The Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: Mendy & Seat Belts save Covid lives

Mendy compared seat belts to the Plague of Xi situations, and in many ways she is right.  Here are my updated suggestions as the Virus Hunter continues his rounds.


Well said, Mendy. IF you are super susceptible or have comorbidity indications like heart disease etc, STAY INSIDE. DON’T GO OUT OF YOUR BEDROOM EXCEPT FOR POTTY BREAKS AND FOOD. Get an air purifier. Make sure visitors wash and mask up.  I believe everyone should have the right to stay inside for life or to protect others’ lives.  A woman’s right to choose.

The rest of us need to listen to grandma’s lessons.  Let’s look

Physical separation when you can (social distancing belongs to dads looking at that pimply face male miscreant wanting to first date your daughter) at least six feet. You risk increases 67.9% if you are only 71 inches apart.

Don’t lick doorknobs (I have kids) but spray and wipe them, plus surfaces. Liquid soap beats disinfectants on smooth surfaces.
Wash hands with soap often and then some more.

Use hand sanitizers carefully and wash hands with soap as soon as possible.

UNDERSTAND MASKS are not for you to stop the Plague of Xi’s virus in the atmosphere; it’s to protect you from propelled droplets airborne viruses. Sooo…
Wear masks when closer than the one wavelength at 165 hertz rule: ie 6 feet.

DO NOT WEAR MASKS continuously for hours because you risk other respiratory ailments like Pleurisy. Why? You increase your viral load AT your respiratory entrance points, your mouth and nose.
In public, when beyond 10 feet from another human, and when running for exercise or away from a virus cop, take the mask off. Oxygen deprivation has its own set of problems. USE common sense.

And I am glad Mendy is alive and well. Seatbelts do work, especially with the insane CAFE standards that have killed more people due to bamboo roller skates disguised as a car.

Sanitary remains the most important, especially since social isolation has negative side effects (unless symptomatic for Plague of Xi, flu, colds, radical leftism and other communicable diseases) because well, suicides, alcoholism, fatness are the unintended consequences of suspending sanity in a crisis.

We knew in 2 weeks the curve was flattened to keep hospitals empty. We know 43% of the CoviDead are lonely elderly, most of whom abandoned to die in nursing homes nationally. 52% of the nation’s deaths were in close confines NYCity, # 5 in the WORLD as a city.

WE should have followed the example of Life Care Center (first epicenter in WA) and Gov DeSantis of Florida, NOT Mayor Warren Wilhelm at the NYC Helm or Cuomo: protect the elderly don’t kill the $23 trillion economy

Be careful what you hear: Fauci just admitted he lied to protect masks from use by millions of Americans to keep the stockpile high for HCworkers. My wife just finished 300th mask for nurses, poor etc. Mike Lindell retooled his MyPillow as did Ford via the push by Trump.
You think it’s not political and $$? Your prez built 4 hospitals in NY, Franklin Graham brought a field hospital to Grand Central Park. Trump shipped billions in PPE, vents and respirators to CuomoLand.

What did Cuomo do? Issued his March 25 royal decree that killing nursing home residents is ok as long as you send in Covid infected patients to help kill them softly with the Xi disease. 4500 infected in fact were sent to the 593 NYC nursing homes. Think about it.

Definitions: Quarantine is restricting the movement of sick/infected/vulnerable people. Tyranny is restricting the movement of healthy people.

Cases are up or spike due to arbitrary though increasing testing. But testing’s false positives and negatives are legion as we move to the elusive vaccine and other treatments. Science fiction matches with political science in killing off Hydroxychloroquine +Z+Zpk in favor of more expensive protocols.

Continue to be sanitary: it will help protect you from other diseases too.

Don’t be polyanna: the side effects of covid vigilance IS massive increase in suicides, poverty, depression, social isolation etc. AND:
NO universal vaccine exists for AIDS or flu like polio. Rely on YOURSELF to help curb the incidence of ANY disease. Lose weight since the biggest comorbidity is fatness and diabetes.

Don’t smoke since the Plague of Xi is repiratory in nature.

Don’t shove your beloved 80 year old grandma into a Cuomo death trap nursing home, if at all possible; our wise elderly deserve better. If you must, make sure you “must”. Too many alone elderly are abandoned.

Have more kids IF you want someone to be there so you WON’T be alone and abandoned in a Cuomo death trap nursing home. It’s always in the numbers. We only had 11 but we did try to compensate for those who couldn’t have kids or preferred their ShitZoo on their shoulders and Prius in the lot with NO car seat in the back.

Use the brain God gave you The Virus Hunter is back.

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