Pro-Science IS Pro-Life. Prolific is being pro science

300,000 or so hike down Constitution Ave Jan 18, 2019
“Unique from day one: Pro-Life IS Pro-science

(Revised to also consider Nick Sandmann and David Hogg.)

The Washington Post’s 3 Musketeers of Distorted Journalism, Julie, Marisa and Michelle, were on the job on Constitution Ave DC last January 19th, 2019 but somehow WaPo or the SCNG news editors saw only 7 Faces…not 300,000. The only pic they could find had the magnificent 7 listening intently to the proceedings. Note the 46th running of the March of those for vibrancy and scientific literary was spot on: “Unique from day 1: Pro-Life IS Pro-Science”

But, first thank you Orange County Register for actually reporting the DC March for Life 2019, even on page A12 with a tiny front page block lead-in. Yes, something as important as this should have made the WaPost feed maybe at A10 above the fold, but hey, unlike your investigative reporter David Daleiden coverage, it was more than four column-inches.

You had zip about it on Fri, Jan 18th but my goodness, the Women’s March promotion, still a day away, graced the news section, top of the pape above the fold. 

On the front page below the fold; (On-line Millennials: a fold is what happens when newsprint pages are “folded”; in the old days, most papes~what the Newsies called papers~showed up in half on the front steps, 100 square inches of valuable real estate on page one.  The best spot was “above the fold” because this is usually the first look. Unlike you, my on-line friends, i do an odd thing: I pay $380 a year to unfold, like the old show ‘Early Edition’ used to demo) anyways, someone at SCNG wrote with Pence’s picture flagging the article to dig for, twelve pages in: 

“President and VP deliver unannounced speeches to protesters marching against abortion rights Friday”.  SCNG or WashCompost editorialize on this point in the news section!  Let’s parse this for a moment:

In case you’ve never been told the truth, ‘Abortion’ is a surgical procedure not a sentient human: human beings have “rights”, “abortions” don’t.

  In fact, you won’t find the word “Abortion” in the Independence Declaration, the Constitution or even the Bible. But think about it: ever hear of tummy tuck or better yet, wisdom teeth removal having rights? No where, in common sense though it made it to common parlance, taking out a kid and slicing her up for resalable parts, is enumerated as a “right”.

In typical fashion, instead of saying “prolife promoters march FOR pro life cause”, ie keeping kids alive long enough for kindergarten, the SCNG news editor (Ron Hasse does a good job running SCNG) chose the negative. 

That is not news reporting, but advocacy ‘journalism’, better called biased urinologists in action. Not what freedom of the press is all about: yes, it’s freedom of speech but NOT true journalism worthy of Pulitzers. Something someone like a David Daleiden should receive, if not for having one of the greatest material impacts on the ongoing scientific debate as to what “alive” means.

Since the first March4Life in 1974, Abort Inc. undeniably has owned the language.  Instead of Pro Life, people who think babies should be born are called “anti -Abortion”, as if being against something makes one’s position and beliefs less scientific and/or worthy.  Before Acuson and modern computed ultrasonography, it was a variant of “mass of cells” or a “blob of tissue” that the anti-Life, ok pro-choice called out as such. Any Anatomy book could make the case, but it wasn’t on TV so it didn’t exist.

Chief House scientist Alex OCASIOnal CORTEx-USER just said “, Millennials, the world is gonna end in 12 years unless we address climate change” . This creature of indoctrinated leftist education keeps on giving. Facts checker alert!

Ironically, as with the non-existent global warming, as we approach the Maunder Minimum in the 2020s, and androgenic CO2 being neither correlative nor causative to God’s impressive climactic design, the Luddites also control the language. Notice how they moved to “climate change” to disguise the continuing exposure of true science. Who can argue against ‘climate change’? Who could argue against a blob of cells, like an arm scrape or some ear wax.

But, as the climate changed for fetology and anatomy,  and more pixels showed more REAL LIFE inside the mom, they had to keep moving the goal posts, too.

