Help me understand modern American Juvenile Justice

Updated 11/21/19…

Heard of the Racketeers4Lifers vs the Evil Empire’s latest in Judge Orrick’s judgejuryprosecutor coutroom?

Jurist Malpractice Case #666 Law: Judge “PP lover” Orrick & PPFA vs The Racketeers4Life, where Whistle blowers, mobsters, Impeachaphilia,killing kids and life imitate art. Amidst lives being sacrificed to Jon ‘Moloch’ Dunn & Co., Orange County’s fave satan seller

TY and hat tip to Thomas More Society/Peter B, Jay Sekulow’s team, Briscoe Cain in Houston, Alexandra & Katie Short, at LLDF.  Legal beagles for life.  Defending the Racketeers4Life.  As Reagan put it “great things happen when you aren’t worried who gets the credit”  Accolades anyways.


St. Francis d’ Assisi was known for his love of the weak and vulnerable, including caring for animals and humans alike. A true early “environmentalist” before his time. The city named for him, San Francisco, just called a band of modern Franciscans “racketeers” and levied a $2.2 million pay for play fee for doing the right thing:  Defending babies and their mothers from evil satanic surgeons disguised as “mainstream” doctors. Covered by Covered California of course, especially all those PP volunteers who joined the “keep your doctor & plan” ObamaNational medicine in Taxifornia.

Practicing the state religion of death and dismemberment perfected in the Age of ObamaNation of Desolation?

Dateline: Friday Nov 15th, Planned Parenthood’s favored son Judge Orrick’s coached jury of 10 said these mobster pro lifers, these RICO terrorists, need the left’s revisionist law book thrown at them. Count after count: GUILTY!  As the Queen of Hearts shouted “Off with their heads!” but cut out their livers, hearts before you scalp for hair research.

Apparently, David Daleiden, Troy Newman, Albin Rhomberg, Sandra Merritt, to name a few run a “Racketeer Influenced” Corrupt band of evil iPhone users who videoed people in crowded restaurants recording people like DINO (doc in name only) Nucotela and her method of harvesting live baby parts.

In case you weren’t present when God created His 553 sextillion mile wide uniVerse with trillions of insects, plants, planets, animals, stars and oh yeah, humans, He designed the rib cage to protect our vulnerable and valuable organs. In smaller kids AND bigger adults.

DocINO Nuco, over salad & wine, talked with no human emotion but clinically, about “crushing above, crushing below the midsection on a living baby (rib cage) to obtain intact (thus marketable) hearts, livers, lungs and more.

Emotionally crushed hearts may be common to our oversexed XXX indoctrinated public middle schoolers today, but most useless to the 3rd party baby parts merchants like YaleMed, UNM or TexMed Galveston.  Oh, and Hillary’s buddies, the Isiah brothers’ owned DaVinci BioSys.  Now defunct thanks to the past DA of the OC.

By the way, this venerable PP’s owned judge only allowed a small part of this one video to be seen by his coddled jury. How do you say “obstruction of justice” without that famous Chief Proctologist Schiff running around with his toy kiddie kolonoscope looking up America’s assets for his Ground Hoax movie.  Add to obstruction, Judge Orch’s blatant bias, misdirected jury, insane conflict of interest and blood lust for dead kids sold S,M,L and XXL.

Donald Trump, love him, hate him honestly I don’t care, but he has proven to be the most prolific and prolife president in history. Certainly the best friend of God’s covenant land Israel since 1948.

But, despite the Fusion powered Hack up the Future GPS ObamaNation, Glen’n’mary, may it Rest Im Peach. If this jurist’s malpractice case goes to the ninth circuit, those new Trump appointees could move it to become a circuit of balanced, true, justice; not perpetually owned by the left.  If the 4th district, Judge Thomas Goethals whom i served under for the $100 million Unity MediCal fraud case, could tip the scales back toward common sense justice.

At least, in that case, the Caesar Sinai doctors didn’t kill their patients when they did the planned parentood preterm tia parks lakisha wilsonextra surgeries, Judge Orrick!

PP’s satanist death docs make sure they take out the kid in parts and often end up with a bonus: a dead mom or SECOND dead kid.

What a sad case of mom meets God after losing two kids to hell’s practitioners of death: Tia was pregnant with two, one not diagnosed in her fallopian tubes because PP is a money machine, not practitioners of actual generally acceptance good medical practices.  It’s criminal to print “planned parenthood”  in the same paragraph with “health care”.  Ask Tia.  Or Holly.  Even Tonya.

