Are you ready for the Last Days sale?

Feb 14, 2019  Days ago on the world’s stage: “The pope and the grand imam of al-Azhar have signed a historic declaration of fraternity, calling for peace between nations, religions and races, in front of a global audience of religious leaders from Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other faiths.

Pope Francis, the leader of the world’s Catholics, and Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the head of Sunni Islam’s most prestigious seat of learning, arrived at the ceremony in Abu Dhabi hand-in-hand in a symbol of interfaith brotherhood.”

Revelations speaks of one world religion. Hmm.

Whattya think folks? Are we seeing history or His Story unraveling before our eyes and ears? Whatever it means, we need to be right before God, not in mortal which means deadly sin. Being prepared for any event, for Jesus will return when the Father tells Him to.

Meanwhile, evil is coming out of the closet in no uncertain terms.   WrecKid Ralph, the governor of hell on earth, talks of American citizens on a table at planned parenthood experiencing the right to be chosen. Mom and the satanist surgeon choose: between a baseball bat or .357 magnum to end her young fragile life.

Talk about hell unleashed on earth!  One year ago Nik killed 17 at the real St Valentine’s Day massacre Al Capone could only emulate with a measly 11 kills in that Chicago garage.  Hell IS unleashed, people.  But great good is amongst us!  Fear not, for I, the Christ, have overcome the world.

7 years, that last week of 49 weeks in Daniel’s book is interesting.

Two witnesses preach the gospel to the whole world at the end of time. Only two historical figures never died that we know.

The star map of Mary on Dec 12, 1513, teaching the Aztec people His story in the Nahuatl language

Mary went to heaven as well, whether dead or alive, she is alive now.  We know by the frequent Flyer miles she has racked up in Egypt, Fatima, Tenochtitlan (Mexico City), as Our Lady of Good Success in Equador, and other geographic sites.  Her purpose is the same like all good mothers: she focuses on her Son, the Living God, Jesus.  At Fatima, like the good Jewish mother, she honored the death date of Her beloved Son Jesus six times, on the 13th of the months of May thru Oct 101 years ago. As our Lady of Guadalupe, she practiced astronomy as she showed whom she and Her son are in the parade of time and eternity.  The star chart of Dec 12, 1531 shows the constellation Virgin or Virgo over her heart.  The constellation Leo or the Lion of the tribe of Judah over her tabernacle womb, that contained her Son the Savior of all peoples. Little bit of history, the Sphinx before an egoist Pharaoh, was the head of a woman and the body of a Lion. The head of a Virgin and body of Christ, the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Far fetched? Maybe…

But Enoch of old, did not live the typical post Adam pre Noah 700-900 year lifespans of the people chronicled before Noah in Genesis (see my ancient family lifespans chart copied from the family album Genesis): Enoch lived 365 years before God took him home, almost like a beacon of time.

And Elijah (who re-appeared alive talking with Jesus at the Transfiguration) went to heaven, alive on a fired up chariot. Look it up; Elisha may have been the witness, but God’s Word records it for posterity.

Woe to those who ignore the Good News, the Gospel. This ain’t my saying: it is YOUR God and He calls for you to believe Him not the evil one.

He lays out His case pretty well.  God created a 553 sextillion miles wide universe, give or take 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles; it is made up of billions of stars, planets and more.  On the 3rd rock from our sun, which converts 700 million tons of hydrogen per second to heat and light us, sending the waves of warmth 93 million miles toward spaceship earth, God created plants, animals and mankind, the three kingdoms.  Trillions of insects, animals and plants.  But only TWO human beings, named in the Book of Life as Adam and Eve the first.  Only TWO.  From the original couple (note, despite Jessie “abortion is black genocide” Jackson’s constant race card, there is ONE and only ONE human race)

Pretty big numbers, like 37 trillion cells, organized into tissues, organs and systems.  60,000-100,000 miles of blood vessels, 100s of billions neurons in the brain, on and on. All this amazing Godly work, and Gov WrecKid Ralph happily will clinically comfort the surviving Gianna Jessen and bash her head to a pulp on the planned parenthood altar of satan the lesser with a Louisville 36″ wood baseball bat.

Odd how, God provides and we ignore or waste, insult Him at every turn.

