The DBM ERU end of winter almanac 2020 (updated) 2019

The Donna Beckman Environmental Research University forges on, at the Beckman Ranch   First days of spring 2020   The “kids are driving me crazy Covid19 primer issue”

Heads up: it’s not as if we don’t have enough to concern us, but if Covid19 turns out to be vector borne, ie transmitted by mosquitoes, we need to make sure there is 1) no standing water on our homes or neighbors 2)  standing water allows mosquito larvae to breed 3) eliminating their breeding grounds keeps you safe

Remedy is citronella candles or electronic bug killers.  Busy spring with all the rains.

April 1, 2020  Early Spring.  The Beckman ranch is working hard to help our neighbors, other homeschooling families during this CoVid19 mess.

Also, to welcome 8 million NEW (maybe temporary) home schooling kids and their families across America.  Yes, the Virus Hunter is working by night and Len is working real estate the other 20 hours a day.  YOUR needs are important to me.  As an experienced home “domicilic pedagogist” schooler, when you see a neighbor wandering in a daze wondering what that kid is doing in her home at 10am on a school day, calm her down and explain this is what you’ve done for 1, 5, 10 etc years.  Physical distancing (social distancing is googledygook wording) of course.

But farmer’s almanac time.  Updates too! 

We have more plants started for you!

Zucchini and world’s largest tomatoes starters are underway…replanted giant sunflowers.  Birds got the giant sunflowers but starting more and Romas too!

So Mrs. Hamilton and Mrs Sosa have already asked for some since it looks like we won’t be meeting at Grand park anytime soon.  Since we are busy doing what we always do, as homeschoolers and others not so much, I still have a challenge:

$20 reward for the largest zucchini by any coop, homeschool family between now and end of July.  We will bring starters to next coop next month.  Oryoucanpicksomeup

If you are sheltering in place, great time to get going on Spring gardening.  Below are some suggestions and ideas about being environmentally successful and good stewards

My awesome vet tech daughter working the “fields”


It’s time people!  God has supplied, as usual, enough carbon dioxide to mix with sunlight and water to FEED the WORLD.  The Luddite Algorean heretics keep preaching MAN is the CREATOR and Changes the Climate. Even our interesting ex president, Michelle’s husband, is blaming Mr T for ending our ties to the Paris Accord, ie climate change has caused the SARS-CoV-2 virus to spread.  What BS (bio science) and foolishness.  Use your non AOC non indoctrinated brain and think about it.

Pray for Alexandria OCASIOnal CORTEx User, that she will now BEGIN her education post college.

I just filled out the Census.  Wow!!  But, when you do the CO2 Census, you find there is One, single, uno teeny carbon dioxide molecule for every 2500 yes 2500 other air molecules (99%ers oxygen, nitrogen, argon the main ones). This 1:2500 ratio does NOTHING to alter the heat sinking atmospheric physics of our climate.

February 2019 was the COLDEST Feb on record NEVER getting above the 60s Fahrenheit AND the WETTEST California on record. This year, lots more rain.  Global warming?  Come on people we aren’t a 29 year old Boston U econ grad who has a severe case of early onset tenured IndoctriNation disease.

People, believe it or not, for all eternity and before He made the 553 sextillion mile wide universe, God knew what He was doing.  Still does.  We are such arrogant ignorant fools sometimes.

Tips coming; Len has started the starters.  Giant sunflowers, roma (just starting) and other tomatoes are in the portable planters; so are the zucchinis.  They will be at the different domicilic pedagogy coop meetings AND for my real estate clients.  Lot cheaper than $3 a pop at the Depot of Home or Loews.  Free to clients as an appreciation for your continued business.  And friends too!

Tips for April 2020

Over 280 pounds of tomatoes last year. Credit goes to Chief Gardener, God

Weed:  With so much rain, it is a GREAT time to weed…the saturated soil means you pull roots and all out.  Make it a kid and parent project.  Don’t wait until summer for your spring garden.  The better prepared now, the better the harvest.  I still love that picture of the homeschooling mom with her sister nun sister holding a giant zucchini last year. I think it was Mrs Sosa!