Soon, that swimming, breathing, thumb sucking and kicking NON LIVING thingee in mom could no longer be brushed off as dead.  No more could the DINO “Dr” Horvath (featured Native Abortion American ‘expert’ gyno) say they spread some magical dust inside the mothers’ birth canals to create life, a refutation scientifically of Dr Pasteur’s spontaneous generation science. Look up spontaneous generation and Dr Pasteur’s Paris train ride interview by a precursor of our millennial class of smart folks.

Problems ensued,  like God’s amazing gift that FEEDS the WORLD via photosynthesis/respiration, carbon dioxide mixed with water exposed to sunlight, DINO Horvath had a serious dilemma.

You can’t hide the squirm or the swim, thumb suck or the kick forever.

The more sunlight that is shown on the bag of waters within the mom’s sovereign uterine border walls, the more pathetically primitive and evil Abort Inc., 8 bit Gavel Granny and 2020 Prez candy Kamala the Pirate are becoming. 

Darn it all, the kid REALLY IS ALIVE! Kamala thinks: “Now I need another $82,000 from national abortion federation PP for my presidential run.  Seen my MTV spot?” So she sadly, prostitutes on, just like she did getting started in the pubic sector.

Southern Cal News Group:  pretend I’m your omsbudsman. I pay for the news to get tossed on my driveway from a great newspaper, something my 11 kids think i am nuts to continue doing…a bit of advice as you struggle to stay relevant and truthful. 

Stop being opinion mongers, advocacy reporters and REPORT the NEWS.  Unbiased and truthfully. Amazing how enervating that becomes.

For example, your A12 article featured one picture with the words “Planned Parenthood” and 7 faces.  Markedly covered up was those famous word the Leftists, especially donation starved prostiticians like Kamala, hate : DeFund.

Meanwhile, there are only 600 government sponsored PPs and 13,600 actual women’s health centers, mainly funded by donations from the private sector, where you don’t gotta have your kid cut out. Even your $8 a month WalMart sex drugs are free at the 13,600 not Sanger installations.

Estimates run from 200K to 300K were at the 2019 March. Google for all the photos but 300,000 is a bit more than the 7 intent faces under a “Defund Planned Parenthood” sign with the Defund part cut off. Typical cutting edge technology, with the truth on the news room floor.

Fascinating takeaway is how the one now famous attendee from Covington Catholic, Nick Sandmann, was first reported. He was called a sicko, part of a bunch of “white privileged” Make America Great Again miscreants, taunting a defenseless Native American drummer/singer Mr. Phillips and the standard bearer of kind race baiters themselves, the traveling band descendants from God, the “black” Hebrew Israelites.

It’s in the water folks: scientifically called R2J or “Rush to Judgement”. Like opiods and lousy female commediennes, this chemical isn’t going away.

; Mr. Sandmann, a junior at Covington Catholic, one of thousands bussed in for a great day of celebration, mixed blessing exposing hypocrisy and standing up for the MOST VULNERABLE and DEFENSELESS among us: mothers in crisis AND their preborn child. Nick’s words:

I feed my kids as a real estate professional today. But, for decades, it was my privilege to serve in youth ministry. On three occasions, I traveled with a million or so of my closest friends to destination pilgrimages, a little vaca: Rome (2000), Toronto (2002) & Cologne (2005, where the Kolon Cathedral holds the remains of the Magi of lore, the three Wise Men).

Imagine that, a million plus! Yes the gad fly episodes did happen, but each time we’d end the week with a Saturday march (pilgrimage) to a huge site for a Saturday night music rally and Sunday Mass with Pope St John the Great or BXVI. Sing, dance, chant (like the Covington Catholic targets did on the Lincoln Memorial steps) and celebrate with 100 different countries and then, at Mass’ end, march back with one or two million via trains, buses or foot. No Phillips drumbeat or race ranting misnamed groups taunting the masses of respectful, joyful pilgrims.

R2J infected some, not all, at Covington Catholic’s adults and leaders. It certainly, was stapled to the mouths of the Diocesan leadership, leftist Fr. Martin, Billy Cristol, and ABCNNBCBS/WaCompost and the NYTs.

