The Cross and the Candle

“We always have reason to believe that the BEST is yet to come!

2019 Holy Week Monday started with the renowned Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral going up in flames. The original altar and the crown of thorns (that Jesus wore) were saved miraculously and for the unaware:

“Notre Dame” translates into ‘Our Lady.’ The lady of the Cross.  The Virgin who gave birth to the Son of the Father.  Who said “Yes” in her teens to being our Mother and God’s as well.  And bore the God who was born to die.

Godincidentally, Mary’s stone image of the real Notre Dame, her statue was captured and rescued by firefighters from the centuries old cathedral’s rubble in another image that endured since that tragic fire happened, caused by either hell, accident and/or nut.

We humans are sooooo small in all of this, shouting “I’m the one! I am God! I am the center of the universe”  Au contraire (little French lingo) mon ami!

Ironically, as if on cue, America has suffered intense corruption & anarchy by our elected leaders and it continues; we’ve seen what hate, fire and lies does to our world. The last two years, a muted coup attempt to overthrow our president.  Yet, God has a plan much higher and nobler than ours.

How insignificant are we?   A quick list: our universe is 553 sextillion miles across, give or take a measly sextillion or so.  We are in the Milky Way in the Virgo SuperCluster of galaxies.  The Virgo Cluster is the closest, 2000 galaxies in and near the Virgo constellation.  Our tiny ball of joy weighs six sextillion (6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) tons.  At best, ALL of the humans ON earth weigh at most 350 million tons.  Total!  Yet, we humor ourselves thinking we can change His plan and His climate.  We cannot create only move around.  It would take a lifetime to get out of the solar system: God can traverse the universe in an instant.

Why billions of galaxies? 100s of billions of stars, planets.  On our 3rd rock from the sun, which is a million times larger than starship Earth it keeps alive with heat and light, God created millions of plants and animals, trillions of insects, and well, ONE man and ONE woman.  We know them as Adam and Eve: the same names as that famously ignorant Adam Schiff and his wife Eve.  But unlike the Maryland House member who constantly accuses the innocent without merit like his father the devil, first parents Adam & Eve of Mesopotamia have become nine billion earth dwellers.

God DOES have a plan…and yet prayer changes things, often.  Did you realize the sun converts 700 million tons of hydrogen every SECOND to heat and light our world 93,000,000 miles away?  Really think about this: a God who can turn a single cell into a fully functioning sentient being in 280 days just might be able to manage the climate on HIS world.  And sadly, my Church and other “environmental justice warriors” have joined the chorus of the heretical, the agnostic, the ignorant.  Mocking God’s amazing photosynthesis gift while hoisting ‘man’ on the golden calf pedestal saved during Moses’ time just for this purpose.  “I control the weather! I am god!”

Believe it or no, my beloved friends, bishops and scientists, androgenic climate change is the new Babylonian Tower.  Just because we claim we can control hurricanes and drought, does not make it so.  In fact, it makes us more the fool than during the time of construction of Babel.

Funny, Wikipedia calls it a myth; yet, the relief stone discovered over a century ago, analyzed by London University’s Dr Andrew George,  calls it a ‘ziggurat’ or the temple tower of Babylon. He mentions the building and the builder on the stone illustration.

It existed, whether built by Nimrod or King Neb II; and we humans continue to construct our own Babelian Towers of lies in so many ways.

Yet, dDespite the satanic onslaught by those who mock God, prostiticians like Gavel Granny and Kamalala, satanic surgeons and governor WrecKID Ralph Northam, quoting Fr Pat from sunrise Mass:

“We always have reason to believe the best is yet to come!!”

God’s macro work, outer space is dwarfed by His infinitely complex INNER space as well.  He created millions of biochemical processes, scientific laws and life to manage and thrive on His amazing ecosystem, biospheric wonder.

Unlike Notre Dame’s valiant firefighters saving what they can from destruction, God ‘saved’ or left, the best for last, the major focus of all He did make, create from nothing, in this massive undertaking:

Woman. The female gender.  The first Eve.

After the less complex work creating trillions of planets & plants, He made Adam, all 30-75 trillion cells of our Founded father. Yet, the last Creative act of the known universe, of the Designer’s creative work was the absolutely MOST COMPLEX being in history.  The Woman Eve.  First mom.  The difference between man and woman, male and female (yes, Mr. Knowles men and women ARE different) is the woman produced the billions of children that have populated this beautiful planet.  Men provided the seed, mothers provided the womb and egg.  Could it be God designed ALL of His matter and energy to bring us to know Him and live forever?

Uhh, in a word: YES!

If you looked at the night sky of Dec 12, 1531 from Mexico City, you would see the same star chart (just more detail) as Notre Dame d’ Guadalupe is adorned. Obviously, we just discovered this with super computers, Hubbles and satellites recently.  But on Juan Diego’s picture of Mary, her heart IS over Virgo, the zodiacal sign and constellation and the cluster of 2000 galaxies we can see with a telescope. Virgo the Virgin’s heart.

