worldview was flawed, she trumped it 4 centuries later using frequent flyer miles six times on the 13th of successive months at the tail end of the war to end all wars in Fatima.  There, she demoed that Fatima is overshadowed by her Son’s death and resurrection.  Why the 13th, not the 2nd or 19th of each month?  My messianic Catholic Jewish friends say Jesus died on Friday the 13th day of Nissan, on the Hebrew calendar.

God, the benevolent Father, has planted clues and hidden treasures, some in plain sight, to Whom He is and Whom His Son is.  And the Holy Spirit is not just a Third Wheel.

Soon after the big three feast that flank Lent, Catholics and others liturgical Christian faiths like the Lutherans celebrate 4 very holy days: Holy Thursday, Good Friday the 13th, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.

The Last Supper or First Neo-Passover was on that fateful Thursday.  “While they were eating, Jesus took some bread, and after a blessing, He broke it and gave it to the disciples, and said, “Take, eat; this is My body.” NASB

Months before, Jesus lost a bunch of followers when He told His disciples this.  Note, unlike us today, those that left His side were seeing miracle after miracle, healings and more; yet they left him. God in the flesh.

Starting 40 days after Jesus rose, Catholics celebrate 31 days of linked feasts: Ascension Thursday, 10 days later, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi.  What powerful feasts.   40 is common in Bible lore: it means probation, testing, a time of reflection.  So, after He rose, Jesus left the earth on the 40, on Ascension Thursday.  10 days later, the Holy Spirit arrived on Pente (50) cost.

The next two celebrations are the Trinity, honoring the eternal Godhead.  And Corpus Christi, the subject of this piece.

A God who can create trillions of entities over multi-sextillion miles of space, is a God who can tell US what He wants to do for us and what He wants of us.

We lack, on earth, the capacity to totally understand a Being made of three personalities and persons in One; let alone, how He has ALWAYS existed.  Ask St Augustine.

And He is a merciful but also beyond his Divine Mercy, He is Just.   Jesus left Himself on earth, for all to consume.  IE EAT!   Weird you say.   Well, we humans become what we eat; i should know, i carry the excess that needs to go.

God left NOTHING to chance.  The Bloodless sacrifice of the new Passover that preceded the old one by 3 days, which still continues today, most recently in Hebrew Year 5775.

He told us to Eat His Body and Drink His Blood into eternity.  Not symbolically, in totality.  Some of our Christian friends like the disciples who quit after hearing it from His mouth,  believe it is symbolic, grape juice and token bread.

But it is NOT!  If you doubt, like an 8th century priest did at Consecration time, for 12 centuries the evidence in a Eucharistic miracle at Lanciano persists.  Fresh blood droplets, myocardio tissue, type AB on the blood.

Eucharistic miracles remind us down through time that it IS more than wine juice and dried bread; like the GPGiza cast the Christ Angle in stone and other marvels, these incorrupts and Euch Miracles make doubt more difficult.

In fact,  I believe an important Euch Miracle,one missed by too many, was Alfie#1, the Terri Schiavo Schindler fiasco, where three receipts of the Eucharist during the 13 day kill fest kept her supernaturally alive.  An important Eucharistic Miracle for those with eyes to see and ears to hear

Think about it: God showed He alone is in charge of life.  No one can explain 13 days with zero water and even less food, save 3 times the Eucharist.  March 31, 2005 greeted us with her death but ALSO, Pope St John Paul the Great’s overshadowing engineered bypope st john paul the great, terri and euthanasiaGod.  Before the necromancers could dance on our Catholic sister, Terri’s grave, JPG’s health dropped incredibly fast, ending with his dying on his instituted and fave feast, Divine Mercy.  Well, moments after Amen on Saturday vigil, April 2nd.

Divine Mercy, the one main Sunday liturgy that separates Easter and Pentecost (Ascension still happened on a Thursday but we lazy Westerners celebrate it 43 days later all too often).  I wonder what God thinks of us moving it to the next Sunday, mutilating the living symbolism (40 days to Ascension with the first novena, 9 days prep until Pente…), but waaay above my pay grade.

I do think God either chuckles or is insulted with the modern Tower of Babelians STILL trying to be God and claim humanity changes the climate using God’s own miracle gas, CO2.  Wait until the Maunder Minimum coming our way in 2020. Broken record time.

The Eucharist is more than symbol; it is Life. God taught us through His Son, how to live a graceful life and how to die appropriately.  The Gospel is SOOOO important, that He nourishes us with daily Eucharist and if we must, calls us to martyrdom to stand up for the Gospel’s efficacy.  Simply put, getting people to heaven, via the Holy Spirit, is job 1.

He used one of his greatest servants, John Paul the Great, to do the same.  Karol Wotyla lives a grace filled life and taught us how to die gracefully as well.  As a bonus, God used his ending showing like Mary took on the serpent god in Tenoctitlan, that man’s way is NOT God’s way.  Killing a woman, defenseless and vulnerable that her family loved.  When i met with mom and dad Schindler, the truth was outed, at least to me: the devil is active but God is still in charge.  He shows this every day we can attend Mass, receive His Son in the Eucharist and “Go out and spread the Gospel of Life, Love and Truth”.

Enjoy Corpus Christi.  It is a Sunday feast we celebrate 365 times a year.  And like Lanciano, the home of Longinus, the miracle gives and gives.  Longinus experienced the last Blood of Christ while He was on the cross by the spear; we experience the Body and Blood inside our bodies that we might live a productive life~ and a great forever.

Carpe diem magna cum gaudiam.   As, for 35 years of youth ministry, real estate, homeschooling and raising the 11, shout it loud: “It IS a great day to be alive!”

We are bombarded with the Regressive Left’s insane Crises du jour.  Catholics, realize your destination is locked in: just realize what you got while you got it: the Eternal God in a Church near you, with plenty of seats to Adore.  And Partake!

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