He creates incredible autonomous creatures and we say, no way, it all evolved from primordial soup while ignoring how the soup first got here: atheistic idiot evolution.

God created humanity in His image and marriage, joining an Adam and Eve to have children and get to the 9 billion we are today, less the 2 billion babies murdered for parts via satanist surgeons worldwide.  Marriage is replaced by evil’s fave list of new genderologies, numbering 100 so far and counting on more.  The devil tried at Lot’s door but God never intended for men to insert their penises inside other men’s anal orifices and expecting a kid to come out in 9 months.  The more advanced we think we are, the more primitive we prove ourselves to be.

Via His massive reCreation in the time of Noah, fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil,  are sequestered until we know how to use them.

Like today’s low polluting fracked natural gas and the 6000 products of oil, ALEX OCASIOnal CORTEx User (AOC) says to hell with these excellent gifts to lift the lives of 3rd worlders.  Unreliable wind and solar, no mo’ cars or planes, just Moonbeam express high speed rail to Hawaii and Australia.  AOC and her Green New Dealers, the primitive Regressive Leftists of SJWers and anarchists, spit yet again in God’s face.

Think about it: you take an air sample anywhere in the world.  Count 2500 and believe it or not (any 4th grader can help you), there is only ONE, uno, un CO2 molecule supposedly melting the earth and killing off the 500% increase in polar bears over the last four decades.

We are such wasteful billion$$ fools, following the Algorean heresy, the #1 scientific scandal and fraud of modern history.

Not since Galileo spotted the sun in the center in 1620, has it been so embarrassing for Catholic people to believe the flat earth lie that man is MORE powerful than our Creator.  And Savior.  Sucked in by the ignorant money grubber prostiticians, peer pressured tenured leftist profs and government grant druken lab rat scientists, we despite God for designing this excellent radiative world that only honest atmospheric physicists can understand.

This 2500:1 gas that God created, a life giving trace but essential gas, CO2; man says he’s in control and causes the unseen fraud of androgenic CO2, global warming and now morphed to climate change.  Meanwhile, like at the Tower of Babel,  our interfaith environmental committees play the fool doubly, ignoring God’s gift and ability to control HIS weather.  While wasting tons of money and influence to slow down Marxian style 12 CO2 molecules out of every 1,000,000, and end life as we know it.

Evil wants us to doubt and hate the Godly.  Always has always will since the serpent and Cain days.

Well, since we are on the subject of the pope’s accord and Elijah and the Last Days;  Wiki reports: “In Judaism, Elijah’s name is invoked at the weekly Havdalah rite that marks the end of Shabbat, and Elijah is invoked in other Jewish customs, among them the Passover Seder and the brit milah (ritual circumcision). He appears in numerous stories and references in the Haggadah and rabbinic literature, including the Babylonian Talmud.

The Christian New Testament notes that some people thought that Jesus was, in some sense, Elijah. But Jesus makes it clear that John the Baptist is “the Elijah” who was promised to come in Malachi 3:1 in the Septuagint (Malachi 4:5). Elijah appears with Moses during the Transfiguration of Jesus. (My notes: the Law and the Prophets; one who had died Moses, the Lawyer and Elijah, the one who had NOT died but boarded a chariot of fire in the book of Kings, repped the prophets. One on each side on the law and prophetic fulfillment, Jesus the bright white transfigured eternal Being)

In Islam, Elijah appears in the Quran as a prophet and messenger of God, where his biblical narrative of preaching against the worshipers of Baal is recounted in a concise form. Due to his importance to Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox Christians, Elijah has been venerated as the patron saint of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1752.”

IS this the liquidation sale, the last of the last days of earth?

Not mine to know the exact day; my job is to continue to Catholic homeschool, after 34 years, the last two of my 11 gifts from Donna who art in heaven.

Be a volunteer youth ministry guy at St Norberts after 40 years of both staff and volunteer at three parishes.  Write a bit, publish more.  And practice real estate honorably and well to help people find their shelter.

We all have the same amount of time each day, bishop or baby, Catholic or Hindu.  But God, despite those who think they are gods themselves,  is in charge of what’s between conception and natural death on the way to uninterrupted eternity. And beyond.  Who’d a thunk a demon possessed Gov WrecKid Ralph Northam could coolly, clinically and dispassionately discuss comforting a small, defenseless, vulnerable American citizen just before he smashes her fully alive brain into a pancake to fulfill the world’s anti-Christ religion of a woman’s right to choose to kill her kid.

