Paul Beckman with josh, Nikki, Liz and ShannonI have warm memories of my father, my dad, and wish him the best in heaven.  Paul fathered 11 kids, and though certainly not perfect; ask all 11 of us who have different memories… but loved all of us. His mistakes, the condition we all are imbued with, varied, but as Bart Millard of “I can only imagine” fame shows us, we can choose to forgive.  Each other, our dads, friends, even the driver who cut you off this morn because he was racing his wife to the hospital.  Like Love, Forgiving another is a choice well worth made.  Now.

If you want perfect, look to where he is, to the Perfect Father, one of the three who have always existed, the Trinity.  On earth, the perfect are the perpetually offended who find no fault with themselves, but spot the postage stamp size fault with everyone else. And show it when all three of them mount their soapboxes to boycott yet another company, shut down another debate, stifle the free exchange of ideas once again, too fearful of the truth to cut their bully pulpits into toothpicks.

Paul Beckman served in WWII; this German dad found our mom Irene in post war

paul beckman war article

Dad, Gert, Robert and Sam Beckman

Chicago in the Polish section, brought her out west to create a new life and chase opportunity. He was an engineer by day, and as many multimunchkin dads, took on 2nd jobs at times, at nights and on the weekends.  Dad was part of the massive SoCal aerospace industry; today, the most profitable like Boeing sell off real estate properties as they move elsewhere or the business continues to change.


I still have his Taxi Cab hat, pre-Uber.  He, like me (I know he before me)  sold real estate in SoCal and the desert; he tried his hand at entrepreneurialism for a number of years, buying a laundromat in west Anaheim.

Dad loved our mom but at age 51, gave up their retirement travel plans when she passed away over one Sunday night; dad called me at my office Monday morning with the news. Sam, my youngest brother was 18.

Father Paul made it to age 60 and in 1985 joined mom off the planet.

Choose to forgive. 

More ‘vigorating than veggies and vitamins; certainly most healthy thing one can do.

The most perfect Father was the first.

Father God, in the Christian worldview, has ALWAYS existed.  That’s a hard feat to top and much harder to understand.  The Father has existed for all eternity, with His Son and the Holy Spirit, three distinct and different persons never called Trinity in the Bible, but it is how we refer often to God today.  Other religions and traditions see God differently, but hear me out.

Simply put, we are in the middle of eternity.  Father God, after He had created the spirit world of angels from which 1/3 rebelled to the dark side to follow a rebel leader, He created 553 sextillion miles across of universe.  Give or take a sextillion.

Father God decided, probably in consultation with His God-mates, to create billions of starts, planets, plants and animals.  Make that trillions of insects, easily verifiable any day in the tropics.

Choose to Know

But, He determined from all eternity to have another being, we call human, who would “know, love and serve Him”.   And live forever and ever and… you get the frightening drift, awesomely incredible: to live with God for all time and infinity and beyond.

With all His abilities, you’d think mere mortal man would accept His ideology.

Father God had started with the simpler parts of creation, rocks and starts, the animal and plant kingdoms.  Then He designed His first human: Adam.

Adam was the first of a different species and certainly NOT a member of the genus animalia.  Man was His most complex to date but easily outdone by His last act of general creation: the incredibly complex and amazing woman.

Eve we call her, though few of us have her picture on the mantle with other ancestors: she IS the mother of the whole human race no matter how much hair, if any you have, your size, language, perceived race based on color: God designed ONE human race to come about through one FIRST COUPLE.

God decided to save the best for last, woman, and save all the rest via a woman, the second Eve, we know as Mary.

Why is there three Persons in the one God?  That’s like asking an ant about thermonuclear physics and rocket science.  Only God knows.  If He always existed with two or 20 Persons, or just Himself, that’s what it would have been.  But it wasn’t.

There is a cost to creating a whole race of beings who have the free will and freedom to make decisions.  We are trying hard to emulate, as both good and evil do, with Artificial intelligence married to robotics, what God did perfectly; let me let you in on a secret: God perfected the art of humanity!  Everything done in imitation is a poor 2nd place.

He knew what He was doing from Perfect Knowledge; infinitely complex cells joined into tissues into organs into systems…into a human body.  Will we come even close, let alone not destroy ourselves in the process?  God only knows.

Manhood and fatherhood are under tremendous assault today; on the political, social and biologic stages.  Just as Father God’s Son, Jesus, is as He predicted, the butt of jokes, cornerstone of cuss and the target of evil.