If the coroner did her job: the order of death was womb kid, then ectoKid then mom.  TY Judge! You support an organism that kills, like flesh eating virus, everything it touches. Jon Dunn is pleased, so is the spiritual head of the evil empire, Lucifer.  Maggie Sanger smiles on and on as her religious black ministers take out Tia after Tia, seller the parts and bagging the remains, in plain sight.  While we dicker over the CO2 warming globe and obstruction frauds.

Whichever top of the key court the appeal heads to, in Katie’s etc. capable hands, the circuit jurists need to look at these facts too:

Orrick arranged for free,  rent paid by a planned parenthoodlum kill mill in the Bay Area; would this NOT be grounds for recusal?

A judge biased for the plaintiffs shouldn’t play well with more sane jurist’s minds, even in the Wild Wild Far West appellate rooms bordered by cities named for St. Claire (irony: Pat Madrid was IN Santa Clara Saturday after the bizarre jury results at Our Lady of Peace) and St. Joseph, who undoubtedly have been praying for the Racketeers4Life’s success.  Along with the mother of my 11, Donna, serving in heaven.

Instead of battling the corrupt 3 years ago, AG Sessions recused himself (for the wrong law!) because he was snowed by the ObamaNation of Desolation’s most corrupt, trying to do the right thing.

On the obverse, Adam S.Alinsky, Schiftily does Sandler’s Ground Hoax Day movie (hat tip Devin Nunes) coming up with the dailies, like fraud, bribe, collusion, Ukraine, constipation etc. du jour.  Maybe Adam and Eve’s Adam is thinking Biden, Hunter, Brennan and Obama but you can’t impeach shadow people who overstay their deep, deep state of sedition.  Barr none, justice WILL win out.

Look closely at the Racketeer4Lifers’ facts, folks. The most significant story of “Men in Black” malfeasance in well decades.

1 Orrick demonstrated his ‘recusable’ bias, by buying the PP line (a key issue in the case) the videos are “prejudicial” to its case.  Think about that: jury watching the recordings would cause them to “(PRE) judge” the facts and find for the truth. Novel legal theory: judge should be jury AND the prosecution at the same time.  Like that SCIF sifting Schiffty stuff.  Orrick is Fulla Schiff reincarnated.

It’s the jury’s job to judge, pre-, present and post- judge ALL the facts.  Those that happened before the trial to prevent more evil in the future.

Not just the conflicted leader of the Aucks, Orrick.  The circuiteers should easily see the biased jury instructions, withholding key exculpatory evidence showing PP is not a benevolent association of tummy tuck docs but systematically destroying the human race, already underpopulated, one kid at a time.  With the occasional mom like Tonya Reaves and Tia Parks killed as well because of incredibly corrupt medical malpractices.

PP calls these mom and kid deaths ‘twofers’, except Tia’s which was a threeper because of PP’s incredibly incompetence and malpractice.

2 Orrick obstructed justice at every turn.  While Adam S Alinsky, Adam of Maryland’s Adam&Eve Schiff who uses his kiddie kolonoscope to look up every set of buns in the real America, looking for Trump constipation, a clump of obstructed DC crap.  Orrick strained incredulity like his “Intelligence” chair associate in DC.

The MOST pro life president has been under serial systemic Impeachment fraud since before the escalator descent of his very Catholic Melania and he.  But, Orrick worked hard to interfere in the free expression of a solid defense; he refused to allow the videos to be shown to the jury, thus limiting the defense to important but stifled bursts of brilliance.  On appeal, if the 4th or 9th DON’T include real obstruction (not Chief Proctologist Adam Fulla Schiff’s kind), this miscarriage of justice will be worse than the intentional miscarriages and baby harvesting going on daily at your neighborhood corner DINO Mengele menageries better known as kill mills.  In case, you can’t gargle on the interWeb, Dr Mengele lusted for identical twins in the 40s, experimenting on them, sometimes sewing them together, doing all kinds of Dr. Frankensteinian evil.  But, we DON’T know if Herr Adolf sold off parts to Munchen Med or Berlin Research, beyond selling the harvested gold teeth and shaved hair for the ‘war effort’.