TALE of two Nicks. Unlike David Hoggamic (formerly known as the gun antirights spokesman David Hogg in the wake of defrocked Sheriff Israel et al’s leftist mental block deficiencies of another Nik, Mr. Cruz, who made Al Capone’s Valentines Day massacre look like a trivial accident.), Mr. Sandmann showed what I have preached for decades.

We are blessed in America to have respectful, engaged young people of faith; this one a junior, who seize the moment, do great things, despite adversity, we idiotic adults prejudging and jumping the shark cliff.

We all owe Mr. Sandmann our apologies, not the viral venom of an unhinged, hate-filled Hollyweird and prostitician centralized governance. Typical fire first ask questions later, Mr. Kristol slinked into the night, deleting his tweet and no contrition.

Alyssa Milano needs to see her shrink. Presuppositions, with bias, IS a major issue in both the scientific AND political supposedly real world.

It is costing us unnecessary, scarce billions in the fight over a God designed and delivered critical for survival trace gas, much maligned though it numbers only 12 non-polluting molecules per each ONE MILLION molecules. Similarly, Coving Cath boys waiting for their buses, and Nick in particular, were demonized for joy. Being Catholic, pro-life, pro-happiness, having fun, living life and the other usual suspects. No, they didn’t assault Mr. Phillips, a veteran thank you very much of Vietnam but also being the victim; not wanting to post-judge, maybe he was there peacefully. But this we know, as Nick stated above trying to defuse the situ, he was PRAYING for Mr. Phillips and others, praying for the wisdom, smiling while eyes locked in a social media world which demands NO relationships one on one. Just buy the facebook google instagram product, wherever it leads you. With the ads of course.

Nick Sandmann, thank you from a grateful nation: you are forcing us, at least one or two of 350 million, to grow up and smell the preventable sickness R2J causes.

No, Mrs. Bugliari, show some wisdom. At age 46 and with two kids, dogs, birds and horses, heed your own advice: It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to always be nice.

Alyssa, may I call you that, the “entire event” happened because ankle biting radicals took advantage of a group of Catholic boys standing up for life, marching for the most defenseless among us. Just like you did with your brainless tweets.

Like you, the Hebrew Israelites and Mr. Phillips do what they do: seek the camera for their causes. The boys “right to assemble” was infringed. The “freedom to speak” has a corresponding right to NOT listen, and requirement to be adult about it. At least, the way adults USED to act and be respected.

Alyssa, “group of boys”? Hundreds of schools sanctioned this trip, as they have for each of your 46 years on this earth. Unlike the epic fail tragic gun mania hogged post Cruz ValDay massacre, these buses stand up for LIFE.

You’ve been blessed with talent, success, kids, a husband. Yes, at this stage of your life, you value animals more than another kid. That is your CHOICE. Don’t rob the world of the next opportunity for life.

Oddly, red hat in hand, you state from your ignorance: these demon boys protest: “a woman’s right to her own body and reproductive healthcare”.

Why must you talk in contractions? Nick peacefully prayed and smiled, stared unwavering to diffuse or defuse a tense situation created by ankle biting traveling trolls. Not the next Generation. A baby is NOT part of a woman’s body like an appendix; grow up, take some med school classes. Especially in OBGyn where the abortion bound never show up. It is a unique, defensible human life you are tossing out. Reproductive healthcare? We give away billions, ObamaCare still is a virus coopted by planned parenthood, the most evil empire on earth. And any woman can go either to the ER to get her sex pills or ask a buddy, if like Ms Fluke, she can’t afford the $8 sex drugs and rocky road monthly bill at WalMart.

Alyssa, with all due respect (little), your first thoughts when you wake up, frankly suck. At 46, it’s time to use your valuable brain and mind, and stop being such a temperamental hat led sheep. The much maligned “white boys” aren’t the problem at Covington Catholic, despite the adults knee jerk belief they are evil. Frankly, your fave medical industry doesn’t realize there is ONE human race where MLK valued character over color: they are an equal opportunity killer, dispensing hate-filled destruction no matter what size, religion, color, country of origin equally for profit. Yes for profit.

