Fr. Rocky even a square circle is NOT impossible with God

Fr. Rocky, funny thing happened on the way to the pledge…maybe, creating a Madrid that even Nancy can’t lift, let alone God, is impossible…

But not a square circle.

The Beauty of Catholic apologetics is just how much we DON’T know about God and His Church, His 500+ sextillion mile wide universe..and yet we can marvel at His wondrous creative works. Miracles NEVER cease and are more prevalent, in these last days, than one thinks.

As a cradle Cath dad of 11, I have seen dramatic miracles often, at least 11 times, including one just days after the mother of my brood went to heaven 49 days short of 49 years the day after Jesus’ mom’s birthday. 9/9 thus the $99 donation to keep relevant radio alive.

Each of these eleven incredible kids, if you sort out their respective 37-75 trillion cells of enthusiasm, joy, sorrows, pains, etc. IS a masterpiece…as are you, Fr Rocky AND your diligent defenders of the faith and the faithful. Including a perfectly ‘liftable’ Patrick M who despite 11 pregnancies, has kept his shape and weight well.

For example, the Square Circle or Circle Square comparison. There is a large object at the center of the world that defies complete explanations, studied for centuries by the likes of Isaac Newton & others that has this quality you call impossible. And I believe it is a timeless and living Catholic artifact like the Tilma of John James and Fr. Spitzer’s beloved (and mine) Shroud of Jerusalem, Edessa & Turin. Just three Catholic sacramentals, living symbols of God’s plan.

Why did God design and/or build this magnificient relic; the ONLY wonder of the ancient world still extent? A foreshadowing of Mary, maybe? And her Son?

Go to the center of the world and find this big thing. Measure one of its apparent four sides, you get 9,131 inches. So its linear outline, ie circumference, is 4 times that number or 36524 inches. Not 36525 but 36524 inches. Odd thing, this Catholic artifact with its base, maps out the perfect year that we must leap every 4 with a day: 365.24 days in a solar year. How we doing Fr Spitzer so far? So, calendar time is built into the base of this first and only remaining wonder of the ancient world.

Once covered with 144,000 super hard limestone mirror stones, the height of this artifact is 5813 inches. Times two you get 11,626 if continued to its peak (it was designed to have a flat top, no Pharoah golden capstone brag piece. ) Think about this: all the other Egyptian pyramids were built for human remains, human “coffins”. Not the GPG

God the math whiz created geometry, analytical and otherwise and math. If i asked my Thomas Aquinas college grad master in math Nathan, he’d say hmmm. Divide the circumference by twice the height (circum ference or “around the perimeter) and you get 3.1415. Circumference=2 Pi R

Wait, Beckman, you stink as a minor Catholic archeological apologist. How the heck can a hunk of rock be a square circle or that important in Jewish2Catholic salvation history? You tell me. The rock Moses struck twice cost him a trip INTO the Promised Land of Israel. Peter IS a rock, Cephas. Rock on…speaking of Fr Rocky.

Fr. Rocky and immovable object Patrick M, get this: it seems the Giza Necropolis’ main attraction was built into Holy Scripture. I think it should be a part of Catholic tradition, like the Assumption or IN-n_out or Chick Fil “never on Sunday” A. Or most importantly, Taco Tuesday. Sorry, LeBron, Taco Tuesday belongs to Pat’s Taco team.

But, seriously, GPG STILL is the most accurate compass on earth, especially sitting at the center of the world and perfectly aligned with the N/E/W/S cardinal directions. North et al. After thousands of years, it varies only 3 seconds of arc from true North. Even our best recent observatories are less precise than an object almost 5000 years old. Or billions for the atheistic “desperate for time to mutate” evolutionists.

The seasonal pledge season is over and my $99 in honor of Donna, sainted yes, and my new bride Mary of Torrance I married on the 8th (DATE of Mary’s Emancipation Conception immaculately and her Bday) at of all places Nativity church. So my challenge for Patrick d’ Madrid and the other fine apologists to see up close and personal my nominee for admission to Catholic living symbol tradition: Google Map Giza Pyramid and notice.