3 Orrick allowed unrefuted hearsay about “terrorist” prolifers assaulting these medical folks doing legal biz. Too bad, like all good life hating fans of euthanasia, Orrick doesn’t know the truth. I guess to satanist leaners,  assaulting them with prayer might terrorize one!  So, ironic, baby killers feeling threatened by big old mean grandmothers on their knees praying at 365.24 days for life sidewalk candle ceremonies.

Let me get out my mini violin; please spare me how Bloody Lamborg Lady Mary felt “threatened” because the truth in the videos, in her own words ‘made her look bad’?!  Look bad?  Killing kids for baby parts to buy baby rose and kamala go face to faceexpensive auto parts, like a Yellow Diablo.  Appropriately named…looks bad enough!!!  Judge Orrick, ever seen a picture of Baby Rose of Houston, without makeup, who died August 1987.  Happy to send this terribly biased and sad jurist her picture, shown here next to someone who got her politics start at age 29 helping 60 year old Slick Willie’s willy not wilt.  Amazing how adultery pays these days in the wake of the Epstein murder.

Judge, your friends are much better at terrorism.  Over time, 11 ambulatory humans have died by unbalanced killers who claim to be “pro life”; PP HQ Tustin@22 in Orange kills that many kids though they can’t walk or talk due to defenselessness, before noon Mass on many Sundays.

Certainly, your beloved PP’s 360,000 dead Americans, hits if you will,  just last year at Kamala’s party of slavery and destruction’s flagship “medical” corporation. And with hottie college girls getting their Plan B ritual baby killing chems useful after a raucous Sat nite sorority soiree,  for free of course, thanks to Pretty Boy Guv Gavin Newsinsce, millions more will die. Millions upon millions; recall, Stalin called one death a tragedy but the death of millions a “statistic”.

In fact, PP’s list of services STILL don’t involve breast cancer, the gift they create that keeps on giving sans mammography machines.  But, evidenced by our 6am shift outside the notorious OC HQ during 40Days4Life, we sidewalk dwellers noticed man after man driving in and going in the Tustin@22fwy kill mill.  Now it seems PP are equal opportunity destoyers and happy to kill off both sexes, ie MEN’s ability to procreate.

This parade of men before 7am going in for vasectomies one Sunday morn are proof NOTHING is sacred or safe from this evil empire; apparently, PP can’t afford mammograms but they slice up more than just womb based little men.  None of the male types, part of the only two genders God created, had distended stomachs and I know of only one case in which a true male (the other gender besides female) was pregnant in England.  Fertilized egg surgically implanted on the nutrient side of his stomach…and the rest is History err misery.  Yes, true!  So if you can’t kill all the moms’ babies, go ahead and wack off those male members that do God’s bidding: multiplying the human face, one child at a time.  BTW,  Judge Orrick, you must know there IS a population problem: over 50 countries are one generation from extinction, not by intermarriage with other nations, but by NO births or a birthrate BELOW replacement level.  The evil one promised it would go after God’s precious and you, Judge are part of its army of death, the ObamaNation of Desolation wielding power still at the other DC white house, the Jarrett Persian Palace.  America is a BLESSED land and if you step back from the Demonrats scrambling for dark places, great things are happening and a bright future before us.  Except in the San Francisco court on Golden Gate avenue.

4 Orrick suppressed the evidence that proved these courageous citizen investigative journalists were whistleblowers (heard that word a lot lately from Eve’s Adam Schiffty Schitt), not racketeers, who simply recorded the words and actions of satanic surgeons who practiced child sacrifice, cutting beating hearts out of mothers…

And sold the enslaved black hearts for profit; irrefutable written proof exists PP shipped for free and charged for parts.

History repeats:  At least, the Aztec priests, when they cut the beating heart out of their thousands of human sacrifices at Tenochtitlan in Montezuma’s temple to Qzestalcoatl (serpent god standing in for Lucifer), did it for a noble cause.  PP is just a Covered California favored medical facility working “for the children” by selling the children’s parts so children can be saved.  Hmm.

Judge, historically, Montezuma’s reign of human sacrifice DID end when the answer to Nahuatl prophecy, Hernan Cortes, arrived on Good Friday and set about cleaning up inches of blood on the temple floor to prep for the first Mass in Mexico.

Former Catholic NOT MY Savior Xavier B might remember, but as Catholics know, and Hillary Clinton looked upon, Our Lady of Guadalupe arrived 10 years later on Dec 12, 1531.