Huh? God is scientific?  You betcha, a lot more than we ever could be!  But science is about failure, trial and error and discovery.  Laws are rare…

Proof?  How about photosynthesis?  God created this biophotochemical process that takes a massively plentiful liquid, a scarce trace gas and the sun’s energy to FEED the WORLD.  Keep us alive to serve each the other.

Our top jurists (SCOTUS) ignorantly call one of its components, CO2, “pollution”.  But, when God mixes water, sunlight and that demonized molecule Carbon Dioxide, we survive.  Without ANY of the three, we die.  Same with the Trinity, each person IS God and has always been dependent on Each the Other from all eternity yet each is ALL Powerful. God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, anywhere in the 553 sexillion mile wide universe at any time.  Like St Augustine on the beach with the angel, we are clueless.  We try but can’t grasp, the same with so much of all that Francis of Assisi surveyed.  And Xavier the Deceiver, another lieutenant of the devil, ignored the people and stole the fraudulent gas tax recall with flowery lies.  And he once was a Catholic like the royal Northern Calif. kingdom.

God could have designed us based on anything, like ammonia, not the carbon based beings we are.  But did He design photosynthesis as a reflection of His essence, three entities in one that FEED the WORLD and keep the UNIVERSE extent? Algore is an idiot snake oil salesmen who has conned the world; mocked God and pretended to know truth and indoctrinates the ignorant with new green deal drivel.

Use your 3 pounds of grey matter:  God made three distinct primary colors, parts of the light spectrum that combined make ALL singular white light.  “Light from Light, True God from True God”  Three in ONE, the Trinity.  Did God help us see His greatness in sight and light?  Did He create five primary colors or… three?

Of course!  Like our biosphere’s first excellent garden, and the first snaking Algorean from hell, and now look at us: we believe a lie for 26 months and counting, that our president teamed up with Putin to do what Hillary and Obama did: anarchy, Alinsky and other Demonrat corruption.

People of God:  Like sinners and the poor, we will ALWAYS have corruption in our midst; just not as blatant as the pseudo events crowd and the alternative bizarro DC government and its Sacramento satellite.

How’s this: “The BEST IS YET TO COME!”

OK, you don’t like positive messages about a great, covenant country the world is dying to get into: the US.  Don’t believe such?  Look at the Rio Grand.  “Make America Great Again”.  Have we become soooo indoctrinated that we believe the leftist demonic lies of tenured sloth academia professors, overpaid and useless, no matter how odd and ridiculous their biased suppositions have become? 12 years to Armageddon over a benevolent CO2 molecule that FEEDS the WORLD?

Unemployment is near absolute zero with only one half of the tax reform Trump worked for, in place.  Many good surprises on tax day despite the incessant anarchists in the so-called main stream journalists at ABCNNBCBS.

Ground zero for sensible judges, 8 million more off food stamps and welfare rolls, while we allow criminal aliens and their illegal pharmaceutical cartels to call the shots.  It’s almost like we can do charity the way God designed it and the Church carried on: by us people not diverted to some governance group practicing Christian service socialism designed by FDR, LBJ & others.  The best charity is always the most local, where accountability, mentoring and real help can sustain.

America IS great because most of us still think there is still hope we believe that God is ALL powerful. In Control.  Benevolent, loves us enough to create a universe in the exact middle of eternity that His Son would miraculously be born into, only to die that we might live. FOREVER!

Stop believing the total bull caca people.  satan has been accusing us before the throne of God since He created humanity.  We ARE blessed and yet, we believe Al Gore and the Algorean heresy, the atheists, the anarchists, the modern Demonrats of the party of slavery whose very national pier has the WrecKID Ralph Northam plank burned it:  that it’s ok to baseball bat bash a living American citizen on the PParenthoodlum altar table because mom doesn’t want to do diapers.

Heaven knows, I have only 11 kids: I’ll adopt ANY Virgo the Virginian kid that survives the satanist surgeon’s lousy abortion skills.  Every child a hunted child doesn’t cut it with me.

The bogus “Trump’s a traitor scam”, even after $35 million wasted tax $$, still has life.  Where’s my Church? My leaders even on this no brainer?

His Divine Mercy is endless and celebrated one week after the Resurrection re-enactment each year: the same day the great Saint John Paul II died 14 years ago after completing his mission on earth. Saturday night, April 2nd, 2005, as his beloved Divine Mercy Mass was finishing.

Why do we Catholics and other Christians get scammed so easily and NOT see the truth, even about St. JPtheGreat’s end of life?  Notre Dame is both a symbol and reality, that the Church will endure until the very end.

