Let’s all pray for Mr. Dorsey to find his place in the firmament outside of Austinland.

jack in the box jack

Jack’s alternative to Chicken food??

Twitter Jack, we all have your back.  But, I sense you are a bit unsettled at this time after your recent fast food fiasco. Mr. Dorsey, Jack, you have the world at your feet, more $$ than you will need in 10 lifetimes but you must bow at the altar of the confused.  Even having the rare single first name handle in the Twitter firmament

But, one wonders if your 20,000 (50,000? whole lotta censoring going on) twitbot security minions, a force for us plebes to reckon with often (I was locked out from your public company for what I still don’t know), if we don’t lean farther left that a Pisa Tower, shut us down.  Your twitbots are the FBI, CIA, investigator, judge and jury, who with one of their friends putting in a complaint can shut down any or all your customer base.  Odd thing, customers.  The more this happens, the more they look for alternatives to people friendly means.

Twitter Jack, are you ever shut down or out?  As a shareholder, I don’t have the same rights as you do.  Apparently, eating chicken is hazardous to your social mediated health.

And, as Max’s dad Mark Z pointed out that the “Silicon Valley is a bit left”.  When I was visiting there in the early 80s for computer peripherals and selling power supplies to the numerous electronics companies, the perception of “left” ruling the world wasn’t as apparent.

One also wonders if your nano twitbot army really care that you ever get profitable; this childish “i’m taking my toys home because I don’t like you right now” gets a little tiresome for us adults; it certainly belies a company trying to build a brand and loyalty.

They protect you at every turn from having to deal with the real world; i peacefully wrote a basic scientific fact and they shut me down.  We adults call this suspended adolescence, the inability to see another worldview or viewpoint, outside of one’s own. Kind of like a tantrum on demand by a 3 year old.  He gets his jollies by making lots of noise and causing mayhem then shuts up when he gets his way.  Until a minute later…

MarkZ, at his recent hearings, said what the world wanted to hear and his mea culpas did seem to hide the fact Facebook’s in-kind aid to Obama actually got him elected in 2012.  We adults can mention things like this, and not have a hissy fit.  Frankly, it is not the best kept secret, because it really is true: without the SValley, Obama may not have made the cut.

In the adult world, seeking the truth and pursuing the good of others is a noble profession and effort.  So, let this dad of 11, the veteran of many domestic wars on the social scene, give you a boost and help you understand.

Take the Chick Fil A scenario you just experienced.  You deserve all the success you have, and your quick mention of your other pursuit, Square, tweeting about eating Chikin and paying, got you in feigned trouble.   No, the chicken as usual was cooked well.  But the first strikers got you before you could burp.

With the first strike homosexual brigade looking for every opportunity to be offended and run up the flag pole.  I actually hate boycotts and girlcotts too.  But, come on, Mr Dorsey, God created you with two testicles: must you sacrifice one when the three people with a fax machine gayshame you into submission?

Suppose you pretended to be an adult with free will and said to your apologizee:

“Sir, you are entitled to your opinion.  I happen to be in favor of choice; i chose to eat at ChikFilA.  Sir, would you mind if I commented in your bedroom at the various convoluted positions you and your boyfriend must engage in to get satisfaction?  The chicken sandwich satisfied my cravings and appetite; does your boyfriend do the same for you?  See my point sir!  Twitter is a place, as my Twitter rules state, “we believe in freedom of expression and open dialogue”. So, sir you go ahead and stick your penis wherever you want and I will eat chicken whenever and wherever I want.”

I had seen the tweet and tried to simplify it into lay men’s language.  I asked what does men having sex with other men have to do with you, presumably an adult, having the right to eat an excellent grilled chicken sandwich?  If it was the fried, i would understand, since I prefer the grilled club.  But, are you a man…or a computer mouse?

All of a sudden, like nanotechies, your twitterbots descended on my twitter account and shouted “Danger, Dr. Robinson” that I was in the penalty box.  So I have been under a warning cloud for about a week.  Then, I mentioned that your billion$buds Mark and Priscilla had Max and donated to planned parenthood silicon valley roughly $966 million.   Then my twitter account was locked; basic, well known verifiable truth.  It’s Zuckerberg’s money, they can put it anywhere they want, even the most evil company in the world that is taking out fully 1/3 of your and his future customers to be sold to the highest bidder.

Mr. Dorsey, an honest man to man question: I stated a fact.  Why did your twitterbot nanites eat the hull of my meager Twittership?

Was it the math lesson?  I pointed out it was foolish for Mark to donate so much to a company that brags about killing off future FBers and Twittertweeters.  3.22 million to be exact, at an average cost per assault knives shoved up groomed and vulnerable vaginas of $300 per kill.  My MBA program years ago told me one wants to expand one’s customer base, not engage in wholesale slaughter of future users.  You might need those 3 million some day, what with your twitterbots killing off so many as you indoctrinate ideologically into a smaller and smaller corner.  Is it the Jack Nicholson arrogance that “you can’t handle the truth!!”  Do the twitterbot special forces get a bonus for every adult conversation they thwart and shut down?

At this point, Mr. Dorsey, you can be the child and click away or be the adult and read on.  God never apologizes for making you, after all!  Some day you WILL face him, without any social media empire between you and Him.

Maybe a bio lesson is necessary.  Chick Fil A, like your deficit ridden enterprise, are a successful business but they actually serve chicken sandwiches to homosexual patrons.

