The Snuffies: None Dare Call it Murdor

REVISED 2/5/19 You’ve heard of the Screen Actor’s Guild, the Golden Globes, even that selfie of all selfies, the Golden Oscar.   It’s movies season! Reruns of Fired up Murdor and the quest WITH the ring. Plus slasher films in NY, New Mexico and Virgina look to take top honors…

But Murdor is not just a fiery mountain in Middle Earth; it happens at your local drive-in planned parenthoodlum palace of horrors.

Now, with no further adieu, we herald in the Snuffies, the latest self-absorbed BiCoastal awards program, for the Hollywood and Big Apple set.


Governor CoocooCooMo’ is the new doctor of death and mayhem; as you will see in the screenplays below: the Snuffies are here to stay

Cathoklics in Name Only Category:
The CINO SInema where we worry about blackface more than blacks dead across AmeriKa

The Golden Gosnells are here!

Andrew CoocooCooMo’, going by his film name, signed into law the new charter for the NY Snuff Film Festival.  RHA RHA is now law.  Retro Reproductive Health is the law of Leftists and demons everywhere..

Unlike porn stars, snuff star directors have their own union, commonly know as the local PP. Their dues are paid in parts. And by you and me.

These guys and ladies do real snuff cinema: kill a human 99.999% of the time and the .001% that escape with life, gets it in the back of the head.  The mob should have these odds. I wonder, after Virginia governor inaugurated the Virginia Snuff Films local 666, if people know how the Snuffies have come about:

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, using his stage name WrecKid Ralph, heads the new Vaginal Virginia Snuff Film local 666

WrecKid Ralph: “If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired. And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”  The operand here is “INFANT”  You don’t keep a dead carcass  “comfortable folks.  But seared consciences don’t see this, blinded and dead souls adorned.

 “If abortion is about women’s rights, then where were mine?”

is a question Governors WrecKid Ralph and CoocooCooMo’, that Gianna asked. Unlike you white privileged godplayers, she has a little experience with your diabolic distaste for keeping women alive after birth.

She WAS an abortion, the salt bath type and survived.

We had her speak at my parish St Anthony Claret when she was 17 years old and she captivated the teens and parents, the whole parish. She walked with a little cerebral palsy induced by her personal demonic physician. But, today, at 41, she’s the poster girl for why you governors from hell need to return to where you were spawned to wreak Ralphian havoc. And take the Demonrats with you. Hat tip to Judge Jeanine for the party of slavery’s new moniker. Demonrats. Better than the DemocraParty of slavery, etc.?

Gianna Jessen at the ADF dinner.  The only abortion who really has rights.

Gianna Jessen, a living abortion that would NOT have survived WrecKid Ralph’s knives or .22 when she was comfortably out in the open.

Hey Ralph, are you gonna revisit the Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935 in the V for Vaginal Intrusion state? Like miscreant Tran, a new VI bill?

After all, when the kid is out on the table, mother still in the stirrups, gasping for breath, they went from prebirth to human cargo, slave and property. “Mom, whattya think. The kid got outta you alive!” Just don’t look, you might bond with our future parts shipment.

The two Nuremberg Laws were unanimously passed by the Reichstag on 15 September 1935. The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour prohibited marriages and extramarital intercourse between Jews and Germans, and forbade the employment of German females under 45 in Jewish households.

In America, we need a Protection of Human Blood and American Honour: we are a great nation but we soon will cease to be good.

It’s not easy to divide up the human race, unless you have the devil on your side.

As governor of the great commonwealth of the Virgin, what caliber handgun you going to arm the satanist septic scissorhanded surgeons in your state, WrecKid Ralph? Or should we just call you black face white hat cowboy?

Is a .22 enough to kill the kid ‘inanimale’ with a bullet to the soft part of the head? Or based humanely with aHumanely doesn’t compute.

Or maybe a Dirty Harry .357 Magnum: circulate a script to all the VA and NYC podiatrists, plumbers, nurse midwives and substandard doctors of death you can round up, now empowered to use coat hangers up women. There’s a whole lotta kid killing needed for the high baby parts demand:

“Hey kid, you’re outta your mother. Do you feel LUCKY. I may have used 1 or 2 bullets on the last pain in the ass kid that my currettes didn’t kill off after getting through the walls that God built: uterine walls.”

This is a casting call for Virginia’s entries for the Snuffies; plumbers could bring their snakes, carpenters their carving tools and saws. Female abortionists exposed in the David Daleiden “Show me the honey killers” films, shouldn’t have all the fun. Equal opportunity destruction for parts. Funny, we have the Mule and Herr Wei$$mann, but Marsha Blackburn’s indictment referrals for Dr Nucola or Dr Mary Gatter don’t seem to be on the top of the FBI 2Do list.

I have a toy six shooter I could send to WrecKid Ralph Northham’s favorite corner planned parenthoodlum hangout, you know, the bloodiest terrorist in his state. They have Gosnells like PA, but don’t brag about it.

She could bash the next product of conception: after all, it IS just a product. Ask Cecile B DeVille, former Chief Kleagle of the most evil empire in human and God’s history! Hyperbole? The only racially protected class today are snail darters, desert tortoises and common sense American citizens.

Spread the blood around for the cameras catching everything for awards night 2020. April 20th of course.

It seems as RBG the 1st gets closer to the heavenlies, the paranoia and ‘Roe me too’ movement of states battling for top demonic spot for their own Snuff Film conventions are heating up. Toxic idiocy on stage.

