AlexOC asks: “Is it okay to have children?”

Wow!  Alex, you poor thing!  At 29, you have been indoctriNated but I among others believe there is hope for you.  Outside the radical leftist bubble child world you’ve been brought up in, hope never wanes. And LIFE actually is a beautiful thing…not full of misery and selfie obsessions.

For the record, I have 11 children.  Forgive my excess, but when I scan the faces of all eleven, and their spouses and THEIR offspring, I can’t find nary a one I’d want gone. Not one, even the most difficult to raise which because of the saintly Donna their mother, proved easier than you might think. Raising 11 isn’t rocket science; it’s MUCH more but worth every moment and missed luxuries like Dr. Mary Gatter’s Lamborghini really aren’t…missed! You know the Lamborgh Diablo; it was her reward for the most kids killed in a year just in time for her Christmas bonus.

Should I send you the pics for YOU, the self-anointed government life death support specialist, to decide which American citizen must go? I can shoot a bunch around town. The teachers, scientists, homeless, kids on playgrounds, at McDs, etc.

You must have missed the investigative journalism class at Boston U, maybe David Daleiden guest presenting his Pulitzer prize level documentaries on how NOT to handle children. gives you insight IF you are able to use the interweb and watch the stuff Glenn “ConFusion GPS” the Simpsons tried to misdirect and distort. AOC, the world you are now firmly in. The Regressive Leftists collusion delusion.

You seem, in your exuberance, to have all the answers…you and 100 of your closest political allies.  Your green new dealt watermelon, like all watermelons over the centuries, is hopelessly red and lie-filled mushy on the inside.  Marxist, Stalinist, Hugoist, Castroist, Leninist, Maoist, the ist list is listlessly long on failures.  Not one successful, free country out of the bunch.  Latest is Amazonist. And AOCism. That is your legacy forever: you killed billions of $ for your district. Will you survive in 2020? Maybe.

ALEX OCASIOnal CORTEx user, you ask “Is it okay to have children?”

Your friend Gov “WrecKid” Ralph Northam recommends comfort the American citizen lying on the post surgery planned parenthood (a famous government human rationing company) table squirming and breathing. 

He coolly and efficiently asks: “Mom, we all know the Dems use vocab signalling and NEVER complete an evil abbreviation. Your right to choose, extends to which abortion tool to use; the sharp currettes didn’t do the job, so choose the ash hardwood baseball bat or Harry’s .357 magnum.” The good pediatric neurologist places the Louisville 36 ouncer and the fully loaded controlled gun on the table next to her daughter crying away.

“Honey, if you DON’T want to do diapers just yet, your woman’s right to choose is bash or blast. Great news, mom! Now that it’s out of your uterine border walls, YOU can have the satisfaction, after carrying her for 9 months, to bash her head to a pulp. Or shooting Dirty Harry’s famous .357 through your daughter’s heart. Wait, Mom. No! No! NOT THE HEART! Texas Med pays $150 for each one of those in good condition!”

In the Holocaust museums worldwide, the phrase “teachers, scientists, parents…” appear, examples of the people who were killed for being human and victims of choice. Like Jews

  Dead American girl, citizen no longer. Termination event fails, extermination follows. Take that, you pain in the assets girl! It’s for my health as a mom that you get buried before I buy the first infant comforting Simulac. Certainly, I would NEVER breast feed you as it is. Got things to do, mani pedi time to get to.

AlexOC, apparently your Econ 400 level class at Boston Indoctrinated U, entails telling Amazon, one of those nuisance successful American enterprises, to pound sand…we don’t want no stinking jobs in NY. We are ABOVE such menial things.

With toddler glee, you exclaimed “Now, with Amazon gone, I have $3 billion to do my pet projects like the Polar Express across the oceans or give away to the homeless”.  But, wait, that $3 billion was a tax waiver, and you just killed thousands of jobs and $27 billion net dollars over a decade for the bleeding leftist state of insanity, the New New York. Who taught you econ?

But what the hell do you care, Alex?  You are getting your $14,500 a month welfare tax $$ check from the swamp, plus free health care, fawning fans and all the BS you can spew and absorb.  You ask “Is it okay to have children?” while leaving your bar tending job for the cesspool, living with your white boy toy in the most exclusive digs in DC.  While demanding we middle classers give up EVERYTHING for the anointed AOCs of the world.

AlexOC, we know, historically, your SS party of slavery, secession, segregation, Semitic-hate, sectioned babies and socialism, prefers to import ACROSS borders illegal non-citizens.

Instead of allowing babies to escape AS citizens into daylight through their personal, protective uterine walls of love. These native squirmers are more valuable to the Dems as sliced up sold parts, like baby hearts and livers.

May I?  Boston Econ Indoc U doesn’t believe in God.  But, here’s a summary, bear with the truth for a moment. God created this 553 sextillion mile wide universe aeons, thousands, millions of years (pick one, it doesn’t matter) ago.  He, Patriarchal Godhead that He is, created billions of stars, planets, plants and animals, trillions of insects, but only one man and one other human being, that has a striking resemblance to you Alex: woman named Eve.

