Wishing EVERYONE a happy birthday

Mother and Child.

Tempus fugit: time certainly DOES fly!  I was anxious to hit planet earth with 190 days between my parents’ Saturday wedding celebration in Chicago and my arrival on earth on a beautiful California Sunday!

Go figure since you will.  But i want to wish everyone a happy birthday.

I am soooo blessed with great clients, family and friends.  In fact, graced (getting what i don’t deserve) with a life I most appreciate.

Oft, i love to say “It IS a great day to be alive!”  But sadly, our culture has come down with the Euth virus; there is no cure but there is medicine to keep this particularly viral virus in check. Euthanasia sounds like young people on one of the continents but it simply means HUMAN KILLING.

Being of both Polish and German extraction, i can relate.  The Euth virus resurfaced like the plague in Poland and Germany in last century’s 40s. Common carriers like Margaret Sanger, Dr. Mengele, Al Huxley, Adolf Hitler, Gov Dr. WrecKid Ralph of Virginia, to name a few, thought human beings were “useless eaters”, “Jews as property”, “overpopulation” etc.

Recently, with stone ice cold precision, WrecKid Ralph said, in defending Virgin’s house bill 2491:

Appearing to discuss what would happen if a child was born after a failed attempt at abortion, he said, “the infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

Wow. An illegal mother scales the border wall to just get her toe on Texas dirt so her child can be born an American citizen.

WrecKid Ralph says an INFANT that defies all odds, after being torn through a breech in his mom’s uterine WALL, would not necessarily stay alive.  Note, the child IS an American CITIZEN on the planned parenthoodlum table of parts sectioning.  A citizen has rights; Dr. Kermit the Frog Gosnell is in life imprisonment for what WrecKid is calmly discussing.

I just want to wish EVERYONE a happy birthday, including the ooops Gianna Jessens who sneak through hell’s demonic doctors of death.

Folks, this ain’t Dorothy and Kansas anymore, where Tiller the Killer made baby parts sushi of huge  living human trafficked children in Wichita.

Like I said, I want to wish EVERYONE a happy birthday.

The blessings of life are there for all to access.  The sad part is we are DEBATING whether a living American CITIZEN should be kept alive because the mother doesn’t want to do diapers

Folks, we better damn well wake up and pull through the Kansas poppy fields of slumber.  The Wizard of Odds won’t help us.  Like carbon dioxide, that incredible trace gas God combines with sun and water to FEED the WORLD, He mixes life and love to make human babies, one at a time.

I was out 190 days post wedding; but most kids come out after 280 days with 60,000 miles of blood vessels and 35 trillion cells working for the next 80 years or so, unless their birthday is interrupted by miscarriage OR a satanist surgeon of sadistic slicing.  Your friendly neighborhood Jon Dunn at the corner PP on Tustin at the 22.

Thank you for all the birthday greetings.  It really is time to get going before Jesus comes back.  After all, He is the Author and Finisher of life.  Not you. Not me. Certainly not that Dr Mengele do-alike, Gov Dr of Death Wreckid Ralph.

Is it too much to ask, on the most blessed country on earth, to be true scientists and admit it IS a living human kid and American citizen? I know, we get the carbon dioxide Algorean heresy totally wrong thinking photosynthesis is pollution and man can change the climate by his actions. But, by God, scientifically, that thumb sucking, kicking kid IS YOU just a few short years ago. She’s not ours to kill NOR harvest for resalable parts. Odd how such a rich and blessed country can be soooo poor in science.

I just want to wish EVERY ONE a truly happy birthday. 

We CAN do it if we try.  God bless you and yours.  Just don’t sit there and watch the euthanasiacs depopulate this amazing earth of its most precious cargo: humanity.

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