CoocooCooMo’ meet WrecKid Ralph.

What prompted this demonic meltdown in Demonrat leadership? Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG) is still alive at last read?

All because they have nightmares inspired by demons that RoWade will be dismantled. As it is, now that it’s no longer a blob of cells because that damnable ultrasound shows the scientific evidence the little squirmers are alive and well, it’s getting harder to kill at will in the kill mills of Charlottesville or Richmond. Or the rotting Big Apple. It’s great to guide the knives separating heart and livers from sinew and spine, but sometimes the useless mother suckers want a peek. We tell em “Mom, NO trailers or previews” honey. After all, you are donating your tissue mass “for the children”. And the next Snuffie Film Festival

The screen plays are simple to compete for the Snuffies:

You take a distraught, confused mother, with her 7 pound munchkin kicking and thumb sucking away inside her behind her border uterine wall. As it is, associates of governors and Demonrat leadership alike, New Mexico’s Southwest Women’s Options and Dr. Boyd have pioneered that “Too Big to Wail” snuff industry

On any day ending in y, there are SUVs pulling up from around the world loaded with pot belly moms ready to pop but preferring a baby drop to the Rio Grande. What…is that as the Rush chortles at Hannity in commercials?

Yeah, load mom’s human cargo with a special brew of SWO Digoxin in the head or heart; two days later at the Plaza Inn waiting hotel room, that dead or alive ball of joy drops in the famous Hillary computer throne rooms.

If the kiddo is dead, no problemo: the SWO employee will help the empty mom flush her little girl to the sea or at least the Great River processing plant. If alive, dial 1-800-SWOops! and the nurse practitioner of Dr. Mengele Boyd, not the parameds, shows up to dispatch the wiggly hunted but unwanted baby. New Mexico is fast following in the bloody footsteps of Leftist Dementist crowd in NY, VA and other satanic misfitted states. California is already there. None dare call it Murdor? Nor satanism run amok?

Maybe you’ve heard about this compassionate surgery called abortion. The only med procedure to have its own spot in the Constitution: Abortion RIGHTS!!

Tummy tucks and tooth extractions don’t have rights; why live kid extraction? If Foxglove is not available for distillation and lethal injection of the innocents, practitioners of the ancient satanic arts grab their ritual medical bag, take out their long assault knives and shove them up her vaginal birth canal, probably never to be used for birthing ever again. You know how the complications list keep growing for safe and sane firewords of the womb.

All goes well, except for the occasional ‘oops!’ when the kid comes out squirming and gasping for more air, which must be filmed from multi-angles to be considered for “Best Snuff Picture”.  Enter stage leftist Snuffies!

Gotta show horror and blood, definitely, or just get honorable mention. But first, as WrecKid Ralph puts it, make the bastard “comfortable”. Comfortable is what you do in an easy chair waiting for New England to take out the Rams 13-3. It IS not the term for the classic guillotine or double barreled shotgun blast to a Gianna Jessen breathing away on your Gosnell table.

Next scene, the satanist Scissorhand the Surgeon, approaches the WALLS that God built: the uterine wall, coming to most neighborhood mothers near you.  No need for LIBo and Stretch Chuck and Nancy to pontificate if walls work, trust me, since Eve of Adam & Eve, uterine walls work just fine.

How else did we get the nine seven billion on this planet. If woulda been 9, but 2,000,000,000 billion have become Chinese cuisine, or American medical lab baby parts depositories of hearts, livers and hair. Yes TWO billion with a B so far. B for Baby Gone. Or Baby Rose of Texas

Using the camera angle of the latest 4D ultrasonic device, satan Scissorhand next breaks the 100% around the border wall, between peace, nutrition, warmth and safety of the baby and hell’s worst demons, and like a sniper scope, the Dr Mengele heir apparent uses the ultrasound (formerly so awesomely used as a picture window for joy-filled baby pics) to guide her sharp currettes, like curved Cruella DeVil fingernails, to karefully kill the kidnapped kid.

  Right, Kamala the Pirate?

These bit players are ALWAYS aware, like outed abortionists Dr. Nucola or Dr. Mary Docent Matter Gatter could easily ruin the specimen and speciwomen salivated for by the demonic unDead industry.

Babies are PREborn not the Unborn or Undead of horror flicks. Noted documentary filmmaker David Daleiden should be considered for the “Reality Movie” category, where truth is allowed to overshadow the science fraud that a squirming kid is dead non life ONLY because it is out of sight.

You go girl, Cecile B DeVille.

He already got David’s framed Super Pulitzer as it is; Columbia would NEVER award him there inflated piece of trash as it is. Fake news…

Thank you David for your continued film exploits. Lila, what say you?

On the world baby parts market, good baby organs bring great returns, when harvested to meet or exceed USDA quality standards.

BTW, the United States Department of Abortion uses ‘Consent Payment’ in place of ‘Baby Heart’. Apparently, their Snuffies are murder mysteries: don’t want those pro lifers to realize it WAS a beating heart that fetched $150 at Texas U’s Frankenfeinstein lab or’ a tory.

Take “Dr’ Regan Theiler; she works for both the parts supplier, PP Gulf Coast and the heart recipient customer, UTexasMedical Branch. Great film work if you can get it.

