Climate lies and hysteria have real consequences

Pat Madrid, excellent Catholic apologist and all around great dad of 11, still hedges the truth about androgenic climate.   Sadly, our bishops even our top bishop miss the scientific realities abut the most maligned and demonized molecule on earth: carbon dioxide.   And this molecule is very scarce: only ONE CO2 molecule for every 2500 other air molecules. 1:2500
As to the purported “man made carbon dioxide” portion, this is incredibly small, only 12 androgenic CO2 molecules per MILLION or 12:1,000,000

We should be THANKING God for His changing climate; who wants perpetual doldrums and/or cloudy skies anyways: it’s hell on the Solar Wind intermittent clan hoping to replace God’s fossil fuels, a gift to His people, with winds or sunshine.  But, ironic juxtapose of Teen suicide with “youth” global climate strike the day after climate struck, and picketed God, worldwide.
As it is, teen suicide IS related to climate fraud hysteria.  These poor kids, like the 50s bomb shelter get under your desk nuttery, live with adult infused hysteria and lies fueling their anxiety they won’t live another day.  Poor Alex Ocasio Cortes, ie AOC, at age 30 only seeing 12 years left in her miserable leftist life. Misery merchants don’t seem to be held to account in our “follow the false science” culture when they are consistently wrong, whether giving “protesters” immunity from Covid or scaring with AOC’s “world ends in 12” routines.  As it is, Follow the Science or Follow the Satanists.  No other choice it seems.

Like Ukraine Joe puts it, truth and facts are different things.  Truth and words do matter, people.

Having spent four decades working with teens & young adults, i know these amazing creatures need the truth AND to be educated, NOT indoctrinated. And i have dealt with teen and adult suicide and depression on too many occasions over the years.

Frankly, with the obsession regarding planned parenthood’s sex parenting, the fad sweeping the country and our kids’ gonads XXX Comprehensive Sanger Sex Education starting at kindersex and onward.  As well as the constant misinformation from left leaning teachers that the world is ending in 144 months, that corporations are evil, capitalism stinks, BLM matters and we will drown after the wildfire, no wonder our teens have high anxiety. Which leads to depression and foundational unsteadiness, lack of faith and too often death.  Add in the terribly mismanaged Plague of Xi and wow!

Problem is, this fossil fuel hatred is based on fraud, lies and misconceptions.  CO2 is innocent of all charges.

Don’t use plastic, don’t breathe air, stop using cars because in a baker’s dozen years, we die from global heat prostration, socialism is king because it somehow brings out the best in man: from preschool Animal planet on, indoctrinating our young to think there is no purpose, no hope, nature and animals are on a higher plane than God’s specially created two sexes and genders, male and female.

One wonders why teen suicide isn’t much higher!

This latest Ehrlich~Malthus bizarre Extinction Rebellion ignores reality and just wants simultaneous breakdown of governance and the social order.  Something the ObamaNational Headquarters touts 15,000 linear feet northwest of the Oval Office.  Need the address? It’s public: 2446 Belmont DC 90005

Trillions For what? In the 1970s, the earth was critically cooling globally, which actually is a much worse scenario for crop yields and life on spaceship earth than warmth.   Wait until the climate anarchists wake up to the Maunder Minimum in the 2020s.

In 1989, we had 10 years. Al Gore, who banners the Algorean heresy as i call it, spewed inconvenient BS and still makes millions off this canard. Now its the AOCrew and her cheerleaderes like Pow Wow Warren and Moscow Bern. We are DONE in 12.  Caput.  Might as well crawl back into our caves and shut the damn door with a carved round stone.  Recall, God said He wouldn’t destroy the earth by water and left a symbol we see daily if we look hard enough of His promise.  No, not the LBTGxyz123 flags but the real rainbow of love.  No, people just can’t be satisfied with a great and blessed world, with opportunity and thrive surrounding them.  They’d rather swim in the cesspool of anarchy, fraud, believe the Algore, etc lies of dismal, the fakery of blind chicken little world is ending stupidity.

