Housing News: the 3rd 3rd of 2019 September

Come sit down for a minute and let’s talk about the market.  It is YOUR market!

In my 31st year of serving you, the housing consumer, I need to keep you posted on what’s going on…as well as what others are doing.  I help people chase their dreams and keep them from turning their “wealth creation” into nightmares. As summer ends soon, and fall drifts in, here’s what’s up the last third of 2019.

I pay for information.  For example, mucho bucks for listing access to 80 listing sites and econ data.  My pleasure.

But, some of my best data comes from Steve Thomas, whom i have subscribed to for years. My clients get access through these monthlies though out of deference to his 9 kids, i don’t publish it on Facebook. But, my clients deserve the best and most accurate data.

His degrees in quantitative econ and decision sciences propels Steve’s data to be spot on in many ways.

“The housing market isn’t going to change much through year end.  Well priced homes will continue to go into escrow though with longer marketing times since the market is more balanced.  Buyers hoping for a 2007-8 precipitous fall does not look real at all.  Plus the recession birds will try as they might to kill a booming economy, it isn’t so.  That inverse yield curve was a headline blip; frankly, it was more a starting salvo for the 2020 Presidential election.  We have the strongest economy in decades, employment levels for all cultures (black, Hispanic, Asian, women, etc.) is the highest.  If job creation slows down, it’s only because not enough workers are in the participation ranks.  Our colleges are turning out quite a few left handed pupperteer studies grads, but not the optimum for the jobs mix.

Read Steve’s Housing Report.  If you have ANY questions, thinking of selling or buying this year or next, we are ready to help.  The most prepared clients are those who know what is going on and seeks counsel.  It is said “From a multitude of counselors, comes wisdom!”   We are dedicated to your real estate needs….AND wants.  Don’t do dumb by omission OR commission.

A few more satisfied clients.   “The Miracle of St. James” story coming soon.

Also, “Flippers LOVE to take your equity for free”, the client story of Presidio.

On behalf of Briana, Lisa, Steve and Len, serving your real estate needs throughout the five counties of SoCal…

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