You say “Humanity will continue to destroy itself” …this is BECAUSE of YOU. Not them. By like a spoiled toddler, you throw tantrums and not truth.

Look it up: 61 million American kids (2 billion worldwide) have not died by the Hogg hated gun: but by sharp curved knives called ‘currettes’ in the hands of demon doctors we give $500 million tax $$ to annually. In fact, mothers like Alyssa, such as Chicago’s Tonya Reaves, died by the same knives, a woman and mother twice, and half your age at 23.

Pence and Trump didn’t go to Puerto Rico…they spoke to real Americans at March4Life ’19

Alyssa, about the time quantum leaps happened in ultrasound, the window of the womb, same happened in computer evolution. 

Massive changes.  I bought  33 megabyte Priam hard drives for a mini-computer company, paying $2445 a piece in Dec 1981.  A bargain because it moved away from 10 high disk packs, like the old juke boxes, from CDC and Ampex.

  Today, the same $ per byte would make the Priam price tag $37 trillion a piece.  Anyone using an iPhone with Siri or Bezos’ Ring/Alexa spying on your every move, knows incredible development in technology and human progress has occurred. 

Ironically, Donna and I went from 1 to 11 kids and as the oldest of 11 and having 11 grandkiddoes, I guess you might guess i am pro living babies not playing the modern Democrat plantation game, where instead of using their slaves for the harvest, black babes ARE the harvest. YaleMed pays $715 for a black head (no, not the cosmetically challenged facial spots) sliced off a kid used for spare parts. This is NOT fake news but medical history.

But resident in anti-science (borrowing SCNG’s reporting methods accentuating the negative) …NOT in the science of baby. 

No abortionists (other than Dr Boyd of SWO ABQ) admit they ARE undeniably killing a kid with every assault knife they shove up a pregnant mom’s vagina hat.  Alyssa, if you are still reading, look no farther than your Hollywood for the truth: you need to turn to part time OB-Gyn LA comedienne Marcella.

She needs to do some continuing education for DINO Dr Horvath and the other baby harvesters. Dr Mary Gatter still wants her Lamborghini for Christmas (again, if Ron or Frank let their troops look at the interweb and the Center for Medical Progress [] they’ll see DINO Mary crowing for a Diablo Lamborg with her baby parts spoils in full living color…and MOTION pictures. )

Astounding I know just like the first time in ‘Singing in the Rain’ moving pictures are discussed, will be the 14 mainly female abortionists discussing their witchcraft.

Male comics like Brian Whitman voice expert; and female “commediennes’ say the ‘darndest things these days. Like Michelle Wolf’s offering:

Back to the sideshow Marcella: “I hate when people tell me to have a kid because I look good holding a baby. Bitch I look good doing everything because I. Look. Good. In fact you should see me have an abortion – I am BREATHTAKING. Literally I am taking someone’s breath. It’s beautiful.” Breath taking? I thought that was God’s responsibility, not some barely funny baby killing flaunter. Alysa’s same decade sister Gianna Jessen might have a thing or two to say, having been aborted at a tender age.

From Lila Rose’s site, LiveAction: “While it’s likely that Arguello made her remarks to garner attention on social media — part of her comedy routine is talking about how she never wants children — it’s always interesting when the remarks of abortion supporters reveal things they don’t quite intend. Recently, abortionist Leah Torres quipped on Twitter that God “performs more abortions than I do,” equating the unintentional loss of a child through miscarriage to the intentional killing of a child through abortion.  And last year, when an abortion supporter roundhouse kicked a pro-life woman who explained that she believed all children — even those conceived in rape — deserve a right to life, abortion supporters on social media cheered his violent and unprovoked actions.”

Social media can reveal a lot of things about people that we didn’t quite expect, and individuals who say outrageous things in support of killing preborn children are among some of the most unexpected.

Ms Arguello’s words ARE breath taking.  Sorry, Alysa, humanity is being destroyed by the humanity destroyers who kill kids inside a mother’s womb. And Hollywood and prostiticians follow like ankle biter demons, marching not for life, but for satan’s favorite thing: mocking God and destroying all He has made. Creation is NOT for the faint of heart, whether at the dawn of time or each time a womb yields a living child. Daunting task reserved for womanhood I know, but please don’t pull the “Its my body and I’ll die if I want to” song out.