God forbid I tell you this, Jack, but they even employ men who like men and ladies who like ladies as cooks, servers, counter people.  Your reaction, apologizing because CFA’s founders have beliefs that apparently are different than your complaining superGay force of what maybe three complainers, the perpetually offended (lot’s of tweets about homosexual men eating chicken hit the twitterverse, including Larry Elder’s, probably to the chagrin of the Twitterbot nano no no hand slappin’ force)

Jack, permission to be candid.  I know you don’t believe God exists, otherwise you wouldn’t have dissed a Christian Chicken company to please the three noisy shamers.  But, where’d the 553 sextillion miles of universe come from?  You don’t still believe the diatribe evolution plopped us into existence after multi trillion years of primordial soup banging against each other’s broth?

You are a MAN, my friend.  75 trillion cells arranged into 10 systems with hundreds of billions of dendrites in your three pound brain.

God started with the easy stuff.  Billions of stars, planets, plants and animals; trillions of those nuisance insects.  He then made just one guy, Dr. Leakey the anthropologist called the Mesopotamian man.  God called him Adam.

But God’s last act of general creation was His most ambitious, definitely most complex and certainly most beautiful: the first woman.  EVERY member of the ONE human race (yes there is only ONE human race) came from the first parents.  God chose to create just ONE HUMAN RACE in which everyone has the same equal ancestry.  No  one on earth, whatever your color, creed, country of origin or size, comes from a different genetic stream.

You see Jack, every one of your twitter followers are human from the same parents, one man and one woman.  There aren’t 12 different first couples, like a black first couple, or Chinese, or facebook or twitter first couple: one man and one woman got this crazy world going.  This is what the ChickFilA folks believe, what is written in the Bible, a history book of sorts.  In fact, He designed man with the ability to deliver a part of himself through his penis, and enter it through the woman’s vagina, and voila, life begins.  Unless interrupted by satanist assault knife wielding friends of Kamala Harri$, she will be born and in about 20 years be capable of doing what her mom did two decades previous.

Maybe you missed anatomy in high school, so here goes.  Her breasts were not built to be just knobs for a guy to grab on or droll over.  They were designed to make, store and deliver milk to the born child.  You will notice most guys don’t have a vagina and breasts these days.  But mothers do: the V takes in the sperm and 280 days later delivers, with no additional magic birth canal but just time and nutrition, another 35-75 trillion celled entity.  Some moms have larger breasts than others and yes, I agree not all breast work is to feed a child.

Some like Stormy D visually share their breasts with the world, teaching young men and women comprehensive sex education (including BDSM, rimming, almost sex, kindof sex, etc) as homework for their usual 180 days per year of sex schooling.

Some time, Jack, after Adam & Eve, some guy discovered he was into putting his penis up another guy’s anus and called it “sex”.  I am confused, of course, why this is called sex. It is “putting one’s pee pee up another man’s septic termination system, then moving it to the mouth soas to guarantee the best intestinal parasites one can imagine”.  I understand “sex” is used as an abbreviation instead of the acronym POPPUAM etc.

Jack, do you really rely on guys who lick buttholes for your culinary choices?  Having 11 kids, we didn’t wait until they were 13 to tell them not to put their hands in their soiled diapers and move it to their mouth; usually we cured this anomaly by age 18 months. But, hey some folks are lifelong learners and need more time to realize being sick isn’t necessary to have fun.

One planned parenthood post by a homosexual boy discusses this peculiar form of life and love; for the unedited version:  https://www.reddit.com/r/CringeAnarchy/comments/7u96ja/ive_contracted_my_third_gastrointestinal_parasite/

Fear not, you and your buddies’ fave planned parenthoodlums, having hijacked public schools,  now teach boys and girls the fine art of Rimming in addition to teen bondage and BDSM.

Rimming has nothing to do with a special sauce for Chicken: it involves the aforementioned  intestinal parasites brought on by licking another guy’s toxic, fecal mattered anus.  This too is featured in the teen websites that recommend ‘don’t tell mommy when we take you for your abortion; she won’t understand”!

But, no matter how hard one tries, you still need a guy and a girl to reproduce.

So, I again ask the question: why did you apologize because maybe a few guys who like to put their fist up another guy’s anal orifice whined about you liking chicken?

Personally, they can do whatever they like to each other in the privacy of their love den.

But, Jack, every time you succumb to another bioptic cutaway of your testicles, you become less of the man you could be.  Billion$ can’t buy character or much else, if you lose your manhood over a combo breast sandwich.

Now, you have me locked out and for only God knows why.  Your twitbots make the Puritans look like a heavy metal band.

This is why years ago I predicted FB and Twitter would someday implode.  I hope not because they are entertaining and do have value.  But, your twitterbot nanites are getting restless: soon they will censor EVERYONE who has an opinion, a thought, a belief.

A life, now that I mention it.  I hope you feed your twitterbot censure army more than Hotpockets and beer.

Anyways, thanks for reading Jack.  I know it exceeded 140 characters.  But truth be told,  I don’t really give a damn about what you do with your life or getting back on your twit life site; I have 11 kids to raise.  But, God does care more about you than the GayShamers who got you to flinch in seconds of sending out your simple, adult, critically thinking tweet.

You may have abandoned quality chicken lunches so quickly, but God will not abandon you. He has watched you since you were NOT aborted at birth; in fact, when He formed you in the womb as He told a guy named Jeremiah.

He made you for greater things.  I hope you do, in time, figure it out. Tough news, Jack: there will be no twitter universe in forever.

But until then, when you think about this article, you will remain unsettled…there is this gnawing spiritual hunger nothing seems to satisfy.  Is there a forever out there beyond my impending death?  Jack, every one dies. Even billionaires.

Are you ready?  Will God say “well done, good and faithful servant” or will He ask have you heard my Son Jesus repeat: “What does it profit a man to have gained the whole world and lost his immortal soul?” for ….forever.   All over a chicken sandwich.

comments NE1?  @lenbeckman is fine; today my site is up.  Or comment on LifeOutLoudest


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