The Last Bear Straw of Summer… DBM ERU Almanac backup

Midsummer offering of the Donna Beckman Memorial Environmental Research University  DBM ERU

polar bears 30000Thought I’d start off this hot time of year with calming your Algorean instigated fear that the poor polar bears are starving to death.  Like ‘single use’ plastic bags which were excellent for the environment, now plastic straws are in the sniper sight of the virtue signaling and shaming environmental radically pure crowd.  What do these people do for a job?  Like Tucker, I am the sworn enemy of pomposity, groupthink, lies and demonizing women, stealing souls.  Truth ALWAYS sets you free to roam the country.

Did you know this about plastics?  No one notes that single use plastic bags are manufactured from natural gas WASTE byproducts, not oil.  So, instead of burning them off in the atmosphere, they were converted to multiple use thin plastic bags with 100’s of uses.  Plastic by its nature is used in 6000 different products.  Yet the war on fossil fuels continues, despite the fact 40% of a 55 gallon barrel goes into the manufacture of surgical tools and infusion devices, etc,

Except for the self-anointed plastics police. Lovable leftist Larry Wilson at the OCRegister SCNG, for example, thinks it is ok to make cars out of CARdboard, preferring CAFE standards like 100 miles per gallon of fossil fuel.  You understand, right?  The higher the number, the higher the deaths.  The 9 unsafest cars are roller skates like Smart cars and subcompacts; the safest without ONE traffic fatality are SUVs, the much maligned family protection transport devices.  Engines are sooo efficient, the major way to increase gas mileage is to lose weight, like remove metals and replace with plastics and composites.

The Obamanation people killing CAFE standards were getting close to 80mpg.  Wanna know what does that?  Motorcycles but little room for your family of five.

Questions for the Donna Beckman Memorial Environmental Research University staff:

Mary Gardner asked: “how do you stop big pests from eating your ripening fruit, like figs and tomatoes, without chems?”

Answer: I prefer using slices of tomatoes, laid on fence posts around the garden. japanese beetle baitJapanese beetles are voracious chompers this time of year; I caught five of the pretty but prolific pests and donated them to the chickens for dessert using this method.  No chemicals involved, just a quick hand.

Fair trade-off: a slice or two of the fruit you are protecting and the chickens get a treat.  No chickens to feed them to?  Ask your 9 year old; he knows how to put a string on their leg and fly them around.  JK  This is cruel and inanimale punishment.

I know, just waiting for a call from the ASPCJB, the JB for the Japanese Beetle.  But, Japanese Beetles yield those huge worms that eat everything in sight.  In flight, they are on a search and seizure mission to get your fave fruits and veggies, destined for your kids.

Question:  Is it too late to start tomatoes or zucchini now?

As to squash, if you are going for a giant pumpkin, start immediately to make it by All Saints Eve or better and larger, Thanksgiving.  The plant growth takes 60 days, the fruit growth about 90 more.  Of course you can pick it when it’s smaller than a garage, but that’s your choice.  Suggestions at the Giant Pumpkin site:

tina zucc

No, not a grape or cucumber.  Super Zuck.  Modeled by Tina

Tomatoes and Zukes: go ahead and plant!  The garden grown varieties seem more tasty than store bought, and if you are like Paul Kim, a great Catholic talent and dad who fears Roundup, you can control your growing environment at home.  You don’t need 40 acres either!!   Lots of laser focused watering and keep the weeds out.  Great kid project for summer, public or homeschool, private or just like to garden.  You can still try 3 sisters style as well (see previous blog for details) for a variety.  I’d toss in a few giant sunflower starts.

In California we have a longer (actually almost four growing seasons).

Gotta get back to helping my real estate clients.  You can call me with plant, science and yes, real estate questions at 714 267 1413 or email me at for detailed advice.

I am not the top horticultural expert on plants but like everything in life, it’s ok to tell me when i’m wrong or make suggestions.

The PVC grid method I espouse is great for CORONA, RIVERSIDE, EASTVALE, NORCO….as well as the OC, wherever it is hot.

You deliver the water where it is needed without waste and excessive weeds.  The main reason gardens fail is water not delivered to the edibles, and weeds propagate.

Happy to consult on this, just as I joyfully will help you sell or buy a home in places like Norco or North Orange County, LA even Ventura, Riverside or San Bernardino County.  Real estate is one method a family can grow wealthier, create multiple, diversified sources of income and be good stewards of the talent and blessings God has sent your way.  It’s not evil to have extra money, that you can help others with. After all, before government hijacked welfare/charity, it was best accomplished by people of faith (like Catholic Charities, Food for the Pooretc).  But I believe God designed man and woman to be inside of families.  Families and friends can take care of each other when things don’t go well, like in the Depression or recent Recession.  Charity, mixed with accountability, is the BEST way, locally and directly.

But, the more we become a socialist country, the better the chance we become Venezuela AFTER it was a rich, working country.      Any $$ taken from another’s effort to be distributed to others is evil. God called us to the gift of work.  He didn’t design millennials to live in grandma’s basement until they are 40, all ten of them go outside to play white supremicists confronted by the terrorist orgs like AntiFascist and Black Lives Matter.

Character counts.  Blacks and Whites are part of the Same ONE Human Race; there are no two first couples.   And…neither black nor whites are supreme, God is.  We need to help our kids to think critically, not get lazy, not become sheep to wacky tenured leftist professors who spew toxic crap for $150,000 a year, in the “underwater basketweaving studies” department.

I am praying for a Renaissance of Life, Love & Truth.  Join me.  There are solutions.

Our kids are victims of the Indoctrination nation of academia forcefed  Algorean (climate change) heresies, snowflake victimology, believing that God can’t control His weather OR screwed up in making just one man and one woman.  Inventing personal pronouns is silly, and selfie IDs nutty.  OK, I am trans, a transPARENT and will continue to help you with real estate, gardening, sound environmental conservatism and more.  We MUST seek and teach the TRUTH; if we don’t, who will?  But to quote the polar bears:

“There were 7000 of us when Al Gore was born.  Now there are only 30,000 left.”   He began his anti-God blame carbon dioxide fraud with a fake photo op.  The mama bear and baby polar bear were stranded on an ice flow.  Uh, Al, polar bears swim, get their food from below the surface as well as on.  We have to drain the swamp, end the fake news and help Al.

The only time Al Gore lies is when his lips move or pen writes.  WE must be better than that.  Enjoy the rest of summer.  Need your pictures.  Hope to tell you about a great story for a homeschooling family many of you know in Norco.  Soon.   May Jesus bless you mightily and it IS a great day to be alive

Giant Pumpkin time?   The record size for 2018 in New Zealand was 1781 pounds.  Get going.  Happy Katrina Cherise Irene on your 15th birthday.   We ALL love you!

Len Beckman







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