Forgive my fellow adults: we failed you.  You are the perfect proof that public higher education, universitas no longer, is bankrupt.  You are the perfectly indoctrinated mouthpiece for the chicken little crowd, that there’s only 12 years to go before fossil fuels explode like a time bomb around the globe.  We die and misery, depression no longer.

AlexOC, your world and my world are sadly different.  I believe God knew what He was doing and still does.  I shout daily: “It IS a great day to be alive” and look forward to the blessings, yes with the challenges, but I don’t wander daily the DCesspool with Meathead, Kamala the Pirate, Killthebrand, Fauxcahontas and other clowns you are forced to caucus with seeing death, misery, earth is melting, hopelessness that requires the anointed to tax the other 99.9%ers, the deplorables, into oblivion.  That’s me and my 11 and many others who must live with your pronouncements.

You see, before insanity broke out, God started with only one of each gender and sex: one male and one female.  Through this first couple, all nine billion currently on this 3rd rock from the sun came to be. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, procreated to their hearts content, filled the earth with babies who grew up and had more.  There’s plenty of land, air and resources for billions more, UNLESS you are a Dem 2020 candidate for Prez.

Alex, you see God entrusted children to you and me, to human beings, to keep the race running.  Boston Med wasn’t on your class list, but each of these beings started with one solitary cell, that over 280 days, somehow grew to 35-70 TRILLION cells, ORGANized into tissues, orders, systems and incredibly complex yet beautifully more.  Oh, and the organs the Soylent Green Dr Mengeles today harvest for resale, sold to TexasUmed at $150 per heart and YaleMed for $715 for a black head.

If you took non-Indoctrination anatomy, you’d be amazed, maybe in shock, at the level of infinitely incredible complexity making a human being is.  Your caucusers disagree; they joined so many in the Senate that killing a kid OUTSIDE of a mother is legally killing an American citizen, pulling a Gosnell. As it is, 44 Demonrats sided with hell and agree that killing an American citizen is AOK, AOC, as long as just the doctor of death and the mommy is in the room to witness the bat or Dirty Harry Magnum.

Someone your age, but certainly missed the brain drain you faced Alex, Lila Grace Rose, tweeted:

“Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders Kirsten Gillibrand Kamala Harris Amy Klobuchar Cory Booker ALL just voted “NO” against MEDICAL CARE FOR BABIES WHO SURVIVE ABORTION. Infants. Babies crying for help. By default, they voted for infanticide. The 2020 Dem Candidates for Prez of USA”    3:30 PM – 25 Feb 2019

The prophet Mother Theresa spoke these words: “We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, of killings, of war, of hatred. If a mother can kill her own child, what is left but for us to kill each other?”

Alex, take a moment, and THINK for once.  You are ok with killing someone who looks like you.  OR destroying her parents ability to produce, to keep their wealth, raise their families…you even question, whether having children is ok?   Alex use your Cortex occasionally, having children IS ok!!

The government cannot create babies…only destroy them. 

Look at that Feb 25 “To kill or not to kill” Senate vote: ALL Dem Senators, 44% of the Senate, except Casey, Jones and Manchin, voted to joyfully kill vulnerable American citizens.  Like the Roman Senate, the Dems voted to leave the newborn child for Romulus and Remus to watch die.  Or in the Demonrat (Judge Jeannine’s words) lexicon, an American citizen, defenseless on a table, needs to die to please the morally bankrupt conscienceless crowd.  Now defined as the woman’s right to choose a bash or blast for her child. Duckworth called the kid a “playbook” no less.

You musta ditched other classes, like natural resource management.

  When God was ticked off at the world, He deluged it with water (except for those 8 on the boat Noah built over 120 years) and REcreated it on a massive, continental shifting level.  The organics that were drowned and buried, which you hate most passionately, the fossils became fuels under hyper pressure. 

Gifts we discovered just a century or so ago, the massive benefits they can accrue a grateful and innovative world. Ever hear that as a Boston undergrad? Fossil fuels ARE a natural Gift from a loving God.

Today, except in your rarified air taxed world, fracked natural gas, clean coal and that most hated substance that 6000 products come from, oil, are the energy engines that keep our families successfully alive, blessed by tremendous innovation that your leftist regressives want to destroy. One molecule by carbon dioxide molecule…

Alex, you and your Red inside and Green Machine communist Demonrats, hate good.  Other than at the bar, you’ve never worked to live, nor live to work. They must be godless, because they hate LIFE. Living girls, enslaved and shackled, hacked into harvested plantation livers, hearts, hair follicles and other parts.

You hate that trace miracle gas, CO2, that God created for YOUR GOOD!  In case Boston U doesn’t have hard science classes, atmospheric physics or other areas where leftist tenure ideologue profs can screw even more up, the gas carbon dioxide, mixes with the liquid water and the solidly important sunlight, the threesome, together FEEDS the WORLD.

This is called photosynthesis.  I know, it’s harder to read than sustainable, habitat and climate change, but it is NOT “pollution” like those SCOTUS folks called it.