Theiler, Master of Death, slices through the uterine walls and slices up, carefully of course, the human product Cecile discussed above. Next Dr Demented (she has sooo many nicknames) takes the harvested slave parts, bags and labels them, then ships them FOB Destination (not charging her other job site, the Frankenfeinsteinian meth med lab at the UofTexas for shipping and handling)

Farrell was a “nurse dir.”. Theiler cut out the hearts and then bought them back for her Frankenstein lab at the University of Texas Galveston. Double dipping the hell way.

Read for yourself. Get educated. Just because tenured left o’ left professors turn out ALEX OCASIOnal CORTEx-users at IndoctriNation U, doesn’t mean you need to park your 3 pounds of smarts at the curb. Or in the sewer.

  Like the $25 or $150 for each baby part, as in livers and hearts; of course the invoice disguises them as “consents”.  Hitler and the Dem National Socialist party of Germany just called them “property”; Cecile labels them conception problems, as if a screenwriter was having a mental writing block

The Nuremberg Racial Law of 1935 assembly celebrating the solution to the Jew problem. Maybe Representatives Omar or Tlaib could explain why they think Jews refugee homeland known as Israel should be nuked and obliterated.

Who pays $150 each for 12 ‘consent payments’ these days.  Or $25 for ‘consents obtained’. Must be Latin for hair follicles or baby’s feet. We eat pig’s feet; we ship baby’s feet.

Ask the Demonrats for clarification. Trust me; it’s NOT consentsual between the plantation master Regan and the black babies she hacks up for profit. Something that KKK actor in costume WrecKid Ralph can explain with the best new hijacked Demonrat Abortion Inc. word since RoeV 1973:


Bloody, bloody comfortable

Careful with the goods, though. If they are mutilated, not so much: slave sales have always been about the condition of the property.

Ahh the good old days when blacks were worth more alive than dead. When blacks harvested corn or cotton on Southern plantations, they were property AND considered human, though violently abused at times. Often the pubescent black teen girls were raped by their “pre-coyote to the Mexican NO WALL border” slavemasters living in Southern Revival Mansions.

Fast forward, take two: Today, blacks ARE the comfortable harvest, hacked up like cotton, tobacco and other cash crops were in the 19th century.

19th century blacks harvested cash crops like corn, tobacco and cotton
21st century blacks ARE the harvest and female abortionists like Dr Theiler, Nucola or Gatter kill them and harvest their livers, not tobacco; hearts, not corn and other parts. Not cotton!

  These invoices and purchase orders provide the chain of title to the baby as Cecile B DeVil calls them: property. Historically, the devil IS in the details; herein is proof that Briscoe Cain Esq., David the Abortionist Documentary Filmmaker and other valiant souls secured via FOIA requests showing satanic sellers of humanity.

Then, with smoking guns and currette evidence in hand, (at the time) Rep Marsha Blackburn’s DC House committee, Infant Lives, looked at the POs and invoices pictured here. Like from Ozian Wizardry, “Livers and Hearties and Hairs, Oh my!” Blackburn’s team issued 14 referrals for indictments to the FBI. Cecile B DeVille’s crew and others. Here’s hoping DINO Regan Theiler is at the top of the stack. Some day, once the Muellerdrama is in the can, maybe the Snuffy actors will see real prison time. Indictments forthwith.

Marsha’s a Senator now, and STILL the indictments referrals are in suspended animation while the Dark Side of the Force Amerika Mueller Wei$$mann slow walking continues.

Of course, Herr Mueller’s enforcer, Herr Wei$$mann loves rousting 67 year old deaf Mrs. Stones from their 3am bed. He’s such a dirty dog, lusting after seasoned citizens in nightgowns who can’t hear his lecherous drolling “Gotcha”.  Just like  Sidney Powell’s client at Merrill Lynn, Arthur Anderson’s 29,000  unemployed… Corrupt News Network and ABCNNBCBS and fake journalism is dead.

Think about it: Ben Ghazi vs Palm Beach military. Imagine if just half of the military police that showed up in Florida, including the Palm Beach amphibious agents, 17 vehicles and 29 tax payer supported FBI were at the Ben Ghazi compound when the Obama election film crew was doing the “NaboNabo colluded with the Ben Ghazi peaceful RPG wielding terrorist” con was underway. NOT all marshalled at 3am in the dark outside the Stone residence. I know its not the rank and file FBIers whom we love protecting us: but the rotting fish head is STILL attached to the shark body.

Funny, the similarity of Kamala the Pirate’s AG tactics in a small Irvine apartment…

Chain of Title for real Persons AND real property are similar these days.

As a real estate practitioner, chain of title in real estate is the transfer of real property from person to person going back centuries or when the home was built.

Chain of title in planned parenthoodlum human trafficking is mom gets impregnated by an invisible no rights dad.

Next, the baby grows after conception. Third, she tweeks mom’s hormonal system after implantation and morning sickness and stomach growth is noticed.

“I’m pregnant oh my!” If she doesn’t call one of the 19,600 women’s health clinics that don’t maim her and kill her did, she calls one of the 580 and decreasing, death merchant kill mills founded by Margaret Sanger.

Here’s where the chain of title metamorphs a living, thumb sucking girl into property, no different than a Jew in 1935 under the Nuremberg Racial Laws.

Mom’s daughter becomes property as it is a pawn and no longer considered God’s formed child, a person. Mom sets up an appointment at the local PP kill mill, freeway close, like Jon Dunn’s PP Orange County, Tustin Ave @the 22 fwy in Orange.