What has this to do with court based malpractice?   Through God’s artistry, Mary left the vivid photograph that converted Aztec hearts quickly.  This is the only frequent flyer appearance when Jesus’ mom wears a maternity belt.  You see, God said MULTIPLY not subtract or divide.  And He had created the firmament, the constellations, to seal the truth about how much He valued Mary, children (Judge, ever hear of millstone necklace noosed around those who kill children or aid in the effort?).  Discovered, not in 1531 but in a recent decade, the stars around the OLG image are perfect matches for the night sky in Tenoctitlan, ie Mexico City, on 12/12/1531.  A star chart in which the constellation Virgo (the Virgin) appears over her heart.  AND constellation Leo over Mary’s womb.  Jesus is the lion, the Leo, of the Tribe of Judah, in case Judge Orrick you are an atheist today, rejecting human beings as having irreducible right to life and can be sold as property.  Thank God Judge, you and Jon Dunn were NOT alive when Mary was nursing her newborn Son wrapped in swaddling clothes a couple millennia ago.   Since Planned parenthoodlums are equal opportunity baby killers, they don’t mind if they kill off black or white, Mexican or Jew, future doctors, engineers and scientists, even the Son of God, our REAL Savior.

Imagine how much money Planned Parenthood of Bethlehem, a wholly owned subsidiary of PP Int’l and the Sanger Soldiers network, could have gotten for the heart of Jesus cut out and sold, with His liver and hair follicles for baldness research, in Jerusalem.  Thing about this in your dreams tonight.

Nothing happens with God, in a vacuum: whether temporary setbacks for the Racketeers4Lifers to help end modern satanic human sacrifice on the new plantations (PP kill mills) beloved by Dems and the ObamaNation alike.  Or God’s effort via His servants to end human sacrifice. And who’s the primitives?  At its best and most efficient, we kill off 1 in 3 babies prebirth in America.  But, Mexico’s satan worshippers killed only 1 in 6.  We are just more efficient, and use chemicals in addition to the same knives Aztec priests did.  But med schools call Nucotela and Gatters Inc. tools of destruction, currettes.

Another key issue in the suit, PP execs stated had ‘reasonable’ belief their conversations would be kept private.  Uhm, in crowded restaurants, over salad and wine with waiters and waitresses constantly, sitting near other diners and tables, these poor baby killer slave masters and parts merchants expected their Dr Mengelian braggings and negotiations were “privileged”.

Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935 provided the legal justification, like RoevWade, but the post-war trials in the same city, adjudicated that Jews qualified as human beings.  Judge, no one can force you to wake up to the carnage you promote.  Outside of Iran and the 40s NYTimes, you might know Jews, Poles, handicapped and others were killed via being stripped naked for cyanide showers.  They were called names, like kike, Jewbastard and adorned with yellow stars of David,  but not renamed “foetus” or “embryo” to justify their human sacrifice.

Amazing, Judge, how your Dems and radical leftists control the vocabulary.  ‘A woman’s right to choose’ NEVER appears in full:  “A mother’s right to kill her kid for parts”

Judge, when you visit Auschwitz-Berkinau, you will see the bins of suitcases, hair, baby carriages and prosthetics.  It WILL change your life forever, as it did St. Maximilian Kolbe, who sacrificed his life for a father of three (no vasectomy) randomly targeted for being killed by Sanger/PPs trained 3rd Reich master racists.

Historically, after their initial body “cleansing” at Oswiecim, Poland renamed Auschwitz, their hair and gold teeth were removed for reuse or to fund the 3rd Reichous efforts. 

Eerily similar to American juvenile justice? You tell me:  PP removes hearts and livers for resale and reuse too, a noble cause?

Unlike the Nazis in 40s, PP no longer is allowed to incinerate the “medical waste” (after the midsection organs removed intact) any more in crematoria; they must bag and tag it for landfills dumped illegally or to Stericycle where the murdering bastards must pay from our fungible tax dollars mingled with illicit show trial rulings.  Like Saintly PPFA vs Racketeers4Life

Meanwhile we just blew $30 million on Herr Wei$$mann’s and Glen’n’Mary Simpson aka cons~Fusion GPS’ made up disinformation “dossier”; not to mention, the telephone gamer whistleblowing Scammarella protection racket, for hearsay of hearsay. Evil never rests: neither do the Racketeers4Lifers like David, Troy, Sandra and others.