Dig deeper and note this square circle was built before the drizzle err massive 40 day deluge from above and below that reformed the continents with 8 humans in the Ark of the Rains Covenant that resulted in a rainbow. Before the rainbow was co-opted by the gender ideology industry, a theory of human development straight out of the fallen angels’ furnace. No more water destruction of the earth. The vapor canopy is gone. A great book to read in your spare time, “The Waters Above”.

We had the STURP commission; maybe it’s time for the GIZA relic team to head to the center of the world.

Beckman, what’s this “center of the world” stuff? It’s molten iron down there. Padouin learner, NOT of the earth, but of the “world”.

Draw a line horizontally touching the MOST LAND possible and bisect it with a line vertically touching the most terra firma and you get two points: one in the ocean (not suitable for a 39 acre altar or pillar or pyramid) and it’s current location.

The slope of the pyramid (51 degrees, 52+/-2 minutes) helps it, the world’s largest object, have zero carbon lit footprint: on the first day of spring (the day of 8’s, the day of rebirth, renewal and rejuvenation) at high noon there is ZERO shadow.

NO ONE was buried in the Giza hotel. No pharaoah: it is the master, the arcetype for the cheaper imitations.

Although there is a solid rectangular granite box that matches the dimensions of David’s Ark of the Covenant inside. Wouldn’t it be a leap (or maybe not), this ark sized coffin (a corner has been chiseled away by Arabian and other souvenir seekers, similar to those who have taken most of the 144,000 cover stones)

It’s the only pyramid that has passages UNDER ground. And an ASCENDING passage into the Queen and King’s Chamber. THere’s a 70 ton single piece of granite in the King’s Chamber that could not have been brought in: it had to be inside and the pyramid built around it. 20 ton stones, cemented with an unknown formula even today.

In fact the descending passage has just a circle scored in the rock AND an inch (like a map scale symbol) called the pyramid or sacred Jewish inch.

The angle as measured is 26 degrees 18 minutes 9.63 seconds north of east.

When plotted from the Giza “compass”, it draws a line across the Solomonic pillars marking the Exodus and more important, crosses the House of Bread sometimes called Beth’Lehem. Often called the “Christ angle” by non aluminum hat wearing crystallogists, on the day of rebirth, you can watch the sun rise over Jesus’ birth city and at high noon, no shadow as if at one time it was a beacon. Len the crackpot? Well, look at Isaiah 19:19-20; before the 144,000 mirror stones were removed in the 6th century (after an earthquake made it a quarry of sorts) like a Home Depot depot to be used for minarets and mosques, it’s maximum light (only object visible from the moon) made it a pillar of light. And it’s max brightness at noon, visible from hundreds of miles away, on the first day of the season of rebirth, Spring.

Isaiah 19:19-20 is an interesting reference to the Giza prime pyramid, not the two seconds on the Giza plateau “In that day, there will be an altar to the Lord in the heart of Egypt and a monument to the Lord at its border.” (19)

GPG is flat topped, about 30 sq feet of real estate that could be a monument, even an altar? Designed with the capstone ie cornerstone missing. Exactly where is Jesus to return to?

“It will be a sign and a witness to the Lord Almighty in the land of Egypt.

God has left clues since Creation.

When they cry out to the Lord because of their oppressors, He will send them a Saviour and Defender, and He will rescue them”

We keep discovering stuff about this pile of rocks. Its slope that matches the curvature of the earth, was discovered in the 1940s. Global average temp of 68 degrees. It has not moved in millennia, since it was built in 2623 before Christ, noting that it sits on a flat but massive granite mountain. Some scholars see it as a time map (don’t go conspiratorial on me) with each pyramid Jewish inch per year. Tolerances between each 20-70 ton stone about the diameter of a human hair.

17 (the number of “victory” in Scripture) steps up to the entrance, 344 feet to the end of the passage, intersecting at the ascending passage, all with precision. Only image in the passage is a scored line about 2141bc, the same year light from the North Star shown all the way down the 344 foot passage. 2007 was the other year recorded this happened. Subject for another time.