Look how far we’ve come, light years away from the murky ‘clump of cells’ days.  Most people know, good comedy always has at least a grain of truth in it.  In her 46 words, now 46 years since the dawn of the modern holocaust (little “h”), we have parallelled incredible chutzpah and well, true evil. 

Marcella, herself a human being, is marvelling at “literally, I am taking SOMEONE’s breath.  It’s beautiful”   No better words could be uttered by satan itself, or criminal aliens killing Indonesian emigre cop Singhs or other real life snuff movies.

When I visited Auschwitz as part of the 2005 WYDay pilgrimage to Cologne, we were reminded Hitler and his gruesome crew killed 12 million defenseless humans over 12 years and 10 countries; the modern 46 year pandemic genocide notched 61 million American kids and 2 billion worldwide. Now, as anti-Semitism (it never really left the planet but went dormant for a day) gains new life, it is cut from the same cloth: some human beings are NOT precious, not valuable, they are property and not worthy of living. The bins of hair and suitcases at the Holocaust museum proves that, just like Kristallnacht (Broken Glass in German) signaled the morphing of living Jews into property to be taken and abused, Planned Parenthood morphs living, thumb sucking and kicking babies into harvested human cargo, selling off the hearts and livers, etc while plastic bagging the rest of the carved kid. Well except in New York, where Mayor Wilhelm DeBlaster has deified to worship status abortion but is banning the plastic bags necessary to carry away the waste products after baby profit.

Interestingly, WaPo and SCNG quoted DINO “Doctor” Sarah Horvath, one of 58,000 OBGyns at the ACOG, the gynecological and abortion doctor’s union: they had to find that one foaming at the mouth female baby killing machinist while refusing to show the mainly female abortionists David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress caught on digital video discussing how to optimize the baby hack up process to maximize both the quality AND the $$ value of baby hearts and parts.

Like the female Dr Who’s declining popularity, people are not thrilled about reading females killing females inside other females, frankly. Don’t get me wrong, some masculinities are toxic. Another plank in the destroy all things good, including man.

Definitely every one of these IS unique. A little science lingo: EVERY human being has there own fingerprints and DNA map. Never repeated, only once. NOT replaceable.

The March heme is perfect: “Unique from Day 1: Pro-Life is Pro-science”.

Of course in the article, your WaPo reporters had to inject “children at the border wall” from those attending Sat Women’s March, which trust me, will be all over the front page tomorrow.

Sounds like a little “Early Edition” prophecy but when you read this Frank and Ron, you will know I am right.

Two beautiful ladies named Mary at the One Life LA, commemorating the 46th year since Roe

This Single Dad of 11 agrees,we need to protect children at the border walls.

Another Mary is honored by Mrs Melania Trump. Shes the wife of our current president Donald J Trump

Especially after 61 milion killed off kids so far since the 70s, stop the insanity. Just inside OUR borders, not the world.

When fiendish Dr Horvath uses ultrasound to guide her predatory methods to the prey, she like other (I call) satanist surgeons use their assault knives up mothers’ vaginas to hack through the UTERINE BORDER WALLS to get to their piece of meat. This is what Nick Sandmann and 300,000 tried to demonstrate with their bodies.

Think about it in pro-scientific terms with a minimal of ‘child at the border’ misdirection emotionalism:

The uterine wall is prematurely sliced through, like any coyote taking little girls out of Mexico, raping them along the way. Just as the satanist surgeon rapes every mother he or she touches.

The lie plan parenthood tells is the ultrasound is used as “proof of life”. Like all good serial kidnappers, the “proof of life” ends in death.

The ultrasound screen is used by the aborting coyote surgeon to guide the knives so the heart, liver, and hair follicled cranial cap of a LIVING BABY are not messed up or mutilated.  While NYC Mayor Wilhelm demands abortion for everyone, he bans plastic bags, like our SacraDEMento loonies demand no straws.  What’s NYCity to do?