Of interest, there is an obvious Orange County connection. Note that Hillary Clinton referred FusionGPS to her fave “charity”, PP.  It is this reprobate Simpson and his disinformation machine who claimed the videos were fake and edited.  Fancy that, the Glen’n’Mary Obamanation agitprop team lied about baby killings too.  Connecting dots can be very interesting.

It’s still all about the money$.  Jon Dunn’s $350K salary for example.  His and other satanist surgical teammates 401Ks.

The real, tho secondary issue, was the money leechs at PP aren’t satisfied with our $500 million tax cough up, they want more to pay for alleged though unfounded “security” needs.  So they go after truth tellers, prayer warriors and others invading their business.  Those damn 80 year old ladies praying on the sidewalk in the cold.

What do they fear? Actually, Judge who do YOU fear?   Do the kill mill’s business managers worry someone might beat them to the punch and kill the kids on the sidewalks while walking into their kill mills inside their abused and vulnerable moms…before PP could charge their $300 to $2000 per sacrifice?

Orrick and the jury were being snowed. Like Ambassador Yanokovitch feigning fear and intimidation in the current Adam S. Alinsky Schiffty SCIF shadow showtrial, another PP exec “Dr.” Mary Gatters said she felt “violated” and needed round the clock security.  Probably to watch her Lamborghini Diablo, not painted red to remind her of blood, but Yellow.  Last thing Mary wants is some scofflaw to “key” the lurid yellow finish on her V12, zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds love machine.

Under questioning by the excellent LLDF lawyer Katie Short, the Lamborghini loving “Kars for Killed Kids in Marketable Parts” originator, Gatters admitted her violation was embarrassment: she said the videos made her “look bad”.

I don’t know if any of the defendants’ attorneys asked the judge, when this comment on the stand,  to show all the videos, so the jury could decide for themselves HOW she was violated.  A similar “opening” came via Sandra Merritt’s calm Friday statement which the defense parlayed into truth leaking out and into the jury’s ‘earily’ deaf ears.  To little avail under Schiffty style restrictions of cross exam and withheld exculpatory truth.  Don’t want facts and truth to get in the way of the leftist and hell’s narrative.

Not all satanists salute weirdly while killing 12 million people in 10 countries over 12 years; Hitler’s gold teeth barrel fill ups eventually ended with his suicided dog and wife and his cowardly end come April 20, 1945.

Similarly, like Eva Braun and his mutt, Epstein was ‘suicided’ in 2019 to protect the powerful perverts who visited Love Island amid Slick Willie’s lady and underage girl conquests.  Bill only got his plane ticket punched 26 times for Eppy’s place.  Bill, you might put some ice on Juannita’s busted lip some time.  But…

planned-parenthood-utmb-poJustice is odd.  Maybe the Judge hasn’t seen this purchase order showing shipping was free, not for PP but the parts buyer.

TRUTH time!

Look at line #2. FOB Dest., in procurement parlance,  means “free on board destination” for the customer, not the parts supplier, PP.  This proves PP lies worse than Adam FullaSchiff.  And Eve’s Adam only lies when his lips move, whether at home in DC and Maryland or his former California digs.  Signs of Schiff for Prez 2024 are still wet.

A real honest Representative, now Senator Blackburn’s stint heading the Infant Lives sub during her house days had this excellent truth, available for da judge to inform his jury.  PP sells the parts and pays for shipping, free like Amazon.  PRIME meat, organs shipped quick to Frankensteins everywhere.  REmember, Dr Frankenstein was the evil one, not Frankensteins’ misunderstood ‘monster.’  Medical degrees don’t make one righteous, good…or even human.  How human is it to cut up LIVE BABIES and selling the harvested slaves’ parts to the highest bidder.

When I discussed this blatant proof PP charges for parts and pays for UPS ie United Parts Sell, with Mr. Caine after the FOIA release a few years ago, I knew it was just another in an endless line of proofs that hell IS resident on earth in every kill mill owned by satan servants dressed in blood stained whites.

And the ObamaNation works 24/7 to snuff out the truth, and hide every prolife victory.  But God IS in control, prayer DOES changes things, and we MUST be ACTIVELY working to end this diablo or diabolic destruction of God’s purpose for creating the Universe post angels in the cosmos.

Death just follows this crowd; and not just the new milestone, suspicious murder #106 in the long chronicled Clinton Crime family wall of shame just happened with Jeffery Epstein’s murder at MCC.

