AT&T American Telegraph & some phone service, customerily

Hi, all!  Is it just me or has customer service gone the way of the buggy whip?  In my real estate business, your needs as a client ALWaYs come first.  But at the cellular level?$100 bill Ben Franklin

All I wanted to know was which of the three AT&T bills I needed to pay…

Unlike many Americans, I have lots of great kids.  Also, a family plan for our cellular service.

No, not ‘family planning’where they kill the kids and sell body parts like Cecile De Vil at planned parenthoodlums inc.  Of course, supported by Mark & Priscilla Zuckerberg of 1 Hackers Way, who subsequent to getting their child, the mighty son Max, they donated $966 million to PP-Silicon Valley.

A lot of money for the evil empire?  Well, you tell me: it’s enough to abort 3.22 million future Facebook users (apparently, they don’t care how many FB users die before the birth announcements).

Just odd: I thought Facebook wanted to INCREASE their cu$$tomer base,

but I guess eugenics is part of the FB worldwide marketing plan.  3.22 million dead kids who won’t instagram, twit or FiB, adding friends on the heavily advertised New and Improved FB platform since Congressional hearings.

No the family plan at AT&T.   11 lines is what we had, on two bills.   So, i talked to Sally AT&T who said she would need to create an account to get to one account.  Since AT&T only allows 10 lines.  OK, I’ll go along with it.  One bill and save a bunch for keeps.

I deleted two no longer business needed, myfi lines, and an extra iPad to add my business line for my real estate clients.  I feed my 11, empty nesting with 7 today, for 30 years putting my real estate sellers and buyers first.  So, I need a quality phone that operates well.  And when I call or text, that it works.  Not too much to help?

Along the way, AT&T (they are all sales offices today, no customer service people anymore you can look in the eye and cry “HELP!”

One ATyT salesperson talked me into an Apple iPhone 7 big; great phone except the other end (the talkee) heard muffles.  From day one.  Returned to AT&T Excuse center twice and told twice “No, I can hear you fine!”

Third time, the sales guy said, you know you are right!  It IS muffled.  But we don’t fix that here.  You need to go to Apple for diagnostics to show it IS a lemon; weird I bought it on Imperial Brea but have to go to Imperial Brea Mall Apple to fix it.  I guess I’m just another 25 year LACellular~AT&T customer with almost a dozen lines.

Lemons only are good for a summer drink these days, apparently.  NOT in cell universe?

Meanwhile, after taking off two, adding back one, under the magic Ten, I got THREE bills. 

Totally odd. So, I went to my fave AT&T customer service sales office to figure it off and after a chunk of time, they said you need to call AT&T corporate.

Today, we voted!  In Taxifornia, yeah, it may be a moot move to get the prostiticians out, but I called AT&and got Crystal.  She was very helpful, trying hard to sort them out, she agreed a bit odd double billed for the same timeframe same lines.  I said “All I want to know is what I need to pay!”

Crystal said “Could you speak up? You sound muffled” or similar.

I explained it was my recent procurement from At&T of an AT&T Apple iPhone 7+ that was muffled and thank you for noticing and shared my woes a little.  She’s just doing her job.

She asked me: “You know it is under warranty and I can have a new one out to you quickly”.

Huh?  The shock almost made me think vote Democrat but “No, i didn’t know that!”  and told her none of the last three even mentioned this.  So i told her i would take care of that but:

“All I wanted to know was which of the three AT&T bills I needed to pay…”

The First Handoff.

She sent my to Skyler in billing who first mentioned “I can’t hear you…” I mumbled I’m on a new iPhone 7+, have been an iPhone user for a few years since you guys talked me into leaving the Droid in the dust.  And your business unit talked me into saving money by opening a business account, which in Dem and DC circles was true: I paid $100 MORE and got two bills to boot.  Now I have three.  Bills and a headache.

Skyler tried valiantly, so he said he needs to send me to customer care.   I got Ren

SECOND HANDOFF on voting day

Ren picked up and asked me for the same thing the other three had, and I noticed Ren had a beautiful voice, so being that I believe there is only ONE HUMAN RACE, I instinctively asked: “Ren, how’s the weather in the Philippines today?”

She instinctively said, “It’s fine and how about you?”  We were cordial and then after a few minutes, she said “Len, I’m sending you to another person who can help you.”

I don’t mind Tagalog speaking folks doing the jobs Americans can’t from 9,000 miles away.  Sooo…

I waited for 30 seconds and then noticed my undiagnosed iPhone 7+ had no human at the other end.  She sent me to cellular phone limbo and ….

All I wanted to know was which of the three AT&T bills I needed to pay…

American Telegraph & some wireless Tellies is probably a great company.  I will try again after taking #10 and #11 to the dentist.  But, is it unfair to ask:

Where on God’s great and green earth did customer service go? 

But, always be cheerful.  It’s not their fault the world is going loopy.  Sprint quickly to help them see the Verizon at sunset.  I’ll try again in a few.

All I wanted to know was which of the three AT&T bills I needed to pay… I am forgiving exactly what I owe.  HELP!!

Anyone on the end of the AT&T line?  I can’t hear you!!

Oh well, maybe I need to Sprint toward to the sunset’s Verizon for T-he Mobile needs of my family and business.  Or is 10 lines too much for AT&T to handle?

comments N E 1?  Am I the only one to see customer service in a different light?


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