In DeCommio DeBlasio’s kingdom, you can’t incinerate medical waste like unused baby parts not commerically valuable; there still is an previously used abandoned incinerator in LA, if you want something stateside to closely match Hitler’s BBQs.

Funny, if you ban plastic bags, where is all the baby fat, sinews, skeletals that unlike baby hearts and livers, is tossed out while PP Silicon Valley uses the $966 million FaceBook’s Mark & Priscilla donated to them. 

Or the PP Gulf Coast purchase ordered (by TexMedical) “consent” parts at $120 a pop which are really baby hearts or livers.  Down the toilet or sink? 

In Albuquerque, the Rio Grande, the Great River receives the processed baby parts from SouthWest Women’s outpatient center, the Plaza Inn, near the SouthWest Women’s Options.  SWO is THE place to go IF you baby is almost ready to deliver and you don’t want some miscreant prolife doctor to sprinkle magical birth canal dust giving your huge belly babe life on the way out.  They take all comers from around the world.  Instead of anchor babies, they slice out living human’s old and large enough to go to preschool.

I pray for our country.  I pray for the soul of America.  Mother St Theresa of Kolkata said it best when she called the USA the poorest country in the world.  We have so much but we kill babies all too often. and join me in praying for one of the saddest humans in California, Kamala Harris.

Yes, she’s running again after serving half time twice

Case in point is our evolving junior senator and half time AG. She announced her next premature election fight on MLK day.

If I was to write the 2020 mantra for halftiming bureaucrat Kamala the Pirate, it would go like this:

“I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from Mother Wombs instead of fracked up Black Gold extracted from mother Earth. I hate cars and gas, so my friend Xavier the Deceiver rewrote the 39% gas tax rate recall of prop 6. But I LOVE, absolutely LOVE deceiving distressed and in crisis moms to let us extract their kids for parts. I have a quid pro quo $82,000 abortionists’ donation to repay and no better way than helping them hack up, draw and quarter defenseless LIVING humans who won’t vote for me anyways 18 years from now. I AM unique; frankly, would California want another Kamala the Pirate anyways? I wanna wanna be prez so I will need more blood dollars to beat out the other 40 Dems. Trying to show I AM cool and hookupable, have you seen my Music Video lately, how at 29 I got my start going naked with a 60 year old Brown mayor and defying his wife Blanche? I am Kamala the Pirate and I approve this message.”

A little long but hey, Kamala is running. She hates walls, at the Southern border and the uterine walls that get in the way of her party’s push: the party of slavery, secession, segregation, Semitichate, sliced up kids and sectioned off baby hearts. A large inclusive Dem plank but says it all. Prostiticians are NOT pro-science. They are pro-death, whether it is Southern fentanyl laced heroin, criminal aliens killing cops and Steinles or criminal abortionists killing the most precious among us: little women. No Women’s March on the following Saturday unless the marching women had pro-science, pro-life March4Life style mothers. Dead women don’t walk. Nor talk.

Well except Baby Rose, today about 32 years old hailing from Houston and still one of the most famous images of the last four decades. She’s the child in the Kamala Harris meme above.

It is…

Every child IS wanted; none need to be HUNTED by predator coyotes or clinical surgeons.I know Frank and Ron: I don’t need to apply for the Ombs job. Well, maybe its time to end your passive relationship with WashPost. After all, it’s not the millennials that purchase the paper version of your ‘pape’.

Just asking for a little balance. It’s sad when your editors don’t even pick up the Dr Horvath misdirection: “I think that’s a gross exaggeration of an incredibly complex topic. There are many fertilized eggs that never implant, that implant in the wrong place..that become miscarriages, that in fact can become a type of cancer”

Like little toddlers caught with their hands in the cookie jar stealing cookies, amazing the stories abortionists tell caught stealing life with their hands in the most precious worlds within a world: a woman’s uterus.

