Missing the target on guns and knives

I sent out a tweet regarding the third mass killing tragedy over a week. First there’s the leftist agendized mental case in Dayton killing of 9 (My son, Daughter in Law and two grandkids home town)

“Make me a channel of your peace.  Where there is hatred, let me so love”~the former Giovanni of Assisi

Next, the El Paso traveling hit man kills 20+ international shoppers in The Pass/El Paso.

Third notorious mass killer was a robber in the OC Garden Grove zone.  Multiple robberies via kitchen knife, who was released though a seasoned repeat criminal because of the notorious AB109 “Get out of jail early or free” law.

Prostiticians and real people are tripping over each other asking “Why?”

The Tweet was “Latest Mass Knifing kills 4!
Need Knife Control NOW&universal backGround checks: if owner cannot cut steak&chicken well, confiscate!
Trump visits Orange Cnty victims.
WORST since ’94: avg 8,000 died each day x 100 Rwandans. Machetes killed 800K. NO MORE Machs NOW!”

My fellow Americans and sojournors toward heaven, we are missing the target on guns and knives.  Not even hitting an outer ring at 50 yards, with arrow or projectile.  Recall, the Dem owned media called SUVs the evil mass killer in the 90s and not the accidental running over of a human not equipped with steel and rubber wheels.  Foolishly ascribing sentient abilities to a half ton people wagon.

IF IT’S THE TOOL OR WEAPON WE BAN WHENEVER DEATH TO A HUMAN OCCURS, we’d have to ban water, trees, knives, currettes, bats and baseballs, abandoned comfortably…CAFE standards, Smart Cars and even SUVS.  We must be wise and begin where the weapon control function resides: in the mind of evil, resident in humans not steel.

The problem of quantity killings is multi-faceted, but the solutions are out there.  First step is to stop the agendized drippings uttered by prostiticians everywhere.  The Ohio and Texas families welcomed Trump because he came to express the nation’s grief; you may not like to hear this but he is the most pro-life president since Reagan.  He takes no salary, has at least 300 accomplishments hidden BY the Dem owned media, but this piece isn’t about Trump:  it’s about you and I.trump on life

In April 1994 onward, 800,000 human beings were ‘macheted’ to death over 100 day in Rawanda.  Hutus didn’t like the Tutsis so voila.

No gun powder or H2O.  The 800,000 victims are just as dead as the El Paso shoppers or Dayton bar hoppers.  The Dayton perp’s sister will not rise at her funeral, dying like Abel did at the hands of Cain in the early days of humanity on earth.

When we remove the emotionalism & prostiticians and look sensibly, one bullet would have saved 3 of the Garden Grove victims of if it launched from a trained cop or concealed carry citizen.  3 to live out their lives for 30, 50 years.

Or a plainclothes armed security guard at the El Paso WalMart, would have keep some of the 20 on earth not buried six feet down.

First, we must use our brains on this.  ANYTHING can be used as a tool OR a weapon.  The primary problem is well-formed consciences, critical thinkability to realize that human beings are precious people, not potential targets.  This is something a generation of indoctrination has put at risk.

This third quantity killing in a series is a good start of real discussion and hope for change.

  A currette (in my list above) is a sharp spoon shaped knife; like a scalpel it is SHARP and cuts through humans and human flesh easily.  Unfortunately, the currette is responsible for more dead humans that all other tools/weapons on earth, including Howitzers and handguns.

At least 30 million of the 61.5 million dead at or before birth kids died because a sharp tool, the currette, was used to carve them out of their mothers. 

But, have you seen any background check protests for satanic surgeons employed by Sanger’s militant Soldiery at planned parenthood?  Or Currette Control; thankfully we are getting close to Abortion Free Zones in some places because, well, kids are humans that differ from moms and you y me in ‘age, location and size’.  NOTHING ELSE! 

Defenseless, vulnerable and diverted away by Democlish.  Speaking of this alien language of Democlish, Virginia’s Dr Gov. ‘WrecKid” Ralph Northam said when the kid comes out alive, we let her die on the table BUT we keep her comfortable.  Like an SUV, death by comfort, apparently.  Hellish, diabolic but the Media?  Asleep and complicit.

