Real News for June~A 3rd Millennium Miracle story

Over three decades of serving families’ real estate needs, I have had the privilege of some fascinating stories of people, from first time buyers to savvy real estate investors with large property inventories, Superior Court ordered sales and more. Let me concisely (Len, concise?) tell you a true story.

A great family, Jack & Whitney, had come back to California after a few years in Texas.  We were able to get them a large Orange home at an excellent price; they added a $45,000 purchased Tesla solar system and some other items and were set to raise a growing family for a decade or two.

…then the Lone Star state beckoned yet again.  More specifically, a city in the state…and good friends in that city.   Though they had California and East families, so many friends remained in the upstate city north of the Alamo they continued their adventure.

2 years hence, the couple prayed and prayed and decided let’s “Go East!” once more.

The market had shifted to more of a balanced seller/buyer, but their home was very inviting to buyers.  We had had a lot of lookers,  and were ready to open escrow with the Miracle Man.  They had seen the home while birthday prep was underway for the youngest child.  Miracle Man wanted it.

The night before escrow started, I got a text he unexpectedly went in for serious emergency surgery and, though he fell in love with the J&W home, they would have to step out of the way.  We promised prayers, even contacted prayer warrior Dave Deaton to add our Miracle Man to his list.

Couple more open houses, 4 weeks later, we had been negotiating with a couple of offerors, working with a great couple who knew the owners and on the Friday before a planned Sunday open house, got an excited neighboring buyer who was selling her home.  But, timing is everything.

The Miracle Man’s excellent agent called; we discussed the final numbers, got signatures and opened escrow.  Though he faced some future treatments, he wanted this home.

Meanwhile, J&W bought a home in Texas, sight unseen with a seasoned agent, and they closed one day after our May closing!  Thanks to a good escrow officer, compliant sellers and buy, hard working representatives, lender, etc., Jack & Whitney didn’t need to rent first.  Mom of three, she had the faith and trust to load two pods, dad scheduled a flight, Q was transported (Q is yes, a dog) by land before we closed their OC home…and two families, two states, two homes are happy.  Patience and persistence wins out every time.  God bless our Texas and California clients!

Real estate is more than the numbers.  Hiring innovative professionals who put the clients’ needs first is a must:  this is what “fiduciary responsibility” means.  There is soooo much that can go wrong.  But, as the story above illustrates, there is sooo much good that can go right.

YOU are the client; we at Millennium 3 take our responsibilities most seriously, do all we can to make things go smooth and yes, we still make house calls. And we do it all: from staging, to drone imagery, active marketing and solid ancillary services.  From multi-million $ Beverly Hills units, to 1 bedroom OC condos, we cover all six lower California counties.

People, NOW IS A GREAT TIME.  For some good temporary reasons, interest rates are actually low, more inventory for the buyer but sellers, take note: interest rates affect the value of your home.  They won’t stay low forever.  Call for advice.  Ready to help!

Len and the Millennium 3 team

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