And the corner/capstone is missing. Actually NEVER there, designed maybe for a later time? Recently discovered, GPG is actually 8 sided, with each of the 4 prominent sides having unique indents doubling the faces.

As any Catholic apologist worth his or her salt will tell you, Jesus’ number is the number 8. Since Hebrew and Greek assign numbers to each of its letters, Jesus comes out to be 888. No 666 with this Savior: 8 most often in Scriptures shows rebirth or renewal (regarding sound, the 8th whole note is a ‘repeat’ or harmonic of the 1st, basically “renewing” at the octave; 8 survived the cataclysmic planet reconfiguring flood, the 8th day of the week is Sunday, 8 days after the Palms was the Resurrection, rebirth/circumcision occurred on the 8th day etc.).

Could it be a Catholic altar? Odd thing, there’s an inverted pyramid altar at Paul the Apostle in Chino Hills. Just suppose the stone that the builders “rejected” became the cornerstone of a whole new world? Fascinating that the Christ Angle flies over Bethlehem, not Jerusalem, as if it was put in place about 2623bc to focus a couple millenia into the future, laser focusing on the Birth of a King and Saviour. God only knows if the Giza pyramid, which NEVER had a human body in it, though a red granite coffer with dimensions identical to the Davidic Ark graced the King’s Chamber.

Our God is a loving God and you’d think He’d want EVERYONE He creates to live forever happily. In fact, He would design in, in various ways, clues on many things. The Shroud of Jerusalem exhibits miraculous evidence of the 1st, 3rd and 8th day after Friday the 13th day of the Hebrew month Nissan; it is under continuous study today, including the amazing Fr. Spitzer, blind only in human sight but graced with phenomenal INsight.

The photo quality tilma resident in Tenoctitlan that Hillary asked “Who painted this” ten feet away, is an incredible star chart just discovered in recent decades. The constellations help tell the story of salvation history in the heavens; interesting that Virgo the ever Virgin is over the heart of the Guadalupe Lady. The obviously pregnant 2nd Eve who said “Yes!!” has the constellation Leo (the Lion of the Tribe of Judah) over her womb.

When God created the universe, after the rebelling and falling angels did their worst, He installed I believe paternal, benevolent ‘discoverable’ clues to Whom the Godhead is, means of eternal happiness for us and what “the Eye has not seen nor ear heard” is in store for us.

Intuitively reflecting what we say each Sunday or daily at Mass “God from God, Light from Light, True God from True God”, pure white light contains the infinite variations of color. But ALL of these are combined into THREE distinct persona, Blue, Red and Yellow. Like Friday the 13th for 1 of 3, and Mary’s six dates in Portugal, on the 13ths of succeeding months in 1917, God leaves discoverable clues about the eternal Triune God. 3 Prime Colors make up the ONE Light.

Not for this piece, but isn’t it amazing how we in the Church malign our beloved God’s most incredible abilities, in which He combines THREE entities, Blue H2O, Yellow energy/sunlight and “Red” carbon dioxide to feed HIS entire world? The trace 1:2500 CO2 molecule to total air molecules of nitrogen, oxygen and argon, becomes “photosynthesis”. Not pollution as the Supremes ruled. These three entities, a liquid that covers 70% of the planet, an energy source one million times larger than the earth and a miracle molecule of TWO oxygen (life giving) atoms and ONE carbon (the basis of life), become food for the journey. To eternity and beyond.

From the website “When you look up at the Great Pyramid, it’s apex seems to be missing. It is flat topped and not pointed like a pyramid should be.  Usually, when a pyramid was constructed, the top part, or capstone (also called top-stone), was the last thing to be placed on it. It was considered the most important part of the pyramid and was made of special stone or even gold. The capstone was usually highly decorated.”

As on the dollar bill, we have a cornerstone less pyramid at the world’s crossroads that points to the “let my people go” point and the House of Bread birthplace of the Bread of Life; theologically speaking: Hmmm. No corner stone to survey. Yet, Revelations accounts have NOT all been fulfilled yet?