Certainly we can’t look to the regressives, NOT the Democrat 20 Prez or AOCrew leadership, with the platform they stand on boasting of a termite ridden plank euphemistically called “reproductive rights”.

Second, we must agree to start speaking in whole sentences AND in English again.  Real English, not Spanglish or Democlish.   It’s bad enough, even with $686,000 per 40 kid classroom PER YEAR we get 78% grad rates and 35% Math&English proficiency rates from LA unified, but adults with much to hide misdirect and disguise their evil works.

A “woman’s right to choose…” is an incomplete sentence: it really is “A woman’s right to choose death for her child” or a “mother’s right to kill her kid”.  Mature, sentient adults are able to Speak the truth completely and concisely.  Those of us who abhor senseless deaths ALLOW the other “side” to control the societal language and thus the debate.

Why?  Because incomplete phrases as the Democlish speakers use them, weaponizes “lying” and bullying with words.

Abortion is a surgical procedure, not a human being or animal, which have a varied array of basic rights.

Abortion has no right, nor does Mr or Mrs Reproduction.  Humans have rights, just as American citizens have the inalienable right of life, liberty and property. 

Property was labeled “pursuit of happiness” in the 1770s for our founding document because slave states would not okay “private property” as an inalienable right.  Sad thing is, they became the party of slavery at that time and remain the same today in a more viral iteration.  Seen a Dem 10 debate recently?

As to rights, the Independence Declaration has them in order of priority…for SURVIVAL and a free and covenant nation.

There is no pursuit of happiness OR private property without liberty.  And these, liberty, property and happiness pursuit, are archaic past, without the right to live.

You can’t be FREE if you are DEAD, except in the sense you are FREE to live eternally with Jesus and His companions in heaven.

What is missing, to secure our blessed land, is something that is dangerously absent: a formed conscience in too many of our Next Generation.

One listen to the 30 year old Alexandria Ocasio(nal) Corte(x user), AOC on any day that ends with a “y” should give you concern that education died and indoctrination thrives at too many universities these days.  But there is hope.

And what is FUNDAMENTAL to a formed conscience, is the ability to see morality, right and wrong that we know the Truth, instinctively without reservation.  To see that 75 trillion celled being in front of you, whether one of the two God designed genders, male and/or female, as worthy of life and kindness.

Those that speak Democlish (Democrat English) love anarchy’s ace Alinsky; they love power and hate America.  Sadly,  not every mature adult sees this.

61.5 million dead Americans are gone for good, just as the 32 people who collectively died in Garden Grove, El Paso and Dayton.  NOT mentioned are the 7 of 53 SHOT in Chicago on a typical bloody weekend in the Windy City. 

For legitimate comparison, while the DeMedia hysteria bubbling, 32 people died at Planned Parenthood TODAY…and everyday…in the Orange County Tustin @ 22fwy kill mill.  No background checks, no weaponized evil doctor control, just organic parts disguised as property disguised as living human beings. With the WrecKid Ralph bonus of “it’s ok to kill a girl outside the mom as long as no one else sees you doing it” at a licensed corner killing field facility.

That brutal murderer Stalin called genocide a statistic and an individual death a tragedy. As desensitized to the truth and reality we are becoming, there is too much truth in these words. 800,000 Rawandans, 6 million Jews, 61.5 Million American children. All dead needlessly serving the one master, the devil. Remembered as statistics, not vibrant humans living awesome lives. ALL just because someone else had more power, not the moral right, to use machetes, cyanide and/or spoon knives to kill them completely.

Just how diabolic it is, riddle me this: What’s the only difference between harvesting gold and hair from dead Jews versus harvesting baby hearts and livers from any faith, color or nationality dead kids? Answer?

About 75 years.