Prep the soil.  If you have a rototiller, crank it up.  The starters ARE ready, first come first served.    If you had a lousy harvest last season, amend the soil with some manure or appropriate substance.

Start the compost pile or barrel.  And old barrel in a corner of the garden with the bottom cut out is one way.  DO NOT USE YOUR GARBAGE DISPOSER.  Use the compost pile or watertight or waterloose barrel. Give your garbage disposal a rest.  In fact, our House member Alex did not even know what a disposal unit is: NY has ZERO.  She jumped when she turned her DC one on first time.

Garbage is what the Regressive Leftist tenured professors of outer Mongolian studies indoctrinates our young with.  It is not POISON for your plants, once composted.  Major major warning: Regressive Leftist ideologies like the Algorean global warming fraud can be poison to your family.  Use this shelter in place, physical anti-social 6 foot distancing for great things.

Laid out for optimal watering of tomatoes and zucchinis. Chickens are helping

Plan the garden.  Here’s where the PVC grid comes in.  I will be doing a short PolyVinylChloride clinic for the various scholastic gatherings to show how inexpensive, water conservative, weed abating and fruitful using PVC dribblers will be for YOU.   I may go YouTube to help answer questions..

And one time. I am still using the same PVC piping for eight years.  It uses less and less expensive water.  Produces more fruit and less weeds.  And a fun project to do with your kiddoes.  For the domicilic pedagogy dailies, it counts for agriculture, atmospheric physics, math, biology, horticulture and ??

This is called a hose bib coupling. It screws right onto the male end of a hose; the hose attached to faucet

No, those two above is NOT a PVC Chicken.  This one does bird droppings, which i like to pass on to family, real estate clients and friends.  Especially the Dr Seuss kind.  Good news is you don’t have to replumb your house.  You can connect up the ranch/farm water distribution system to the bib (not the toddler’s dribbler high chair kind) but the hose bib.  After all, people of God, it IS a great day to be ALIVE!!  To the right (leftists, it’s left of left) see the recyclable and reusable connector that a short or long hose can supply water to.

Remember, every environmental decision and action has incidental, unexpected and purposeful results.  God gave you that 3 pounds of matter between the ears.  Use it.

Recycling hints

Recycling hints: at the Beckman ranch, we recycle reverse osmosis cleansed water waste to the roses, for one.

Share some of your ideas at and they will be included!  We share everything to help each other.

At the Beckman Ranch, shower water goes to two diff grey water pits and hydrates the Lion’s Tail plant that bees love and the roses; the plants go crazy from the phosphates, etc

Garbage disposer obsoleted with a garbage pail your grandma used to have going to animals or composting  Minimal fracked natural gas use via the heater NOT being on day and night.  No central air but occasional use of an area AC.  All LED lighting.  Chickens and rabbits provide fertilizer.  All garbage possible composted and reused.

Single use plastic bags are essential and still available at HDepot or Loews.  Take a few extra, they like your business

Why? We rescue the much maligned single use plastic bags and use them (another fraud: Calif. thin plastic bags, still available from Home Depot and other honest stores, are made from high energy components of methane normally released into the atmosphere or burned off…NOT oil).  Especially with the CoVid19, too many people bring cockroaches, crumbs and norovirus with their reused cloth, even plastic bags to food, yes food markets.  Yes, these are actual foreign objects my local checkout clerks have told me they have seen.

We keep the same kids and don’t turn them in for other models.  We eat farm fresh eggs (we will share at coops and surprise clients and friends) and grow as much herbs and veggies possible. Using Harbor Freight tarps, we channel excess rain water into the pool to save water.  You can do the same coming off your eaves to fill a rain barrel, for example.

The Beckman Ranch wants to help as much as possible.  We are the neighborhood captain for helping the elderly, which is easy on a street of 8 homes.  Do GREAT!