100 years before STURP, in 1874, two astronomers constructed the steel skeleton of what the top (corner) stone would have been. But being about 900 square feet (30 x 30 feet) flat, it would have been the largest pyramid/gold capstone ever…and not easily lifted and carted away, especially if made of gold.

Methinks God build it or had it built this way, with a landing zone for His Son, on purpose, long before Jesus stepped foot into the Jordan for the Trinity coming out party and baptismal event. For HIS purposes. 9000 cubic meters of gold or the King of Kings? I’d go with the King.

But for the money lovers out there: One cubic yard of gold converted to pounds is equal to 32,500.87 lb. Times 9000 equals 292,507,830. Spot gold today was $1545.90, so the golden cornerstone would be worth $7.235 TRILLION. Again, I’d still go with the King, whether He has appeared on the altar top or not yet in the midst and at the border of Egypt. After all, He IS eternal…AND priceless.

No way space based aliens built it. But the same with earth bound earthlings; we lack capacity to understand measurements, locations, abilities to megamanipulate tonnage, etc.

GPG, this Catholic “sacramental”, has the earth’s curvature built into its outer surface, discovered in the 1940s. It matches the average land height of the earth, mean temperature and so much more. The biggest dilemma for the claim the Greeks or Egyptians knew how and where to put it, belies the lie: NO satellites or other tech available, let alone aircraft to investigate exactly where the center of the world was. It sits on both the middle and the border of Egypt, easily explained. But how?

About a decade ago or so, I was in Fr Tim Peters office in the St Anthony Claret rectory and pointed to his two dimensional “globe” map on his wall. I showed him the intersecting lines covering the most linear land. He seemed to think, hmm maybe there’s something to this.

Fr. Rocky. Nancy’s immovable hubby Patrick. Is THIS California dad of 11 full of doo doo or are we looking in the right direction? As evil becomes much more pronounced, as in the days of Nazareth, where demons roamed the earth, can we be that much different after 61.5 million successful human innocence kills by satanic surgeons, doctors of death whose father is the father of lies, the devil?

. Whenever God speaks or creates, evil imitates, counterfeits, lies, substitutes, distorts. God created man and woman for marriage, and marriage for one man and one woman, evil comes up with divorce and 100 or so gender ideological sillies. Where is the Church?

Create the miracle of a 75 trillion celled woman, the last and most complex creation in God’s creative stream, and her ability to yield a child, evil destroys and counters with abortion. Where is the Church?

Jesus and His apostles do ‘magic”, ie miracles, that Simon wants to buy them for his snake oil shows much like the Algorean heretic demeans God’s creative ability to FEED His humans. Funny, the magic that Simon sought, we freely denigrate in our environmental justice climactic change hoaxes meetings disguised as “helping the poor” and “saving the world”. We have a Saviour and God DID a decent enough job with trillions of animals, plants, stars, planets, millions of biochemical processes and one woman. And one man. Where is the Church, agreeing with the pagans AND indoctrinated, those who claim to know it all and know soooo little. Our new pastor, Fr. Moneypenny has a four word statement: “Pride talks. Humility Walks”. Humbly i admit I know little. But, until my last breath I will fight for Truth, and against the entity that St Michael battles day in day out.

The list is endless but the war has been won. The battles will continue but as many of the clues (what I call Eternal Treasures) are discovered and rediscovered, we can see what Hebrews 11 is talking about.

Evil tries and destroy a Catholic sister named Terri Schiavo Schindler using Scientology and bully power, and God uses His incredible servant, Pope St John Paul the Great to suck the necromantic air out of the demons of death’s celebration. Check Zenit. Almost immediately on March 31st, 2005. The Result is a very special “Eucharistic miracle” in which the sentient living woman, our sister in faith, lived 13 days on only three “doses” of the Bread of Life first seen in the House of Bread, in Israel. Located 26 degrees 18 minutes 9.63 seconds of arc north of east as the crow flies.

Know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free. And freedom TO do the will of the Father is being free indeed. But, the square circle just isn’t the best way to explain God’s abilities. Especially, despite OUR failings as humans, NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE with God. Len Beckman

First writing and revision. Aug 25, 2019 Photos and graphics applied later.

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