Capitalism, in concert with technological advances over the decades, has improved the world’s standards of living whenever tried. Despots and dictatorships, like Venezuela and Cuba, adhere to true socialism and the results are empty store shelves, huge Swiss bank accounts with names like Hugo Chavez, Castro and misery. The main enemy of this truth is so much of academia lean so far left their ears are touching terra firma; and what they call “teaching” is a bland version of brown shirted indoctrinated cess.  As in cesspools of silliness.

Ditching classroom time Friday 9/19/19 may have been beneficial, protecting innocent ears from one day out of 180 of ‘Trump is a demon, America sucks, life is hard, we are all going to die’. But Monday they were back to the same.

Simple facts: oil and natural gas, even clean coal, are not the enemies, when actual pollution is mitigated. USA is NOT India or even China, where they yield pollutants by the megaton as they purposefully steal our tech.

What about the 6000?

Are we so ignorant NOT to know 6000, many lifesaving, products come from “fossil” oil? Does USC or UCLA environmental or AOC’s Boston U have a clue?  Doesn’t fit their narrative, this thing called scientific truth.

. Surgeons can’t use solar pic lines to feed lifesaving medicines into their patients (although satanist surgeons at planned parenthood kill mills don’t need IVs, they just dial 9-1-1 often when mom is in medical distress from the latest botched abortion that yielded a live kid for Dr Gov WrecKID Ralph Northam to comfort to death.)

Ban oil, you ban incredibly sanitary and hard to replace commonsense products.

Same with natural gas: when the climate anarchists, especially in Taxifornia, got going they ban single use plastic bags. Problem is, the higher energy coefficient natural gas byproducts are used for these bags, NOT OIL! Instead of useful reuse, with the rest of the natural gas heating homes and food, it is burned off in you guessed where: the atmosphere. This is why i call them climate anarchists: they can’t even spell “science”. Atmospheric physics, biochemistry or otherwise.

See the teeny sliver CO2 is in the atmosphere as in this picture?  Never see CNN or NASA post this.  And tell the Supreme Courtiers: Photosynthesis is not spelled “pollution!” Folks, CO2 is our FRIEND we die without the food it produces via photosynthesis.

Any one tell the truant teens marching on Mayor Warren Wilhelm’s NYC, that for every ONE carbon dioxide molecule, there are 2500 majoritiy air molecules of nitrogen, oxygen and argon. The ratio is a measly 1:2500. Combined with water and sun energy, CO2 FEEDS the WORLD. And, beyond this photosynthesis, aerobic respiration puts oxygen back into the environment. The real circle of life. But, again, when anxiety and hysteria sets in in Extinction UK and dying Europe, it transverses the Pond and inculcates our own collegian indoctrinated snowflakes as well as 10 year olds with signs like “The oceans are rising and so are we!”.

Minor detail: measured like season to like season a la summer to summer, the polar ice returns when the temperature go below 32 degrees (science for freezing point of one component of photosynthesis, H2O).

It’s not becoming a subset of Greenland; and Polar Mama Bears and their kiddoes aren’t being stranded on that asinine Algorean photoshoot ice floe.

Someone tell the Tennessee snake oil dude that Polar Bears go UNDERWATER for food.  This dribble is like saying gold fish are stranded in their fishbowls, poor things!

Anarchists don’t give a damn, much like the Democrat Party Media echoing the silly Dem 2020 Prez notions of green (basically communist red) old deal ideaologies.  Coming attractions: the Johnny Kerrygreenseed videos to lay out the truth and expose the incessant trillion $$ fraud.  Incremental deceit is dangerous.

The oceans are NOT rising, there are five times as many polar bears over the same number of decades.

