AOC! Never again. EVER!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is paid $177,000 a year to represent the 14th NY Congressional district with its Queens and Bronx citizens. Recently, the poor dear almost had a heart attack when confronted with a garbage disposal switch, but she is always ready to preach at us. Be it the inane reparations idiocy, Commie Red Greenie stuff or now cut from whole cloth, calling the generous US attempt to feed, house and clothe gate crashers who lack the courtesy to wait in line to gain entrance to the freeest land on earth by the usual: National Socialists or Nazis. Hmm. Talk about calling a black heart spade a spade.

Her 160 year old death party battles to keep the walls off the border, no fences, desiring anyone, whether a Guatemalan family or sub Saharan African Islamist, the right to rush in.

AOC, please use your God given brain for once: an ISIS guy carrying biotoxins or other mass murder materials is someone you don’t want in the Bronx. Even Queens. Yes, Boston econ grad, you hate new jobs, 25,000+ and legend in your own mindlessnes kept Amazon out the means for your 14th to truly THRIVE, but do you really want biologics seasoning your DC salad brought here courtesy of the Hate America crowd that still worship Osama, son of Laden?

AOC’s comment is interesting: ” This administration has established concentration camps on the southern border of the United States for immigrants, where they are being brutalized with dehumanizing conditions and dying. This is not hyperbole. It is the conclusion of expert analysis”

Expert analysis? Like your tenured leftist universitas professors and your brain washed fellow students. Sergio and Blanca may be proud of their daughter AOC, but one wishes they had protected her, actually educated her and kept her out of the public indoctrination concentration camps system. “Never Again” are not the words to be bandied about blissfully. In fact, she insults 6-10 million dead ’40s Poles, Jews, handicapped, gypsies and others. AOC, you have two ears to go with your large eyes, but only one mouth. Close it for a moment and listen. And learn. You don’t know everything; neither do the other two of the three musketeer freshmen congresswomen who hate America.

This dad of 11 has some credentials. I am Polish & German; AOC is a sadly ignorant and heavily indoctrinated leftist twenty something. I doubt if AOC, in her superficials obsessed world has ever been to ground zero of hell. I have and it changed me, and the teens that were with me.

One of my special possessions is a poster i bought in Oswiecim, Poland that screams the phrase that clueless AOC co-opted whimsically:

“Never Again”.

Where is Oswiecim? It is the local Polish name for the renamed German concentration death camp known as Auschwitz~Berkinau where I bought this image back in 2005 on a World Youth Day pilgrimage to Cologne, Germany.

Auschwitz-Berkinau poster bought at the Holocaust museum in Oswiecim Poland

Embossed into the poster is the body of a concentration camp victim; over the years, I added a preborn child hanging in a onesie. The phrase “Auschwitz warns” are repeated throughout. When i purchased it at the Holocaust Museum in Poland, i also visited the real “concentration” cell of St Maximilian Kolbe, who was joined by 90 other victims in a 10×10 foot cell.

To stay alive, Max and his cell mates had to continuously walk around, passing Ocasio-nally the crude toilet to relieve themselves. They feasted on next to nothing for they were destined for ‘concentrated’ death.

I’ll bet, the DC apartment that surrounds AOC’s scary garbage disposal is bigger than that, for her and AOC’s unmarried stable mate. Certainly about as big as Maryland’s Adam & Eve Schiff’s 650sf crash pad in the People’s Republic of Burbank.

If Sergio and Blanca’s soon to be 30 year old on Oct 13th took the time, she could travel to actually experience what the real Holocaust was about. She could even just go to the DC Holocaust Museum to see what “Never Again” is all about.

If AOC makes it to Poland’s museum, she will notice bins of hair, suitcases and strollers. When the Jews and Poles were trained, not on the DC Amtrak route she never uses (greenies love to fly and brag), but into the Oswiecim relabeled train station, ALL the possessions and valuables were taken from them, told they needed to take a shower before entering the “work” camp.

Mexicans, Guatamalens, Chinese and terrorists who use kids as tokens in Texas aren’t stripped of their belongings; they are housed as humanely possible, fed and “processed”. AOC would be less the idiot if she just shut up more and got better staffers who allowed her to think; after all, she’s not hooked up to the Matrix

In Auschwitz, the showers progressed to being cyanide body washings. Other than the coyotes repeated raping of the 12 year olds the cartels send to the Democrat caused border bunkrooms, no illegal alien has their gold teeth extracted. In Poland in the 40s, this was the next step after the train riders were gassed BEFORE they were incinerated. At least AOC’s satanist surgeons cut out hearts and livers from the preborn 14th D future voters before the baby waste products were burned, buried or reused.