The rebel force is relentless, you see, under lucifer and his minions; for all time have tried to trash anything and everything Father God created and holds dear: especially His eternal Son manifested in the body of Jesus the Christ.  Evil lies and lies again, deceives at every turn.  We have been warned.  Need an example?

But Father God loves us sooo much that He gave His ONLY Son to us, that we might believe in Him and NOT perish eternally, but have vigorous life for the rest of eternity.

Not all of us believe Him at His Word and we do so at our peril.

Not His peril, for He gave us the best He had in His Son.  All have been forewarned and make choices: none of us will be surprised when facing Father God standing beside his son on the eternal throne.  Jesus, should we believe in Him and follow His direction, will live as long as everyone else, Forever, but in the better place.  Hell DOES exist and not just on earth.  We have been told.  And forewarned.  Which comes before “forgiveness” in most dictionaries.  Avail yourself of it…ask for it. 4Give

We have a Divinely Merciful God, but He must, to be true to Himself and His Word, be a Just God as well.

I understand, like MercyMe’s Bart Millard points out, some dads are monsters; the majority are not.  But, even his father needed a Savior and forgiveness.

Bart chose to forgive his father after much struggle; he then penned the most popular Christian song ever, an outgrowth of both his pain AND his healing.  Watch the movie “I can only imagine”.  Worth the time & $.

But the Perfect Example, God the Father taught us the meaning of total sacrifice, of total Love. When, being Omnipotent (all powerful) He didn’t have to.

This is something, fatherhood is about: putting our wives and children before our needs.  Oddly similar to the calling of moms.  As it is, dads, we are called to act with justice.  To love tenderly and completely.  We are called to serve one another, provide for our families, treat our wives every day like it was honeymoon night.  And most of all, walk humbly with our God.

In the human condition, there are limitless stories, reasons, excuses, gossips, lies but the Truth is out there.  If you are offended by someone or have offended another, seek forgiveness.  Now or sooner.  Hate and spite hurt only the hater and spiter. Matt 18:15-17    Jesus gave us His prescription:

Matthew 18:15-17 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

15 “If your brother sins [against you], go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have won over your brother. 16If he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, so that ‘every fact may be established on the testimony of two or three witnesses.’ 17 If he refuses to listen to them, tell the church.[c] If he refuses to listen even to the church, then treat him as you would a Gentile or a tax collector.

A California tax collector? Ouch.  Anyways we have the prescription.  And it is healthy for a long life.  Don’t let unreconciled hate give you a heart attack.

Choose to Believe.  Your eternity depends on it.

The seven most intriguing words of the Trinity, spoken by Father God, was “Let us make Man in our image”.

Let US, a reference to three, mold and fashion a race of beings whom We can love and can love Us.  That threesome common unity or community is something we are reminded everytime we look at the 3Three primary colors: red, blue and yellow.  Combine the 3 persons primes and you get “Light from light, True God from True God” bright singular one white complete light.  Coincidence God designed His color spectrum around 3? I hardly think so.  EVERYTHING in the universe was designed to remind us,spectrum of light rainbow touch our spiritual hunger for a happy eternity and focus us on God and His Son, Jesus.

Why?  I don’t know why a perfectly happy Godhead did what was done, but thank you God.  I look forward to living happily forever.

My apologies to the perfectly and perpetually offended, but God’s Design is a good one.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.   God gives us a path, and the evil one says “jump the path”.  You don’t need God, God’s is sooooo last year.

Choose to be Courageous: Speak and Teach the Truth.  Don’t settle.

He designed trillions of insects but just one man and one woman to parent His human race.  But evil retorts “Hey, love whatever or whoever you want physically; God won’t know, we won’t tell Him”.

Think about this:  The most common political word in the world is “race” and not the race to the Kingdom or for a Senate seat.  How can you be “racist”?   There’s only ONE race.  We can be “hatist” or “groupest” or “culturalist”, but not “racist” except in the fact we hurt someone else.  All crime is hate, whether done to children or adults, black, green or orange complexion.  But that’s part of evil’s lie.  Divide and conquer, demean and destroy.  Why do we put up with this “crises du jour” mentality that Emanuel, Rahm pushed on us; the world is incredibly made with soooo much good.  Why do we so easily believe the lie, for example, that fathers are just door stops and ATMs?

Think about that: He created a 35-75 TRILLION celled woman who can take a single cell and in 280 days reproduce an almost exact, but totally individual, copy of herself.

In 9 months, from one to 75,000,000,000,000 cells, organized and ready for life.

What does evil do?  Instead of celebrating the marvel no MAN will ever be able to replicate, evil dispenses abortion for created humanity.   He advocates for killing kids because it doesn’t like God’s work and it rebelled before time against His goodness.