Mom and daughter sign the “consent to sell my baby in parts” form, have the “comfortable WrecKid Ralph abortion” and the baby heart and liver are sliced out of the black mother’s 21th century slave child.

PP baby parts specialists bag up the organs of the dead former slave on the neo plantation. It is sold to Hillary’s buddies at DaVinci Bio in Yorba Linda, the Isaiah brothers, with the $150 per “consent” payment disguised and PP pays for the shipment on the DaVinci purchase order. Always look to the shipping section to debunk just another PP lie. Notice on the PO: FOB Destination, meaning DaVinci pays for the parts but not United Partsell Shipper.

UPS Red, a new category of UPS brown for body parts. Fast forward to the sequel: former DA Rackaukas did a great service in the battle to redefine Demonrat property managers’ products of conception as American citizens (not the ones climbing tall walls inside South American or Chinese moms to touch Irvine or Texas dirt as the kid pops out Citizen Jane ). Tony got a $7 million settlement and shut the bastard friends of black face Hillary down for good. No Fusion GPS Glenn nearby to do his usual enforcer dirty tricks and stop the former DA’s excellent work. So Jon Dunne takes ownership of the distraught mom’s baby’s parts. Though he never records the title transfer of his human property with Hugh Nguyen at the Orange County recorder office. Trust me, the property Dunn’s demons took title to, are more precious than any mansion in the OC.

Come on, Len. There’s no proof of this!! Really?

How about an invoice from the neo-plantation itself planned parenthood gulf coast to the University of Texas Galveston area Medical Branch.  Yeah it had to be dragged out kicking and screaming. Unlike the dead kids targeted for the super parts market.

The lady initiator, Dr. Regan Thieler, played the roles of both the abortionist-supplier and ‘researcher’-purchaser of baby parts at two different but concurrent jobs.  Medical researcher or abortionists, all with the same purpose: make as much $$ as you can while you can. Theiler was first, middle and endman err woman.

She cut out the parts and bought them back, BOTH using tax dollars. NOTICE: SHE GOT PAID TWICE FOR THE SAME PARTS. CUT EM OUT, SHIP EM A COUPLE MILES, BUY EM BACK

 Read it and comment and tell me if you think If i am full of poop…but PP DOES sell organs for profit. The evidence is irrefutable. And even then there’s Glenn at Fusion GPS. You’ve heard of this dirty trickster borne out of the WSJournal associated with the Clinton crime syndicate? He makes John Dean an amateur Nixon associate.

You know, the guy who hired Nellie Ohr to spy on the Trump kids for Hillary, shuffle the Steele Dam Douceier and other cute Dem enforcer stuff

Well, Hillary’s gal pal, Cecile B DeVil took the Clinton Foundational mob boss’ suggestion and hired Glenn to refute Daleiden’s real time video recordings. This is particularly evil. Unlike the Steele Doucheier pile of crap to destroy Trump with the Demonrats’ real Russian collusion, Glenn Dysfusion GPS lied about real snuff film screenplays and rehearsals. You can see them, prepping for the Snuff Films next year, at The ticket is paid for, though the director and cameraman is under indictment by that weasel supposedly Catholic Xavier the Deceiver. Odd guy, this Kamalala offspring: he protects satanist surgeons while robbing starving middle class families of a reasonable gas cost: today the gas tax RATE in Taxifornia is 39%. Yes 39%. Meanwhile, Xavier’s satanist surgeons death rate of the kids are about 99.99%. The WrecKid Ralph comfortable survivors are rare. But, too often, the bit players like Tonya Reaves, Holly Patterson, Latasha and other moms die at the hands of demons, meeting their dead kids on the way to the afterlife. God only knows where those moms end up. But Xavier’s fate is being written on the wall, Mene etc in his own bloody handwriting. Don’t blame God for His incredible design and the 75 trillion celled living souls and bodies of babies.

Lyin’ cesspool trickster Glenn did his usual swivel evil, pretending Daleiden did some massive edit as if he was the producer in “Singing in the Rain”. The Snuffies weren’t founded yet but recall when sound was added to the silents.

Glenn claimed Mr Daleiden put words in the mouths of those poor decrepit underpaid baby killers by slicing up the film. Riddle me this: Glenn’s satanists can slice up the kids no problemo.

Lying and corruption does not give up. Never has. Never will. Never sleeps. Until Jesus comes back and ushers in the age of “NO MO’ ABORTIONS” from the table top of the Giza pyramid or Hollywood, wherever He decides to make his remake and return.

As it is, that snuff film exec director, satan, knows its time is short on earth.

Now, as for the ‘k’ in kareful above, it really stands for another porn actress, the founder of the #SheToo movement at age 29: Kamala.  Remember, the keen trick is NOT to mess up or mutilate the perfectly resalable baby heart, hair and liver? Her pirate movies rival any Caribbean offerings. Oh my, unlike Fauxcahontas and the Cherokees, Kamala IS Caribbean! And a bit of Indian lore too. But pirate? You betcha

This is why NAFduh Abort, Inc. tossed Kamala Harra$$ the Pirate a giant bag of quarters for her Senate run. Like all good prostiticians, she grabbed the quarters and hit the streets yet again for more. Maybe stopping for another pair of fishnets on the way.

One great movie with many eternal truths. Well worth the watch

When we visited the Auschwitz Berkinau death camp in 2005 on a World Youth Day pilgrimage, we entered under that German workfare sign: this was the most silent place on earth.