He’s listed below in the Wall of Shame picture showing 30 years of death; Nik Cruz is just NOT as skilled as Alinsky’s disciple from Chicago carrying the Rules for Radicals banner throughout her infamous life.  Still pray for her, hoping the God of the tilma, the OLGuadalupe image, heart softens in time for eternity.  Like Judge Orricks and others who have sold their souls for higher motives.

You musta known he didn’t kill himself as the noted forensic pathologist Dr Bader showed us recently.

Just like 61.5 million American juveniles didn’t commit suicide, who have been murdered SO FAR.  And the Judge Orrick’s of the world some day WILL face their Creator and have to account for their juridical renderings.

But, Chicago’s more famous mob boss Ma Clinton’s works will stand themother_teresa with_baby historical test of time. Honestly, please pray for her.

Irony: the closest she has come to the sacred was standing 10 feet in front of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s miracle tilma/wrap in Mexico City.  When asked who painted it, Hillary’s docent priest said simply “God”.  Pray her heart is turned to flesh from stone.

As we close, lets connect the interweb and dots: Hillary and Bill raised over clinton wall of tears rev sept2019half a billion extorting the world’s leaders for access and protection during ObamaNation’s white house run (Obama NEVER relinquished the presidency, having turned the Hammer foreign spy master tool on Americans and now operates from the Persian Palace, the Jarrett DC mansion.)

Their Foundation and other emanations, like Montezuma’s blood red temple, is littered with decades of suspicious deaths such as Vince Foster, Seth Rich, Jeff Epstein going all the way back to the two Mena Arkansas teens found dead on the tracks. No one remembers Kevin Ives and Don Henry, just as the millions of “statistical” dead are only known by God.  But some of us see the smoke and stench for what it is: NOT ALL human lives are considered precious, sacred and worth living.

Really think about this: At 61.5 million, we are approaching Stalin’s 100 million “tragedies”.  Worldwide, at 2.2 billion, sadly further proof that the Rackateers4Lifers MUST succeed in turning back hell’s merchants.

The death web is black and intricately woven.  Hillary’s affinity for death, ie the live baby parts that went fresh to Yorba Linda’s Da Vinci Biosystems (of course, PPFA OC&San Berdo’s Orrick testifier CEO Jon Dunn.

But successes DO happen.   Recall, her cronies, the Isiah brothers aforementioned owned Da Vinci.  However, thanks to former DA Rackauckas, Da Vinci is shuttered for good after a $7 million indictment, judgement and case closed.

Meanwhile, the PPFA vs Rackateers4Life heading for appeal, which cause and case is alive and well.  Unlike the babies that darken PP doors across America, especially the aa-margaret-sanger-and-colored-ministerHispanic moms; and black mothers who are aborted nine times as much to fulfill Margaret Sanger’s Negro prophecy looking for black ministers such as Jessie “abortion is black genocide” Jackson, Calypso,  Dorn’s Obama and Don Lemon who help exterminate the black vermin LBJ disliked so much.  The Great Society, as chronicled in Shaeles new book of the same name, was built on satan’s fave target, the destruction of the American family.

Orrick’s deplorable actions as judge and manipulated jury will be an important part of the upcoming appeal. 

Funny, when law and order Kamala (fading prez020 candidate) invaded citizen investigative journalist’s 600 sf apartment (similar to former Calif. now Maryland congressman Schiff’s 650 sf one bedroom Burbank family condo) with her 11 armed goons to steal his intellectual (yet not returned) property, Orrick had no interest in the methods used to intimidate pro lifers working to save lives.  Just the “intimidation” of poor Dr Mary Gatters; in fact I wrote her a song, called “I want a Lamborghini for Christmas” still on YouTube for free.

Thank you Kamala for your guys butt~bumping each other ransacking David’s 4th amendment protected SoCal domicile.  Good luck at the primaries.  Too bad, you started by stealing 60 yr old slick willie brown from Blanche at age 29.  Of course, the world’s oldest profession got you $166,000 per year in government graft jobs:

“I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from mother wombs fresh and alive and extracted for salable parts instead of fracked up black gold extracted for resale from mother earth.”   I am Kamala Harris and approve this message.

Pray for the Racketeers, living white martyrs to an important cause.  If you believe in God, note that God said to multiply and currently 50 countries are one generation away from extinction, not by hydrogen but by PP’s form of neutron bombs: kill the organic humans and leave the buildings, like the baby organs they sell, intact.

Bring on the circuit judges.