Yes, Dr Strangelove Sarah, there are ectopic pregnancies which end with a dying prebirth zygote/embryo/fetus/baby/human (the hash marks just separate stages of life, not Dr Pasteur refuted stages of spontaneous generation). And frankly, YOU and your ilk are the CANCERS that have led to the death of approaching 2 BILLION kids worldwide since the Killing Revolution of Maggie Sanger and her love for Negro ministers to help her exterminate the blacks of the world (Dem plank stage one through four)

NYCity kills more blacks by abortion than are born every year. And they are only 12% of the population. Hey Math whizzes, isn’t this genocide of the racial kind?

DINO Horvath, babies and life are not “topics”; your gross exaggeration shows you failed the moral equivalency part of your med school years, not to mention fetology, anatomy, physiology and other minor disciplines.

Unless satanist surgeons like you interrupt the growth, most of those living gross exaggerations will continue living, contributing human beings.

Yes, some very few may become sociopathic kid killers like Dr Sarah (Sarai/Sarah is the mother of three world religions and billions of people, btw) but most will not.

Throughout the world, in science labs, there are single cells that hyperevolve into 75 trillion celled globs of tissue, that in 280 days gives the scientists who monitor those labs naming rights for brand new unique species: names like Sarah, Abraham, John, Mary, Ishmael, Bao, Nguyen, Kim and more. The “labs” sometimes are called mothers; other times, moms. OCREgister-Post, please don’t insult our intelligences with such weak applications of logic.

We’ve come a long way since Acuson of SillyCon Valley came up with one of the first computed ultrasonography devices; I was there in the early 80s. No longer was the mass of tissue or blob of cells a sufficient misdirection of the truth:

We are KILLING AMERICA one dead “gross exaggeration” at a time, one less kid to vote Dem, Indy or Rep. One less who might find the cure for “DINO” or doctor in name only Sarah Horvath’s biggest concern: Cancer.

Meanwhile, as we’ve hijacked God’s incredibly amazing trace gas Carbon Dioxide for prostitician gain, we play God and kill off millions. 13,600 Women’s Health centers pro bono out there help women yet we give $500 million to the less than 600 PParenthood kill mills. The money goes directly into MD 401Ks…not the poor. AS it is, there is help for EVERY woman, if only the Dr Horvaths of the world gave their desperate patients (both inside and outside the mother’s womb) a look at the ultrasound they are using to line up the sights like an AR15 sniper scope.

Planned parenthood is anything but. After all, you have seven FACES in your A12 News page picture above the fold below the hacked up image of Defund Planned Parenthood.

Next time, save the cost of the three WaPo ladies’ wire service filing; you don’t need Julie, Marisa and Michelle’s misquided exercise in lousy reporting, “fake news”, “misdirection”, “biased coverage”, whatever you call it.

Just post the picture of the 300,000 marching down OUR Constitution Avenue in the DCesspool. I’ll buy the rights if the Truth is NOT in your news budget.

Life IS Awesome!!

News people, isn’t life AWESOME? Why do you live your lives as lives of misery? Why do you let the grumblies and the sad sick Loony Lefties affect your reporters

If you are starved for content, we could get you free interviews with a slew of young people who understand the issues and don’t buy into the idea kids are expendable and more valuable as parts depots.

Or you could use the photo of a real pioneer of the pro life movement, found in a Houston landfill three decades ago, pictured in front of her local deliverer, PP Tustin Ave at the 22 in Orange, CA. HQ for a whole lotta devastation. Happy to send you a copy

We are raising a whole new generation of ‘saints’. Millennials are not like the last generation’s feminist leaders. They overwhelmingly value life frankly because when not intimidated by the indoctrinators, they see the truth.

Life is precious, both at its infancy at conception, and at its end by natural means. In between those two “brackets” is what measures us as the one Human Race, the only sentient beings on this ball of joy we call Spaceship Earth.  Whether we value life or despise it by choice, LIFE  DOES matter. The evil ones among us don’t own us. Anyone who believes it’s okay to kill one of these little ones IS evil. There hope lies in reforming and repenting & following Jesus, the Center of the world & of His Story. history!

Saints come in all shapes and sizes. Live Life as it it matters. Because it does. And when someone asks you “What’s today?” Simply “It’s a great day to be ALIVE!

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