We were told the gold teeth (look up another film, Monuments Men, where John Goodman runs his hands through a barrel of gold nuggets) and hair were removed and resold. It chronicles the top snuff film star of them all: Adolf

Instead of harvesting all the body parts like Kamala and friends do today, they simply gassed and incinerated the 12 million killed over 12 years in 10 countries. AFTER taking the easily accessible parts.

Like, you know, the like hair and gold teeth. Shoes, clothes and more. We were greeted by bins of human detritus and hair, shoes, clothing at the real Holocaust Museum in Poland. Sorry Tlaib & Omar, there really was a Holocaust; today’s is 100 times as big and counting, but using a little “h” for the Nuremberg Reprise under Hitler and Nazi mentor Margaret Sanger. Her “useless eater” film labels for blacks, Puerto Ricans (the place Bob Menendez chases Hottie Bikini Babes while DC is shut down and Congress is in session. Auschwitz was and is ground zero for total Hitlerian depravity. But, with the advent of bastard spawns of Dr Mengele like WrecKid Ralph, CoocooCooMo’ and the rest of the demons today, Hitler’s Dr. Mengele is smiling in his warm place down under. One hopes everyone lives out their forever in heaven, but…we only know Dr Nathanson repented after his 60,000 kills and realized the error of making aborted kids comfortable before shooting with gun controlled precision.

If you never took history like Alex OC, Dr. Mengele was the forerunner of the Dr Regan Theiler types: turning kids into experiments. His fetish were twins, sewing them together. His preference were the identical ones, because he could experiment on one like she was a lab rat, and keep the other as his “control”. Dr. Frankenfeinstein, call your office! God IS watching you and writing on the wall! It’s just PP’s Theiler today wears a white smock at the kill mill AND the university mad scientist lab at different times of the day. Great double dip, payoff and work if you can get it. Master of Death, the new post residency abortionist moniker.

The Chuck & Nancy Show will be put to film for the next Snuffies 2020. Who better to help with Demonrat Pictures
I bought this poster at the Osweicim/Auschwitz museum in Poland in 2005. Simply says: Auschwitz Warns. The stark warning is the world did NOT kill off the Hitler virus, just medicated it. Killing another just because they exist is the cancer of the Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935, which turned Jews into resalable property. Ask the Mayor of NYC

Full disclosure, Kamala is an opportunistic prostitician, but does not star in the snuff films herself.

However, she did take $82,000 in blood diamonded mullah from her PP master pimps for her lifetime service to satanistic surgeries. 

Trust me, more of the $500 million PP tax dollars will find their way to Kamala the Pirate’s coffers in the next two years, while she ignores her Senate day job. It seems the only thing Kamala finishes is the flaccid members of her pubic service.

Quick Bio:

Kamala 2020, like today’s leftist regressive atypical robotic Dem candidate, got her start in the industry doing porn films at age 29. 

Her first film, called “The Porn Start” followed by her sequel, “Pubic Service”, features the charter member of the #SHEtoo! movement, bagging a 60 year old Slick Willie out of the clutches of his distraught wife Blanche Brown; Kamala, in true form, at the same age ALEX OCASIOnal CORTEx-user’s coming out party, next stripped naked for a minute or two of handy work on the prostitician’s union member’s member.

Noting all good whoring has its own reward, Kamala the Pirate snagged $160,000 a year from two Film Commissions to begin her comedic err cometic rise to the presidency.  Twice what she got from the National Abortion Federation. No Jedi in sight. When does she do senate biz?

Back to CoocooCooMo’ Drew, the NY Snuff Film kingpin (hat tip, LifeNews):

 “With the signing of this bill (his RHA RHA pompom on the NY floor), we are sending a clear message that whatever happens in Washington, women in New York will always have the fundamental right to control their own body,” said CooCooCooMo’, known as Cuomo in the political world.

Translation: suspended realization, moms kill their kids for parts, celebrated throughout hell and the Demonrat party of slavery etc.

‘The so-called NY Reproductive Health Act (RHA) goes beyond Roe v. Wade, allowing unborn babies to be aborted even when the U.S. Supreme Court has said states may restrict abortions. Late-term abortions, which currently are illegal in New York, would be allowed, and non-doctors would be allowed to perform them.’ Like Dentists and Carpenters?

Xavier the Deceiver lied about the fake carbon gas tax, which now averages 40% gas sales tax rate due to his corruption. He indicted Daleiden 14 times for being an investigative reporter. The only reporters Becerra likes are from ABCNNBCBS, the big four of fake news and fired FBI DOJ CIA hired as commentators. Xavier is a former Catholic who wants what all Dems want: hired office.

So shout “Abortion!” in a crowded Snuff film theater and no kid would be spared. 

Applause signs up: Thank you to Guv CoocooCooMo’

Follow this NY minute logic:  ANY living child is now open target for the Cuomo Kamala brigade.

  Coo coo caChoo!

Wow, it turns out, the Snuff Film Academy is an equal opportunity destroyer; their credits include 61 million American babes who have been destroyed so far since the modern Snuff porn industry began in 1973; only 30 million of that number are the female kind but snuffed out nonetheless.  But the 61 million is enough to replace one for one EVERY American in the 30 least populated states: 60%! And the death keeps coming and new films follow screen plays like Gosnell the Movie points out.

No white privilege or black, nor sex or color discrimination, since the EBDC (the Equal Baby Destruction Commission), like its devilish mentor, cares nothing about who they kill: just that there’s gold in them thar baby bods.