Ridiculous is the latest regressive leftist claim that Trump is Hitler signalling white supremacists and nationalists with half mast 8/8 Heil Hitler. Frank Figliuzzi, an NBC ‘contributor’, thinks Trump is signalling Hitler’s followers. Uhm, he was serious. The guy who defends both Israel and rabidly anti-anti-Semitic cowards is called Adolph.

Yes H is #8 in the alphabet, but then God is about living symbols in many ways: “He who has wisdom…”.

And the mainly regressive left is great at misdirection, bypassing the truth for their kaleidoscope ideological shifts. God creates two genders, they manufacture 100. Ironically, Jesus’ name, in the Greek, correlates to 888, since Greek and Hebrew have cardinal numbers attached to the letters. 8 is the number of rebirth, resurrection and new life. Circumcision occurs on the 8th day; 8 survived in the Ark, the 8th note is similar to the 1st with harmonics.

Like the rainbow was co-opted for a flag, and that joyous Christmas word gay subbed in for a sexual lifestyle, evil continues to diss God any way it can. It answers creation with abortion, marriage of a man and woman with divorce, and onward.

Let me end with this: do NOT buy in to the miscreants, the America haters, the satan sellers, those who shout “Racism” at every turn.

We are NOT a racist country, though you can’t control 100% of the people 100% of the time. Some people will think and do stupid, because someone is old, young, short, black, white or green and different than them. News at 11 folks: EVERY single human being IS different. No matter if a domestic terrorist with AntiFa or a prostitician or parent.

It IS a great day to be alive, to BKind…to 4Give… to B4Given. 99.9% of the problems in the world are remediable IF we engage the other, look at that human near us as just that: a sentient human. Talk to them, discuss, be kind and grateful, no matter EVEN if they are BLACK! After all, there were white AND black slaves AND white and black slave owners. Still today, yes. Reparations? Give me a break.

So, before you join the picket line screaming, “Confiscate ALL the dangerous world waters!” or better, ban assault knives! You know the ones that are longer than 4 or 6 inches and really have no real application like cooking.

Of course, machetes are not just used by MS13 gang rats: also, by farmers to cut jungle growth or crops. To one, it feeds his family; the other, it’s a gang initiation or Islamist demonstration in which a human’s head is severed. Truth be told, that black head that YaleMed paid $715 for (proven from Freedom of Information Act disclosure), was severed by an AMA certified medical surgeon who works for Sanger’s militia, PP.

It’s not the tool or the weapon; it’s the human using it. Indoctrination MUST stop; re-education and true education commence. ALL human life is precious and the innocent among us must be protected. Isn’t 61,500,000 dead human AMerican children enough for the Democrat party plank, as rotten and termite eaten as it is?

Meanwhile, Beto, Biden & Blasio can make all the noise they want. They stand on the dead carcasses of two generations of children. Meanwhile, instead of defending the kids, they demand MORE background checks on all private gun sales, they do none on knife sales, even baby sales drawn and quartered by the fave Dem donors.

Speaking of weapons, insane, is SB24. This Taxifornia’s college mom baby killing initiative MUST be defeated.

College is a time of learning, building one’s critical thinking abilities, meeting others you agree AND disagree with. NOT a place to just get pregnant then have your kid killed, sold as parts and you go on with your miserable life. Never mentioned is You BECOME a miserable collegian, ladies, because abortion is NOT a victimless crime: it kills your kid AND slices off a real part of your heart and soul. For a lifetime.

But, like the deceivers singling out various tools used as weapons, they won’t tell you this as they post you on a table and shove an assault curved currette up your privates to remove all evidence of the child within, cutting out the whole child and half your heart. And mom, understand this, whether a teen or 30 something: the other half of your heart WILL be disabled for the rest of your life unless you seek good post abortive counsel, confession and wise loving family and friends. Even then, the hollowness will haunt you a little or too often, way too much.

“Let us work together to build a culture that cherishes human life” Hat tip to POTUS. Constantly blaming knives, water and .22s may make the superficial happy, it will do nothing about changing the indoctrinated souls of millions. Much work to be done, but necessary. Len (revised)

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