WE have our physical spiritual gifts that link heaven and earth, like the tilma of Guadalupe, the Shroud of Jerusalem, Edessa and Turin.

The circle of life the Regressive Leftists ignore while claiming CO2 is evil and man all powerful climate changer

And certainly, that Catholic icon, the pillar and altar at the exact center of the world, the great Giza pyramid has stood the test of time, pointing its Christ angle (26 degrees, 18 minutes, 9.63 seconds off its base NSEWest orientation. Google earth Giza and see for yourself)points at Bethlehem while flying over the two Exodus pillars of Solomon. 

Unknown to too many, including my fave bishops and pope, is the top of that 8 sided pyramid is flat as an altar top.  And, knowing Jesus died on that non-superstitious Friday the 13th day of Hebrew Nisan which we also see, Church traditionally, as the day Jesus was “born to die” (conceived and dies) on march 25th gregorian 33 years apart).

It sits silently at the center of the world as a pillar, an altar and beacon of time, eternity and hope

Peaking your interest to google and research, on the day of earthly rebirth, first day of Spring (circa march 21-25), if you stand on Giza at dawn, you can watch as the sun rises over the House of Bread (Beth’Lehem). Imagine that: built in the 3rd Millennium BC, it still is true to its purpose.

If you are still standing hours later on the altar top of Giza, the perfect square circle whose base is 36524 inches (a la perfect year in days 365.24) you will have ZERO shadow as ground hog Puxatawny.

Our pope Francis just signed an agreement among world religious leaders in the ‘shadow’ of this last great wonder of the world, in Abu Dhabi.

Speaking of shadows, even more amazing, the WORLD’S LARGEST structure at high noon, even missing its biblical 144,000 mirror limestone covering stones, will have NO shadow. 

In the 6th century, due to an earthquake, it became the Home Depot for polished minaret limestone blocks, now all over the middle East. But, before their removal, Giza was at its brightest when the mirror stones were still in place, heralding His Story, the focus of History, Jesus the Christ whom the Magi sought.  Like a beacon of hope, pillar of faith, altar of LOVE.

Wise men like you and I need to continue to seek Him. The Magi had the help of a celestial object, the Giza pyramid and God’s touch to their hearts.  We have the Bible, Catholic tradition and common sense. And with our brains and the internet, access to discovering more of the scientific wonders of this blessed world we live in.

Well, my friends and clients: are YOU ready to meet YOUR God? No, i am NOT a member of the tinfoil hat crowd, but like you, a sojourner of this amazing life and world. Are YOU ready?

The Trinity is made up of three Persons in the One God. Pure white light is composed of three distinct personages, yellow, blue and red. Light from Light, True God from True God. Better than a shamrock to see, though imperfectly, the Godhead Who has existed for all eternity past. Think its hard to understand womanhood, try figuring out eternity past.

Photosynthesis is made up of three components, carbon dioxide, water and sunlight: this trinity of life is a mere reflection of the Eternal Trinity that has always existed…BOTH are essential to earthly life. But the Trinity evidenced in Genesis (Let US make man in our image) at at Jesus’ baptism, is essential for eternal heavenly LIFE.

What God FEEDS the WORLD with, photosynthesis, our Supreme Law Adjudicators, SCOTUS, calls “pollution”. 

Without this “pollution”, we starve to death in 13 days (Terri on March 31, 2005 received the Eucharist 3 times to survive that long) like that Eucharistic Miracle, Terri Schiavo Schinder did, who was purposefully dehydrated and starved to death in front of the world to see….just before God took His beloved servant, Pope St John Paul the Great on Apr 5, 2005 to overshadow the evil that men do. 

I have written extensively on this phenomena: how God did not want the evil Floridian Scientologists and their cabal to celebrate their “victory” of killing a defenseless but sentient Catholic sister; He caused His awesome servant JPtheGreat to become terminally sick (check the Zenit records) closely after Terri went to heaven. The world’s attention was redirected, just as at the Resurrection 3 days after Jesus’ death, to God’s victorious homecoming for Pope St JPtheGreat Godincidentally at JPII’s fave feast of St Faustina, Divine Mercy as the Sunday liturgy closed saturday night with the AMEN of one of our greatest pontiffs. God will NOT be mocked.