Want to lower the teen suicide rate? Stop selling black kids in parts at Sanger’s place.  Keep fathers in the inner city homes (despite LBJ’s insistence no negro mother gets Power Warbuck$$ if a male is present) and teach TRUTH.

Life is GOOD if you have purpose. Indoctrinate kids into early sex, supposedly so 10 year olds can understand consensual bondage at age 12, and you begin the spiraling death of adolescence.

It continues thru into college, where hottie California coeds can have wanton sex with the 1st of 100 gender ideologies and just head to the student union pill mill for her abortion steroid. What a world anti-Christianity yields. In our former Christian majority country.

Want Evidence of indoctrination, beyond the tears of 11-9? (2016) The Queen of the AOCrew: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes. AOC couldn’t find truth if it was dogeared on the T pages of the dictionary of life. Fearful of garbage disposals, hates anyone over 30, loves to see herself and hear herself during this insane death culture controlled fiasco of her congressional time.

Fossil fuels, technological advances, longer lives because of advanced medical discoveries, better nutrition and healthier motivations (other than tolerated Obamaville encampments inhabited by toddler level humans) IS why America, and most of the world, is truly blessed and thriving.  Folks, it’s ok to be joyful, happy and cheerful: you don’t have to buy what the misery merchant hocksters are shoveling.  You know it’s an Ozian fog created to control YOU and yours, Pat and Cyrus.  YOU CAN be the solution or part of the problem.

Just don’t tell the “chicken little sky is falling world is ending” anarchist crowd and their lapdog Democrat Party media.

Being an honest scientist and adult is not, like common sense, too common today. God only knows (He’s the Entity that created all this) why I waste writing to my fave paper anymore.

They worship at the feet of the NYTimes, WashComPost and AP (the Associated Pulp) instead of good old fashioned investigative reporting. Next thing you know, they won’t even listen to a recording of Lunchbox Joe Biden on tape extorting the Ukraine leaders with a billion of our dollars to fire a special prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden’s criminality with Ukraine Natural Gas.

Heck, I’d even send Ron Hasse, or any editor or publisher,  a copy of Schweitzer’s “Secret Empires” so he could research for himself, if only I knew Ron could read.  With the Early Edition stuff that hits our drive (at least for a time), I can’t imagine if journalism is even a resume requirement anymore for the “press”.

Truth, in so many areas of our culture, is in jeopardy. Someone I am NOT worthy to touch the sandal’s of, once said “Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free!” Imagine if all these Algorean heresies and his bastard stepchildren that love carbon taxes and 44% gas sales tax rates, hate progress, love regressives, hate blessings and families and children and NO excessive government bloat were mitigated, and watchdogged by a truly free press (not these silly Dem advocates who battle for Bulshitzer Prizes in news reporting) what a wonderful world we would have. BECAUSE we DO! It IS a great day to be alive, folks

Parents, think critically.  Don’t accept the world as the regressives want it.

Ancient but important history: I paid $2445 for a 33mb Priam disk drive in 1981 pre-PC (personal computer not political correct).  Thanks to tech advances happening in the computer memory world, today we’d have to shell out (based on the dollar per byte) $37 trillion for the same drive byte storage ratio.

The ivory tower academic regressives are tenure safe to spew all their fraud and nutty ideologies.

They can keep sending gender ideology  #101-1000 to the Government Office of Gender Pronouns all they want.  But parents and adults reading this, even Ron Hasse and his urinalists, stand up for truth and scientific realities.  Don’t settle or give in for the almighty buck or your next shop at 15 seconds of fame.  It’s time, people.

Pour a cup of coffee and read this teeny bit: God created trillions of stars, planets, plants and animals, spanning 553 sextillion miles of universe.  I don’t really care if He set up His little primordial soup kitchen to bang magical single cells into each other, like a neutron accelerator, taking billions of years to form lizards than man. NO ONE WAS THERE!  But He didn’t.  Why would he?  The Trinity weren’t bored, they were blessed and wanted to bless US!