Recall, how in early 2005, the world wide death merchants were working day and night tirelessly to kill a Catholic sister, no different than the Sri Lankan Islamist demon homicide bombers killed “Easter worshippers”.  Sorry, Hillary, we call them Christians, even Catholics.

Terri Schiavo Schindler was sentient, communicating with her mom and dad, and family, living alive in Florida. Her hubby Michael had moved on, divorced Terri and taken up with another woman the old-fashioned way.

Yet the pope, the president, his brother the governor, people of faith, couldn’t stop the juggernaut of evil, Michael Schiavo and the other Scientologists killing in warm blood a handicapped but alive woman he had divorced previously to have sex with another woman. Mercy killing? Yes, maybe for Michael by covering up the ground zero for her maladies?  He ended his ex-wife’s ashes marker with “I kept my promise”.  Hmm.  I promised to painfully starve and dehydrate you to death.

As you read this, do you realize Terri IS a Eucharistic miracle, who miraculously survived 13 days of starvation and dehydration receiving (even this was objected to by hell’s emissaries) a small piece of heavenly Bread of Life three times.  Think about this folks. Her feeding and hydrating tube was pulled for the final time on 3/6+6+6/2005.  Sometimes called March 18th.

She died 13 days later, suffering the horrible pain of induced starvation terrorism, on a Thursday, the 31st of March.

My Church hasn’t looked close enough but: Within hours maybe minutes (check Zenit), eight time zones away but in real time, the pope’s health (tho in relative stasis for a long time) took it’s LAST turn for the worst.

40 days for life needs to be 365 days protection for life, from conception to NATURAL uninduced death.

Just like the devil celebrated at Golgotha its short lived ‘victory’ in Jerusalem, the same happened with satan and it’s necromancer merchants short lived “victory” killing another defenseless, vulnerable human named Terri. Jesus was all powerful and endured for us His own death; Terri was powerless to end this insatiable appetite for killing the vulnerable.

God, as with the climate, was in control at Golgotha. He was in control the days leading up to and the day Terri died.  I believe God overshadowed the evil intentions by His power, and stole the glory away from the death merchants.  Terri did NOT suffer a heart attack as the autopsy proved; we don’t know conclusively what happened in Michael & Terri’s home that fateful day.  This we DO know: the world quickly forgot the Terri S. after party, because God’s answer to one of His female follower’s death, was to fittingly end the life of one of His greatest servants, Karol Wotyla.

John Paul II taught us how to live a great life.  He also, taught us how to die gracefully on GOD’s timeline.  Not ours.

JPII instituted Divine Mercy Sunday, honoring the visions and diary of  Helen Kowalska, her chosen name Sister Faustina, who was canonized on April 30, 2000.  Our next child was named Faustina, reflecting John Paul’s work;  Donna and I chose such for our #10 of 11 who is graduating soon, Faustina, my Mariposa who loves butterflies.

“Let all mankind recognize My unfathomable mercy. It is a sign for the end times; after it will come the day of justice.”  — Diary 848

The fire was blessed that monday at Notre Dame by a cleric-rescuer; you better believe that brave priest accomplished much saving the Eucharist and the King of King’s bloodied crown.  And asking God’s blessing on, and protection from, the unwelcomed fire.   The firestorm from the unnamed homicidal Islamists was not.  My daughter in law is 100% Sri Lankan.  She is Catholic like the “Easter worshippers” who were killed by hell’s lieutenants of hate.

It’s time for the Renaissance of Life, Love and Truth.  Revive the Church.  Just like at Assisi and the Lord telling the future San Franciscan “Rebuild My Church”.  Maybe, Our Lady’s centuries old roof is another way of saying:’

“Rebuild My Church!”   There is a lot great with the Catholic Church and plenty of good that needs rework.

Take, Governor WrecKID Ralph Northam; he is pure evil, believing a death doctor and a compromised, indoctrinated vulnerable mother should baseball bat her daughter’s brains when born alive and out of the womb.   Talk about hell’s favorite mocking of God: killing His creations before they get into daylight.

Similarly, just like my friend and former employee, Stephanie Packer, had to tell the HMO’s offeror of a suicide pill to pound sand.

“For $1.20 co-pay, you can end your suffering”.   So, this is Obamascam.  Rationed, mechanistic, evenly distributed.  One cyanide pill at a time.

Like John Paul and Terri, Stephanie has become the poster mom for living as long as she can, as long as God wills, and as healthily as possible, to be there for her five kids.

ALL life is precious, whether a bed ridden but sentient Terri, one of the greatest popes, a SoCal mom with lupus & other maladies.  No, just like Algore, Nimrod, WrecKID Ralph, you are NOT God.

JPII’s Amen concluded his life on earth.  His possessions barely filled a small suitcase, but his legacy is eternal.