Yes, the good is oft interred with his (unbroken in this case) bones, as Shakespeare put it, but the Good did rise again for all to see on the 3rd day at Easter.

Friends and family:  You WILL ALWAYS EXIST forever and beyond. Take Heed my friends and family, clients and neighbors.
A woman’s right to choose is the same as a man’s right to choose: do you follow Jesus the Christ? or the evil of perdition.

The world is spiritually hungry for the truth, but buy the lie so easily. 

Sorry, Meathead. God created plenty of land to sustain cows and children.

Meathead Booker, one of the Democrat 2020 circus parade of clowns, preaches meat as evil and wants cows eliminated.  Knock yourself out, grass eaters, you have every right to chow down weeds and will probably live longer than some, not as long as others: but this omnivorous human has teeth designed for spinach AND steak.  And, as if time IS short for the evil one’s last hurrah, out of no where, a pediatric neurologist says “Comfort the bastard while mom decides if she wants to do diapers right now with dad”

If she doesn’t, Dirty Harry’s equalizer is at the ready to pierce the skull the demonic doctor of death missed while using her scissorhands to slice up baby organs for resale.

Maybe our curious pontiff Francis IS ushering in the one world religion, whether knowingly or unwittingly.  Maybe not, just trying to bring peace to a troubled world.  No matter WHAT he does, Jesus is “the Way, the Truth and the Life”. It’s the same story since 153 fish (3x3x17 or 1+2…+17!) almost burst the nets of the surprised Christ followers and fishers of men.

I love my beloved Church because, well, Jesus told us to.  Is He ready to return?  That’s His call and His Father’s.  Our call is to occupy the day, preach the gospel…and use words if necessary, something Francis of Assisi never said but was attributed to him. On earth, it is sooo important not to be the reed in the wind, follow the peer pressured jump off the cliff.

When everyone, especially the prostiticians demonize God’s excellent gift, CO2 which we die without, we can’t be bahhhhh bahhh sheep in our interfaith environmental SJW socialist climate change ambassador science fiction meetings. Especially, should Jesus not return until after next decade, we will see the Maunder Minimum, modeled by real scientists like Dr Valentina (ironic with this Feb 14th post), the solar physicist who understands that as sunspots receded with the upcoming 2020s overlapping solar cycles, that global cooling will be the reality. AND the need to divert the trillions wasted on paper pushing pissing in the wind of banality thinking we, not God, controls the universe; divert to helping 3rd world poor get even better crop yields, as good Christian servants should, with improved agriculture technology due to shorter growing seasons and less arable lands. This should be the work of our social justice workers and interfaith enviro climate change ambassadors: real science and real help as the climate truly changes to cool or even cold, like the 17th century when the Thames froze in the ice age of past times.

Though two decades at zero, global warming actually expands arable land and increases crop seasons, but one would never know with the cacaphony of Algorean heretic worshipers kneeling before the godless Trotsky/Stalin/Marxist control of production so the rich at the socialism top can eat caviar while the people eat dog. Hugo Chavez was not stupid, turning the natural resources rich shining light on the South American hill into a southern shithole of 8000% inflation for foodless storeshelves and dying Venezuelans. Low polluting natural gas will rise ALL boats IF not grounded with jets, cars and cows when Alex AOC 12 year plan to end all life on earth matastasizes. Someone needs to help our SJW and enviro interfaithers learn real science, free market economics, innovative help for the needy and the value of energy and the need to end this insane carbon taxation without representation.

Hugo can’t spend his billions in hell, if that is where he is, but his daughter can once she pulls the $$ from the various Swiss accounts. But I digress from the papal signing with Islam, Jewish and other world religion leadership for a time of peace and prosperity. Are we at the ready?

Eternity is a LONG time NOT to be in happy heaven. Despite the misdirection and fraud of the Regressive Leftist ideologues, we are truly blessed as a nation, as a people and as Catholics in a world God has designed for our stewardship and gospel practice.

God IS in control, prayer changes things and it IS a great day to be alive…Len

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