California WASTES water and leaves the potholes.  PLUS charges us Gas Tax RATE above 35%.  Yes, 35% 44%

Unlike NorCalifornia where they routinely dump fresh crude H20, 2 trillion gallons the last 7 years, into the Pacific (so Poseidon can desalinate in Huntington Beach and resell it to us?) we are forced to conserve water.  Thus things like the PVC water distribution system. (live class with the kids once the pandemic has passed)

We work to help families dump Xavier the former Catholic Deceiver and baby killer sympatico for lying to us about God’s gift of fossil fuels: today the gas sales tax RATE was 37.2%.  Over 1/3 to the guvmint and STILL there are pot holes unfilled.  And water holes (reservoirs undug) unfulfilled.  But, trust me, the obese public sector union pension reservoirs are filled quickly from the hapless large families.

As promised, scripts on dealing with the mentally challenged AOC  DINK (dual income no kids) folks.


MultiKid Mom section..SCRIPT#101  for moms with multiple kids in line at super market (once we can go in again!)  

Set the scene: your rug rat is pulling your sneaker laces, your curtain climber up your pants leg, the purse snatcher grabbing your keys and the idiot Shitzoo owner NO kids Dual Income smarty pants couple behind you in line.

Mom putting stuff on checkout belt, minding her own business

Shitzoo Two: “M’am, don’t you know there is a population problem in the world.  Don’t you own a TV?”  They chuckle together.

Smiling multi kid mom:   “You guys just married? Congrats, love your four legged kid”

Shitzoo Two lady smirks.  Her arrogance was tighter on her face than her leggings glued to her calves.

Smiling mom continues: “No, you are right.  There are 50 countries one generation away from extinction. They aren’t having offspring and some are paying their couples to procreate.”

“We need more kids!  When your Shitzoo is dead and buried in your garden, my seven kids and 20 grandkids will be paying for your social security and MediCare to keep you alive.”

People in line now chuckle.  The Shitzoo Two non pregnant mom shouts “How dare you! I have a Prius and only have one mani pedi a week.!  And my hubby drives a zero emission Tesla too.  So there!”

Mom, moving the curtain climber into the basket seat. The clerk had asked “how many bags you wanna buy?” and mom said: “use these single use plastic bags made from natural gas waste products!”.  The clerk said “But they are from Home Depot!”.  The wise mom said: “Yup that’s my next stop”

Back at Shitzoo2:  “Honey, are you related to Alexandria OCASIOnal CORTEx User?  You appear the same age and show you have the same intelligence quotient as she does. Electricity is NOT free and must be generated for your hubby’s $100k electric cart. 

Kids ARE the wealth of America, not childlessness.  Some moms can’t have them, others choose not too.  You have to stop believing the America haters.  In fact, one third of American women, per a recent survey, are reluctant to have children due to global warming.  How insane is that?  The Regressive Leftists indoctrinate you at will with their chronic crises du jour…but honey, YOU need to give consent.”

“Your shitzoo is cute, but CO2 is not your enemy.  And Suzie shitzoo can’t give you grandkids either.”   End of Script.  Modify and personalize at will

Multi kid mom left the store, 5 of her 7 in tow, and the Shitzoo Two stood in in line in a daze.  As the sage in Cars3 put it: “The truth is the quickest way”

Speaking of God’s gift of fossil fueled cars (oil becomes 6000 products, natural gas is low polluting and driving energy costs down and clean coal)!

“Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.”  Briggs and Stratton 2 cycle ones on those rototillers and let’s make America Green again.  The real green: your garden.  Not downed planes, destroyed buildings for LEEDS redo and trains across the plains of the Atlantic Ocean.

After all, it IS a great day to be alive!

Donna Beckman Memorial Environmental Research university

Len Beckman   real estate guy, dad of 11, research director.  Your humble servant and currently clandestine Virus Hunter.  Sword of Truth and Arrows of Hope in Hand

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