Piggybacking this February with the Oscars, the Golden Gosnells will be stunning.  In 2020, the Golden Gosnells will be on April 20th.  Fitting

Kamalagate began with her 29 year old pubic service selfie
Continued with $166K annual salary for two jobs
Time and a half time as AG 1/3 time as Senator.
President? NOT likely!

You remember Kermit the Gosnell? He’s serving life in prison for doing what the celebrity snuff crowd is advocating today. Snipping the back of necks of live kids. Appropriate honor.

As WreckKid puts it: Once the kid is comfortable outside of mom, the “death doctor” and the mom have a private converse which weapon to fininsh off the little bastard. Don’t want her squirming too much so maybe the .22 or Harry’s dirty .357. Or just use a Golden Gosnee to crush what remains of the little girl’s life. No cams, please

Soon, on 4/20 (yes, it’s Hitler’s death day), Kamala the Pirate, who prostiticianed her way into pubic service and now is the darling of the shadow #SheToo Hollywood set, will receive the coveted “DeathTime Achievement” Award.  She should have resigned long ago during Kamalalagate. But such is life.  And Death mongering her way to the top.

Appropriately, at this years Golden Gosnells, Kamala the Pirate’s presenter will be the lyin’ Sarah Weddington (CoocooCooMo’s sidekid at the RHA RHA signing cemetery), famous for her scamming of Norma McCorvey and the #HeToo movement’s pioneering rape lie/fraud  (rape by satanist surgeon or other perps is no laughing matter) 1973 penumbra actions with Susan Cano and Doe. 

Weddington stood proudly as CoocooCooMo’ signed Nuremberg II at the New New York Snuff Film Academy, NY, NY 00666

Remember that movie?  The “RoWade Wars” filmed in the early 70s?

And, why the moniker Pirate and no eye patch for Slick Willie’s adultress?  Well, Kamala, after she got up from her adulterous missionary position pubic work servicing Mr Brown, followed the Dark Side of the Force into half-time as hard and easy on crime AG and one third time as “pose for the cams” Senator.  But along the way, she made a name for herself by intimidating an investigative journalist name of David Daleiden. All he did was record in real time the real truth

David’s Allen Funt candid camera recorded a bevy of female abortionists talking shop about how to get the best pieces, how to move the squirming kid to maximize the kill shot and state of the art human taxidermist work on the carcass of a newly killed baby.  Best way to utilize that nuisance tool when seen by a conflicted mother, the ultrasound.

Now, with curved knife in her belt, and eye patch at the ready, she is pursuing the Chancellor Valor ’em role in the District that always seeps: DCesspool.  Her Black Pearl ship in the St Francis harbor, President hopeful Kamala Harris even has her well rehearsed candidacy lines that CooCooCuomo just loves. Well worth a rehearsal listen and look:

“I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from mother wombs and not fracked up black gold extracted from Cal mother earth.  Babies should be seamed and not heard, sectioned for resale to quid pro quo repay my planned parenthoodum donors. 

I am Kamala the Pirate and I approve this message” 

 Has a nice piraty ring to it.  You saw KP’s candidacy at one third time birthing music video?

“Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me. We stab em and bag em, we slice em and dice em, eat up me hearties yo ho!  Take out the heart, and baby parts, to sell on ‘Organs to go’! You ho, mijo, a prezy life for me”

Fast forward to the sequel to the Listless Hostless low rated Oscars, at the Golden Gosnells, look to hear her well rehearsed acceptance speech.  Let’s play the foreruns for you.

From stage left, Kamala the Pirate ascends the NY Met well lit hardwood:

“Thank you Drew! for this DeathTime Achievement award at the first Golden Gosnells.  I got my start in the Snuff Film biz at the same age as that rising stateswoman star, ALEX Ocasio Cortez. At age 29 (Kamala salutes Alex in the front row) I worked hard on the flaccid erectile dysfunctioning 60 year mayor; soon after, I bagged two pubic service jobs, served concurrently for a mere $160,000 annual. Now my meteoric rise to the super selfie MTV stage.  Did you just love my candidate birth announcement music video?”

The crowd erupted in applause. And much eerie screeching from the demons among them. Hell just loves it when ignorant Demonrats and friends do their dirty work.

  “It hasn’t been easy, since i am a minority, Jamacindian, female virtue signalling half black privileged attorney victim. (Kamala fiddles for her giant race flash card and holds it high for the audience)

My mentor and my race pimp Jessie Jackson my Bro of color, asked me tonight to recant his accidentally announced words in 1977 that

“Abortion is black genocide”. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s like the private conversation between me and my doctor Theiler: kill as many of em as you can.  While you have time on earth.

 And I’m doing all I can to honor my hero Maggie Sanger, who was ahead of her time dealing with the useless eaters and black problem.”

Yes, Maggie, after she turned Jews to Jewish Property, influencing Hitler’s National Dem Socialist Party *Na Zi for short” helping draft the Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935, turned her sights on the newly freed slaves in America the Beautiful
She turned Jessie Jackson from “Abortion is Black Genocide”
to “Hey, we got nuf of dem black kids on de plantation”

Kamala d’Pirate continued across the stage:

“The idea that abortion is wrong for blacks is dumb; we all know there are plenty of black kids on the welfare rolls and the streets, as well as other fine minorities what with California’s  47/57/109 and criminal aliens everywhere. It’s just mercy killing. They’ll just shoot each other when they get bigger. At least this way, their lives have meaning and purpose: the parts really ARE greater than the whole, especially when like Dr Theiler, sold for top dollar.