Evil dispenses divorce and limitless daily new confusing gender ideologies to combat healthy, God designed marriage.  Marriage, God’s calling card for a strong, healthy society filled with domestic churches that raise children to know and understand His world.

It took million$ and years of court battles to protect a cake baker from having to design and build an Adam & Steve cake; God already told us at Sodom & Gomorra, after the Delugian Flood of Noah’s time, He doesn’t like man’s wickedness no matter how much the snake of hell influences our ignorance.  Father God would never make something, like a rock to feed the children He loves.  And He made Man for Woman, Adam for Eve & Eve for Adam because He MADE US IN HIS IMAGE  Imago dei.

Father God didn’t consult Margaret Sanger; He designed His way to populate the world, via sexual reproduction within a covenant marriage (part of “Let US make man in our image” theme); what does evil do?  We have planned parenthood, violating parental responsibility,  teaching 12 year olds that extra-marital sex, Bondage and Sado-Masochism is fine, as long as you don’t leave marks.  Whips and handcuffs are excellent for the latchkey kids to do for their after school sex ed homework while mom & dad work.

Or that licking another teen or adult’s butthole, called Rimming, is healthy even though persistent intestinal parasites plague your child for life. Parents, are you aware this is exactly what the teen PP sites teach?  “Hey, it’s OK to lay with whomever you want, same gender, opposite gender, new gender, animal.  If it feels good, or your peers tell you it does, so it MUST be good.  Evil wins.

And if pregnancy results, we have a surefire system to conveniently kill off the conception products.

Father God wouldn’t set up His world to melt, crash and burn.  God creates a way to FEED the WORLD, mixing a trace molecule, CO2, water and sunlight, photosynthesis, and evil mocks it and calls it “pollution”.  For 12 CO2 molecules per million. 12:1,000,000

Evil’s purpose is consistent: diss God’s work,  His supremacy at every turn, making Man the all powerful climate controller.  What pap and foolishness!  Any 3rd grader knows there is only ONE(1) carbon dioxide molecule for every other 2500 air-borne molecules, but it’s the one that melts the planet.  Fake scientists lie and lie to gobble grant $$ and our children pay the price: ignorance and fraudulent understanding of God’s science.

God tells us He created the universe for man and man cashes God out.  Two magic primordial soup beans bang together, mutate, turn into apes then Bruce Jenner before hisher operation; atheistic evolution instead of well planned, documented and implemented Creation.

If going from a single cell to a human is your desire, God beat you out already: it is called “pregnancy” and better described to the AEvolutionists as hypersuperfastevolution resulting in a kid.

Father God called out Adam as the first father on earth; Eve the first mom.   The male traits, to protect and feed the family including his life mate wife, need a resurgence of understanding, the value they are to a healthy world.  Man and woman, husband and wife, father and mother are DIFFERENT for God’s, not man’s feeble, reasons.

The Father designed us to be complementary to each other inside the family; mom the nurturer has the breasts that fill with kid milk, something our bipolar society celebrates large on Stormy Daniels but cowers when displayed at the park feeding a newborn.

Until the intelligencia discovered they could, via the Regressive Left, destroy typical male and female, dad and mom roles, man WAS the financial provider most often, and mom nurtured the kids at home.  The resurgence in homeschooling is coming about in part, because it costs more to use daycare and work, draining almost completely the second income.  But, kid you not, children need both parents

The society falls if the domestic churches, the family units, fail.

Think this accidental?  Evil tries to destroy everything along the way.  Fathers portrayed in Harveywood as weak imbeciles, radical feminism decides men are not needed.

Evil loves to trash God’s design: emasculating men, reducing them to eunuchs; making fathers obsolete all the way back to LBJ and his Poverty War: ‘no welfare if there is a father in the home’ the mantra and devastated inner cities, rampant black fatherless-ness the result.  The #1 way to ruin boys is for dad’s to be absent or persona non grata competing with the government welfare cow.

Choose to Cause Change

But there is good news: a Renaissance of Life, Love & Truth.   America is OUR America. We do not have to sit idly by, suffer testicular amputation and cede our blessed land to the Regressive Leftists.  Yes, they in conjunction with the devils are making a wasteland of academia, families and society, governance et al.  But we CAN take it back.

Starting with fathers being the men they are:

Dads, the BEST gift to your children is to love their mother.

Men, it’s time to both take up our crosses AND take up our chivalric swords.  Our wives need us to, our children even more.  Our Father God demands it.  Christ hopes it.

