I have NO Clue!

Paul Beckman with josh, Nikki, Liz and ShannonEverywhere we look, there are 3s. And on Trinity Sunday, we went to St Thomas More for 8am Mass today, celebrating the Perfect Threesome in One.  On Father’s Day of course: what a perfect merge of the eternals.

Frater Louis sang in Latin, Trinity on her namesake Sunday sang “You have your Father’s Eyes” at Meditation. Mom & Dad Hager, Gavin, Arnie, Queen of Heaven Hager and Briana nee Beckman, sang, played and sang a beautiful liturgy honoring the Ultimate Mystery of the Universe

How in Heaven’s Name did Three Persons exist from ALL Eternities Past, with no beginning and certainly, as predicted no end in sight?  Debate all you want, first purpose, First Cause, whatever, but God had to have NO beginning to continue to have NO end.  Every pail bearing 3 year old emptying the ocean into the beach hole knows this implicitly.

Political corruption, abbreviated “political correctness”, reigns in the alternate USA swamp, the Potomac DC.  Gavel Granny Pelosi wields her fave power tool, while her nephew Gavin the Grabber further raids the working class and poor for their pet idiocies in Taxifornia, rich in every natural resource but wisdom and thriftiness.  But this isn’t about LLLPPP or L3P3.

Simply put, God designs perfectly; we humans execute imperfectly as His greatest creative work, Woman, continues to continue the species.

I have NO clue how God has ALWAYS existed.  Neither do you, my friend.

Chew on this: as long as the Perfect Trinity, Father God, the Son and the Holy Spirit have existed, you will exist that same amount of time outside of time. Whew!!

God said to Himself: “Let Us make man in our image”. So the Perfect 3 created sentient beings, who can live from 40 to 969 years long (depending on which era you find yourself in) AND create an almost identical duplicate of itself to carry on the Divine Planned Parenting program: “Go forth and multiply!” No where did God say “Subtract or Divide..” He, not we, is the Alpha & the Omega, and after 2 billion worldwide and 61 million stateside child deaths by satanist surgeons, you’d think we’d get the memo.

Yes, we dads, like all humans are NOT perfect. We fathers try hard to emulate the Perfect Father God in raising our children, doing our work, loving our perfect or imperfect match of a wife. It is instinct.

More than ties and socks once a year, we fathers MUST instruct and educate the young, or evil in all of its manifestations will INDOCTRINATE in its smarmy image, Never God, antiTrinity ways.

Even so, I have NO clue. Monica’s playboy kid, Augustine had his beachside 3 year old hydro engineer; I like Augustine, have NO clue how God NEVER began. How He can be everywhere in an instant in this 553 sextillion wide universe. He even left us indisputable clues of his ThreeSomeness.

And we puny gnat like humans think we control the cosmos, climate and weather by labelling one of His most incredible food machine trace gases, CO2, as demonic pollution. What idiots we are!!

Take that wavy plasmatic ray/energy/matter thingee, white light. As first graders we see color wheels. The Trinity is made up of Three Primary Persons. White light is made up of Three Primary Colors, Blue, Red and Yellow. Does Blue of the heavens signify Father God? or Blood Red signify the super Sacrificing Son? And bright Yellow the Holy Spirit? you tell me!

A Prism magically separates One light (‘Light from Light, True God from True God’) into Three equal portions, totally distinct yet united as one. There is no prismatic device to separate the One Triune God into parts, but parts they are in One God, as three “persons”.

Thus the cluelessness. Augustine watched with amusement as the 3 year old try to dump ocean water repreatedly into a hole. He asked the kiddo: “What are you doing?” The innocent child said “Emptying the sea water into this hole!” Augustine the Wise said “It’s impossible to empty the whole ocean into your sand hole!”

To which the child stood up with his pail, saying “It would be easier, Augustine, for me to empty the whole ocean into this hole than for you to understand the Trinity!” Then he vanished. The angelic kid, not Augustine.

God wants to signal to us, in reality and symbolism, that there is more than this “mortal coil”; He designed ALL OF THE universe to bring man and woman to himself. No matter what and how evil tries its best to destroy our spiritual hunger for True Wisdom, Faith, Hope and of course the eternal virtue:


God will NOT be mocked. Nor ignored. Threes are everywhere!

The number of God commands in the stone tablets is THREE. You need THREE substances (light, liquid and a gas) to feed the world. We call this photosynthesis and its reverse aerobic respiration

And the much maligned Gift from God, carbon dioxide, is itself a reflection of the 3 in one principle: one Carbon and Two Oxygen atoms. It amounts to only ONE (1) air-borne molecule for every 2500 of nitrogen, oxygen and argon and yet, it FEEDS the WORLD. Our ignorant enviroRads never mention oxygen is RELEASED with the sugars, the nutrients that supports the plant food pyramid and all of life. Meanwhile Gavin the Grabber, the governor nephew of Gavel Granny Pelosi, use CO2, like climate change ambassador Moonbeam, as an excuse to tax and destroy, steal our natural gasoline resource that yields 6000 products and more.

3 is the perfect stool supporter. 4 or 2 legs have their deficiencies, but 3 legs rely on each the other for balance and support.

Fatherhood is the blessing much attacked today, greatly so since Lyndon Baines Son of John (LBJ) divorced black dads from families by prostituting government ‘welfare’ dollars and control. Man in the house: no moolah. This was and IS evil. His War on Poverty was really the War on God’s Designed Family Model. A War on Fatherhood.

Fathers, thank you. Of course, thank your wives who became mothers so you could be fathers. But, hold your head up high. Your best mentor and “hero” IS a Father, the First Father, Father God.

Our Jewish friends see God as one God, awaiting Elijah and the Savior. Our Islamic friends see God as Allah and Jesus a prophet born of a virgin.

My Hindu neighbors have many, many Gods while we Christians have just the ONE. Embodied in 3 persons. See how describing Trinity’s namesake fails English and all other romance languages: even Latin. But, WHEN we follow the Son, the Father’s Jesus the Christ, we will live forever and beyond

So as my critics and friends alike will agree, Len, YOU ARE clueless.

On the subject of the Trinity on this Father’s Day, I must reluctantly agree. Augustine tried so hard but the pail kid set him straight.

God bless you and make it a great day!! Love you all. 4Give. B4Given. Do something great for someone in need at least once a day and more if possible. Know the Father and His Son, with the Guidance of the Spirit.

After all, it IS a great day to be alive!

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