And like the 19th century slave days, blacks are better hacked and harvested, sold OFF the plantation. This is the cure for the common cancer: all aborted baby girls, unlike Gianna Jessen, will always be 100% free of future breast cancer because they are well, dead.  No uterine cancer either since they will never bear a child themselves six feet under. Take that Big Pharma!”

She pointed to her flash card on the easel: “Otherwise, PP Gulf Coast won’t be able to get $150 per baby heart nor the  YaleMed Dermatology wing won’t pay $715 for too many more black heads.  I have $82,000 to repay donated by my pimps at National Abortion Federation and Planned Parenthoodlums, Ltd.  And I’ll need more to be your president in 2020.”

(The Snuffies inaugural audience rose and cheered, tossing quarters, two bits at a time, at her feet.)

Promoting the next Snuffies: “In fact, ground central is where the YouTube challenge for the “Best Snuff Picture of Century 21” is well underway: in NYC, they abort more blacks than are wastefully born alive in the Big Apple of Eve II.  Imagine that!

New York City IS the snuff film capital; Hollywood will just have to satisfy itself with wanton group sex, bearing false witness like the dark side of DC, stolen spouses. I, candidate Kamala, have experience in this at age 29, and never apologized to Blanche Brown OR Daleiden. (another crowd strike cheer) Hollywood will have to settle for self aggrandizing “Gotta give booty to get” directors and key grips, as well as selfie legend in their own minds show girls & boys. After all, I had to raise the mayor’s member from flaccid hell; that was a tough ho to row. I AM proud of being the first SHEtoo movement siren…”

Excitedly, the “Porn Start” starlet continued: “That also coveted Golden Gosnell, formally called “America’s Juiciest Post-Birth Abortion Screw up Videos” film short, will be awarded next year.  So, satanist scissorhanded surgeons and nurses, midwives and all other medical professionals like garbage guys and carpenters, including the hanger crowd, remember Drew has made it legal to kill ANY kid that survived an abortion.  As a lawyer, that means in the #2 Kill HUGE kids mills Capitol of the World (#1 is still Albuquergue and Dr Boyd’s big kid kill mill, the Southwest Women’s Option) ANY ‘kid can be a kid’ slashed up, spinal cord severed, body mutilated and organs harvested.  Get those videos in!   

Call 1-666-SNUFFKIDSTHEMOVIE for details. Any format, thumb drive, electronically, candid cameraly…

Now my Thank yous and bows!  NO Thank you to that Debbie Downer Dolan who complained about his Catholic problem child, Drew CooCooCooMo’ after the RHA RHA retro Repro NY law was passed.

Drew stated “The Catholic Church doesn’t believe in a woman’s right to chose. .. I understand their religious view. I’m not here to represent a religion” 

Take that Dolan, trying to downer our fun as free thinking Americans.  Drew is sooo good at pretending to be Catholic while embracing the best satan has to offer. I wonder as many satanists do, he saves the consecrated Host and dips it in baby’s blood next time he sees a “comfortable” gasping child on NYC’s many Gosnell tables.”

Kamala continued, almost slipping on the well staged quarters: “Just like my lapdog, Xavier the Deceiver, who followed up on my Daleiden video raid.  What an April intimidate pay back dayit was!

My 11 armed AG goons butt bumping in David’s sooo tiny apartment looking for his investigative reporting thumb drives.  How dare the Center for Medical Progress candid camera our stellar female abortionists, when they broke thru the glass ceiling. PP having to hire and waste good laundered doctor money to hire Glenn and Nellie “Fusion GPS” to lie and lie. He he he, I STILL have his intellectual property and hell will forever freeze over before I return it.

Of course the Catholic Church doesn’t believe in a “woman’s right to CHOOSE TO KILL HER KID”.  Her founder said “Suffer the little children to come unto Me…” 

What the hell does Jesus know about Regressive Americana anyways?  His sandals weren’t Burkenstock as it is.  He chose 12 losers as it was and taught them to “love their neighbors as themselves”. Where’s the profit in that?”

“Drew, Ralph, Cecile, satan and I just believe a slightly more trendy version of the Bible:

“Cause the little children to suffer.  The little bastards, black OR white, Italian, Indian or Jamaican, are better red and dead than roaming the streets.  As our PP Orange County friend Jon puts it:  “Every child a Hunted child” says it all. Yeah, we’ll make em  comfortable…in our Dem  Leftist bank accounts

So, snuff film aficianadoers, go for it.  After all, the new law says ANYONE can abort, and EVERY kid is a fair target.  Just shout “Abortion” in the crowded mall theatre and slash away…”

(muffled offstage: ‘Kamala girl, gotta rap.  We have the Met for only one night!’)

Meanwhile a heckler from the audience shouted “Do not brag about making the state of New York the abortion capital of the world,”  Turns out it’s just the NY Archbishop Dolan in the balcony.

The KPirate looked up and RRRRroared back:  “Watch it you old stoogie cleric!  CoocooCooMo’ is a good Catholic just like my lapdog Xavier the Deceiver and other CINOs–just not like your brand of old-fashioned Jesus stuff.