Know the heart, that is where the treasure lies:  The only time Adam Schiff lies is when his lips move; same with, PPFA, in planned parenthood invoice closeup on 150 bucks eaprint and media.  They claim they ship for free but the evidence is FOIA free to the reading public which you read above.

DINO abortionist Doc Regan Thieler worked for PP Gulf Coast by morning and bought back her own diabolic handiwork in the afternoon.  As this invoice proves beyond an Orrick doubt when coupled with the purchase order showing Free on Board FOB Destination means customer DO NOT pay for shipping.  Just the parts.

An irony missed by hard hearted Orricks, Dr Theiler paid in the afternoon at TexMedical for the babies she aborted at her other employer, planned parenthood in the morning.  Repeat twice:  “double dipping”.  After all, PP i really just a doctors 401K business, NOT Hippocratic medicine.

Something Hunter Biden can’t claim, Regan knew how to slice up babies and buy back their organs using tax dollars.  Hunter just knew how to be a princeling, taking millions while protected by dad’s bully tactics regarding a billion$ Ukraine protection from Russia.  Typical Lucy football, Obama did give them blankets and MREs; it was Trump who gave them javelins which stop T-14 Armada tanks donated by mother Russia stealing their neighbor’s land.  But then, no one likes Trump because he speaks plainly and has accomplished much.  Not like mealy mouthed diploSpeak.

Sometimes, the ObamaNation makes mistakes, like they did on the released paperwork.  But prayer IS our best planned-parenthood-utmb-150-consent-paymenttool to help these wise lawyers defend human life from hell’s evil empire that Sanger founded.

On Friday, LLDF’s Katie Short said it simply: “Obviously, we will appeal.”  katie short

What odd company the Racketeers for Life are in: in the LLDF press release,

“The federal RICO statute was enacted to eradicate organized crime and requires a pattern of certain types of criminal acts. The Gambino and Lucchese crime families were prosecuted under RICO, as was Michael Milken who was convicted of securities fraud.”

And to think, Chicago’s #2 most notorious mobster, Al Capone got jail for mail fraud.

Look at David and Sandra…worse than a high schooler faking a license to buy beer

But, six years ago, two obviously fake IDs and solid citizen investigative journalists have shown the truth: medical satanism sells IF you belong to the right party.

The plank in the time honored Party of Slavery, where slavery morphed to secession then segregation and SemiticHate, and today just old plain satanic ritual child killing.  How can ANYONE who claims Jesus or God as their object of worship ever vote Demonrat (Judge Jeannine’s word)?

“The Dems claims killing kids for kars or parts is perfectly all right.”

Hey Judge Orrick: you must know a baby’s heart starts beating just 18 days AFTER conception.  NOT with magic dust as she descends the birth canal.  Or waiting for neo slave harvesting on a bloody PP sacrificial altar table, still beating alive and ready for slaughter.  18 days, long before your jury could have their next period of being conned by the unrecused.  Inexcusable.

By the way, where IS the First Amendment Democrat party press on this, fellow reporters, what I call ABCNNBCBS and the NY/DC ComposTimes?

Parroting the party lines du jour, given out each morning at 6am EST so that Tapper, Blitzen, Commy, Brennan and the rest of the fake news ‘raindeers’ can lemming like spew them out.

Don’t they believe in their own profession, that investigative journalism is sacrosanct, untouchable, in the bill of rights?  Maybe in America, where the Racketeers4Life live…

But not the ObamaNation of Desolation, the “other” country vying for the very soul of this covenant land 56 men’s “lives, fortunes and families” were sacrificed for.  In case you are living in grandma’s basement gaming 24/7, we have two countries intertwined: the constitutional USA owned by American families and the usurping ObamaNation trying to destroy this great land.  Sacrifice is inevitable to keep the republic, as Ben once said. But NOT vulnerable mothers and defenseless criminally sacrificed by satanic surgeons and protected by evil double faced, double speaking jurists like Orrick

lamborghini-yellow-facing-southeastAnd, NOT for a Lamborghini Diablo V12, used but in good condition. Dr Mary doesn’t look good singing “I want a Lamborghini for Christmas; only a Lamborg will do…”

Listen for yourself at

“Greater is He Who is in us than IT that is in the world”  Teeny paraphrase

Go get em Katie. Peter.  Jay.  All you champions of truth.  The Racketeers4Lifers are ready for a short circuit redemption.

Len Beckman, dad of 11, advocate for life for half a century.  Maybe longer.

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