But, this we know: He knows His work, knows His climate and changes it as He desires.  Not Algore.  Not AOC or Mad Hattler Nadler or Adam (of Adam and Eve) Schiff.

The honorable Adam and Eve fake living in Burbank as a Calif House member in DC, who really live in Maryland, his home base for being a legend in his own mind.  Try living in Burbank in a studio condo with four people.  And he leaks like there’s no tomorrow.

No, when God finished setting up the climate on earth, and the creatures were out of the pet shop, He made Adam.  From Adam, He made Eve; one a male and the other a female.  THE MOST COMPLEX entity in the known universe is not a Democrat brain: it is WOMAN.  35 to 70 trillion cells that can take a single (fertilized by dad) cell and in 280 days, deliver a functioning human baby, numbering 35-70 trillion cells as well.  If you are wedded to evolution, what better example of REAL evolution but the hyper-evolution of a human child in 10 months.  Of course the discredited embryonic recapitulation theory, like so many other evolutionary witchery, was discounted.

But, one becomes 75 trillion fully operating cells for 80 years unless interrupted by Sanger’s satanist surgeon scum.  All the -isms, like Hitler, marx, social, race, etc have the same foundational core: believing that ANY human being is not worth living.  Not eternally priceless and precious.  While we have a birth dearth worldwide and 50 countries are ONE GENERATION from true EXTINCTION, these morons spout “overpopulation”.  Jessie “Abortion is black genocide” Jackson, Al SharpTongue, Louie F and of course Don Lemon, are the colored ministers Maggie hired to calm the negro population while her satanist surgeons eliminate them one black kid at a time.  Or in the case of a beautiful 23 year old black woman, the kill mill killed her kid and she died the next day when the other child in her body, located in her fallopian tube, ruptured and died.  The demons must have cheered from hell, for a 3fer for the price of one.  How evil hates God’s perfect work.

We don’t have polygenesis or 12 first couples: we have one twosome that has multiplied (God’s fave math term) into the 9 billion.  Only missing about 2.2billion our brainiac assholes have sacrificed to their god moloch for baby hearts and livers.  Abortion, like climate change fraud, has real consequences.

And from male and female, contrary to the wacky lefties and their surreal world of pronounced “truth”, EVERY human being has come.

We are STEWARDS, conservationists, of God’s creation and His animals, plants and world.  We even were gifted with fuels made from organic animals and plants, called “fossil fuels” that at this time in history would see remarkably longer lifespans and real progress when used.

And if only the climate change worshippers would grow up and smell the truth, they could see what I and many others see: we live in a BLESSED world, where comfort and thrive is open to all.  UNLESS, you are baptized into the neo-Marxist Socialist God is Dead congregations spreading like drought driven wildfires worldwide.

People, wake up.  It IS a great day to be alive.  B4given.  4Give.  Do great things for others.

Most of all, smile and realize, no matter how much evil does what evil does, grace and goodness abounds more.  Take the blinders off and tell your kids, the world is in good hands, the WHOLE world is in the Father’s clutches.  And if you must pull your kids from LAUSD, where $18,000 a year buys 78% grad rates and 35% math/English proficiency, get them the heaven out of there and homeschool, private school, anywhere but the neo hell holes.

Trust me, your 10 year old doesn’t need to learn how to insert his penis into another school kid’s anus.  He really doesn’t.  And after AOC’s alloted 12 yr end of the world, God won’t ask the reprobates why they indoctrinated so, but He will ask why we parents allowed our precious children to lose their souls and faith for the convenience of dropping off at the curb of PS#666 for 6 hours of non stop indoctrination and brain washing.

A woman’s right to choose doesn’t just apply to killing her kid.  It’s a woman and her husband’s right to choose the truth (parents’ choice in education, school choice AND let ed $$ follow the kids not the teech union thugs) and it be taught not infused like poison at the local free education location.  Nothing in life is free.  Nothing.

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