As CalAG, I raided David Daleiden’s place for my pimps.  You have much bigger digs and lots of coin and my associate Alex OCASIOnal CORTEx-user is looking to take down the Church, steal its wealth via a neat new tax. What tax ISN’T neat and new?  We state AGs no longer focus on state biz but go after global warming (yes Duluth was minus 55 degrees) deniers AND push every leftist loony lib thing we can.  Shut it you old windbag or I’ll huff and puff and blow you down.

Another heckler shouted in the front row “Leave the Bish alone; go blow another pubic servant and get off the stage….”   Jim Caviezel sat back down.

The Pirate closed the bar:  “Thank you to my mom and dad, my invisible never seen in public husband, to Drew CoocooCooMo’, Ripkill Ralph and my campaign manager, S. Atan Sellers (recall he starred in the show “Lucifer”), for its constant prompts in my rise to fame and fortune.

With that, Cuomo and Weddington hugged Kamala the Pirate, and she descended to a hell of a reception with the DeathTime Golden Gosnell in her taloned hand.  Dr. Gatter’s Lamborghini Diablo, red as red can be, at the curb.

Where else can you take an alive kid out of the mother and kill it? 

Like NYCity, where a living baby IS a complication easily remedied by sharp objects applied to defenseless vulnerable little human bodies. 

But none dare call it murder?  Posilutely Absotively bull shit.   Hell have no fury when the Demnables kill for parts and profit.  Excommunicate ALL the bastards, ArchB Dolan. Or arm the babies to make it a fair fight.

Jesus’ remedy is more direct: half ton millstones around their necks and tossed into the New York Harbor.

  But what a waste of perfectly good grain crushers on those destined for hell as it is.  Again we wish no one eternal ill, but…Killing kids in the womb is evil enough; snuffing the comfortable living daylights out of them on the Gosnell table of gloom when they are grasping for breath#2 embarrasses even hell’s worst demons.

Rep Omar heads the DNC subcommittee on Jews as collateral

But not the Demonrats, the party of slavery, secession, segregation, Semitichate, sectioned baby parts and now, the Snuffies.

“Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.  Thank you, CoocooCooMo’. Thank you mom and dad for NOT aborting me so I can make $$ aborting blacks and whites alike.” ~Kamala exits stage left. Duhh

They can’t even spell University right. But they know how to hack up living children using satanist scissorhand tooled surgeons of death. Ever bought 12 consent payments for $150 each? Great work female aborter Regan if you can get it. Hack up little girls, take out their consent payment disguised hearts and sell em back to yourself at your other job.

~~~~~Planned Parenthood invoice for 12 baby parts, hearts or livers, at $150 a pop.

Of course, PP lied as usual; they paid for shipping since the corresponding purchase order calls out ‘FOB Destination’     which in laymen’s term means the freight is paid by the shipper. Minor point? Well in the snuff film world, PP claims they only charge shipping & handling, not for the hearts and livers themselves…how altruistic is that! Problem being, they lie deeper than a glued down polar bear rug from the overpopulated Arctic dwelling Algore photo op: recall his films like “Inconvenience Scam for America”.

So, planned parenthoodlums at Gulf Coast PP lied and lied. As usual. Regan Theiler is a double dipping female abortionist. She kills the kids at the PP then charges her UTexas Medical department for the parts she gleaned from the bloody dead carcass of Baby Rose of Houston. Yes, the woman pictured below was born in 1987 in Houston Texas. The other one has a stone cold heart, lacks conscience, chuckles weirdly and will do and kill anyone and anything to get to the top. But the two have remarkably similar human attributes. One died BEFORE the Gosnell table era. The other is running, 1/3 of the way doing her senate job, for Prez2020

Kamala comes face to face with her past, present and future. The Jamacindian looks remarkably similar to the dead carcass of Baby Rose of Houston, killed in 1987. The question for the reader: which one is the more humane and human?

The porn snuff films were a passing phenomena more tightly controlled; today, it is REAL life. Actually, the Demonrat’s main campaign fundraising platform plank. The Hippocratic oath is “Do no harm”. The Dem plank, known as the Hypocritic Oath is “slash em up and sell what you can. Bag the rest as long as you don’t use plastic”. The depravity hole has no bottom.

Ask Kamala the Pirate, first recipient of the DeathTime Achievement medal of deathonour. Movies ARE real life, as art imitates life. And Hitler doesn’t hold a snuffed candle to this crew of deplorables today.

See you at the Golden Gosnells.

Jon Dunn, the CEO of planned parenthoodlums local 666OC, announced a viewing party during the Gosnells at his place on Tustin Ave at the 22 fwy.

All are invited except those who got killed on his tables. If you received one of Jon’s cute Christmas cards last year and saved it, you will be admitted for free. All others, the same cost of an average out the patient surgery, $300.

Jon’s Christmas wish was access to Jesus’ body in Bethlehem. He figured no measly $715 for the Savior’s head or $150 for His heart. Every child a Hunted child, just like in the days of Herod.
Dr. Gatter is STILL waiting on her Lamborghini for Christmas. Just like the song.

All proceeds from Jon’s viewing party will go to PPOCHQ’s entry for the next Snuffy Gosnells submittal. As the premiere Chief Execution Officer, Mr. Dunn will make it a helluva good time. And the demons will dance down under while their satanist surgeons work the new plantations breaking through the uterine border walls. It’s bad enough that 10,000 kids are smuggled to America across the unwalled border for sex and child porn films today. But, American CAN be good and great. IF we have the will.

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