In the real world, only ONE CO2 molecule for every 2500 others (nitrogen, oxygen, argon etc.

Alex, point of fact, the world despite our struggles is just fine.  You need not see everything half empty, full of hot air on top.  Did you know that, in every 2500 air molecules (like nitrogen, oxygen, argon etc.) there is only ONE, uno, singular, ONE CO2 molecule.  In math: 1:2500.  Fear not Alex, that one molecule won’t melt the ceiling off your Navy Yard penthouse.

It’s not all your fault, Alex.  Even my Church, buys into the idea that climate change is bad and/or man’s fault. Women exempted of course. We have these cute enviromental interfaith groups that deify man over God.

Climate has changed since the dawn of time; but the genius of the Dem party science division is, they morphed away from man made CO2 and global warming to ‘climate change’ which like sun shine and wind blow, occurs naturally.  In fact, climate change is more regular than solar panelists and windmillers want to admit about their fave areas.

Alex, I hope it’s not too late for you.  Every child is a wanted, not hunted child.  Every life is precious, even though 44% of your Demonrat Senators stood up for their god satan and not the real Godhead Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 44 Dem Senators believe American citizens can be exterminated and executed, as long as two people agree to the human sacrifice of a living, crying child. RoeVWade on steroids.

If 12 years from now, life ends on the planet, it will be God’s not man’s choice.  Jesus can come back at any time,but please help your party of  destruction to see the light.

Stalin, Marx, Hitler, Chavez, Castro, Mao, the list is long, are all people and God haters who are dead and moth eaten.  AlexOC, don’t go down in history as a one termer socialist anti-American success killer.  I wish you knew my wife Donna before she went home to God early at age 48; she would have been the best mentor possible.   Not sure where your parents were in your upbringing, but the brainwash was successful IF you hate humanity and the world God has entrusted to us.  But if you value freedom, the American Dream, the Constitution, living life successfully not sucking on the government breast or shackled to the neo-plantation of planned parenthoodlums, you will go to a deprogramming rehab program.  NOW!

Unfortunately, indoctrination, like most cancers, are difficult to stop. Such as the idea that children are NOT needed.  Trust us, Alex.  They are. Even you, in your ignorant bliss, are precious. Your boy toy who services your sexual wants may grow up and ask for your hand (and body) in marriage; at least unlike age 29 Kamala the Pirate, you aren’t servicing an age 60 Slick Willie Brown while he’s under marital contract with Blanche.

Notwithstanding, one hopes you will embrace motherhood someday, like you want no cars or planes, and levitation trains over the waves, $32 trillion spent to destroy America via full confiscation of the private sector. We call this primitive retrospective, Luddism, Alex. Great example of one of your heros, Mr. Un: he took the 60 hour train ride from Pyongyang the 1714 miles to Hanoi, because he hates jets. Your president flew on one of those machines you want gone, AirForce 1, the 8286 miles in 1/3 that time, from your home, DCesspool to Hanoi.

Alex, sadly, you are frozen in indoctrination limbo. Your elite mentality will not be your best suit. Mahr calls it spatial geographic divide; the flyover folks are jealous to be hipsters, Hollywierd anointed and government welfare legislators. Chef Boyardee vs Puck. High tax NYC (no Amazon billion$) vs states like Texas and cities that don’t crowd both coasts.

Farthest from the truth. We are successful and happy DESPITE governance by the self appointed smart people you believe your Green New Dealers have become. Alex, someday you will realize, government is NOT the solution: it IS the problem as Ronald Reagan pointed out. The scariest words in the English American language is: “I’m from the government and I am here to help”. No thanks, Alex. Collect your $174,000 and leave us in the private sector, alone. EVERYTHING (except the military and a few exceptions) you touch is anything but gold: you now have the Poopile touch. Look no farther than San Francisco crap atlases and needle points warning zones. We don’t need another 93 trillion dollars extracted for the latest Regressive Leftist corruption as you and your ilk look down at us serfs from your ivory towers or the lit top of the Capitol building.

Alex, children ARE the lifeblood of a healthy country. Our born citizens should not be fodder for Kamala the Pirate’s pimps at the National Abortion Federation and PP who paid $82,000 for the quid pro quo she gave them raiding Mr Daleiden’s small apartment with 11 goons armed and butt bumping looking for HIS intellectual investigative journalist property. Her sidekick and follower, Xavier the Deceiver not only stole more of our gas money (37% gas tax RATE), he loves dead girls as long as they aren’t one of his daughters. AND indicted the most important reporter of the century 15 times for doing justice and exposing the truth. That human children ARE human, not slaves to be harvested for their sold separately parts.

Children ARE our future; they are priceless, Alex. Priceless. But, like Kamala, we have found YOUR price. And it isn’t pretty.

Words of wisdom from a beautiful saint.

As in my 11 kid household, there is ALWAYS room for one more. And, something one hopes you learn there IS a God and “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. Jesus died for you, not as the indoctrinated ideologue you have become, but as a child of the Living God He wants to be happy for infinity…and beyond.


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