Ever see John Candy taking a handful of gold ingots from a 55 gallon barrel in Monuments Men? The 3rd Reich war effort shaved and saved the hair AND the gold teeth for future use. Neither body ornaments are extracted from the illegal alien gate crashers.

AOC, do you wonder what your fave concentration camp directors at Planned Parenthood do with the preborn baby parts they extract from your constituent bodies? You know of whom i speak; your classmates at Boston U, your neighborhoodies in the Bronz and those who partake in the Woman’s Rite to Choose Death for Her Child are more similar to the concentration campers of the 40s than your big mouth pronouncements of the Border Camps the US generously has set up, IN SPITE of the Demonrats refusal to legislate. AOC pontificates while the country suffers.

Miss Ocasional Cortex User, please realize you have two ears and one pie hole. Start getting help, go to an Indoctrination Anonymous PTSD center and retrieve your three pound brain module. It might be on file at the Boston U economics dept. Or maybe Gavel Granny, Gavin the Grabber’s aunt Pelosi, has it in her office.

But, comparing your Dem self-inflicted but easily solved (if you wanted them solved, which you don’t) border problems with Margaret Sanger’s, founder of Planned parenthoodlums LLC, fave protege, Adolf Hitler and his evil is disingenuous. I know, I know, a long word not in the LGBTxyz dictionary of leftist approved vocabulatory entries.

Your most recent imbecilic comment: “ Kids are dying in cages on our border. Families are being put in “freezers” & “dog pounds.” The cages belong to Barry Sotero, renamed like Walter Wilhem to Barack Hussein Obama; remember the classic picture happened during his anti American run. And true to your hero Hillary’s Alinsky love affair, you constantly accuse the good and innocent of that which your party of slavery, secession, segregation, Semitichate, etc. do constantly. Like all good bullies, you lie, cheat and steal. IF AOC was a woman of integrity, a true stateswoman, there would be hope. But her party of the demons refuses truth.

AOC, you represent Queens and Bronxians. Not, Mexican aliens, Michigan Islamist terrorists (That’s the job of somalian first termers) or me. Do your job or get out. Certainly, your “Never AGain’ blather should get you censured or expelled, but you own Nancy’s gavel and don’t give a damn about America. Just power lust and learning how to use your garbage disposal DC unit. It’s obvious: the sanitation public labor unions are not as strong in the District as in New York; in fact, New York removes all the rubble: it kills off MORE black kids than are born; ask AOC’s mentor Maggie for details. But black complexioned people make up 12% of the US population but they are killed off 33% of the time in the planned parenthoodlum re-purposing satanist surgical heart transplant not labor and delivery kill mills. After all, the Queen of Concentration Campers AOC must know: the 150 year run of the Demonrats includes a lot of ssss: Slavery, Secession, Segregation, Semitic (IE Jew baby hate) depersonalization; Sliced & Dice Sallys and Sams, and the usual slave reparations resurgence, even though black on black, black on white, multi-cultural slavery has historical proof. Long before Dems supported MexiTels enslaved and raped girls being used as “concentration camper hoax” on the Tex-Mex border.

NEVER AGAIN mistake 10 million 1940s deaths in 10 countries over 12 years for your Demonrat created mess, AOC. Unless you wake up and realize, the 61 million dead preborn kids your death merchant party have harvested over the last 44 years, 14 of which years you were NOT of this world yet. Then in Indoctrination U.

Now there is a concentration death camp you could champion: ending the killing of 33% of the blacks in America and the systemic killing of your cultural Latinx babies that, if kept alive, could become a garbage disposal fearing rep from the Bronx in 2045 or so. Just like you. Kudos for your hustle of a presumptive white Dem dude in the 14th.

But then, Dems LOVE dead babies and their hearts sold for $150 each to Texas U or $715 per Yale Med. Ahh, the Dem Woman’s Rite to Choose Death lives on as the latest little ‘h’ holocaust of the last five decades. 2 billion and counting, as if they were McDonald’s hamburgers.

Replacing the indoctrination fill of years of leftist tenured wacky Boston professors of Marxian economics is a delicate task. Someone mark the garbage disposal switch PLEEEze

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