God HAS blessed America

You don’t say “Happy Memorial Day”. You thank God that He had a second covenant nation later in history we know as these United States of Amerigo V.  How many of you know that V name?

We honor and THANK those that died in saving us from enemies foreign and domestic.  This great land is NOT perfect but generous, NOT colonists anymore but always ready to help in hurricane relief as well as defend those who can’t defend themselves.

Do we make mistakes? Of course!  Yet why do we have sooo many gatecrashers is we aren’t a land people desire?

FREEDOM is NOT FREE!  Never has, never will be.

I, like many, sold the Trump family short.  Started with Cruz then cruised into giving the Negotiator in Chief a shot.

No matter if you are an Obamahillary lover or Trump hater, you have to admit (if you are a sentient adult), he keeps his promises.

After 8 years of arguably the worst of Obamaville, with $10 trillion going mainly to FOO birds like Solyndra et al and less growth than a 15 year old post pubescent’s beard, Trump has been a breath of fresh air.

Right to LIVE?  After 61 million dead American kids over the last 44, he is the most prolific, ie PRO life president in modern times.  He believes making American great again is a noble cause.  PART of that is keeping kids alive AFTER birth, unlike Governor WrecKID Ralph who prefers beating little girls brains out (or letting them die) once they become birthright citizens.

Worse than being blessed and not realizing it, is being blessed and being demonically critical, even subversive, of the one who takes no salary for the top spot in American political life.

PEOPLE, DO GREAT THINGS!  You and I can KEEP U.S. Great by doing a good turn daily, helping someone out each day.  Do a selfless act.  EVERY man, like the Hacksaw Ridge hero did, who lived or died through our various conflicts deserves our thanks.

The secret to life: when someone asks you “What is today?”  You shout “A great day to be ALIVE!”

But without our servicemen and women protecting us from the evil ones who hate us or the idea of libertas, freedom, we are no more.

Currently, nevertrumpers and alwayshillaryites miss the truth: indictments ARE coming for the treasonous acts of many, who tried to subvert and take out the duly elected president.  They aren’t giving up either.  Proof?  Think of the ABCs of Abortion, Brennan, Comey….

Without the right to be alive, there is NO liberty.  The best military in the world on foreign fields can’t protect us from satanist surgeons at planned parenthoodlums central who snatch the feet out of the jaws of victory: the birth canal.  After slicing the little girl into hearts, livers and hair follicles, that are sold like spent slaves in parts for the highest bidder.  This is evil incarnate.  God’s adversary never rests, knowing it’s time is short.

Without the right to live and liberty, there is no right to property, the original wording of the phrase “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”.

Sorry AOC, Moscovite Bern, socialism is rendered better mass killings of adults. 60 million (one less than our current American abortion kill count) were socialized to death by Stalin.  Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, and others competed for more death and misery.

Private property ownership, stewarding and creating wealth leads to generous people helping others.  Jesus said the “poor will always be with you” meaning help them but don’t count on them for jobs and career paths.

So much to do: look at representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Look no farther that AOC to know that the Indoctrinational public sector education realm is bankrupt, and needs healthy reform.

As well as what Doug McIntyre (article in OCRegister/SCNG May 26) calls the perennial bureau rat state of “oh my!” But even with the challenges, America is great again.  Hate Melania’s hubby if it makes you feel better, but be the adult and acknowledge the massively low unemployment rate, the deregulation of bureau rat overreach, the tax redux (half done), recognizing Israel is NOT the enemy, etc are good things Madam Secretary HRC would NEVER have done.  But note bene: hate causes cancer in the host.  Not the hated.

Thank you to ALL who died that we might live a great and blessed life in still the freest country on God’s green earth.

Thank you Robert Beckman of WWII…you fill in the blanks_____.

If you can’t think of anyone who died to make us free, find a black slab with thousands of names written on it.  These e pluribus unum, United States, ceased being Colonists and became a nation to be reckoned with in 1787.  Give or take a year.

Repeat the most important thirteen (13) words of the recently maligned Kate Smith’s rendition: “God BLESS America, Land that I love. STAND BESIDE HER and GUIDE her…”

He has and will continue to.  Time for a Revolution of Life and Love.

A grateful dad of 11.  Len

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