Mary ushers in the new year, as usual. 2019 Blessings to you! Briefly

I’m still searching for the Holy Grail of Genderology, the keeper of the keys of today’s gender du jour. JOURnalists, where are you? Where is this Wizard who daily comes up with yet another new gender on college campi everywhere. Has anyone pulled back the curtain in GenderOZ yet?

Faustina on February 5, 2001. Not a medical doctor, I still see life. What do you see?

Meanwhile, we celebrate 2019 with the 2nd Eve, Mary of Nazareth recently seen in Beth’lehem of Judea. Awaiting the Magi, the Wise Men who still seek the King

As a single dad working hard for his real estate clients, I will be exchanging vows with another Mary, Mary of Torrance at another Nativity location, not of Bethlehem but in LA County’s Nativity Church, yes of Torrance, too. Beautiful irony, it will be on June 8th, the 30th birthday of Nathan the 5th of 11. SAVE THE DATE!

Quick recap: days ago, we celebrated the Son of the 2nd Eve, Jesus of Nazareth at the House of Bread, known as Beth’Lehem. Irony, Torrance is also the Home of the King’s bread, a tasty sweet Hawaiian bread but not nearly as enduring as the real King Bread of Life, nestled in a manger each December 25th; Nine months after we celebrate His Conception on March 25th. Church tradition, no matter what your faith is, believes Jesus was ‘born to die’, conceived on earth for a greater purpose. As it is, March 25th on the Gregorian (and Friday the 13th day of Nisan on the Hebrew) calendar, is the culmination of Jesus’ life work.

ALL of us have a purpose and plan in God’s realm; ignore the grumblers and Job’s counselors who accuse and despise you: you ARE precious in God and many on earth’s, sight.

From the HiStorical archives, we know Mary IS the Immaculate Conception, conceived without sin to someday bear the Son of God. Often confused with Jesus’ birth, her Yes! anchors His Story and ours, too.

The God of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon and that incredibly important and abundant though trace gas CO2, with which He FEEDS the WORLD, is the same God who Designed and Let us “Make man(kind) in Our image” (google ‘Genesis’) as He designed and made Mary.

Her birthday is nine months after we celebrate her Conception without Sin on Dec 8th. Mary’s actual traditional birthday, Sept 8th, for the Cherry Tree Beckmans, is bitter sweet since Sept 8th was Donna’s last full day of life on earth.

What will 2019 bring? It is yet to be written and acted out, but God knows. In His spare eternity time, He made a 553 sextillion mile wide universe, trillions of insects, billions of planets, stars, plants, animals, thousands of biochemical processes like photo-synthesis (made with light)…and only one first couple. The one we know as Adam & Eve#1. Imagine that: the Wise One trusted building His universe of humanity to US!

As Bing sang at the Holiday Inn, then General Waverly’s Columbia Inn in White Christmas, celebrate the ONE Human Race, made up of so many colors, creeds, countries, faiths and sizes: COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS INSTEAD OF SHEEP. Don’t allow the pimps of dissension misapply “Racist!” to mankind’s every thought and movement. Ignore the victimologists and race pimps: YOU are in charge of your destiny, of living YOUR life: match it to God’s plan for ultimate joy. But, there is only ONE race yet different cultures, geolocations of origin and opportunities to do great. AS I prompt, whether in Rome with a million World Youth Day kids or in California, it IS a great day to be alive! Live it as IF you believe it!

Tina, a few years after her ultrasound

No matter what the Wizards of Genderology tell you, we are female and male. God has existed forever as three, the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Don’t ask me to explain: no one, even Monica’s Augustine, can. That is why God made us in His Image, not ours. He hinted with three colors, red, blue and yellow that together make pure light but with three distinct prime colors. And despite SCOTUS and too many environmental SJW committees calling CO2 evil, God doesn’t see it that way. As usual, God knows best. He continues to synthesize food with light (photo-synthesis) to keep us ALIVE on earth. “Light from Light, true God from true God…”

Photosynthesized zucchini in the hands of a beautiful Tina. Thank God for carbon dioxide and light, water & life

Our image is incomplete, as long as the genders du jour list is today. And in between His birth and Mary’s Jan 1st celebration, we recognize the First Family, the Holy Family.

Your family and mine are different; all families are. Essentially, my 11 kids visualize 11 different families, depending on their birth order. But we are ONE family. Our model, celebrated Dec. 29th last year, is a confused but set straight by an angel, Joseph. His betrothed wife, the Immaculata, became the mother of God in God’s good time AND the exact middle of eternity. The First Family, as examples go; the Holy Family. Your ancestors are mine: Adam and Eve, celebrated by the Jewish scriptures, remain our great, great….great grandparents, no matter where on earth or who you are born to. That’s what happens when God creates only one first couple, a mom and dad.

God copyrighted the rainbow years ago.

Today, we see what God and heaven sees in the womb: via ultrasound, we see life for what it is: innocent and ready for 80 years or so. The Family is God’s building block on earth. Fractured often yet nothing beats being a part of a family. Viva la difference! So count your blessings in 2019, live life to the fullest and make a difference, build up instead of gossip and tear down. Mary is the ark of His covenant, the first tabernacle of Jesus on earth and our Queen Mother now in heaven. God, despite us insulting Him about His abilities to control His climate and carbon dioxide His gift, continues to feed us via photosynthesis and His Word, proclaimed throughout the earth until the end of time.

Come June 8th, nine months after we celebrate the birth of Mary, another Mary, this one of Torrance, can say yes to the single dad of 11. We have Donna’s blessing; hoping for God’s and that of the eleven great kids (including the one she bore 30 years previously on 6-7-89 plus one day) Donna brought into the light with love… before getting her just reward eternally.

Make EVERY day and relationship count in 2019. You are loved!

Happy New 2019 Year, all!

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