We ARE blessed.  No, America is getting better in many ways.  God has great things in store for us.

It’s time to ignore the liars, those who claim lies of all colors, green the ‘environment’, black, a member of the human race, you name it.

The planetary mass we call home is NOT melting, the polar bears are having sex so much there are five times as many over 4 decades.  Despite Dr Hussein O’s huge lie/pronouncement that water will cover 21,000 feet of Denali/Mt. Rainier and the world over, it isn’t even covering costa mesa or san fran. If you wanna know what IS covering St Francis, the city,  today, you need a #2 poop map to discover where excrement and needles are located.

God is a God of law and order, of opportunity to serve Him and His creation.  One human at a time.  No one challenged Hussein O’s terribly unscientific claim of seas rising; as it was, Noah landed at about the 14,000 foot level on Mt Ararat.  And that was after the pandemic pangean release of waters from below and the end of the water vapor canopy above that hid rainbows.  Because Noah witnessed the first rains.  And, as an outed Trans, the Rainbow belongs to God, not the alphabet of sexual and self-idenfied recreations of man and womankind, LGBTqxyzetal.  Confession, I am a TransPARENT.  Transparent about my failings and the truth.  It IS a great day to be alive!

Folks, stop believing the demons marshalled by so-called Catholics Xavier Little Cow Becerra the Deceiver, Gavel Granny Pelosi, her nephew Gavin Gruesom and Madler Hatter Jerry, Chicago mob boss Hillary and Obama.

Stop believing the incessant lies of the ABCNNBCBS fraud media who’s foyers have “journalism is dead” headstones.

START. Start believing YOUR God made CO2 to feed us, the earth to support us as we steward it, the faith to enable us, the eternity to make us ALWAYS happy. Stop majoring in the minors. We have a world to influence and lead to Christ.

You just can’t please some people, especially the baby killers disguised as women helpers like planned parenthoodlums on Tustin at the 22 in Orange.  EVERY life IS precious.   Every baby is worth more as a living, breathing entity not as a parts depot amazoned as bits and pieces like hearts and livers and hair follicles.

Notre Dame, our Lady, said Yes!.  It’s time we tell the sad indoctrinated AOCs and other American haters and evil people to pound sand.  Go to hell if they don’t want to get to heaven.

Jesus endured the Cross to bring the Light back to a dying world.  Just like that candle illuminated the crosses on the Beckman wall.  We each have a cross, AND telling the truth most overcome gossip, false witnessing and fraudulent lies.

After all, people of God, as I have said for decades, it IS a great day to be alive.  If you want death, move in with Virgin-ia governor Northam. Bring your baseball bat to bash the next kid that pops out of a mother alive in his state.

But if you want life, and want it eternally, now IS the time.

Jesus may be coming back soon; one may wonder why He’s waiting so long.  I like to believe like St Theresa, “One more soul:.  Neither you nor I know when.  The devil knows it has no control of the end…why doesn’t the Dem leadership understand this as well?  And I’m not a fan of prostiticians of ANY party.  We need Godly leadership in DC, in our churches, in academia, in our families.

Integrity and statesmanship are not the hallmarks of today’s DC.  There are many who do believe in law and order, and the truth; unfortunately, way too many more who don’t.

The crown of thorns, the original altar and the Mary statue survived Notre Dame’s Monday mishaps.  Maybe WE need to see the truth among the demonic complainers, liars and fraud flippers.

Other vain philosophies and lies persist. On Easter 2019, Sri Lanka was rocked by Islamist homicide bombers who instantly found their hellish god, killing over 280, but the best is yet to come. Is anyone more sad than an Islamist who discovers the same instant there are not 72 Virgos awaiting his or her arrival,

Hell knows it’s time is limited…maybe, extremely limited.  Only God knows.

We always have reason to believe the BEST is yet to come.

The difficulty with life is everyone believes in different truths.  The saying goes: “You are entitled to your opinion, but not your own set of facts, of truth. ”

Be honest with yourself:  “Know the Truth for it will set you FREE!”

For two years, no matter what you think of Melania’s husband’s character, his character has been under constant assassination efforts.  A thousand, no a million cuts.  No matter how much good he does for our covenant and blessed land, the Democrat (not all, just like the FBI dirty cops, Democrats are evil) criminals continue their plan; the corruption stinks to high heaven, the box of lies T-hater MI6 spy Steele sold to T-haters Obama & Hillary and the rest of the uber power hungry “Amerikaaner” spy network disguised as good governance.

Maybe a peaceful revolution of Truth in America, outing the evil liars and returning to justice, is due. Is the Best out there…why? Because it is.  If not on earth, certainly for the majority of YOUR life: forever.  And beyond.

TY Jesus.  And Regina Coeli, for saying a resounding “YES!”  Bring on the Renaissance of Life, Love and Truth.  Soon   ~Len

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