If this is Father’s Day, celebrate it.  If this is any day BUT father’s day, celebrate it as well but Choose to be a strong leader.  Yes, we are vulnerable at times, but we ARE human.  Look to the Perfect Father God for our example.  Lead by His.  Love fully. Fight courageously.  Live well.

Life was never meant to be fair nor easy.  But it IS worthwhile.

Our culture desperately needs , is dying to see, fathers rise up as the men we are destined to be; the current women at all costs movement will subside.

Certainly, real men do not get shut down by the perpetually offended, like Mr Dorsey of Twitter was for enjoying a healthy chicken sandwich.  Imagine this: a billionaire, apologizing to a guy who likes to lick another guy’s anus, because he threw a tantrum over the billionaire’s choice in culinary delight.  BECAUSE the chicken company’s owner BELIEVES in God and His principles.  Bizarre!  All TwitterJack needed to do was tell the truth: I prefer chicken to feces, making my own culinary choices… fathers, there IS force and hope in numbers.  Just don’t let us get divided, conquered.

Hillary doesn’t have Jack’s balls in her lockbox: this perpetually offended guy does.

What happened to manhood, to chivalry, to men being men?  It’s hidden within all of us. sword of the knights templar

Grab your scabbard, Ephesians 6 tells us; put on your armor of God, latch on your breastplate, mount your horse, whether a Mustang or Prius.   Chivalry is not dead, just dormant.

This dad of 11 says “It’s time”.  We are at the crossroads of history, of life.

Ask any honest woman or wife: she wants to be lead, to be loved, to by heard, to be cherished.  We are at a crossroads of hope for a better state, country, world.  At no other time in history does our country need fathers to be fathers, men to rise to the ocassion, stop the silliness and hold others accountable as we hold ourselves to the same standard.

Father God designed man for woman and woman for man.  To mutually self-sacrifice, to give each other 100%, to grace the world with children. He designed a whole universe for all this to be.

Evil ones, including billionaire Zuckerbergs and Berkshire Hathaway founders, think killing future Facebookers, Tweeters and real estate purchasers is a smart move because the world is overpopulated.

What insane idiocy!  Just as there is not too much carbon dioxide, there certainly is NOT too many kids.  When God said “Be fruitful and multiply” He taught us His version of Math: there is always room for one more.  After all, He controls the climate, not us.

So, Dads enjoy your day, your new tie or socks, the half cooked eggs your little ones made you.  Know that you ARE critical to the world, to your family, to our country.

maria and dad, Jack at hoag jan 29

Jack & Maria Reinker

To Jack, the best dad I knew who proceeded us, other than my dad.  Here’s Maria holding his hand for the last time.

But, men.  Rise up and be the men we were called to be. 

Our world is dying, literally, to see us take up our cross, Follow Christ, lead our families and love until it kills us.

And to take up our swords of truth, of hope, of courage, of ‘making righteous action’.  To do the right thing, always.

Like my dad, I have 11 kids.  As the oldest, I didn’t get the memo that having too many

beckman family 2016 2nd view

My 11, NOT in order of appearance on the earth

was anathema, the world was bursting,overpopulated and bloated.  Which it is NOT!  50 countries are one generation, due to no verifiable birthrates, from extinction.

I am blessed beyond reason; like him, I sell real estate and like dad, I feel loved.

I do make mistakes, work hard, I know there is a heaven, where my beloved Donna now dwells.

I also know there is life after a grave loss and look forward to marrying another 2nd Eve, Mary, come May 18th, 2019. Save the date. Yes, she is Catholic and never married and nuts to want to put up with me.

And I will never want to change out one thing, not one of the 11 or the spouses they choose.  For life IS about discovery, adventure, challenge, living.  And love.

Fathers, Love with a Father God’s Love: completely, unashamedly, sacrificially, totally.  Foreverly.

For there are no trailer hitches on the hearses, no UHaul trailer dragging behind.  Jack and Mark’s billions will be useless to them as your and my few $$ comparatively after we Collette Mariedie.  Pray for them: it is a grave responsibility to have billion$ and to invest in satan’s work this side of hell puts them in God’s crosshairs when they face Him soon.

Our heritage is NOT that we bought satan’s evil empire, the planned parenthoodlum lie, that babies are parts to be sold; but that EVERY child we were gifted, is just that: a gift.

Donna and Mary, Chris and Brian.jpgAnd, IF you have your spouse nearby, remind yourself and her, you ARE a father only by and because of her.  You might have made her a wife, but she made you a father.  And she certainly did the heavy lifting.

Love her today.










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